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Thread: "Slump Buster" with Olivia Wilde

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    fanfiction "Slump Buster" with Olivia Wilde

    Slump Buster
    With Olivia Wilde
    by Harbinger
    This story is completely FICTION and for entertainment only!
    M/F, blowjob, fingering, rim job, reluctant/non-con, anal.

    "What the fuck happened out there, Hector?" one of my guys shouted at me as we got back into the safe house.

    "I don't fucking know, Vince!" I bit back as I dropped my keys on the couch. I ran a stressed hand through my messy, curly black hair. "Shit happens," I tried to play off like everything was fine.

    "Not to you it doesn't," our third team member, Olivia Wilde told me. Olivia Wilde didn't need to do our line of work to survive. She does what we do for no other reason than that she's a 100% legitimate thrill junkie. She usually funds our little schemes and missions. Tonight's involved knocking off a jewelry store. We got off with plenty of merchandise, but Vince and I got into a bit of a tough spot with the police just outside. If Wilde wasn't the world's best driver, we'd either be in a cell or in the morgue.

    "No, it doesn't," Vince pressed again. "I've never seen you miss. Seriously, what's up man? You know you can talk to me and Wilde."

    "I'm fine! I swear to Christ if you guys keep pushing, we'll never do another job. Got it?" I fucking meant it. "Not every night is my night," I finished and went to the fridge that we always kept stocked with plenty of drinks. "Beer? Anyone?" I asked, changing the subject. Vince shot his hand up so I tossed him one.

    "Do we still have any of my scotch left?" Olivia asked from the couch. She was relaxed, leaning against the arm with her feet on Vince's lap. Vince was taking her socks off and began giving the rebellious star a well earned foot rub. "Ooh, that feels good," she moaned into it, closing her eyes and tilting her head back.

    While Olivia enjoyed our friend's attention, I grabbed my beer and got her scotch on the rocks. "Here you go, my lady," I said with a small smile and handed her the drink.

    "Thank you, sir," she smiled back and circled the contents of the glass just under her cute little nose. She took the slightest sip and hummed in appreciation of the quality.

    "That's a well deserved drink," I told her, pointing to her glass as I took a sip of my own beer.

    "Yeah, but I wish you guys would drink something better than that shit. We got away with what, $500,000 in merch tonight?" Olivia asked with a scoff.

    "You guys deserve a good drink," I said, wallowing in my own fuck up from earlier. "I was careless tonight. I should have seen that cop coming from the back alley. If I would have looked a split second later, you wouldn't have almost been shot, Vince." I was really beating myself up.

    "Hector, it's all right, man," my bald friend laughed. "Almost isn't the same as actually."

    "Vince is right," my fuck hot crime companion chimed in. "We all got out just fine. No harm, no foul," she said and took another little sip.

    I got up from my favorite recliner and headed into the kitchen, thinking about finding a little something to eat. Before I could find anything, a well manicured hand closed the cupboard I was digging in.

    "You know what I think you're problem is, Hector?" Olivia asked me with a raised eyebrow, a knowing look behind her striking greenish-blue eyes.

    "What's that?" I asked back with a scoff before taking another drag from my bottle.

    "When was the last time you had a real, drag-out, dirty, exhausting fuck?" she whispered hotly into my ear, her hand rubbing against my quickly forming boner concealed in my jeans.

    "A while," I admitted and swallowed deeply. "Why?" I played dumb.

    Olivia rolled her gorgeous eyes and leaned in again, dragging the tip of her tongue from the opening of my shirt to my earlobe before worrying it between her teeth.

    "Are you volunteering?" I asked, raising my own eyebrow. Olivia didn't answer me with words, but walked over to the kitchen counter and leaned over it, presenting me with her perfect ass that was hidden by her black dress's ruffles.

    I took her invitation. I closed the distance between us so I stood directly behind her. I lifted up the bottom of her dress and pulled it over the small of her back. There she was, her little asshole and soft pussy lips hidden from me by just a little black thong. My heart pounded in my chest as I reached out with a hand and grabbed her firm and oh so smooth backside.

    Olivia moaned into my touch and wriggled her ass for me. She looked over her shoulder at me with the sexiest glance, daring me to turn her down. I stepped up even closer to her and pressed my tented jeans against her so she could feel how hard she made me.

    "Oh yeah, I can do that," Olivia said with a grin. "Come on. Let's go upstairs," she whispered with a wink. She stood up and fixed her dress before we snuck back into the living room. Without a sound, we climbed the stairs behind the couch and made our getaway to the second floor.

    With my hand in hers, Olivia led us into the room that she stayed in when she worked with us. She plopped down on the bed and dragged me with her. Immediately we began ferociously making out. Our lips and tongues were all over each other, no sense of control or class anywhere. This was a raw, primal, we-almost-got-shot make out session. Our hands roved over each other's bodies, rubbing, grabbing and feeling everywhere.

    She wasted little time before going to work on my belt buckle and then button and fly of my pants. It was under a minute from the time we hit the bed to now, that she had my pants around my thighs and my dick standing at full mast.

    Olivia dove straight down, taking full tongue swipes at the head and shaft of my veined, meaty cock. One of her hands played with my balls and the other played with her own little but perky tits. While she popsicle licked my dick, I went to work untying the back of her dress and sliding the straps down her shoulders.

