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Thread: Lucky Bastard 18 with Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet, and Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction Lucky Bastard 18 with Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet, and Olivia Holt

    Lucky Bastard 18: Watch Party
    Starring Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet, and Olivia Holt

    Written by miamidolfins5407
    Codes: MF, Oral, Voyeur, Anal, Interracial
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

    "OH! OH! OH! YES! Fuck you're good at this!" Oliva yelled out in the kitchen of the mostly empty house. She was sitting on the kitchen counter in just a dark gray t-shirt while her jean shorts laid on the kitchen floor and her red lace thong was down around one ankle. She had one hand holding onto the edge of the marble countertop, as the other was on the back of my head keeping it in place as I ate out her freshly shaved pussy.

    Olivia was holding a watch party at her place for the first episodes of her new show Cloak & Dagger. Technically the show did not premiere on TV for another 10 days, but she got a copy of the premiere episode from the producer so she could watch it before going to screenings and NYC premier event. Guests were expected to start coming over about an hour from now. Liv kept saying how nervous she was about the show and if people were actually going to like it. I tried to say stuff to ease her nerves, but I wasn't getting anywhere. So when she once again said how nervous she was, I decided to find a way to take her mind off of it. I told her to sit up on the counter, as soon as she did that I walked up to her, took hold of her shorts and yanked them down as I dropped to my knees. Before she even had a chance to speak up and question my actions, I had my tongue pressed up against her.

    Now ten minutes later Olivia legs began to shake and she let out a long moan as she squirted on my neck and chest as I continued to suck on her clit.

    "Oh wow, I never get tired of that" Olivia sighed as she laid back down on the counter.

    "I hope that takes your mind off things for a bit," I asked as I took off my wet shirt and dropped it on the floor to soak up some of the excess liquid now on the title floor.

    "Yeah… it did. Though I we may need to sneak off and do it again right before we watch the show."

    "I'd have no problem with that," I said as I laughed.

    "I bet you don't."

    Olivia eventually got off the counter and put her shorts back on. She began loading the fridge with some beer and wine, and also put some appetizers in the oven. The one thing she did not have that she wanted was some hard liquor. Being still just a few months away from 21 she asked if I minded running down the street to pick some up, and I told her I would. The store was just seven minutes away so it was not a problem. I put on the extra shirt I keep in my car, then drive down the street and got some bottles rum, vodka and tequila, along with coke and cranberry juice to mix it with.

    As I pulled back into Olivia's driveway I saw Dove coming out of her Uber. She was dressed casually in sneakers, black yoga pants, and a tight blue belly shirt.

    "Hey" Dove said as she approached my car.

    "Hey, been awhile" I said as I opened my door. I had not seen Dove since she came in to audition for the movie I am currently producing. "I thought what's his face, your boyfriend, was coming too."

    "Tom, his name is Tom. He is coming from the other side of town, and he'll be here in like 30 minutes." Dove had now closed the distance between us and we were standing just inches apart outside my car.

    "Alright, well let me just grab the drinks out of the trunk and we can head in" I said as I moved to walk past the Descendants star, but she grabbed onto my arm.

    "Actually, I was wondering if we could hop into your backseat for a few minutes before other people arrive." Not sure what she was getting at I opened the door and let Dove into the backseat before I followed behind her. I closed the door, then reached into the front to start the car and get the AC going, then settled back into my seat.

    "So, what's up? What did you… WHOA!" Before I could even finish speaking Dove's hand moved quickly to fly on my shorts. "What are you doing?"

    "It's been almost a year since I saw you bang Olivia's brains out at her party. Since then I've heard in great details about your hookups with her, Paris, and Kelli. Then at the auditions Ariel told everyone about you and her. And let me ask how after you casted Becky G over me, did you two end up hooking up?"

    "Ummm, well.."

    "That's what I thought. I'm tired of hearing about you with other women. I wanna have a my own fun, but we gotta work quickly before the others get here." Dove then leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. She had stopped trying to undo my fly but her hands were still rubbing against my crotch.

    "Okay, but you gotta take your top off" I told her, seeing how far I could get her to go.

    "Really?" She asked playfully, "A blowjob isn't enough?" I just shrugged. "Fine," she sighed as she sat back up, "Not like your the first guy who's asked to see my tits while I blew them." The quickly shucked off her shirt and reached behind he back to undo her white bra. "Happy?" she asked as she exposed her almost gravity defying C-cups.

