Private Affair 2: Award Winning Affair
With Peyton List and Dove Cameron
By Wilder
Codes: MF+FF , MFF, Oral, Voy
Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and don't represent the people involvement. It's just for your enjoyment.
A/N: Blue italic text represents Peyton's thoughts.

To say life is normal for me is far from the truth, especially since over the years I really started to explore my sexuality, which is shocking coming from a person associated with the Disney brand. Most wouldn't believe that to be even be possible. There are a lot of assumptions and misconceptions about being a Disney starlet. Presuming that we are meant to be sweet, innocent and role models to young girls.

While I am like that on set, because I am a professional that keeps my two worlds separate, sometimes I think people expect that to extend into my personal life. I am still a teenager, or I like to think I am. I want enjoy myself when I am not working and my own relationship with my brother is a clear sign of that.

I have spoken previously about my own relationship with my brother, which was far from innocent. To dabble in something so taboo and frowned upon was risky, but I liked it too much not to do it. Being part of the Disney brand has had it's fair share of mentorship and teaching moments, but it wasn't the acting I am talking about. Working with Debby (Ryan) taught me a lot, but it was really one other person who I connected well with. While she moved on from Disney somewhat and into the Marvel realm, while I was still connected to the brand, my relationship with Dove (Cameron) was anything but wholesome.

One of her most vivid memories of Dove didn't involve me but something she had stumped upon after filming for Jessie. There was an area in the basement of the studio that not a lot people knew about. Where some of the Disney stars would hang out. It wasn't vacant this time; She could hear noises as she crept closer, the "Jesse" star had accidentally caught Dove and her then boyfriend and co-star Ryan McCartan in the act.

I don't think they saw me but I couldn't stop myself from watching them. I could see Dove's full breasts swung back and forth freely as she took it from behind from Ryan. Sounds from Dove's moans and Ryan's waist crashing against Dove's round ass filled the air. I knew I shouldn't be watching but I couldn't help myself, there was something about Dove that held my attention. I was soon playing with myself, my hand sliding inside my shorts and eventuality rubbing my already aroused pussy. It both confused me and turned me on to watch Dove like this. I was more interested in her then Ryan, and I was still at a point where I didn't really know what this meant.

The sight of seeing Dove just sucking a cock left her speechless, enough that her own moans almost gave her away, since Dove's head turned slightly in Peyton's direction before she finished with Ryan. She watched as her mouth and face was filled by his cum. Dove licked her lips as she seem to enjoy the taste of his cock and it was obvious that this wasn't just an one time thing.

Just seeing her in a dirty and lewd state was something that I have never forgotten, and I secreted wanted that for myself. Most of the guys I prefer, pick my stomach or legs. Ryan didn't see me as he left, but what happened next was sent a nervy chill up my spine.

"You can come out ….. Peyton"

That brief pause gave away that she knew I had witnessed more than enough.

"How did you know it was me?"

"It wouldn't be the first time this has happened to me."

Dove was well aware that she had been spied on in the past.

What happened next was something else for the young Disney starlet, as the older of two girls took the lead. Peyton was caught off guard by a sudden fusing of lips, feeling both Dove's soft lips and the sweet essence of her partner's load that she had taken only moments ago. Peyton didn't resist as her tongue danced with Dove's, enjoying their sultry french kiss. She could feel the more experienced girl take complete control as her hands were all over Peyton's shorts, enough to get rid of them, stripping the leggy blonde down to nothing more than her cotton panties.

Things were going a bit fast for me, but I couldn't really deny that I wanted this. The next thing I knew, Dove had descended between my thighs as the nude platinum blonde had her way with me. I personally had never experimented with anyone like Dove before, but there were rumours of late that she wasn't fully committed to Ryan. Supposedly her interests were elsewhere, especially since it was Dove who use was aggressive like she was with me now. Her tongue felt great, my fingers were helping before but Dove's tongue was simply magical. I haven't quite felt something like this in a long while, not too many guys I've been with could really attend to me needs like Dove did.

That skill showed a lot, and it did make Peyton wonder if she was really just a closet lesbian and Ryan was a cover, but those thoughts were dismissed given what she had witnessed earlier between the two. All she knew is that she enjoyed it. More than enough to have her cumming within a few minutes as her juices sprayed against Dove's porcelain-like skin. She was more than happy to snack on her snatch and lick it up like a cat drinking milk. It was a bit of surreal moment but something Peyton wanted and loved. Dove got redressed and left quickly without a word, as she was required back on set. Her sudden departure left the other girl both amazed and confused, wondering if there would be another encounter like this again.

The whole experience was something new but exciting. But whatever was going on between me and Dove I hope wasn't finished, as I really desired to have even more. I was now obsessed with Dove, more than I wanted to initially admit. Between this and my relationship with my brother, if anyone really knew about either of these situations, I knew it would permanently damage my career. But I couldn't stop thinking about it for a few weeks until our next encounter.

There was quite a dynamic developing between the two blonde Disney stars that was probably more of a common thing then any of these young starlets let on. Peyton's experience didn't end there, as it wasn't until a few weeks later where this time she got invited to join Ryan and Dove's sexual escapades. The thought of just being used as a sexual object between the couple, excited the already horny teen.