    The exotic Ms. Wilde broke off from my sword long enough to pull the dress down to her waste before going back down to slip the tip of my dick between her lips this time, her tongue swirling around and making me grab hand fulls of her long, beautiful chestnut hair. She worked up a quick pace as she manhandled my pole and I bucked my hips upward, effectively fucking her face and making her gag around me. Her spit coded my staff completely and drizzled down over my balls, which she was still working with a free hand.

    While she pumped and sucked me good, I reached my hand around her and slipped my digits through the front of her panties so I could rub her slimy lips. My thumb brushed her wet clit with force as I probed her hot, tight pussy with two fingers. She was humping into my hand now as hard as I was fucking up into her throat. This went on for a bit until she had to come up for air. When she did, her hair was devilishly mussed up and a mixture of pre-cum and saliva made her lips and chin shine. It was the hottest fucking thing I had ever seen.

    Olivia mauled me, pushing me down onto my back as she attacked my mouth with hers, her tongue winning the fight over mine. While on my back and Olivia on top of me, we worked together to get my pants and underwear completely off. Wilde dropped her burning sex right on top of my straining and now freed dick, though her panties still separated me from her scorching opening. She ground her hot box against me and my eyes rolled back in my head from the feeling of warm, saturated clothe on my bare shaft.

    I couldn't take it anymore. Without permission, I took hold of her panties and tore them right off of the lithe, tanned beauty and drove my cock straight home with one thrust. Olivia gave a sharp cry as I nestled my entire log into her tight, seeping clam.

    "Jesus fuck, Hect!" she cried but didn't think for a second before starting to ride me, rubbing her clit against the base of my cock with every strong jerk of her athletic hips. I grabbed her bare, tight ass and slammed back into her, the two of us putting in equal effort for this grunge fuck.

    Olivia threw her head back and her chest out as she rode me like her life depended on it. Her small breasts bounced up and down with her, and I couldn't help but to reach up and firmly squeeze the left then right, tweaking each nipple before letting go. Each sexy yelp told me how much she loved it.

    "How long have you been thinking about me fucking your brains out?" I had to ask.

    "Mmmph!" she groaned after a particularly hard thrust. "For.. urgh! Quite! Argh! A bit Ahhh! Now," she struggled to get out. "My ass. Play with my ass!"

    The goddess above me didn't have to ask twice for anything. That order was all the coaxing it took for me to jam an index finger deep up her backdoor.

    "Oh fuck! That's it!" Olivia coaxed as I finger fucked her shitter. "God Yes!" Olivia screamed and tweaked her own brown little nips, biting her bottom lip in ecstasy. I inserted a middle finger up her dark hole while I kept pistoning my hips up into her soaking snatch.

    Without warning, I picked up Wilde by her hips and rolled her over so she was chest down onto the bed. I kept a hold on her shapely hips and pulled back on them so her ass and pussy were sticking right up into the air and her face was pressed into the mattress.

    "What are you going to do, Hector? Eat my cookie? Do you want to shove your big tongue into my tiny asshole?" Liv asked me, daring me to do either. "Go ahead. Be a fucking man and do what you want."

    With that on the table, I plunged three fingers deep into her peach and hand fucked the shit out of her while I plunged my tongue into her slightly opened rosebud.

    "Oh shit!" Olivia screamed and grabbed the sheets, ripping them from the mattress. "Oh fuck! Get in there!" she cried as I fervently devoured her ass.

    After I felt like I'd warmed her up enough, I got off of my elbows and onto my knees.

    "Gonna split my fucking lips with that rock hard monster?" Liv asked from over her shoulder, but not entirely able to see what I was doing. I had something else in mind...

    I took myself in hand, lined up without contact, and railed my cock home straight up her asshole.

    "FUCK!" she cried out as I wedged her tight shit hole. "Get out! Get out!" she begged as I kept hammering her, my hand wrapped in her hair. "Damn it, Hector, what the fuck!"

    "You told me to be a man and take what I want. This ass is it," I told her as I slowed down and slid my dick out before jamming it right back in. She yelped sharply and shot up off of the bed, her back slamming into my chest.

    I held her tiny, shaking body against mine as I continued to saw in and out of her with my meat stake. I used my other hand to give her a reach around. I dug two fingers deep into her cunt and worked her clit with my thumb. She continued to shiver, twitch and writhe against me.

    "Oh fuck! Oh fuck, Hector! God you're killing me!" She tried to free herself, but my grip on her was too strong and she lost all control as a powerful orgasm ripped through her entire body. I felt her asshole quivering around my about ready to burst cock and her muscled pussy walls fluttering helplessly around my fingers.

    As her orgasm finished, mine finally took hold and broke my will. I lost the fight and shot after shot of white white cum flew up her shit pipe while she whimpered and shook before I let her fall to the mattress. I wasn't far behind her.

    "Holy fuck," the spent actress panted. "Holy fuck," she said again. "I'm happy to help you, but if you ever take my ass without my say so again... I'll shoot you dead," she warned. I believed it, too.

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    FARK. Now THAT was hot. Well fucking done.

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