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Thread: "A Royal Affair" with Michelle Keegan

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    fanfiction "A Royal Affair" with Michelle Keegan

    A Royal Affair
    with Michelle Keegan
    By LemonTalk
    Codes: MF, blowjob, oral, creampie, cheat
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction; it never happened and never will
    A/N: It's been a while but here's a really quick write up and post kind of deal, hope you like it!

    I'd only been living on the street for a few months, while I was twenty-one I still lived with my parents but I didn't mind that in the slightest given the fact none other than Michelle Keegan lived right down the street!

    It went without saying I had a massive crush on the famous bombshell. I knew of her before we moved of course but my lust for her grew tenfold after seeing her in person. Unfortunately my first few interactions with her were as embarrassing and awkward as you'd expect but I'd challenge anyone to be able to keep their cool when meeting her Michelle for the first time.

    Fortunately I quickly gained my confidence around her and now saw her regularly and if she wasn't in a rush she'd even stop for a quick chat.

    With the royal wedding fast approaching and either buzzed or pissed about it, my parents had decided to organise a typical British street party to celebrate the day in order to get to know our neighbours better. Naturally being the helpful son I quickly offered to help in the form of heading round the street to invite everyone.

    Of course my first step was Michelle's because I knew full well she was home alone having gotten pretty familiar with her schedule – one of my favourite parts of the day being when she'd jog past my house in her workout gear every other morning.

    So when she answered the door in that very same workout gear having apparently being in the middle of some yoga, I had to force myself not to become a nervous, stammering wreck.

    "I'm sure I could make an appearance," she smiled after I'd managed to explain the purpose of my visit. But before I could turn to leave she stopped me. "Hey are you alright there? You're looking a little pale."

    Her genuine concerned surprised me a little but I waved it off.

    "Oh it's nothing, just a little light-headed, probably this heat wave," I shrugged.

    "Come in then, I'll get you a drink," she insisted.

    I paused dumbly at her doorstep, not only because she'd just invited me into her home, but in the process she'd turned and my eyes had immediately fallen to her incredible, tight looking ass.

    "You coming?" she questioned, glancing back with a sly smirk.

    There was no question that she'd caught me staring and I felt myself blush with shame before clearing my throat and awkwardly following her in.

    Once in her kitchen Michelle grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge which I busied myself with drinking. Thankfully she didn't mention the fact I'd been blatantly checking her out, nor did she seem offended by it and soon managed to relax me with some small-talk.

    "So will I be meeting your girlfriend at this street party then?" she asked casually.

    "Given the fact she doesn't exist, I wouldn't count on it," I replied forlornly.

    "Really? You expect me to believe a cute young guy like you doesn't have a string of girls?" she teased.

    I found myself at a slight loss for words at the sudden compliment and shrugged, not sure how to answer.

    "Aww, I'm only messing with someone, if you're ever in need just give me a call," Michelle winked to which I immediately perked up before she realised what she said and corrected herself. "I mean...I have friends, I could hook you up, don't get any other ideas mister!"

    "Well, don't go putting those ideas in my head," I answered back, surprising even myself with my comment.

    Thankfully Michelle found it funny rather than offensive but soon suggested I head off and finish with my invites but she stopped me again at the door.

    "By the way," she said. "I don't mind the staring, I like the attention really, and it's flattering. But let's keep that between us yeah?"

    With that she surprised me with a cute little wink that would give me wood for days before closing the door.

    When the day of the wedding finally arrived I'd been spending all morning helping my parents organise the street party. Thankfully almost everyone had come out to join in as well although I'd yet to see any sign of Michelle and was beginning to worry she wouldn't show up at all.

    Even so with the party all set up it was on course to be a good day with one of the neighbours even setting his TV up so we could all sit outside and enjoy the miracle good weather Britain was getting for the day.

