The Stories Behind the Blind Item Reveals:
Chloe, Hailee and the Pop Star
Starring Chloe Moretz & Hailee Steinfeld

Codes: MF, Oral,
Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy
These are the (fictional) stories about real Hollywood gossip blind items that have since been updated to reveal the celebrities that they are about.

Today's Blind Item: In 2011 this foreign born pop sensation is making his way through the teens of Hollywood. His goal is to have sex with as many as possible. So far he has had sex with the following teen actresses. B list movie actress who is going to be in one of the big hits of the holiday season. B list movie actress who has been nominated for one of the big awards. This was just in ten days.
Foreign born pop sensation: Cody Simpson
B list movie actress #1: Chloe Moretz
B list movie actress #2: Hailee Steinfeld

Cody Simpson sat in his first class seat on his flight from Australia to America. The young teen had broken out as a new pop star recently and in two months he was going to start his first US tour. The main reason he was heading over early was to do rehearsals, take meetings with some record execs, and to start recording for his new album. However, Cody also had his own goal for spending two extra months in LA before his tour, and that was to hook up with as many of the hot up-and-coming starlets as he can. He had lost his virginity to a fan after a show last year, and ever since he'd been banging his way through as many hot women as he could. Most of them were teenage fangirls, though several had been celebrities in Australia. Now, however, this was going to be Cody's opportunity to get with the young Hollywood stars that he had seen on TV, in movies, and online. He was currently on his phone's notes app putting together a wishlist of girls her wants to meet. Looking over his list he had the names; Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Debby Ryan, Tiffany Thornton, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies, Stephanie Scott, Abigail Breslin, Chloe Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld and Ariel Winter.

Even before his plane landed in LA, Cody had already had things in motion. He had expressed his desire to his agent that he was hoping to meet and maybe go on a date with some of the hot big name actresses that were around his age, and his agent had come through. He had set up a date for him with Chloe Moretz in two days. The plan that their people had set was for them to meet up at Santa Monica Place for dinner and a movie, but Cody had an idea of his own for the date. The day of the date he texted Chloe telling her that he still felt off because of the time difference, and asked if she minded if instead of going out they order in and they watch movies at his hotel suite. A smile crept across his face when she texted back 'Sure. Sounds fun.'

That evening Cody opened his door when he heard a knock. He opened the door to Chloe Moretz who had her blond hair down and was dressed casually in a white v-neck shirt, tan daisy dukes, and low top Converses. They greeted each other and he let her into the suite.

"Nice room" Chloe said as she walked around and checked out the living room.

"Yeah, the record company got me this suite all for myself, and one for my parent down the hall."


"Too right, and look at this" he said as walked over to the mini fridge next to the TV, and opened the door which was loaded with mini bottles on the side shelves, "They never emptied the mini bar."


The two teens ordered and an extra large pizza and a two liter of coke to mix with the mini bottles of rum and whiskey. They made casual get to know you talk on the couch as they waited for the food to arrive and each downed two of the vodka mini bottles. After the food arrived they settled on the and ordered the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World to watch since neither had seen it yet. During the movie the two ate, made comments about the movie, and drank some more of the mini bottles. Chloe tended to favor Jack and Coke while he liked rum and coke better. Cody tried to find a moment to make a move on Chloe during the movie, but none presented itself and Chloe was general unresponsive whenever he slid closer to her, or when he put his arm around her shoulder.

After the end of the movie, both teens were well beyond buzzed. Cody picked up the remote and started flipping through the channels to see what else was on. He was trying to find something that would keep her there in the hotel and something that would also get her in the mood.

"Wait, wait, wait. Go back two." He flipped back two channels and on the screen was Mark Wahlberg in a car with another man. Mark moving his arm like he was masterbating white the other guy was yelling for him to get hard.

"What is this?"

