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Thread: Orgasmic Nirvana Touch: Part 1 with Emma Watson

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    fanfiction Orgasmic Nirvana Touch: Part 1 with Emma Watson

    Orgasmic Nirvana Touch: Part One
    With Emma Watson
    Written By Qmembers36
    CODES: MF, Interracial, Massage, Blowjob, Finger
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes

    After two years of training to be a massage therapist, I had finally graduated and moved to Los Angeles to start my new career. I have to admit that I was lucky. I was able to find a job quickly thank my friend Carlos who was able to find a position for me as a remote masseur. I had expected to get a bunch of wealthy people as a client but no one famous.

    Celebrities would have their own private masseur on call. On my first day, I was picked to do a job on none other than Emma Watson. Emma Watson, one of the many hot Harry Potter actresses and that movie series had a lot of hot girls. There is not a man on this planet have not had a crush on her especially me. I was about to touch her body. A wave of nervousness crashed upon me, but it didn't stop me from accepting the job.

    I went straight to the film studio where she was filming her recent movie. The security guard led me to her trailer cabin. It was small but nice. There were photos of her family and friends scattered. A small refrigerator for snacks. A television set that puts mine to shame. I quickly began setting up the table. It was long enough for the human body. Then I placed some towels covering a massage table. I placed some of my scented body oil on the dresser. Finally, I waited. I actually waited for a long time. I was about to leave when the trailer door opened.

    Emma Watson entered the trailer. For five seconds, time slowed down. She was absolutely the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. My heart pounded against my chest so hard I was afraid she can hear it. Emma had the beautiful model figure with little hips. Her brown hair was put into the bun. Her brown eyes looked straight at me. A scowl appeared on her freckled face.

    She asked. "Who are you? How did you get in here?" Then she turned around to leave the trailer. "I am calling security."

    "I am sorry. I am the masseur you ordered," I explained quickly.

    Emma immediately stopped. She slapped her forehead and turned back around. Her face saddened. "I am sorry. I forget I made an appointment." Her voice echoed with the British accent.

    "That's fine. If you want, we can reschedule for a time you're not busy or we can do this right." I didn't care which one she chooses, but I will not lie. I let out a silent prayer that she would choose the latter.

    "No! I really need this massage and you have already set up everything. It would be waste not use it."

    I pat on the table ushering her over. She closed the door behind her and walked over. I helped her out of the light jean jacket and placed it on the chair. Then I began working on her shoulders. Her skin was smooth. Yet her muscles were firm and tensed.

    I said, "Damn, you really do need a massage."

    "Yeah, I haven't had one in a while."

    I rubbed her tense muscles softened her shoulders. Then I moved down to her right arm. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed my touch. "Well, you are my official first customer."

    "Really? Well, you are doing a good job." She said happily. "Is this a full body massage or just upper body?"

    I replied. "Well, that's up to you, Ms. Watson."

    "Full body it then."

    I walked away to get the oil as she took off her shirt and bra. Through the mirror reflection, I saw a little peek of her right breast. It looked so beautiful as hell. Her nipple was pointy. The gentleman in me screamed to lower my head, but the savage in me wanted me to look. And it was winning. Suddenly her head turned to me. She quickly covered her breasts with her hand and arm. Her freckled face turned pink.

    "Are you peeking?"

    I bite my lip. "I am sorry. I cannot resist." I walked back to her and the massage table.

    "Don't tell me you're a fan."

    I smirked. "I think it would be pretty hard not to find someone who not a fan of yours. Can you please lay on your stomach, so I can work your back?"

    Emma moved her arm revealing her breasts to me. My eyes got big as a small smile appeared on her face. She moved her arm away from her small yet firm breasts. I felt ready to explode.

    My savage side screamed, "Calm the fuck down, you little bitch. You need to tease this woman. Put the work in and hit that shit so good that she will put you in her top five."

    Then Emma laid down on her stomach exposing her. I rubbed some oil onto my hands and put in some work on her back. I rubbed and massaged her back soften up her muscles. She moaned lowly. I applied a little more pressure.

    "Do you like that?" I asked. Another light moaned escaped her lips. That was my answer. I have to admit it gave me a lot of pleasure making her happy. My attention turned to her lower back, but her pants were in the way. I moved to her head and whispered, "I am going to take off your pants, okay?"

    Emma nodded. I moved toward her pants. I grabbed her thigh and lifted her lower half in the air. Then I unbuttoned her pants. I swiftly took off her pants and tossed them onto the floor. I rubbed the back of her long skinny ass legs. My hands slowly made my way to her ass. Her ass was simply perfect. It wasn't too big or too small. An urge came upon me to slap that fine ass. I pushed the feeling down. I placed my hands on her ass. I squeezed it firmly. Emma giggled.
    I asked. "Ms. Watson, I need flip onto your front."

    "You just wanted to see my breasts again," Emma said flipping onto her front side.

    I responded. "Yes, but I am going to work on your breast."

    My hands touched her breast, squeezing and gently rubbed them. Emma moaned lightly. Her eyes were closed as the pleasure overtook her. Then I felt a hand on my crouch. It was rubbing it. I looked down and found Emma's hand. I leaned in and kissed her soft lips. Then I moved down to her right breast. I kissed around a nipple, hearing her moaned lightly. Then I kissed her down her body until reached her panties.