    With the ceremony about to start and me not being particularly bothered about the whole affair I'd just popped back to my house to grab some more alcohol when I was surprised by a knock at the door only to be greeted by Michelle herself.

    "Oh, hey! Thought you were out or something," I said, trying to play it cool and not let her see how excited I was to see her. "They're all just down the road watching, it's gonna start in a minute."

    "I know, I was watching it at home but my TV cut out on me," she pouted.

    "Come on then, I was just grabbing some drinks, we won't miss anything."

    "Ehh—I dunno," she hesitated. "If I'm honest I'm not really feeling very sociable today, was looking forward to just watching it and getting a little drunk on my own, y'know?"

    "Oh, well—err," I stammered. "I could come have a look at your TV if you want?"

    "Aww you're cute, but I don't wanna miss anything, would your parents mind if I just watched it here?"


    "Don't worry about it if it's gonna be a problem," she hastened to say.

    "No, no it's fine, go right ahead!" I insisted, showing her through to the front room.

    "Thanks sweetie, you'll be here to make sure I don't get up to trouble anyway, won't you?"

    "Umm—yeah of course," I nodded, more than happy to keep her company for the day and taking a seat on the sofa.

    "Didn't you need to tell your parents?" Michelle asked, taking the seat next to me.

    "Nah, they're so wrapped up in all this crap they won't even notice I'm gone."


    "Oh—er, it's just not really my thing, this wedding stuff." I explained, hoping I hadn't offended her.

    "I'm sure by the end of it I'll have you convinced otherwise," she promised me while popping open a bottle of prosecco.

    It was clear Michelle had already been drinking all morning and she was pretty insistent that I catch up with her and before the bride had even arrived at the castle we were both pretty tipsy and saying some inappropriate stuff.

    "You trying to get me drunk Michelle?"

    "Maybe...why what are you gonna do to me?"

    "Mmm," I mumbled while a host of wild, dirty thoughts jumped to the forefront of my mind. "—you don't wanna know."

    "Try me."

    "Mate, you don't want to hear the fantasies a horny young guy comes up with involving you, trust me."

    "Oh really? You think a lonely wife doesn't have her own share of fantasies about the cute boy who lives down the street?"

    I was practically floored by the mere suggestion.

    "—it just sounds so dirty doesn't it? So bad..." Michelle purred seductively before breaking character and giggling, doing her best to backtrack.

    But the damage was already done and I was sporting some major wood in my shorts which was evident for both of us to see.

    "Oh God—please forget I said any of that," she blushed, covering her face in shame but peeking through her fingers at the same time to see the physical affect her words had had on me.

    Given her comments and sudden, cute embarrassment, I found myself more confident than ever and made no effort to hide by boner, straining to escape my shorts. To make matters worse for her, I was pretty well endowed which was a detail that definitely didn't escape her.

    "Jesus put it away, or cover it up or something," she muttered while I simply grinned at her reaction.

    "Why? Isn't this what you wanted?" I teased, laughing as her eyes continually flicked back down to it.

    "I'm serious, stop it," she insisted playfully. "—before I do something I might regret."

    "Do something? Like what?"

    It was then that something changed in her and she turned to me with lust in her eyes and took charge again.

    "Believe me sweetie, you couldn't handle me," she purred, leaning in to practically whisper in my ear. "The things I could do to that cock right now would make your head spin."

    I almost came then and there.

    In fact I probably would have if she hadn't grabbed my cock and given it a firm squeeze before quickly pulling her hand away, desperate to avoid temptation.

    Even so I still groaned at the contact and immediately knew I needed—wanted—more and without thinking I suddenly lunged in for a kiss.

    I think I was as surprised as she was at the bold action but definitely not more shocked than me when she actually kissed me back, shoving her tongue down my throat!

    I could taste the alcohol on her as she released some serious pent up passion on me, kissing me with such force and for so long I almost suffocated.

    When she finally let me up for air my head was spinning and my cock was somehow out of my shorts and being stroked by both of her soft, warm hands.