"Boogie Nights. I've seen it a few times with my brother. It's really good." They continued to watch and Chloe explained that they were near the end and how the movie was about the porn industry in the late 70s and early 80s. The movie seemed to be coming towards the end, Mark Wahlberg was standing front of a mirror psyching himself up.

"Here it comes" Chloe said with her eyes locked on the screen.

"Here what com...whoa!" His thought was interrupted when Mark Wahberg's character pulled his seemingly impossibly long dick out of his pants.

"I know right." Chloe responded. Out of the corner of his eye, Cody could have sworn he saw Chloe lick her lips at the sight of the dick. The movie's credits stated rolling so he put the TV on mute.

"Was that thing real?" Cody asked.

"I wish, but no. I looked it up online and it was a fake they had him put on." There was a long awkward pause after that until Chloe spoke up again. "So, what are you working with?"


"How big is your dick?"

"You're having a laugh, right?"

"Oh, come on. I've been acting long enough I know what the deal is when a guy asks you to 'hang out' in their hotel room.So, are we going to do this are not?"

"Aw yeah" he said as he undid his belt and pants before sliding them down his pants. With his ever harding dick now exposed Chloe leaned over and took hold of it.

"Ummm, not bad. Not exactly Dirk Diggler sized, but not bad" Chloe said as she stroked his dick. "You do have two things going for you that Dirk doesn't."

"What's that?"

"You're cock is real and it's here right now." With that, in one motion Chloe engulfed the majority of dick. Chloe began earnestly sucking on the pop star's cock. He'd had had his dick sucked a lot over the last year, but what Chloe was doing to him was on another level. Despite being a teen, there was no dodout she was a world champion cock sucker.

"Oh shit, oh wow. Chloe you're amazing" Cody said as he tried to regain his composure and not bust his nut to quickly.

"Ummm... with lips like mine in Hollywood, you learn how to suck a cock and gain a lot of experience really quickly" Chloe commented before taking the head into her mouth swirled her tongue around the tip. As she continued to suck his dick, Chloe also began undoing her shorts. As soon as she got the button and the fly undone she began pushing them off. They were now both on the naked from the waist down on couch with Cody on the far end of the couch and Chloe on all fours with her head in his lap and a hand playing with her twat.

As Chloe began deepthroating him it was becoming increasingly difficult for Cody to hold back his load. Finally he warned her he was going to blow soon, and once again Chloe caught him of guard. This time she got off the couch, quickly pushed the coffee table back before taking her place on her knees between his legs, and she went right back to deepthroating him. Unlike before, Chloe was now able to look right up at him with her big green eyes as she swallowed his cock. It wasn't much longer before she had him firing the first shot of his load up against the back of her throat. Chloe pulled back a bit but kept her lips firmly tightened around his mushroom shaped head. He fired rope after rope of jizz into her mouth which Chloe was able to handle and collect. When he finally stopped erupting Chloe pulled his dick away before opening her mouth and showing her new friend the pool of his jizz in her mouth. Cody watched dumbfounded as the actress then closed her mouth and swallowed his load. She then downed what Jack and Cola was left in her cup to cleanse her pallet before getting back up on the couch.

Dressed in just her t-shirt and sneakers, Chloe laid on her back and spread her legs wide, exposing her pale bald cunt to him. He thought he knew what she wanted so Cody sat up on the couch and turned on his knees so that his dick was now less than two inches from her wet pussy.

"Ummm, what are you doing?" Chloe asked.

"We're going to shag, right?" he asked in a fairly confused voice.

"Yeah, eventually. But I'm not one of your groupie whores, you wanna fuck you gotta put in the work before hand too."

"I'm telling you to get down there are eat my pussy!" He wasn't really all that experienced with going down on women. He'd done it 2 or 3 times just to try it, but being a young man with women willing to please him, he'd been always more focused on getting his own rocks off rather than pleasing his partner.