    "I thought you said you wanted to work my breasts?" Emma asked. Her voice trembled.

    I smiled. "I have a better idea."

    I pulled her panties to the side. Her pussy was freshly shaved and looked as beautiful as the rest of her. I played with her peach. My finger moved around her pussy lips. Her body began trembling with pleasure. She grabbed the edges of the table. I grinned. Then I licked her pussy lips and heard her moan some more. I teased her pussy until it was wet. Then I took two fingers and entered her. The move caused her grasped. I went back and forth as her moan loudly. I went for the pussy. My tongue touched her clitoris and played her. Her moaned grew loudly as a wave of pleasure crashed into her. She grabbed the back of my head keeping me in place as if I was going anyway. I was exactly where I wanted to me.

    I keep probing her with my tongue and fingers. Emma grew louder and louder. Then she suddenly grabbed my face and pulled me up. She leaned forward and kissed me harder on the lips. Her tongue entered my mouth. I grabbed her and pulled her close. I felt her hand touched my pants. She started rubbing my penis through my pant.

    She pulled away. "Okay. It is now my turn to play with you."

    I smiled, falling back onto the table. Emma got on top of me. She pulled off my pants and then my underwear. My penis was already rock hard and ready for action.

    "Wow!" She said with a smile. "Here I thought I would have to put more work into it."

    Emma engulfed my penis with her mouth. I felt her tongue playing with the tip as she went up and down. Her hands gripped my shaft and began giving me the best handjob/blowjob I have ever had. I leaned back to the pillow. My eyes closed as the pleasure overtook. I couldn't believe I was getting this from Emma Watson. I opened my eyes to find Emma's face to mine.

    "You are not going to cum until I do." She said with a smile.

    I grinned. "Fine by me."

    I rolled her on her back and pulled her long sexy legs apart. I gave them a little kiss and placed on my shoulder. I grabbed my penis and gave her vagina little slap with it. Then I moved the penis around it.

    "Well, you stop teasing and fuck me already!" Emma demanded.

    I grinned. Then I entered her. She was so wet that it was easy as hell. Emma gasped. I went in slow, so she can adjust to my width. She gripped the table hard as her breath become faster. She began to moan. I smiled. Giving her pleasure was giving me more pleasure.

    "Harder!" she said. Her voice trembled.

    I gave the woman what she wanted. I increased the pace, pounding into her. She grew louder and louder. I pulled her legs apart. Her legs immediately wrapped around my waist. I grabbed her hips and thrust harder. Emma grew louder. Then I realized we were in a trailer in a park filled with people. There was no doubt that others can hear her too. I stopped.

    "Woman! Can you be a little quieter? We don't need everyone and their mother to hear us."

    Emma responded. "Who gives the fuck? Do you know how many couples fuck in a trailer?" Then she leaned in and kissed me again. She began thrusting into me, fucking herself.

    I realized she was right. All the worries melted away. I grabbed her back. Together we moved to the edge of the table. She started going up and down on my penis. A wave of pleasure crashed over me. I looked into her brown eyes and saw a spark of hunger there. She wanted more. I wanted more too. I grabbed her waist and forced her to take all of me.

    "Oh shit! You are a huge motherfucker!" She shouted. "YES! YES! FUCK ME!

    My hunger grew. I wanted every inch of me inside her. I quickly picked her up and pounded her in the air. Her legs wrapped my waist. Her arms wrapped around my neck. Her eyes closed. Her screams echoed into my ears. She begged me to fuck her harder. I pounded her like my life depended upon. I put her back onto the ground. I took a deep breath. This was a hell workout. Emma went back over to the massage table. She bent over with her ass at me.

    "Come on, I am not done with you yet," Emma said.

    I put some spit onto my dick, walked over, and thrust back into her. She gasped and then happily gleied. I thrust harder and harder. I didn't know how long I could last before I exploded. I had to make her cum if it is the last thing I do. For her own pleasure, Emma started rubbing her off. I knew that wasn't going to be enough. I turned her around and tossed her onto the table. I pulled her legs apart and entered her again.

    She grabbed the back of my neck. "Don't you dare stop or I'll fucking kill."

    "Then fucking cum already!" I growled angrily.

    Suddenly Emma fell backward onto the table. Her eyes rolled back of her head as her legs began shaking. Then I pulled out of her. My semen shot out of my penis on her sweaty stomach. It was so much that I felt light head and had to sit.

    Emma dropped down beside me. Her head fell on my shoulder. "That was literal the best I have ever. You are completely mental."

    "You like it that way."

    Emma kissed me one last time. Then we put our clothes back. I put the towels and oils back into the bag. I put the table and left a much happier Emma Watson. I exited the trailer and made my way to my car. When a sexy Latina approached me, she had curvier figure than Emma with killer hips and ass. Her long black hair fell over her shoulders. Her big brown eyes shined with a hint of playful. Her hand went down my chest to my penis.

    "I will see you soon." She said with a wink.

    I smiled. "I cannot wait!

    Then I took a good look at her ass. I cannot believe that was Camila Mendes. I was going to love this job.

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    Please do a sequel.

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