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Thread: Holt Up, Now! Part 2 with Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction Holt Up, Now! Part 2 with Olivia Holt

    Holt Up, Now! Part 2
    With Olivia Holt
    Written by Harbinger
    CODES: blowjob, MF, anal
    DISCLAIMER: This story is purely FICTIONAL and for entertainment purposes only

    "So... Karaoke tonight?" Olivia asks from under her eyelashes, the rim of her cup just touching her bottom lip. She's playing me like a goddamn fiddle. I still have no idea how we weren't caught after what we just did in the bathroom.

    I roll my eyes and give in. "I know all the guys, so as long as you don't try to touch alcohol, we're good," I tell her, and she knows my answer is yes.

    "I can't wait. I'm a great singer, I promise." Liv beams at me and I can't help but chuckle.

    "I know, Liv. I've heard you on YouTube," I chuckle. I look at her quizzically but with a smile. "I make you feel like a normal girl, don't I?"

    Olivia smiles and locks eyes with me. "Yeah, you do." She pauses. "That's why I like you. You're not all up in my wealth. You haven't asked for anything."

    "It kind of makes me happy nobody knows me, honestly."

    Liv and I walked up to the door but Mikie stops us. "ID please," Mikie says in his deep voice. If you don't know the guy, he's scary as shit.

    "Come on Mikie, do we really need to play this game?" I roll my eyes at the brick wall of a man.

    "Nah Nate, I'm just messing around. Who's the dime piece?" Mikie asks in curiosity. Mikie's a happily engaged man, so I don't think he's going to try anything with Miss Holt.

    "I'm Olivia," she smiles and shakes his hand. She doesn't need me to speak for her. I think she appreciates that I didn't try to.

    "How'd you end up meeting this loser?" Mikie chuckles and crosses his arms.

    "It's a long story. Let's just say I owe him one," Liv says vaguely. I'm going to get a lot of questions at work tomorrow.

    "You two have a good night. And you watch this one's back, alright?"

    "I will Mikie," I say with a chuckle, holding the door open for Liv. Mikie was a bouncer, not a doorman.

    "I was talking to her."

    "I won't let anyone hurt him," my fuck-hot not-date winks at me and she takes my hand and pulls me in behind her.

    The place is pretty crowded, and I automatically stiffen in defense. I'm not sure if it's in my defense or hers. There's some pretty sleazy clientele and I've been called in from the kitchen to break up more than one fight.

    "Relax, Nate." Olivia's wearing a frown. Apparently I look tense, too. "Let's have some fun and blow off some steam."

    "Alright, but stay close to me. This place isn't exactly family friendly. I don't want our night ending in a fight," I tell her honestly.

    "I saw you this morning. You look like you can handle yourself." Her smile's small and her eyes are playful.

    "I'm no stranger to fights, but I don't like them." I shrug. Because I can fight doesn't mean I'm going to just throw it around. The blonde spitfire and I find a seat at the end of the bar where we can see the dance floor and the karaoke microphone stand. I can see the entrance, too. I feel oddly protective of this girl. I feel like she's put herself in my care and I need to watch her, not just have a good time.

    "Yo Phil!" I call to the bartender that I've worked with for three years now.

    "Nate! Can't find anything better to do on your day off?" Phil's Irish accent is heavy and I catch that Ms. Holt's smiling at it.

    "I missed you, buddy," I joke. "My friend Olivia is a karaoke fan, so we came to hang out for a while.

    "I assume you are Olivia?" Phil asks with a goofy smile.

    "I am. Hi, Phil." Liv smiles back and it makes me smile. How did I get so fucking lucky?

    "You are not from around here. I can tell. You are much prettier than local girls," Phil comments with a wide smile on his face.

    "So I'm prettier than most of the girls around here?" She smiles and looks at me expectantly.

    Oh, she's good. I lean into her so only she can hear me before whispering, "if it was up to me, I'd take you home at the end of the night and keep you up till morning." As true as that is, I don't know why Olivia Holt cares if little Nate thinks she's a temptress.

    "Oh, that is absolutely happening," she smiles and gives me the sexiest fucking eyes I've ever seen. But let's have fun here, first."