Doing what he was told, Cody slid down the couch and moved his head between her legs. He was looking directly at her wet taco, when he took a deep breath and then tried to attack her pussy with his tongue. He not really sure what he was doing so he tryed his best to remember what her had seen done in porn. He tried jabbing with his tongue, giving some rapid flicks, the occasional suck. He thought he was doing alright as he thought her heard Chloe moan, but actually it was a groan. After two minutes Chloe grabbed Cody by the hair and lifted his face away.

"You really have no clue what you are doing, do you?" she asked.

"Not really."

"Alright, just do what I tell you." She then shoved his head back down to her pussy. She gave him directions as to what to do and when to do it, and he followed her instructions as best he could. When she told him to lick her slit, he did it. When she told him to flick his tongue on her clit, he did that. When she told him to suck on her clit while finger blasting her pussy with two fingers, he did that too. While he may not have been a natural pussy eater, he was good enough at taking directions that Chloe found herself starting to enjoy the job he was doing on her. She was soon breathing heavily, moaning, and had her hand up under her shirt playing with her breast as she continued to direct him. After about 15 minutes Chloe was on the edge of orgasim.

"Okay, okay" Chloe said breathlessly, "Now keep sucking on my clit, but take your fingers out of my pussy and stick one of them in my ass."

"What?" Cody said, not believing what he just heard.

"My ass. Stick your finger in my ass!" She yelled while smashing his face down on top of her pussy once again. Following her orders, he continued to attack her clit with his mouth while taking his fingers out of her twat. He then used his index finger, still slick from her pussy, and jammed it into her ass. "OH GOD YES!" Chloe cried as her eyes when wide, her toes curled and she came all over the Aussie's face.

After she came, Cody sat back up and pulled his finger from her ass. He waited for Chloe to come down from her orgasmic high. It took her a minute or two, but Chloe eventually sat back up as well.

"You may not know what you were doing, but you can sure follow directions" Chloe joked still a little out of breath. "Look unless you just want to stick with groupies, You need to work on doing that."

"Uh, okay."

"Plus actresses talk,you know, so if you get really good at eating pussy you'll have a bunch of hotties taking numbers to get in line to have you go down on them."

"Good advice, thanks."

"No problem. No lie back, I want to ride that dick." Cody laid back on the couch, his dick pointing to the ceiling, as Chloe stripped off her shirt, exposing her small pail breast, topped with bright pink nipples. She moved on her knees so that she was straddling his lap. Taking his hard dick in his hand she slapped it against her pussy a few times before she rose up and settled back down on top of it. While still tight, it was clear by the way she took his dick that this was no virgin teenage pussy he was entering.

"Oh yeah, that's it" Chloe said with her eyes closed and head tilted back as she slid her pussy down his hard pole. Once all the way down she paused to get used to the feeling, before slowly rising back up. Not one to ease into things, it only took a minute or before Chloe had her hands resting on his chest for balance as she twerked her hips up and down his dick. From below her Cody moved his hips to meet hers as he squeezed her ass cheeks with both his hand. "Well, you fuck better than you eat pussy, that's for sure." Chloe said. She then leaned down and the two teens made out as they fucked on the couch. Chloe bit down and pulled his bottom lip as they separated from their kiss.

"Let me up. Let me get on top." He asked

"Yeah, you think you can handle this pussy, huh?" she asked as she grinded her pussy against him.

"Only one way to find out" he responded.

"Okay, fuck me good" Chloe agreed. She climbed off of him and he stood in front of the couch. Moving Chloe onto her back and was pulled into postion so her pussy was right on the edge of the couch. Spreading her legs wide, he stepped up pushed his dick into the Let Me In star. Chloe closed her legs around him as he fucked her on the couch.

"Yeah… fuck me...fuck me hard" Chloe said through gritted teeth as she tweaked her nipple while she got fucked. Cody increased his pace, but Chloe continued to yell at him. "Harder! Come On, Harder You Fucker!" she yelled. He pushed her legs back into her torso and began really slamming his dick into her.