    "You tell me," I said as I slid my shorts down to my knees and exposed my swelling cock. Dove moved her legs up onto the car seat and knelt down on her knees next to me. She took hold of the base of my dick and lowered herself towards it. She looked longingly at my dick as it ran up against the length of her face.

    "Wow. I remember you being big, but my memory didn't do you justice. No wonder Liv and Paris both can't stop smiling when they tell me about your hookups." Dove then sat up and spat into her hand, before she began cranking my cock. Leaning over she kissed me once again, this time long with a little more hunger & passion, with some tongue. Pulling back from the kiss she bit her lip and smiled. She lowered her head back down and began kissing the length of my dick with her swollen soft lips. She reminded me a little of Chloe Moretz, in terms of having lips that seemed like they were made specifically to suck cock. Dove was currently teasing me with her lips, kissing my cock and only taking the tip into her mouth before slowly slipping it from her lips.

    "You having fun teasing me?" I asked her.

    "A little, plus I figured out years ago how to use these lips to my advantage" she said before going back to teasing my dick.

    "Yes you have" I groaned.

    "Tell you what," she said before she spat on my cock and wrapped her tits around it, "If I make you cum within the next 5 minutes, the next time we are able to get some alone time you are going to use this thing to make my pussy squirt" all the while she gave me a slow methodical titty fuck as she spoke.

    "Have you ever done that before?"

    "Twice, but never while having sex."

    "Okay deal" I agreed to her terms. I didn't even bother asking what I got if I win. I was going to get a blow job and sex from Dove Cameron just for losing, plus I was already horny from Dove's teasing and eating Holt out earlier, so I didn't really care about anything other than getting off.

    Once I agreed Dove smiled and then went right to work. Taking my cock out from between her great breast, she opened her mouth she began swallowing my poll and worked her oral magic. She spat into her hand and worked the shaft as my while her lips and tongue worked the top half of my dick. Soon though when she had my cock fully wet she move on to all four, taking her hand off my rod, and started deepthroating me. Despite her small frame, Dove was immediately able to take almost all 10.5 inches of me down her throat. Her pouty soft lips truly did feel amazing and were made to suck cock.

    While she was on her elbow and knees blowing me, and using a hand to fondle my balls, I used my right hand to explore her body. Reaching over my hand gripped and rubbed her yoga pants covered ass before sliding around and cupped her hanging breast. Taking her pink nipple between my fingers I gave it a tweek. I could feel Dove moan as the sound vibrated aginst my cock as she continued deepthroated me.

    Keeping with her goal, at around the four and a half minute mark, Dove had be ready to erupt. Putting my hand on the back of her head, my head tilted back and moaned as I blasted my load down the Liv & Maddie star's throat.

    "Jesus" I said as I felt her tongue throat work to swallow my load. I kept my hand on the back of her head and didn't let her up until I'd finished cumming.

    "Wow" Dove said after she finally came up gasping for air and wiping the corners of her mouth. "That was a lot of jizz. For a second I thought I was about to drown in it," She then began to chuckle.

    I still had my head tilted back and Dove was cleaning off what was left of my hardon when there was a knock on the rear driver side door window. Dove let out a small yelp as she sound scared her, and she immediately went to cover her breast. My eyes, meanwhile, shot back open and look to the window. Outside the was a smiling Chloe Bennet.

    "Hey guys!" Chloe said with a big smile and a wave. Then loud enough to make sure her voice projected through the glass she said "That was super hot to watch. And congrats on the nice cock." Chloe then gave us two thumbs up before heading towards Olivia's front door.

    Dove and I quickly redressed and made our way into the house. I gave Liv the drinks I bought to be put out where she wanted. Soon more people started to arrive. There was Aubrey (Olivia's co-star in the show), 3 of Aubrey's guy friends, Olivia's friends McKaley Miller, Courtney Borgognoni & Natalie Bacon, Dove and her boyfriend, a few others and Chloe of course. We also just mingled for a while making small talk. Olivia at one point took me by the arm and dragged me over to McKaley, Courtney & Natalie. None of them were at birthday party Kelli threw for Liv last year so this was my first time meeting them. They all tried to play it cool as Olivia introduced me, but it was obvious from the glances they gave me knowing look they gave each other that Liv had told them stories about me. Olivia then dragged me over and introduced me to Chloe Bennet. Chloe, dressed in ankle boots skin tight jeans, and noticeably braless under her t-shirt, was refilling her drink at the bar when we got to her.