    "Okay, I'll jump behind the counter to get us something to drink. Feel free to sign up for a song whenever you like." That's just what I do. I put a hand on the counter and jump over the bar. "What can I get you?"

    Olivia throws her head back and laughs, but my eyes are glued to her throat. Everything about this girl is unbelievably sexy. Her hair, her style, her laugh and her voice. "All access, huh? I'm fine with anything diet."

    "I assumed as much." I roll my head around and grab two glasses.

    "What?" Olivia's giggle sounds a little forced. I don't think she likes me making assumptions about her.

    "You take care of yourself. You watch what you eat at all times. I know how it is. I'm the same way," I tell her as I fill both our glasses with diet Coke. "Keeping fit takes work, and abs start in the kitchen." I hop back to our side and I hand her the glass.

    "Thank you." She takes a small sip from the straw, never breaking eye contact. She puts her cup down and turns back to me. "I'm going to go pick a song." Liv smiles and disappears into the crowd. I crane my neck to keep eyes on her, but I can't see her anymore. I might be paranoid, but I don't trust these people around her.

    I give up and turn back to the bar in time to see the guy next to me recoiling his hand from Olivia's drink like he was burned. I look at the glass to see small bubbles rising from only the center of the glass. "Hey man!" I call to get his attention. "What the fuck did you just do?"

    "I didn't do anything." This guy had to be the worst actor on planet earth.

    "Horse shit." I call him out. I step up to him and grab a fist full of his shirt. "What. Did you put. In the glass." I say with clenched jaws. We just got here and I already have to put up with this!

    "Just a... I didn't... What?"

    I shake the guy and see Olivia approaching out of my peripheral. "Nate..." The poor girl probably thinks I'm a monster right now.

    "Go ahead jackass. Tell the pretty lady what you put in her drink." The guy looks from me to Liv, then back to me. He pushes me, trying to create space. I don't budge. I tense my gut and as I figured he would, he punches me in the stomach. It barely registers, this guy is so weak. It's probably why he resorts to drugging. I push him back just enough to give me space. I knock his ass out cold with a side snap kick to the jaw.

    Phil must have told Mikie, because here he comes. "What happened here, Nate?" Mikie asks with that stupidly deep voice of his.

    "He spiked my friend's drink." I quickly motion in her direction where she stands, looking frightened. "I confronted him and he hit me. Now he's here." I point to his crumpled body on the floor.

    "I'll call the cops. They'll check the drink and take this bastard off our hands. Nice catch, Nate." Mikie bends over and picks the asshole off the floor with one hand.

    "You okay, Liv?" I ask, finally turning to her.

    "Jesus Christ!" the poor damsel sighs, her eyes are huge and her hands are in her hair. "Did he just... did he just try to drug me?!" Olivia asks, probably still in shock.

    "Yup. Yeah he did," I confirm.

    Liv sags her little shoulders and takes her seat back, her eyes locked in on the glass. Without looking at me, she says, "thank you. For last night and now this. I hate the damsel in distress card, but you do have a way of saving me." She finally looks up and her smile takes my breath away.

    "Wanna get out of here? I think that guy kinda killed the evening."

    Liv perks right up. "Are you kidding me? He's gone. Why should we leave? We're going to get your jam out," she tells me, sounding all business.

    "Alright," I say with controlled amusement. I wouldn't say it aloud, but I'm really happy she didn't let the night end here. Selfish, I know, but I haven't done anything like this with a girl in three years. I've been in a drought, okay?

    Liv's name is called first to start out karaoke night. It's not fair to everyone else that they have to follow up Olivia Holt, but the fact that they do makes me laugh. Liv runs up and grabs the mic with a beaming smile.

    "How y'all doing tonight?" A bit of her southern drawl slips out. It's adorable, let's be honest. "Y'all mind if I sing you a little song?" All of the patrons, even me, are sucked into her natural aptitude for entertaining.

    "There's some not so great people out there, but there are some good boys still out there." She settles into Daya's "Hide Away," and I'm even mesmerized.

