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Thread: Insomnia series 1: featuring Emma Watson

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    fanfiction Insomnia series 1: featuring Emma Watson

    Insomnia Series 1
    Featuring : Emma Watson
    Codes: MF oral
    Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction and has not nor will ever happen and is only for entertainment purposes.
    A/N: I normally try not to make a big deal about my insomnia. I figured I'd take the time and put together pieces for this site. I'm picking my scenes from the top 30 most popular images at and working a scene around a random picture from that list. At the end I'll list the remaining 30, and if any sound interesting, let me know and I might push those ahead of the others. As of now I'm extending these to be a series of one off stories.

    Most people would kill to have unrestricted access to celebrity houses and neighborhoods. Being hired to maintain a series of row houses and neighborhood gardens in London I soon found myself having weekly chats with Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson.

    Today I finished the garden work quickly, it's early in the season so the plants are being mostly self sufficient. I made my way over to the row houses, and started knocking on doors to let residents know I was going to be power washing. I went to knock on miss Watson's door, but the door swung open ahead of me.

    "Hello?" I announced entering the house. I pulled my spade up to a defensive posture incase I were to encounter a burglar. I started slowly up the stairs and heard water running. I lowered the spade as I approached the only lit room, miss Watson's en suite bathroom. I lightly pushed on the door and found Emma soaking in a bubble filled bath tub. I quickly pulled back to where she couldn't see me. I turned back to peak again and found the young starlet sensually caressing her tits and slowly sliding her hand along her stomach to her tightly shaven pussy. Her first gentle moan caused me to drop my spade, causing a loud clash upon her hard wood floor.

    "Whose there?" She called out, sitting up, covering her tits with her arm.

    "'s Ryan, the Gardner miss Watson." I stammered back. "I was going to wash the outside of the building and found your door open. I came in to make sure you weren't being robbed."

    She giggled softly then settled back into the water.

    "Will my white Knight simply stand guard or will he come claim his prize?" She called out. I paused for a moment closing my eyes and thanking any diety that would listen. I stepped in the room as Emma sat up allowing her tits to show just over the top of the water, erect nipples showing her excitement.

    "I can't have my knight be dirty, " She said, splashing some water in my direction. "Come on take those dirty rags off!"

    I took my hat off and dropped it on the floor, then kicked my boots and socks off as I pulled my shirt off. She moved towards me, watching me undress with growing desire and hunger. I undid my belt and dropped my pants, so now I was wearing simply a bulge filled pair of boxers in front of the wallflower lead.

    "Stop, those are mine." She called out before I could take my boxers off. She reached out and pulled me closer, gently tracing the throbbing veins in my bulge. She reached in and pulled out my hardening dick. She licked her lips as she wrapped both hands around me and began stroking.

    I pulled the hair from her face as she began flicking the tip with her tongue. She kissed the tip before moving her head to keep stroking me while she sacked my balls. Soon spit hung freely from them as she repositioned and spit into her hands, eventually wrapping her lips around the pre cum oozing tip of my dick. Her Brown eyes locked onto mine, letting me know that she wouldn't be able to take much more in her mouth. She stroked harder and faster to make up for it as her tongue played with my ever increasing sensitive tip.

    I stepped back, pulling away from Emma, pulling my boxers off before sinking myself in the bathtub with her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, gently biting my chest as she sank down onto my dick. I cupped her firm ass in my hands, helping her ease onto me.

    She smiled at me once I had completely entered her near virgin pussy. Slowly she slid her hips along my length, using the side of the tub to push me deeper into her. Soon enough I was aiding her in having me hit all the right places in her. She tightened her grip on me as she shuddered in orgasmic bliss. Gently she kissed my chest as she lifted herself from me. Her hands and kisses guided me to kneeling as she turned pushing her ass from the water.

    I stroked my member with one hand as I gave her ass a good squeeze and a firm smack. She jumped and bit her lip as she turned her head to watch me stroke myself to her ass. She reached back and fingered her recovering pussy, before gasping as she pushed a finger into her ass. She smiled at me and kept playing with her tight hole.

    "Go on and cum on it, I know you want to." She beckoned as her full finger entered her ass. No sooner did she ask then ropes of cum covered her ass and shot up her back. One shot even hit her cheek, forcing her to giggle before turning around and taking the tip in her mouth one more time, making sure take all the cum she could.

    She sat back as I stepped out and gathered my stuff.

    "Feel free to stop in next time you're cleaning the building." She called out as I dressed leaving the room.

    Remaining 30
    1 Olivia Holt
    2 Emma Watson
    3 Emma Watson MMMF Gang Bang
    4 Emma Watson
    5 Emma Watson
    6 Emma Watson
    7 Miley Cyrus
    8 Jennifer Lawrence
    9 Kaley Cuoco
    10 Selena Gomez
    11 Emma Watson and 3 others MFFFF love in an elevator

    12 Scarlett Johansson as black widdow

    13 Emma Watson club gang bang
    14 Emma Watson
    15 Taylor Swift/Emilia Clarke/and another chick, BBC gang bang

    16 Emma Watson/Kristen Stewart BDSM

    17 2 brunettes I don't recognize in a BBC gang bang

    18 Angela Merkle

    19 Scarlett Johansson
    20 Dove Cameron / Selena gomez BDSM Gang Bang
    21 Emma Watson MMMF Gang Bang
    22 Kat Dennings/Michelle Ryan/Jennifer love Hewitt/ Kate Upton/Charolette Church MFFFFF 6-way reverse gang bang
    23 Jennifer Aniston
    24 Emma Watson
    25 Masie Williams
    26 Emma Watson
    27 Emma Watson and M-F tranny 3-way
    28 Emma Watson
    29 Miley Cyrus pays the band
    30 Kim possible (Yes the old Disney cartoon)

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    11. left is Alexandra Daddario, right is Chloe Bennet, don't know the last one
    15. Might be Emily Kinney
    17. Have no idea.

    This one is really nice, looking forward to more stories.

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    11. (From left to right) Alexandra Daddario, Hayden Panetierre, Emma Watson, Chloe Bennet
    15. GGKlaus is right, that's Emily Kinney on the far right.
    17. My best guess is Victoria Justice on the left and Danielle Monet or Emily Bett Rickards on the right.

    Looking forward to more chapters, especially the gangbang and Emma Watson/M/TG one

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