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Thread: "Thunder Rolls" with Olivia Holt and Yvonne Strahovski

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    fanfiction "Thunder Rolls" with Olivia Holt and Yvonne Strahovski

    Thunder Rolls
    with Yvonne Strahovski and Olivia Holt
    by Harbinger
    This story is completely FICTIONAL and for entertainment only!
    F/F, seduced, feet, fingering, rimming, oral, squirt

    It was the worst storm in memory for the small village in Maine. It had been raining for two days straight with no sight in end. The inches kept piling up, and the weather reports showed that the village was in for another four to six inches. Flood warnings and watches were being traded in and out, and severe damage looked inevitable.

    There was the slightest pause in the storm, allowing for the local residents and visitors to sally forth and get whatever provisions they needed to wait out Mother Nature's siege. It just so happened that two of this villages visitors were the esteemed celebrities and performers, Yvonne Strahovski and Olivia Holt. The two had no idea that fate would throw them together as they vacationed in the little lakeside town.

    The younger blonde, Olivia, stopped just before the supermarket automatic doors could open and realized too late that the storm had returned with force. Cold, biting rain poured down from the heavens and gale force winds whipped about this way and that. "Fuck this," Liv mumbled under her breath.

    "Yeah, this is a rough one to be sure," a smooth Aussie accent said from behind the former Disney girl. "Hope you didn't have too much planned today."

    Olivia slowly turned around to see if the woman matched the voice she thought she heard. It did. "Yvonne? What are you doing here?" the shorter girl asked her fellow celebrity.

    "Getting food and supplies to last the storm, just like you," the Australian Amazon replied, offering the American blonde a friendly hug, their bags still in hand. "Vacationing up here?"

    "Yes. It's so quiet and pretty up here!" Holt said, a bright smile on her young features. "You are, too, I'm guessing?"

    "I am," Yvonne smiled back just as widely. "I have a cabin rented out on Razorback Hill," she explained. "I'm guessing that you're at the Camden Harbour Inn? That's the nicest place in town."

    "Yeah, but it's right on the water," Olivia said with a frown now taking over her pretty little mouth. "With the storm getting the way it is... I mean, the storm drains are starting to back up and it's getting worse. Another six inches in one night?"

    "If you're worried about where you're staying, I'll tell you what. We'll grab your stuff, you can check out and we can share my cabin till this all blows over, yeah? There's plenty of room for the two of us and it's on high ground. No flooding to worry about. We can just have a nice girls night. You and me."

    "Oh my God, Yvonne! That's so sweet and that sounds like so much fun!" Olivia gushed at the idea of spending that much time with the gorgeous 'Handmaid's Tale' star. "I'm definitely in."

    "Good!" Yvonne was more than happy to hear. Yvonne was genuinely a good person and looked forward to some time with the young star. It'd be nice to have a real time with a fellow actress with no pressures, politics or cameras. "Come on. I'll come with you to the inn, then you can follow me up the mountain," Yvonne said, and the two lovely ladies ran out to their cars, getting their as quickly as possible, trying to stay dry but getting soaked anyway. They still laughed the whole way.

    It only took Yvonne and Olivia one waterlogged trip to get their groceries and Olivia’s stuff into the cabin the two were now cohabitating. And it was perfect timing, too. The rain had been bad, but now it was driving down at a pounding rate and the thunder was going off like bombs.

    “So this is it,” Yvonne said modestly as she walked into the little kitchenette. “If nothing else, it’s really cute,” she said with a pleased little smile.

    “No, this is adorable, Yvonne,” Olivia told her host as she entered the kitchen behind her to help put away the groceries. “It’ll be fun, playing house with you today. And it’s only what… noon,” she said as she checked her watch.

    “First things first, though. We should get out of these wet clothes and dry off.”

    Olivia was going to ask who wanted to first, but she didn’t have to. The thirty-five year old Aussie had already taken off her white lace tank top to reveal a black lace bra that barely held in her gorgeous tits. A soaking wet Yvonne Strahovski in a bra and jean shorts was enough to turn any straight girl down the rabbit hole.

    Olivia bit her lip and blushed as Yvonne watched her expectantly. “Are you going to stay in those wet things, or are you waiting for an invitation,” Yvonne asked with a giggle. “Don’t be shy, Liv. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen.

    “Yeah, you’re right,” Olivia shrugged and tried to get out of her long-sleeve shirt.
    She caught Yvonne’s quick glance at her. In Yvonne’s defense, Olivia Holt was standing in her cabin, equally wet, and in plaid checkered tight shorts and sky blue bra. Who wouldn’t look at that sight?