    "Chloe, this is my friend Eddie," Liv introduced me.

    "Yeah, we've actually met already," Chloe informed her.


    "We met at a club a couple of months back" I told Holt.

    "Oh my god, have two already…" Liv started to ask quietly.

    "No, we haven't"

    "Though, she did hook up with my friend in the alley that night" I said and Chloe elbowed me afterwards. Olivia smiled, and then leaned in an whispered into Chloe's ear.

    "Oh trust me, I know" Chloe said with a bit of a laugh, "I had a good look at it as I caught Dove blowing him in the driveway."


    "Whoa, whoa, whoa. We were in the backseat of the car. It's not like we were middle of the driveway."

    "When was this?" Olivia questioned

    Me and Chloe looked at each other before I responded "Ummm… 45 minutes ago. Before her boyfriend got her."

    "The bitch" Olivia said with a little anger in her voice "She begs me for every last detail about my sex life all the time, and she kept quiet about this." Olivia then stormed off to go find Dove, leaving me an Chloe to make some small talk and joke around. Just like in the club when we first me, we both got along really well. She has a pretty good sarcastic wit that meshes well with my sense of humor. Although I am not much into doing shots, Chloe talked me into doing a couple shots of tequila.

    Eventually Olivia got us together get ready to watch the show. Just before starting it Chloe and Dove, both of whom had come in today from movie sets gave a quick toast welcoming Olivia and Aubrey into the MCU family. People then found places to sit to get a clear view of the TV. Some people were on the floor, some had brought in chairs for other rooms. I found myself sitting snugly next to Chloe in a oversized comfy chair.

    We all sat and watched the 2 episode, as much as I like LIv personally and I trusted Marvel Studios, I was not expecting to really like the show. But I ended up really enjoying the show a lot. Olivia showed more acting skills than I thought she had, though I thought Aubrey failed to show much range.

    At one point there was a scene where Liv's character climbed off a guy's lap like they had just had sex in the car. I then turned to Chloe and whispered, You know me and Olivia did that same thing in just about the exact spot you caught me and Dove."

    "Really?" She asked quietly, and I nodded yes. "Does that mean that it's my turn next?" The Marvel actress asked flirtatously as she put her hand on my thigh. We both exchanged a look and then went back to watching. Towards the end of the first episode where Olivia's character showed up to a ballet looking gorgeous in a white dress, Chloe commented "I think I may no longer be the hottest women on a Marvel TV show"

    "You're character is still a bigger badass though" I told her. Moments later Liv's Tandy stabbed a would be rapist.

    "Way to go, jinx" Chloe joked, and we both laughed before getting shushed by Dove.

    After the show was over everyone was very complimentary to the show's two stars. We all then went back to having some drinks and having fun. Olivia put on some music as we hung out. Chloe and I continued to stay close as we hung out with the other guest Dove hung close to her boyfriend acting like nothing had happened earlier. Despite the general dislike me and Aubrey had for one another, his friend were cool and we got along fine. Chloe continued to tease me from time to time when others were not looking. About and two hours later most everyone had left. Chloe and I were being nice and cleaned up the kitchen a bit.

    "So, are you doing anything else tonight?" Chloe asked me casually as she dumped out half full cups into the sink.

    "No why? What are you up to?"

    "No, I need to be on set early tomorrow. Although, I did kind of wanted to see if you are as talented as people say" Chloe said as she turned and gave my crotch a quick squeeze.

    "Oh really, you know I'm not the only one with a reputation. My friend called you the Queen of Anal after what you did to him in your trailer."

    "Ha. That was fun." We both just looked at each other for a few moments before Chole spoke again. "So, I guess we both have reputations that we'll have to try and live up to."

    It was then we knew it was time for us to leave. It was also at that moment we realized that we were all alone, and we decided to go find Olivia to say goodbye before we headed out. We walked around the downstairs going from room to room, before heading upstairs thinking that she might be in her room. We were walking down the upstairs hallway when a noise caught our attention.

    We could hear noises, moaning, coming from inside bathroom. Chloe and I looked at each other before quietly creeping towards the door. The door was slightly ajar and I slowly pushed the open the door a little more. Then like a scene out of Scooby-Doo both me and Chloe stuck out heads in through the opening, Chloe going low and me going high.