    "I had a lot of fun tonight, Nate Even though some guy tried to spike me, I still had fun. After that, of course," she says as she stops in front of my house. "Now, what were you saying earlier about taking me home tonight and keeping me up all morning?" Liv teases with a smile, her little pink tongue just poking out from between her silky lips.

    With no more invitation, I attack her mouth with mine and plundered her with my tongue. She responds in half a second, trying to take the fight past my lips, but I won't let her. She takes too good for that. She moans into the kiss and her hands take hold of my thick head of hair. I cup her chin in my hand and break the kiss so I can run my tongue across the smooth skin of the throat I was so transfixed on yesterday.

    "Oh my God, Nate. That feels so good!" Olivia coos in my ear, causing me to growl as I continue to nip and suck on the column of her neck. She's still focused on my hair like a lifeline until I start pulling at her jacket. "Leave it on," she orders and I do as told. I jump in my seat a little because her soft little hands are undoing my belt.

    "Here? What are you doing?" I ask, looking out the windows of her Jeep. "Are you sure? Don't get me wrong, I want us to fuck each other's brains out, but in the street?"

    "We're not going to fuck in the car, Nate," Liv giggles and rolls her eyes. "But I really wouldn't mind sucking you off right here, right now," the blonde vixen tells me with a low, sultry tone.

    "I can hang with that," I nod in consent.

    "Sit back and relax," Liv smiles and pops the button on my jeans and pulls down my zipper. "Close your eyes, Nate," Olivia whispers and waves a hand over my face. I set my head against the chair and eased into the seat. I feel the tips of her fingers ghost below my waistband and just brush the swelling head of my cock. It slipped in further and brushed my entire length, straight to the base. "Oh, you shave?" Liv asked and circled the base of my dick. "I don't know how I didn't notice that when you fucked me from behind earlier today."

    I groan just at the memory and I know that was on purpose. "Time for me to get a look at this." I pull myself up long enough to slip my pants and boxer-briefs down to my mid thighs. "Yeah, this is nice," she tells me before spitting in her hand. I grab the seat with both hands as her saliva coated hand strokes me all the way up and down my pole. My eyes are closed again, but I have an idea what's coming next because both of her hands are on my naked thighs. I'm proven right when I feel her lips kiss my mushroom head.

    She slowly descends, the goddess's tongue leading her lips until her nose hits my hilt. This girl is an absolute fucking pro. I've never had a girl deep throat me in one shot. Olivia pulls back her golden blonde hair in one hand and starts to slowly come up before sliding right back down, breathing through her nose. She's close to the bottom when she uses her free hand to push her head further and I feel my tip hit the back of her famous fucking throat.

    My eyes roll back in my head when she starts to gag and choke around me. The gifted starlet comes up off my dick with a pop and licks her glistening lips. "You're pre-cum is so good. I can't wait to taste the real thing," she muses while her hand gently fondles my sensitive balls.

    "You're going to pretty soon if you bless me with much more," I warn the velvet mouthed young woman.

    "You're the politest lay I've ever had," Olivia giggles, a beautiful fucking sound. She tucks me back in and wipes off her mouth and her chin. "Can you walk?" she asks, only half joking.

    "I can, yeah," I confirm as I try to sit up, but she pushes me down into the seat again.

    "Wait five minutes, then go to your room." She kisses me passionately before she leaves me. I anxiously wait the five minutes, dreaming of what she could have needed the time for. Finally my time is up and I do my best not to race inside.

    My house is dead quiet and I have no idea what's going to happen. I get to my room and open the door to find one Olivia fucking Holt laying on my bed, her ankles crossed and her hands above her head wearing nothing but red silk panties and a matching bra.

    "Oh my fucking Lord," I mumble as I start taking my shirt off, my shoes having been discarded downstairs.

    "Not so fast, killer," Olivia giggles and my cock twitches in my jeans. "You stopped me from being drugged, so I'm going to reward you by letting you do whatever you want to me."

    I nod in agreement and finish undressing. So there lies the hottest fucking girl on the planet in a bra and panties and little average me in just my skin.

    "My my," Olivia breaths and wriggles on my bed. "What are you going to do with that big fucking cock, Nate? What are you going to do to me?" she seems to challenge.

