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Thread: Couples Therapy featuring Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction Couples Therapy featuring Dove Cameron

    Couples therapy
    Ft. -Dove Cameron
    Tags-MF Oral anal cuck
    Disclaimer -this is written for entertainment only, and has not, nor ever will happen.

    I hopped off the golf cart before it came to a stop. With my frequent calls to the Decedent’s 3 set for ‘Advanced Relaxation Techniques’ with Dove Cameron, a lot of the crew began to recognize me and assume I was simply part of the crew from the start. I lightly rapped on the trailer door labeled ‘Dove/Mal’ and entered when a familiar voice called me in.

    I came up the small set of steps and dropped my bag before turning to the main part of the trailer and finding an unexpected site. There was Dove in here purple ‘Mal’ hair and a matching purple and black thong giving a small, I’d call him a soy boy, in just his boxers with his hands cuffed behind the chair a lap dance. Dove lit up with a huge smile and came running over to me, leaping into my arms calling out ‘Daddy!’ I carry her back and she introduces me.

    ‘Daddy this is who the media says is my boyfriend, but today he’s my bitch and will do what I tell him to. Also he’s not allowed to play with himself or get off, no matter what I do, isn’t that right?’ she’s asks leaning down rubbing her hand and tits against his small bulge. She grinned evilly then turned back to me, pointing her perfect, porcelain ass at him. ‘I told him that today he’d learn how a real man would fuck me.’ She whispered massaging my bulge. She bit her lip and eased to her knees pulling the front of my pants down with her. ‘someone’s been thinking about me.’ She said as the tip popped over the elastic band of my boxers.

    ‘see bitch, he’s already bigger than you and he’s not even hard.’ She called to the other guy, as she wrapped both her hands around my cock and flicked her tongue against his tip. She continued stroking me, guiding me to one side of our guest. She licked her lips and swallowed half of me naturally. She knelt between his legs, forcing him to watch as her head bobbed back and forth, slowly taking me deeper into her throat, letting her drool drip from my shaft and her lips, down to her tits and his leg.

    She popped me out of her mouth, still stroking me hard with both hands. ‘see bitch, this is what a real man looks like, not whatever it is you have’ she said before going back to work. Soon her nose was digging into my skin above my cock as she made a variety of noises with my dick deep in her throat. I looked down at bitch as he squirmed wanting some sort of release, and dove reached over gave him a couple strokes before leaving his exposed 2” dick sitting there.

    She let me fall out of her mouth then stood up standing me behind bitch. She climbed up, kneeling on the arms of his chair, leaning forward to the floor.

    ‘it’s time for bitch to learn how to please a woman daddy’ she said positioning her pussy and ass just above bitch’s eye level. I slid her thong to the side, and gave her Rose bud ass hole a kiss. She winked it at me before I began licking at her pussy. Her whimpers and gasps served as my guide that my tongue was hitting her favorite spots. Combined with the sweet smell of her pussy, no man could resist doing what I was doing. Bitch licked his lips wanting to join in, but could only watch as my tongue moved to her ass hole. Soon dove was purring, enjoying having her ass and pussy eaten like a starving man at a buffet. I could feel her getting close when she stood up and brought me around with her.

    ‘not yet daddy, I want him to know I belong to you’ she whispered before kissing me with a lovers fire, gently stroking my rigid member. ‘bring the bitch in and sit him at the head of the bed for me daddy.’ She announced. I lifted the slight boy from the chair and dropped him onto the bed where she told me to. Dove got on all fours, ass high in the air and slowly crawled towards bitch. ‘now you’ll learn how I need to be fucked, not the 10 second effort you put in.’ she stopped with her face just inches from his so he could see the pleasure as I worked into her pussy. Even after fucking her pussy 2-3 times a week for a month, she was still beyond tight, making me almost lose my load instantly.

    Soon I was drilling hard into her pussy, tugging on the tufts of blonde hair that came loose from under her Whig as she used bitch’s shoulders to brace herself, letting her tits swing in front of his face. in seemingly no time she pulled off of my dick and stood with her pussy over bitch’s face as she rubbed her pussy quickly for a couple seconds before gushing all over his face. I caught her as she fell back. She kissed me again slowly recovering.

    She then angled her feet to the head board, letting bitch see her soaked pussy before whispering ‘take my ass’s cherry daddy.’ I held her ass lightly in my hands as I slowly lowered her onto me, allowing her time to stretch and adjust. Soon she sat bouncing on my dick, as bitch could only watch my balls slap her dripping pussy. Her lips attached to mine as she tensed in a second orgasm.

    ‘Fuck daddy, fuck my ass, cum in my ass.’ She begged as I lowered her down across bitch’s lap, my dick and her stretching ass in his face. She buried her face into the blankets as she felt me squeeze her ass and pulse deep in her. After several minutes I eased back out of her, still fairly hard. She turned, putting her gaping, cum oozing ass hole in bitch’s face. ‘clean me out.’ She demanded. He hesitated. ‘do it, it’s the only time you’re gonna get to touch me anymore’ she ordered. Bitch closed his eyes and slightly stuck his tongue out. I pushed his head forward roughly, forcing him to start lapping my river of cum out of dove cameron ‘s pristine ass.

    ‘you know people would pay to do what you’re doing’ I remind him ‘I could post an add on Craigslist and get someone to eat the shit out of that ass, and all you have to do is be our limp dick cuck boy’ I sneer into his ear as he continues lapping, on the edge of tears. Dove rises and stretches before kissing me again. She leans down and uncuffs bitch as I toss him a small towel. Dove gently takes my hand and leads me to the shower.

    ‘get your pathetic rocks off then be gone by the time were done’ dove calls out nibbling at my chest as I close the door.

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    A cuckold story with Dove Cameron... fuck yes.

    Thanks for posting this, Ryno.
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