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Thread: "Poolside Resuscitation" with Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "Poolside Resuscitation" with Olivia Holt

    Poolside Resuscitation
    with Olivia Holt
    by Harbinger
    This story is FICTION and for entertainment purposes only.
    Reluc/non-con, handjob, oral, 69, creampie
    A/N: This story came from me watching "the Sandlot" the other day, as well as a message from Bigdaddyrhino, who has taken it upon himself to befriend me. Look for a co-op project from us soon.

    I really didn't think Olivia Hastings Holt, my blonde, so fuckable dream girl was going to call me so soon after she had left. It's been weeks, but still a lot quicker than the never I expected.We had texted back and forth with even some pictures, but neither of us had called or video chatted. So definitely color me surprised when she told me she wanted me to come over to watch a baseball game and hang out for a few days. Naturally, I made up some shit to my boss, and skipped off to L.A. to see Ms. Holt.

    She was there, waiting for me in all of her sundressed glory with a million dollar smile. It was already pretty late, so we just headed to the hotel she used aliases to get. We didn't need the press all over our friends with benefits situation. The room was definitely a celebrity sweet. I felt bad about how much it must have been, but she assured me that it was nothing for her. It probably wasn't. The first thing I wanted to do was take a shower and take a nap. I didn't say anything, but I was a little disappointed when my tight bodied, pop star/actress host didn't offer to join me.

    We spent the night naked cuddling and watching movies. We loved each other's bodies, but we thought it'd be best to ease back into our sex relationship. The shower earlier could have been a great start back into it. The thought of Olivia Holt's fit, naked body covered with suds and dripping wet makes me hard right now.

    The next day, we went to the Dodgers game. Liv is a long-time fan, and I've loved baseball since the first time I saw "the Sandlot." Watching an MLB game with the Olivia Holt was something. We kept ourselves well hidden because we didn't want to be on the mega-tron or anything like that. We were out for a fun but covert time. We even got away with the part where I rubbed her out through her yoga pants till she came. The Dodgers won and so did I.

    After the game, Liv thought it'd be a great idea for us to go swimming. Apparently, she had this planned out all along. We went back to the hotel to grab our stuff and get ready for a relaxing evening at the pool.

    "Are you ready yet, Nate?" Liv called from the bathroom.

    "Waiting on you, gorgeous," I replied from the bed. I was hoping for a good sneak peak of her swimwear, but I was awarded no such thing. She had yet another sundress that still made my mouth water. Olivia Holt in a sheer royal purple sundress is something everyone should be blessed with seeing. The cuts and heights were modest, but my god, the way it hugged her lithe little body.

    "Let's go," Liv told me with a smile as she pulled me up from the bed. We went out into the cool carpeted hallway, and she never let go of my hand. The picture of us would have been pretty damning had someone been there to take it.

    We got to the elevator and waited for it to arrive. "I'm so glad you were able to fly out to see me again, Nate," Olivia said softly and stood on her toes so she could press a kiss to my chin.

    "You flew me out here," I laughed and kissed her forehead. "And I'm glad I did, too. You are so more than worth it." Anyone who would disagree... no. That person doesn't exist.

    The elevator opens and I see that we're alone, but after a quick scan, I see that there's a security camera in the upper corner. So much for a quick elevator grope. Me and Olivia both care about her reputation for that to get caught. I also don't need the world to know I exist.

    By the time we get to the pool, it's 10:00 pm and I think we're going to be turned around by the lifeguard that just turned off the outdoor pool's lighting, save for one lamp post.

    He smiled at Liv and Liv smiled back. She handed him a roll of cash and she handed him a key card! So that's how this was! "Enjoy your swim," he said and winked at the blonde starlet.

    "Oh, we will," she chirps back and takes my hand as she unlocks the gate. We get in and she re-locks the door behind us. "Adult swim! she calls and sheds her dress. Once in just a black bikini, she jumps in. I wasted no time in dumping my shirt and diving in after the TV starlet.

    We mess around for quite some time with swimming, wrestling and splashing like two kids who've known each other for ever. But in reality, we'd only known each other for a few days in person.

    The rough housing continued, and I grabbed her from behind, Olivia laughing and squealing the whole time. I had really fucked up, though, when I tickled her sides and she threw an elbow. I'm sure it was on accident, but it caught me right in the temple, and fuck did it hurt!

    I immediately let her go. I sank down to the bottom of the pool, ans saw nothing but static blur. I must have been down for a while, because the next thing I knew, little but surprisingly strong arms were under my toned ones, bringing me back up to the surface. Olivia's much stronger than I had given her credit for, because she swam us out of the deep end and got me out of the pool by the stairs.