    "How far do you want me to go, baby? Want me to treat you like my little fuck toy?" I ask, making sure I get her game. Her brown gaze is focused on my hand that's pumping my dick like it's the only thing keeping it on.

    "Oh fuck do I. Drive me through this mattress you dirty fuck. Make me scream. I dare you." That's all the invitation I need. I'm up on the bed in a second. I crawl over her and attack her neck with little bites and drags of my tongue, Olivia purring like a kitten. My hips start working on their own, my naked sword rubbing up against her soaked panties. It's wet, warm, and just so fucking hot! She starts bucking back, her heels digging into my ass. I unbuckle her bra and pull it off to reveal her young, perky tits.

    "Look at these," I say aloud as I give one a slap and she whines. I replace my hand with my tongue and lao at her pink, hardening nipple.

    "Fuck Nate, I love your mouth!" Olivia shudders and lifts her back off the bed. I use that as my opportunity to free her from her nearly dripping panties. I furiously rub at her slick snatch and she cries out as I assault her clit and vulva at once. "Fuck Nate, fuck!"

    I grab her legs and pin her knees next to her head. "Fucking skewer me with that fucking log!" she begs and I do just that with one quick, hard thrust. "Oh fuck yes! FUCK!" she absolutely screams as I start jack-hammering into her tight peach. "Fucking split me, Nate!"I'm in heaven watching this dirty mouthed angel cry and wreath under me as I use every bit of power I have to destroy that box I've dreamed of burying myself into.

    "You like that? You like it fucking hard, don't you?" I ask as I spank her, my thrusts not missing a beat.

    "Oh my God, yes! Fucking destroy me!" she grunts as she kneads her own tits, grabbing whatever she can. "You're so fucking deep!" I lean forward, pressing her deeper into the mattress and stick three fingers into her mouth. She sucks and licks them like they're my cock. Once satisfied, I drive one straight into her asshole and she tries to shoot off the bed, but I'm holding her down. I k sert a second and she wriggles and fights to escape my sawing, probing fingers, but she can't.

    "Have you ever been.."

    "No. Fucking do it now! She shouts, knowing what I was about to ask. I roll her over, grab her thighs and get her on her knees. "Should I grab the headbo…" Before she can finish, I start sliding I to her impossibly tight backdoor. She does grab the headboard of the bed and grits her teeth until I'm all the way in. "Oh shit. Oh shit!" she calls out as I start an even pace.

    "I'll be gentle," I promise as I ease her into her first anal.

    "Fuck that. Just fuck me," the little champ requests. I take her hair in my hand and drive into her once. Hard. She gasps, breathless. She shudders and whimpers. "Again," she begs. I pull out and slam back in, my thighs slapping her firm ass cheeks. I get a rhythm going and the only sound in the house is skin on skin, heavy breathing and Olivia's coaching as I fuck her into oblivion. She tenses up even further, her breaths shorten and she shudders, all of her athletic body shuttering.

    "Please don't stop, your so fucking good! Oh damn!" my celebrity with benefits shouts as she completely unravels on my dick, crying for me to fuck her straight through my orgasm. Her orgasm quakes through her and her entire body shakes and breaks the hold I had on my own hold. My dick pulses and I tap Olivia's pretty head to let her know I'm about to burst. The former gymnast uses her last remaining strength to roll onto her back and take my cock into her mouth just as my floodgate gives way and I coat her cute little tongue and throat in thick ropes of sperm, completely emptying my balls.

    We both fall into the mess of sheets together, breathing hard and laughing.

    "So much better than this morning," I comment in all honesty while she lays her head on my sweaty chest.

    "There's no chance you can come on the road with me, is there?" Olivia asks with the biggest brown puppy dog eyes I've ever seen. Our moment of paradise is shattered when there's a knock at my door downstairs. "We literally woke the neighbors," she laughs. "Their silence can be bought," she says, her eyebrows dancing.

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    Just wanted to say Harbinger, that I really liked this two part story with Olivia. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for the site, story wise.

    Keep it up.
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  3. Thanks Harbinger thanked for this post
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    Link to part one?

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