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Thread: Wife/Mistress thread (daily)

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    Wife: Elizabeth Henstridge
    Mistress: Chloe Bennet

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    Wife/GF: Maia Mitchell
    Mistress/Cheater: Bailee Madison

    Youíre drunk at a after party, feeling kind of horny you go looking for Maia and you think you see her across the bar. Once you make your way over to her, you just go right for it, grabbing her ass and pulling her in for a kiss. She kisses you right back passionately. After you separate she gives you a sexy smile and takes your hand and pulls it to get you to follow her. Itís not until after youíve been fucking in the bathroom for several minutes that you realize that this girl has an American accent and is not your girlfriend.

    Current Top 5
    1. Hailee Steinfeld
    2. Emma Watson
    3. Anna Kendrick
    4. Victoria Justice
    5. Jennifer Lawrence

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