"Come on fuck me harder. I want you to fucking wreck my pussy."

"Jeez, you really like to talk dirty Chloe"

"What'd you expect? I'm Hit-Girl, bitch!! Now, shut up and fuck me!" Chloe Moretz yelled at him.

"Fine" he said reluctantly. He pulled his dick out of her, grabbed her leg and spun her over. Taking hold of her hips he slammed his dick into her. Then he did it again, and again and again.

"Yes that's it just like that" Chloe moaned as her body shock each time the pop star's pelvis smashed into her from behind. He gave her ass a hard spank, which she seemed to love, as he continued to fuck her pussy as hard as he could. They were really going at it hard. Both their teenage bodies now glistening with sweat and they were breathing hard. Chloe moaned loudly and as she tugged on her nipple while she had her pussy wrecked.

"Fuck yes!! Keep going, I'm going to cum! I am going to cum!" Chloe grunted as pushed her ass back to meet his dick. Remembering how she popped earlier, Cody quickly let go of her hip and once again jammed a finger into her ass. "YYEEESSSS!" Chloe screamed as she came. Feeling her pussy tightened around his dick pushed Cody to the edge too.

"Oh god I'm going to shoot" he announced.

"Do it on my face! Frost me like a Toaster Strudel" Chloe told him. Cody pulled out and Chloe quickly turned around. She pulled her hair back, closed her eyes and instead of opening her mouth she puckered her big soft lips and gave the duck face. He stroked his dick until he finally exploaded. Doing what she asked, he moved his dick side to side and ropes of his cum splashed all over the Kick Ass star's face.

Chloe felt his dick had stopped firing she wiped some off his jizz off her eyelid and opened her eyes. She took hold of his softening cock and gave it a few kisses and gave his cock head one last lick and suck. When she was done and sure he was spent, Chloe picked up her phone off the coffee table. Chloe snapped a quick photo of herself and turned her phone around to look at the pic.

"Wow, that was quite a load. Nice job."


Chloe just ignored him and took a few more selfies of her cum coated face before heading to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Chloe told him that they should do this again before he went on tour, and then left the hotel soon after that. Cody remained naked on the couch feeling happy he had accomplished his goal for the night.

The next several days were rather uneventful. He was hoping to find an excuse to go visit the Nickelodeon or Disney Channel sets as a way to introduce himself to some of the actresses there, but something always seemed to have gotten in the way. It was not until nine days later that he meet another starlet on his list. The record company had set him up to do a pop up concert at a smaller venue in LA in order to get his setlist prepared for his tour. He had just come off stage and he now had about 30 minutes to relax, shower and change before he had to do some meet and greets. He was in his dressing room when there was a knock on the door.

"Yes, it's open" Cody announced annoyed, thinking it was some record exec making him go do the meet and greets early. He was pleasantly surprised when the door opened.

"Umm, hi. I'm Hailee and I just wanted to stop by and say you were great." Hailee Steinfeld spoke, sounding somewhat embarrassed, as she stood in the dressing room doorway. She was wearing a loose black t-shirt, some extremely tight jeans, and black non-heeled boots.

"I know who you are, come in." Cody said cheerfully. He asked his record company offer up some VIP tickets to a bunch of teenage actresses he had on his list, but they had never got back to him about if any of them had taken up the offer.

"Oh my god, really?" Hailee said surprised as she entered his dressing room and shut the door.

"Yes, of course. You're Hailee Steinfeld, I've seen several of your movies."

"Wow, that's cool. I'm a real big fan of yours. I love your music and the show tonight was amazing." Hailee gushed. He had Hailee sit down on the couch as they spoke and he sneakily locked the dressing room door when Hailee wasn't looking. The two spoke on the couch for a couple of minutes. Hailee seemed to be blushing as she spoke, and it became glaring to him that Hailee was acting more like a fan meeting a crush and a jaded actress who had meet plenty of celebrities before.