    "You don't say a fucking word about this to anyone, you hear?" Michelle warned me seriously.

    I merely nodded dumbly, making her smile before her pretty face dropped into my lap and I felt the warmth of her wet mouth envelop the head of my cock.

    It was a surreal moment as I forced myself to watch the TV as a distraction where the future princess was now walking down the aisle. Below me Michelle was half-watching as well although the majority of her focus remained on the hard cock slipping between her lips.

    "Mmm—been so long since I've sucked such a hard, fat cock!" she moaned approvingly, drooling spit all over me while stroking me in one hand. "I'm gonna make it explode, I wanna taste you..."

    I could only groan and pinch myself to ensure I wasn't dreaming. If she kept up her current action she was going to get her wish very soon. In fact her blowjob was so exquisite I soon had to grab the back of her head but while I had been trying to slow her down, Michelle thought I was after something else.

    "Ugh—yeah do it, pull my hair—fuck my face!" she hissed wantonly.

    "Fucking hell—" I gasped as Michelle slipped off the sofa, pulling her top off in the process, to settle between my knees with the new angle now allowing me to slide into her narrow throat.

    "Uh-huh—feed it to me!" she insisted. "Give me that cum!"

    I'd never witnessed a more beautiful sight – and it wasn't the royal wedding – it was Michelle Keegan on her knees, her bare naked tits pressed against my thighs and my cock buried in her throat while she looked up at me and I finally exploded – nutting in the back of her throat like a dream come true.

    Michelle gagged, pulling back before hoovering me back up to suck me dry, swallowing every drop she could get from me before shoving me onto my back, straddling my on the sofa and sitting on my face.

    "Now it's my turn," she grinned down at me as she lifted her skirt.

    I was more than happy to spend the rest of my days in that very spot. With Keegan leisurely stroking my cock to get it hard again while her shaved, wet mound was pressed against my lips.

    She tasted as good as she looked and I eagerly ate her out like my life depended on it, making her gasp above me at my enthusiasm. Sat on top of me, she was able to focus again on the wedding, the whole reason she was here in the first place, but that didn't stop me from doing my best to distract her.

    I used every trick in the book and it definitely seemed to be working. Her entire body was twitching and her legs were quivering on either side of my head. By now I was harder than steel again and with a final flick of my tongue against her clit, Michelle gasped and slid down my body.

    "Jesus—I need to fuck you, I need this cock inside me!" she panted, literally on the very verge of climax.

    I'd never been smugger in my life at the fact I'd brought Michelle so close to cumming with just my tongue, driving her to the point of needing my cock. I watched with clenched teeth as she lined herself up and carefully impaled herself, taking all eight inches inside her with achingly slowly.

    "Oh fuuckkkk—" she drawled as we came together, my cock stretching her tight, married pussy out.

    Her face was the picture of bliss as she took what she craved and began bouncing on top of me. I simply groaned and thanked whatever gods were out there for that moment as I pushed her skirt up to her waist, holding it there as I held her hips to admire the sight of her ass as she fucked my long cock bareback.

    It was a miracle I hadn't come already but I knew I wasn't going to last long.

    "Fuck—yes—yes," she moaned, her voice getting louder and louder despite the street party carrying on outside. "Jesus I could get used to this."

    "Tell me about it," I growled back, thrusting up into her and making her gasp.

    "Ohmigod—don't stop—keep doing that, I'm gonna cum!"

    I clenched my teeth and suddenly gave her everything I had. The kind of hard, deep pounding only a young man with months of pent up sexual lust and frustration could give her.

    "Holy shiitt—!!" Michelle squealed as she came, the sensation powerful enough to cause me to swell inside her and explode as well...

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    Farking hell. Ok now THAT would get me to watch a wedding. Damn. Welcome back!!!

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    It feels like its been forever, since I've last read a story from you, Lemon... you still got it though.
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