    Inside we saw Olivia bent over the bathroom countertop. Once again she was dressed in only her t-shirt with her shorts and thong were down around one ankle. Aubrey was standing behind her, firmly holding her hips as he pumped her pussy with his dick.
    "Oh my god, yes Tyrone! Fuck me! Fuck me with that big black dick" Olivia moaned into the mirror as she watch herself getting fucked

    "Yeah Tandy, you like that? You like the way my dagger fills out your tight white pussy."

    "Heeellll yeeesssss!" she moaned. Chloe and I continued to watch as the two co-stars used each others characters names as the fucked for several minutes. Chloe began pushing her ass back and rolled it along my encased meat stick.

    "I don't think I'm going to be able to wait for us to get back to your place" Chloe whispered.

    "It doesn't look like Olivia's bed is free right now," I whispered back.

    "Let's go" Chloe said as she moved away from the door.

    "You sure you don't want to keep watching a little longer?" I asked keeping one eye on what was happening in the bathroom and the other on Chloe.

    "Na, I've seen Olivia get fucked before" Chloe said as she walked down the hall towards Liv's room. She took off her shirt and dropped it on the floor before turning into a bedroom.

    "You gotta tell me the story behind that" I said as I speed walked down the hall to catch up with the Agents of Shield star.

    When I entered the room, Chloe was sitting on the bed topless pulling off her one remaining boot leaving her in just her tight jeans. I took off my shirt as I approached the bed and Chloe worked on the fly on her jeans. Once at the bed I took hold of the waistline to her jeans and underwear and began pulling them off her legs. With Chloe now naked on the bed she sat up and pulled me down by the back of the neck bringing me in for a lust filled kiss. As we made out I kicked off my sneakers and socks while she undid my belt and pants.

    "Wow. Look at the length on you" the television actress said, speaking to my rock hard penis as she took hold of it. With her sitting on the edge of the bed and me standing in front of her, my dick was literally at eye level. "Your friend was a little bit thicker but you definitely got him beat in overall size." She continued to measure my dick with her hands, before looking up into my eye, giving me a wink, and then slipping the head into her mouth. Chloe orally worked my cock for two minutes before I pushed her backwards onto the bed.

    "No offense. We don't have a lot of time, so we're need to get to it." I said before diving between her legs. I used my fingers and tongue on the half chinese actress' pussy, making sure I had her nice and wet. Chloe moaned as I worked her honeypot. She also warned me against making a 'be hungry 30 minutes later joke'. Once I was was satisfied I had her more than wet enough I climbed up onto the bed, threw her legs up in the air and drove my cock home. I didn't bother taking it easy while sliding into her, I simply drove my full length into her causing her to shutter and she clutched the bed sheets tightly.

    "Jesus Fuck Yes!" Chloe yelled as I drilled her on the bed.

    "You like that? Do I live up to what you heard?" I asked as I punished her pussy with cock.

    "Hell yes you do," She replied, "but keep going...make me cum… and I'll show you what I did that dove your friend nuts." Normally I am a lot more passionate, do a lot more teasing, more foreplay, and would have been all over her breast and brown nipples. Today however, I was different. Tonight I was just in it for the fucking. I was just drilling her as hard as possibly could. This was just a hard, hard fucking I was giving her. I was working up a sweat as drove my dick in and out of her as fast and hard as I could. It took a couple more minutes before I had her cumming on my dick.

    "Fuck, yeah, yeah, yeah, keep going I'm about to… Aaaahhhhhhhggggaaawwwwdd yesss!" Chole yelled as she had a toe curling orgasim. While I slowed down my pace, I continued to to pump in and out of her as she moved passed her climax.

    "Okay… okay…" Chloe said as she tried to catch her breath. "Now it's my turn to blow your mind."

    "Liv keeps some lube in the drawer over there" I said as I rolled onto my back and pointed to a nightstand.

    "I won't ask how you know that, but thanks" She said as she crawled over to the nightstand. Taking the small bottle out, she squirted some onto two fingers. Chloe then turned around and blew me as she lubed up her asshole. Once she was ready and my dick was coated with spit, she threw the bottle back into nightstand and got off the bed.