'This might be easier than I thought it would be' Cody thought to himself. He then decided to make his move. "Would you like to go grab something to eat? Just the two of us?" he asked her.

"Oh my god seriously? That would be so amazing!" Hailee exclaimed.

"Great" Cody said as he stood up from the couch. He then took off his shirt. "I just need to take a shower first."

"Oh, um, do you want me to leave or something?" Hailee said feeling flustered.

"No love, you're fine. Just hang out." Cody then undid his pants and dropped both them and his underwear in one move. "This won't take long."

"Oh wow...I," Hailee giggled and tried to hide her eyes, but at the same time she could help herself from peeking at his exposed crotch.

He stepped out of his pants and walked nude to the bathroom in his dressing room. "If you get board, you could always join me." he joked as he disappeared into the bathroom, leaving the bathroom door wide open. Couple minutes later he was in the shower soaping up his body and when saw Hailee Steinfeld trying to hide as she watched from the doorway. Cody acted like he didn't see her and proceeded to to scrub his dick and balls clean, while making sure Hailee got a good view.

"Oi, if you want a better look you can always come in and join me" he called out. Hailee didn't respond but a minute later a rush of cool air entered the shower as a naked Hailee opened the door and step inside. The look on her face was full of nervousness and some excitement.

"Relax. We're just having some fun" he said. Cody's eyes scanned her naked body. Her small breast, tight ass, and pretty pussy with a dark haired landing strip. "You are a real beaut" he said as he took a step towards her.

"Thanks" Hailee nervously laughed and said as took a step back. She now was pressed up against the wall of the shower. He took another step forward before leaning down and kissing her. Hailee was startled at first but she quickly melted into it and started kissing him back. It was at that moment he knew he had her. His hands started exploring her body as they made out in the shower. He cupped her ass, groped her breast, and ran his fingers along her pussy lips. She moaned as he felt his fingers trace around her clit. He then reached up, took her hands and placed them on his hard dick.

"You have a nice cock" Hailee said after breaking off the kiss and looking down at the dick in her hands. She gave it a couple light squeezes before beginning to stroke it.

"Ummmm" he moaned as she worked his dick her her hands "You've done this before."

"There is a lot of downtime on movie sets. Me and some of the other kid actors would need to find ways to kill time and entertain ourselves between scenes" she admitted.

"Oh yeah, ever give a gobbie before?"

"What's a gobbie?"

"A blow job."

"Oh. Yeah, a few times with my last boyfriend."

"Well you know, as you Americans say," Cody put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a little push, "practice makes perfect." Hailee smiled and slid down to her knees on the shower floor. She gave his cock head a kiss before using her tongue to give several long licks.

"You're a little bigger than my last boyfriend was" she said before opening her lips and taking a third of his dick into her mouth. Hailee began working her mouth up and down his cock.

"Oh God that's good" he moaned as he enjoyed the feeling of getting his dick sucked. The more he told her how much he enjoyed what she was doing the more enthusiastically she sucked his dick. She was no nearly the pro Chloe was, but Hailee was still doing a great job. Cody put his hand on the back of Hailee's head as she blew him and he started forcing more and more of his meat stick into her mouth. He had two thirds of his dick down her throat before Hailee gagged and began coughing.

"Haven't quite learned to deep throat yet?"

"No, but isn't that what practice is for." Hailee then went right back at it, going down as far as she could before she gagged again. The pattern repeated itself eight more times before Hailee finally had his entire cock in her mouth. With his entire dick still in her mouth Hailee raised her arms in triumph. "I did it!" she yelled after she slid his dick out of her mouth.

"Yeah, good onya! Let's go celebrate and shag."

"Okay" Hailee quickly agreed. Cody turned off the shower and the two teens quickly toweled off before heading back out to the couch. Hailee went to go lay down on it, but Cody grabbed her and had her stand next to the armrest. He bent her over the it and lifted up her leg so her knee was on the armrest as well.