    She laid me out flat on a nearby towel and quickly performed CPR. She must have taken classes, because it worked. But I had seen "the Sandlot" one too many times. After I came back too, my sick mind snapped back into action. She came up to give me mouth to mouth again, and I made my move.

    As soon as her open mouth met mine, I darted my tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply. I held her wet, perfect blonde locks in my hands and kept her pressed to me. She tried to fight it based on instinct and shock, but I'm a lot stronger than she is. We're both in great shape, but I have far and away more toned muscle mass.

    After her shock wore away, she pulled out of the kiss long enough to inhale air herself. "You fucking asshole!" she indignantly cried. "You jackass!" Was I? Oh yeah. Worth it? Again, oh yeah.

    I pulled her back down to me by her bikini straps and planted another good one on her. Again, she tried to push away, probably still a little salty from my trap, but I've always wanted to try it. And who better to use it on? She was warming into the situation, because of pounding on my chest with her little fists, she began running her fingers through my sparse brunette chest hair. Her tongue began to play back with mine and I knew we were okay.

    Her hand slid down my abs and slipped into my swim trunks. She gripped my rock hard cock and leisurely pumped me, though our making out was passionate, getting closer to tribbing.

    I broke the kiss and explored the column of her throat with my tongue, loving the way her natural skin taste blended with the saltiness from the pool. It was like a Holt margarita. She moaned and increased the tempo of her dick stroking, and applied pressure without trying to crush me. She was damn good at handies.

    "Wait, Nate. Maybe we shouldn't do this here," she almost had to plead with herself as much as me. "We're at a public pool," she reminded us both. I didn't say anything as I grabbed her great ass with one hand, pulling up on her bottoms with the other so it was more like a thong. She tried to push my hands away, but I wouldn't budge. I was too busy squeezing and kneading her plump rear and enjoying her hot smooth skin. "Nate, please. Don't!" she almost begged as I circled her rosebud with a finger tip before flicking it and watching her try not to jump. "What are you doing?"

    "You have the key card and you locked the door, remember?" I told her between open mouthed kisses to her shoulder and collarbone, my finger pressing on her hole but not going in. "It's just us. We're alone," I said as I reached behind her and untied her bikini top. "Just try not to make too much noise," I suggested as I fondled her pert little exposed tits before sitting up to take an excruciatingly slow lap at each of her nipples in turn. "Want more now?" I teased and she gripped a hand full of my hair before my lips encased her bare breast. I worry her peak between my teeth and she can't help but squeak.

    "Now that you say it..." Liv trailed off as she inched down my trunks, "maybe you need more resuscitation?"

    "You're the lifeguard," I told her as she settled herself between my legs, a hand at the base of my waiting and twitching sword.

    "You're so fucking hard, Nate," Olivia Holt sensually growled and leaned in to take a giant lick of me, from balls to tip. "So warm," she said and take another tongue swipe. "Salty." Another long, but much slower lick. "Perfect," she told me and opened her mouth wide like she was yawning, but did a magic trick, making my dick disappear to mid shaft. This girl was going to be my fucking death.

    She moaned happily around my pole as she swirled her tongue around my veined meat. Her hands gripped my thighs as she began to bob. I watched as the saliva from her mouth dribbled out over her mouth and down my dick to puddle a little at the base. She let me out and licked up the mess. "How are we feeling now, sir?" Was she role playing? "How would you rate this CPR?" Olivia asked as she pressed my dick to my abs and flicked my balls with her tongue before wrapping her whole mouth around my sack and sucking.

    "Ten out of ten would almost drown again," I told her my honest opinion as she continued her sucking and vigorous pumping of my dick that was getting ready to burst.

    "Good. Where's my reward?" she teased, but I took it seriously. I took her hands and pulled her up to me. I passionately kissed her and sucked on her tongue. She willingly stuck it out and I took it into my mouth and gave it the treatment she had just given me. After I let her go, I said "spin around." She knew what I meant.

    As I was still on my back, when Olivia did spin as told, her dripping sex was right in my face. Without any kind of warning, I dug into her sweet and salty peach tongue first, lapping vigorously.

    "Oh shit!" she cried out and grabbed my thighs for dear life as I ate her out and nibbled her little clit. I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her hairless cookie and drank her excitement as it ran out while my finger gently tweaked her quivering, sensitive bean. She was moaning like an animal while I feasted on her like a starving king. "Oh fuck, Nate, that's good! Don't you dare fucking stop!" she ordered and then engulfed my dick in her hot, tiny, talented mouth.