    While Olivia furiously blushed under the older celeb’s gaze, said veteran peeled her way out of her shoes, socks, and jean shorts. Her panties matched her bra and left Olivia’s mouth absolutely dry. “Um, I’m sure you’ve been told this before, but damn you’re gorgeous,” Olivia admitted as she stripped herself down to her also matching panties.

    “I’m glad you approve,” Yvonne chuckled. “Grab that quilt off the bed. Lay it down on the floor and I’ll make a fire,” Yvonne told her as she got to work. It obviously wasn’t her first time around a fireplace, because in moments a nice, hot blaze was going in the brick flu.

    Once the fire was going and Olivia had laid the quilt down, the two girls happily settled on it and made themselves comfortable to outlast the storm. “Do you want to watch TV or a movie or something? I usually don’t use it, but there is a telli set here,” Yvonne offered.

    “No, no. That would ruin the magic of the day,” Olivia said. “I feel like that kind of thing doesn’t fit in a wonderful little log cabin like this. It’s so rustic but cute!” She couldn’t keep the childish smile off her face.

    “You’re really adorable in the fire light, Liv,” Yvonne said in a harmless tone, her hand reaching out to brush a strand of drying blonde hair from Olivia’s face to behind her ear. Strahovski’s hand lingered longer than necessary on Olivia’s smooth skin, but Olivia didn’t find herself minding.

    “Thank you,” Olivia mumbled. She was used to compliments all over, but the subtle light and the earnesty behind Yvonne’s crystal blue eyes made it mean so much more.

    “Are you nervous about something, Liv?” Yvonne asked. She figured it was from her attentions on the twenty year old, but it seemed like there was more to it…

    “Um, I didn’t want to say anything because it sounds so dumb, but uh… I really hate storms,” she finally admitted.

    “Awww, that’s okay,” Yvonne assured Ms. Holt, placing a supportive hand on her shoulder, and affectively, her bra strap. Yvonne rubbed soothing circles over Olivia’s flawless skin, her thumb occasionally slipping under the shoulder strap. “Anything you need to talk about? Would a glass of wine help?” the generous host offered.

    “I’m only twenty,” Olivia said sadly.

    “Points to you for telling me, but you’d be able to drink where I’m from, so let me grab us two glasses and a bottle, yeah?” Yvonne pressed with raised eyebrows. She wanted Olivia to be comfortable, so if that meant giving the girl a slight buzz, so be it.

    “Yeah,” Olivia agreed with a smile. She tried to get up to go with the long legged goddess, but a hand to Olivia’s bare thigh told her to stay.

    Yvonne’s amount of physical contact was beginning to puzzle Olivia. Now they were going to drink together? Red flags began to go off in her pretty little head. Here she was in an older woman’s cabin, both of them in just their underwear.

    “Everything alright, kiddo?” Yvonne asked, her head tilted to the side as she returned to the quilt. “You look like you’ve got some real thoughts going on.”

    “Can I… can I ask you something that’s going to sound crazy? This is probably just me being weird, but are trying to seduce me?”

    Yvonne threw her head back and laughed, her breasts jiggling with the full body activity and her toned abs tightening even more. “Oh god no! I wouldn’t try to do that to you. Definitely not in the given situation. I’m not cruel.”

    “Oh, okay. See? I told you it was just me being dumb,” Olivia giggled now, too. “Can I be really honest with you, but then we can drop the subject?” Olivia asked, and Yvonne’s waiting look told her to go for it. “If you were… it was working.”

    “Oh really?” Yvonne laughed again, a big grin on her chiseled features.

    “Really. In this cabin? With this storm? Both of us in just bras and panties? The warm glow on our skin and your hair looking sinful when it’s wet like that? All you’d have to do is ask. I’m a good, straight girl. But for you… I’d make an exception,” Olivia found herself getting bolder, probably because of the situation she had just explained.

    Yvonne moved her glass off the quilt and scooted closer to the young nymph in front of her. “What are you saying, exactly?” she asked as she drew little circles on the back of Olivia’s hand.

    “What I’m saying,” Olivia scooted even closer, the tips of their noses touching, “is kiss me.” Olivia made the first move, tentatively pressing her lips to Yvonne’s, who immediately responded and took over. It started with a few innocent pecks, but quickly heated into open mouth kissing.

    “Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m kissing you,” Olivia giggled before going back to kiss the intoxicating Aussie again. Olivia knew that Yvonne wasn’t going to press, was going to let her set the pace. Olivia took it a step further by slipping her pink tongue between Yvonne’s soft lips to find hers.

    Yvonne moaned into the younger girl’s mouth and wrapped her tongue around Olivia’s, stroking it but not moving it. Yvonne placed her hand on Olivia’s sun kissed thigh and squeezed gently. She inched a little higher, bit by bit until she reached Olivia’s panty line.

    “Go ahead. I want you to touch me,” Olivia whispered.