    "Alright now it's my turn to show you what I got," Chloe said with a cocky attitude. She had me lay down on the bed with my feet hanging off. She then backed up into me and after taking hold of my dick she began to lower her ass down on top of it. "Jesus Christ" she grunted as tip broke passed she sphincter into her lubed asshole. She lowered herself another inch before pausing to get herself adjusted to my size. Once she had herself adjusted she slowly began bouncing her ass up and down my pole. I could feel her use her ass muscles to milk my cock as she fucked me from the seated cowgirl position.

    We were a few minutes in when suddenly a women's voice yelled, "What the hell?" Moving my head so I could look around Chloe Bennet's booty, I could see Olivia standing in the doorway wrapped in a towel with wet hair. It was obvious that she had taken a shower after her tryst with co-star. "Seriously you guys? On my bed?"

    "We were going to leave, but after we saw you getting bent over in the bathroom, we just couldn't wait." Chloe said as she continued to twerk her ass on my meat stick. "You can have next"

    "Thanks, but I'm already so worn out," Olivia said as she continued to watch us. I continued to hold onto Chloe's hips as I drove my dick into her ass. Chloe asked me to give her a spank which happily gave her several times. I also notice out of the corner of my eye Olivia moving around the bed and was getting ready to sit down on the head of the bed.

    "I need this" I said as I reached up and ripped off her towel.

    "Hey!" she yelled, but I just ignored her as I bunched up her towel and put it behind my head so I could keep my head up to watch the Agents of Shield star do her work. Chloe continued to use my dick as a pogo stick to bounce her ass on, I was just barely holding out at this point. Chloe had a right to be as confident as she was, she worked her ass on my dick like no other woman I'd met before. Meanwhile, I started to notice Olivia's legs sliding around out of the corner of my eyes. Looking up I could see Liv watching intently as her friend and I boned on her bed. It was definitely turing Olivia on as I could see one hand had slipped between her legs while the other cupped her breast.

    I suddenly stood up quickly and spun Chloe around. Now I was standing, dick still in Chloe's ass, and she was on her feet but bent over with elbows on the bed. We were both also now looking right at a naked Olivia Holt who was feeling up her own body as she watched us.

    "So you two enjoying yourselves?" Olivia asked sarcastically.

    "Fuck yes" I grunted while biting my lip as I continued to bang Chloe's thick shapely bottom. Trying to hold on from bursting for just a little longer.

    "I did tell you about him, ir what" Olivia said to Chloe as she moved around and crawled towards her.

    "Yeah you did" the Agent of Shield star said "I think you might even have undersold him." The two MCU TV actresses were now face to face inches apart. Olivia looked up at me quickly before focusing her attention back to Chloe and giving her a kiss. At first it was just a light kiss, but soon I could see their tongues sliding into each others mouths. That little extra stimuli that put me over the edge.

    "Ohh god" I blurted out as I pulled out of Chloe Bennet's ass shot my load all over her butt and back.

    "Good" Olivia said after seeing finish erupting onto her friend. "I was hoping that would speed things up," Liv moved away from Chloe and went back to the head of the bed.

    "I thought you were supposed to be a superhero, and you go use your hotness powers for evil. I'm so disappointed in you Olivia" I said before I left the room to go clean up and wash my dick. When I got back into the bedroom, Olivia was still nude on the bed while Chloe had put on her jeans and was currently putting her boots back on. I started picking up my discarded clothes.

    "Alright I hate to fuck in run, but I gotta be on set early tomorrow," Chloe said.

    "Give me a minute to get dress and I'll walk out with you" I said but Olivia stopped me.

    "You're not leaving," she told me flatly.

    "Why not?" I questioned. "You already said you're too tired to do anything."

    "Yeah, but I don't have time go to the gym tomorrow and my trainer said I need to do 30 minutes to and hour of cardio a day. So, I was thinking you could help me out with that in the morning."

    "Well, you too have fun with that" Chloe spoke up as she slid her shirt back down her chest. She started to walk towards the door.

    "Chloe, wait," she spun around and look at me, "so did I live up to my reputation?"

    "Definitely, though we may need to get together three or four more times, just to make sure you weren't lucky." And with that she left, and I crawled into bed and spooned with a naked Olivia.

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    Oh my.

    Two of my favorite blondes, along with Chloe Bennet, doesn't get much better than this. I'm happy to see you produce another Lucky Bastard chapter, Miami.
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    I really enjoyed this. I don't know the other two as well as I know Ms. Holt, but I enjoyed it all the same. Thank you for sharing.

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    This guy should have a threesome with the Merrell twins include piper curda in a threesome with Dove Cameron

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