    She was sweet, sticky and tangy all at the same time. She was overloading my taste buds with her nectar, and I was letting her now how much I enjoyed it. She was thanking me with grunts and groans, but couldn't be too loud because she was mouth gagging herself with my cock and balls. Smart girl.

    I was just about to bust, though. There's only so much a young man can handle from those soft, puffy lips, her wet, pink tongue and back of her throat. She was full on humping my face, letting me know that she was just as happy as I was. With how sporadic and frantic her movements were, as well as the out pour of arousal, there's no way she wasn't coming right fucking now. To make sure she was, I spread her ass cheeks and plugged her tight backdoor with a my index finger. She moaned louder than ever as I began wriggling it around in the tightest heat, plunging in and out of her second entrance. She tried to fuck my tongue and finger at the same time, twerking her hips and screaming around my cock at the same time. It was too much, and I finally lost it.

    I went off like a geyser, my hot white cream shot out into Olivia Holt's throat. Let me say again. Olivia Holt's. Throat! She pulled off before she choked, but kept her mouth over by squirting head so she could keep it all in. Once every last little shot was gone, she again licked up all of the evidence.

    "That was a great reward. I'm so glad you enjoyed your experience. We hope to see you again," she panted with a smile and used her customer service voice as much as she could, given the fact that I had just finger fucked her asshole and tongue punched her pussy like a peanut bag.

    I laid on the towel and caught my breath. Once I opened my eyes, I saw that not only had my cock not even began to go down in length and with, but that it was still at full mast. I don't even know how that was possible!

    "We're almost done," I said as I stood up and picked her up like I just hunted her, which I thought was pretty fitting. I walked us over to the sauna, her discarded bikini and our two towels in hand. I opened the door and laid down two towels on the first and second levels of benches. I placed a hand on her belly and gently pushed her back. Olivia lucked a little nervous but probably because I didn't tell her what was planned.

    Liv braced herself on her elbows and forearms as I got into position on my knees. I took a hold of her athletic thighs and pulled her down the towel until her firm and round ass was in my hands, her sweet lower lips leveled with my aching dick. I thrust in hard and fast, dividing her lips and heading straight home.

    "Oh my god! Oh my fucking god!" Liv shouts now that we're in the closed off sauna and no one even walking by could hear us. "You're going to break me in half!" she exclaimed as I see-sawed my entire length in and out of her, wasting no time in picking up the pace.

    The new Marvel star dropped on her back and continued to pant, heave and sigh as I mercilessly banged her on the towel covered bench. She grabbed the towel and thrashed around in the hot, already steamy room. "Oh fuck, Nate! Oh fuck you're destroying that slick little pussy!"

    "I came all the way to L.A. for you, girl. You're going to feel me when I leave," I grunted through clenched teeth as I jackhammered her smooth box, my thighs slapping on the bottom of her perfect ass and my nuts hitting her asshole. "How's this for a reward?" I asked rhetorically and pulled her up higher by the ass so she was at a forty-five degree angle, letting me get so deep.

    "You're going to hit the back of my teeth!" she exclaimed, using all of her body weight to throw herself forward. She clasped her hands around the back of my neck and road me, doing her best to meet my thrusts while just part of her ass and lower back were still on the towel. "Come on! Fucking cum in me! Fill me so fucking deep!" Olivia's own jaw as clenched as we were drenched with sweat and red hot blood pumped through our tiring muscles. "Come on you fucker!" Liv couched and kept bouncing up into my thrusts. "There it is! There it is!"

    "I can feel you shaking. You're so close you little cock sucker!" I shouted back. We were openly talking shit to each other. It was so fucking hot. "Come on you tight little bitch! Fucking burst on this cock! Fucking spray me with your juice!"

    "Oh gaw... oh fu... SHIT!" Olivia screamed at the top of her lungs as her tiny, muscular walls constricted like a boa around my monolith dick. She cried out in sheer ecstasy. I blew my second load right there, straight into her gushing snatch and watched as it ran out of her, mixed with her own cum.

    I collapsed on top of my little fuck-friend, the two of us absolutely coded in sweat. "Holy fucking shit," I panted, exhausted and red faced.

    "That was the best," she sighed, more than content. "Next time you're available, I think my friend Dove would LOVE to meet you. Oh, the times we could have," Liv marveled and stared up at the ceiling. "Just you wait."

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    Another enjoyable Holt story, I really liked this one, Harbinger.
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