Peyton found herself being lead back downstairs to a vacant room of the Disney studio by Dove, the one where she watched Dove on the previous occasion, to find Ryan waiting for the duo to arrive. His comment of "glad you can join us" and the huge grin on his face told the whole story, where his fantasy of having two girls at once was about to become a reality.

I really didn't know what to expect when it came to being an third wheel for Dove and Ryan's activities. But I could tell Ryan was all too eager with my presence and involvement in this dirty threesome. I remember my brother saying that he would love it if I brought one of my friends (he hinted at Debby a lot) for one of our dirty deeds. But I couldn't risk too many people knowing what I did with my own brother. I did let him use a hidden camera to film me and Debby when she stayed over at our place one night. But that's another story for another day.

Peyton was a bit of a spectator in the beginning, despite being offered to go first with Ryan by Dove. Staring at Ryan's long hard cock just seem to mesmerize the nervous girl; she hadn't quite seen one like it. Peyton understood why Dove liked Ryan a lot, even though he was known to be a bit of douche to some of the crew and other girls on set. Dove snapped her out her trance.

"Peyton? You still there? Would you still rather watch?"

Dove took her cue to get things officially started, the busty blonde nearly shedding all of her clothes, her white panties all that remained before she began devouring her boyfriend's hard thick cock, causing him to exclaim "oh fuck" at how deep she took his length within those first few moments. The whole experience was more than pleasurable for him, completely at the mercy of Dove's soft lips and incredibly talented mouth. He was wondering if the "Jessie" star would soon be joining in on the fun. Ryan hadn't quite had the pleasure of two beautiful blondes like Dove and Peyton before, so that dream was still yet to become a reality. One that he was desperate to change.

"You know, I don't bite. Dove isn't so greedy that she's not willing to share this ….. eventuality" Ryan comment with a joking tone, looking down to refer to his saliva coated erection.

With that, Peyton was soon down on her knees, next to Dove. She had the best seat in house, watching Dove like she had in the past. But this wasn't about her being a passive partner like before. Especially when she was caught off guard when the hard cock in front of her almost hit her in eye. She gripped the thick tool with her petite hand, stroking it lightly before brushing her tongue against the spongy tip. Peyton partnered her lips and took Ryan's thick bulbous head into her mouth, as the green eyes of her friend watched her suck off her elated boyfriend.

Peyton was enjoying herself with fresh meat. She got a bit carried away as for a moment forgetting Dove was next to her before she passed the cock back to her, to regain some of her breath. Ryan was in a state of bliss as he enjoyed the efforts of both girls. Dove's lips were soft and felt great against his tool but Peyton's tongue was another thing.

Feeling both sets of mouths alternate between polishing his cock or sucking his balls was enough to make him groan and grunt audibly. He loved watching the duo switch frequently to the point where he couldn't hold it any longer, blowing his load beyond the hungry suctioning lips of Peyton, the surprised teen caught off guard by the sudden blast of hot cum that spurted into her mouth.

"Wait, don't swallow it yet" Dove commanded.

She took the opportunity to scoop some of cum out of Peyton's mouth when she embraced her for a kiss, sliding her tongue into the other girl's mouth and scooping the creamy goodness out. They mingled their saliva with Ryan's seed back and forth in sloppy wet kissed, before Dove let Peyton swallow whatever was left over.

It was different experience for the young star, but something about the oddness of the occasion seemed to keep her interested. She wanted more and she was about to get her wish as the roles were flipped, Dove now about to play spectator. Dove watched the expression on Peyton's face change as it seemed her boyfriend thick cock's might been too much for the petite blonde. The wince in pain and a loud call of "holy shit… fuck" was all too telling.

Much like what had already happened with Ryan the first time, I was caught off guard once again. Ryan's dick was much larger than I was used to. The pressure and the force of him just slamming it inside of me, with no remorse or ease, was something I'd never experienced or could anticipate. It wasn't that pleasant at first, but it took a bit of time to get accustomed to, feeling his thick member stretch me open wider than before. In meantime Dove seemed to get a real thrill from watching me take her boyfriend's dick balls deep inside of me, so they slapped against my tight little ass.

Dove merely just observed Ryan rail into the younger blonde, and couldn't help but play with herself at the sight of her boyfriend using one of her friends as a human fuck doll. Much like he had with her on several occasions. Peyton's helpless moans made it clear that she couldn't do anything but take the pounding, though at the same time she seemed to more than crave it.

"Dove baby, come here" Ryan asked.

She knew what he had in mind as Dove kneeled down to have a front row seat. She took the prick that was just in her friend's love hole and began sucking on it, tasting the sweet essence of Peyton's pussy, a favour she certainly savoured. She was committed to Ryan, but Dove couldn't help herself when it came to other girls. She guided his tool back into Peyton's moist pinkness. Letting him pound her into submission, Dove was more than happy to watch the show, Peyton's sexy expression and girlish moans, as she tried to take the sheer force of Ryan's thick tool, was a telling sign that he was about to make the "Jesse" star reach her peak in a shuddering climax. The next thing Peyton knew was feeling a hot stream of his cum hit her toned stomach and perky young tits.

This whole experience with Dove was something new, but it was the beginning to a lot more experimentation. There are a lot of things about me that I kept secret, but as many know already, my Disney days are coming to an end soon. Sweet innocent Peyton that people thought they knew will be a thing of the past, and even more hot, dirty adventures will soon be told.