"I've never done it like this before" she commented.

"Yeah, I saw it in a porno last night" he responded before positioning his tool just outside her tight teenage pussy. It took a few attempts to line it up right and push it through, but the pop star soon had his dick sliding into the True Grit star.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" Hailee kept saying as she felt her pussy being streched apart.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah. Fine. Just go slow at first. You're definitely bigger than my boyfriend was." He slowly worked his full length inside the actress before pulling back so just the tip was left, and then began pushing himself back inside her.

"Grrr this is a tight little gash" he grumbled to himself as slowly fucked Hailee Steinfeld.

"Ummmmm YES! Okay. Okay. Faster. Go Faster!" Hailee moaned. Cody happily began building up speed as he fucked her. He took hold of her hips and the room filled with the sound skin slapping as his pelvis smashed up against her ass. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! I can't believe I'm doing this!" Hailee was getting louder as the pop star upped his tempo. She turned her head and looked at the teenager pop star currently drilling her pussy. She also really could not believe she was doing this. She had just stopped by to say hi and maybe get a photo with the singer. Never in a million years did she think she'd end up naked, have sex with someone she just meet less than 45 minutes ago..

"Oh, oh, oh, Yes! Yeeeessss! I'm cumming! Oh my god I'm cumming!" Hailee yelled out as she came all over that Aussie dick. Meanwhile Cody continued to fuck her the best he could. Hailee once again turned back and looked at him. This time he took old of her long brunette hair and pulled her backwards a bit so the two could make out as he took her from behind.

In the background Cody could hear his phone notifications were going off. He knew he that it was either close to time for, or he was late for the fan meet and greet.

"I wanna try one more thing I saw in the video last night."

"Okay" Hailee said breathlessly. At this point she was in position to say no. He paused his fucking so that he could slide her leg back down to the floor. He then took hold of her wrist and pulled her arms behind her. "Oh my ggaaaaawwwdddddd!" Hailee moaned. With her arms behind her, he now had control of her body as he pounded her gash. Pulling her towards him his dick was now hitting spots that her ex boyfriend had never hit inside of her. "So good. So deep. Oh my god" Hailee moaned as her pussy continued to be pounded from behind.

"Shit Hailee, I gotta cum"

"PULL OUT! PULL OUT! You're not wearing a condom!"

"Okay" Cody agreed. He let go of Hailee's wrist and her body crashed down over the armrest of the sofa. He pulled his dick out just a split second before he spilled his seed all over her shapely ass and lower back.

"Oh my god. That was incredible" Hailee said as she continued to lay on the couch catching her breath. She could feel drops of his cum on her ass starting to run down her legs as she remained bent over the couch. While she was doing the Cody picked up his phone, and sure enough he was already 7 minutes late for the meet and greet. He sent a quick text to let them know he was on his way before they sent someone to fetch him.

"Oh no, Hailee, I need to get going."

"What? Why?"

"They need me to do some meet and greet stuff. I can't believe they didn't tell me about this beforehand" Cody feigned anger as he quickly got dressed.

"But I thought we were going to go get dinner" Hailee said feeling upset as she sat up and watch the guy who she just had sex with quickly get dressed.

"I know, but I don't know how long this will last. Leave me your number and we can hang out later this week."

"I can't believe…" Hailee was starting to say before she was cut off with a deep hard kiss. The feeling of his his lips against hers again made Hailee melt and she again began kissing him back.

"I'm sorry, but I gotta go, but leave me you number and I'll text you."

"Okay" Hailee agreed with her head still in a haze from the kiss.

Cody slipped on his shoes, grabbed his phone, and left a naked teenage Hailee Steinfeld alone in his dressing room to get redressed and see herself out. As he walked down the backstage corridor, he took out his phone and opened the list of names in his notes app. "Two down." he said as, just like with Chloe 10 days ago, he clicked on Hailee's name in the app and put a checkmark next to her name.