    “Are you sure? If you’re not, you need to tell me now,” Yvonne warned as she young Holt down onto the quilt. Yvonne positioned herself at Olivia’s feet and picked one up, kissing each of her little toes and switching feet to give her the same treatment.

    “Mhmm, I’m sure,” Olivia made her decision as Yvonne licked Olivia’s right ankle and dragged the pink muscle up her calf, making Olivia’s whole body tingle. “Fuck that feels good.”

    “Just wait,” Yvonne said with a smile and a harmless nip of Olivia’s perfectly shaved skin. “I’m just getting started.”

    “Do you promise?” Liv asked with a sultry smile, her left foot going into Yvonne’s silky, almost platinum blonde hair.

    Yvonne took the foot from her hair and sucked Olivia’s toes into her mouth, tonguing each one while Olivia mewed and cooed ad the sensation. Each toe got proper attention before Yvonne dragged her tongue down the arch and onto the heel before nipping Olivia’s ankle, then repeated with the right foot.

    “I’m going to drive you crazy,” Yvonne promised as she licked, kissed, nipped and sucked her way up Olivia’s perfect legs, back to her blue panties. By this time they were mostly dry, except for the excitement that kept the crotch wet. “You’re so ready for this, aren’t you?” Yvonne asked as she rubbed a hand over Olivia’s mound, the clothe separating skin from skin.

    “Mhmm,” Olivia nodded, otherwise wordless. She was at Ms. Strahovski’s mercy now, and she knew it. She loved it. She knew her new friend was kind, sweet and gentle. The foot care told her that she could get dirty though, if prompted. Olivia planned to use this information, because she was pretty sure she wanted full body treatment from the Down Under goddess.

    “Oh?” Yvonne asked, sounding shocked when she ran three fingers over Olivia’s pussy lips from over her panties. “What do we have under here?” she played dumb as she peeled Olivia’s panties to the side to reveal a perfectly shaved, glistening young peach. “Look at that,” Yvonne marveled as she traced Olivia’s vulva with her fingers, causing the woman underneath her to twitch.

    “Please just touch me,” Olivia begged, bucking her lithe hips in hopes off catching at least one of Yvonne’s long, slender fingers.

    “One thing at a time, love,” Yvonne shushed her with a finger, which Holt wrapped her tongue around, catching the slightest hint of her juices. With her free hand, Yvonne undid her bra and slowly pulled it from her finger, releasing her ample tits. The taller woman crawled over Olivia and slowly lowered her chest.

    With Yvonne Strahovski's brilliant bosom directly over her mouth, Olivia couldn't help but to arch her head up and flick her tongue out to lap at Yvonne's hardened pink peak. Yvonne moaned above her, which encouraged Olivia to crain her neck further up and suckle as much tit into her mouth as she could before releasing it with a *pop* and giving the same love to the other.

    While Liv feasted on Yvonne’s creamy smooth breasts, she slipped Yvonne’s panties down her legs and fondled the Australian’s round bubble butt, kneading the supple flesh like the finest dough.

    “I didn’t picture you for an ass girl,” Yvonne laughed, lifting herself from Olivia’s salivating mouth. She stood up long enough to shed her panties completely, and Olivia used the chance to remove hers as well without ever getting up.

    Olivia stayed where she was, layin on her back but supporting her upper body with her forearms so she could watch what her new fuck buddy was doing. She watched curiously as Yvonne put her face on the quilt and stuck her ass up in the air. It only took her a second to find out what was being offered.

    Without any more invitation, Olivia got up on her own knees and shuffled over to look at the God given sight of Yvonnes Strahovski’s made-to-be-eaten ass and hairless pussy.Olivia remembered begging Yvonne to be touched, so she decided to go the opposite route.

    Yvonne had expected Liv to be shy about it, so she gasped loudly and jolted when she felt a full wet tongue lick her straight from the bottom of her cookie straight to her little asshole. “You’re not fucking around, are you?” Yvonne asked, still in shock. The answer she got back was a couple identicle laps of Olivia’s tongue, and then two fingers jammed deep into her wet heat.

    “I don’t want you to have to beg,” Olivia explained with a smile while she sawed her fingers in and out of Yvonne’s snatch at a fair pace before replacing her tongue to the Australian rosebud in front of her.

    Olivia slapped the other woman's ass and loved the way it jiggled. She took a deep breath, one that was even audible to her partner, before going straight in and devouring that sweet ass while her fingers now plunged double time into Yvonne's soaked, muscled love casm, small thumb going to war with the engorged clit Olivia had to reach around for.

    Yvonne bit the quilt and spread her plump ass cheeks apart so Holt could focus on her anal assault. All the former 'Chuck' star could really do to help was to grind her ass into Olivia's mouth and her core to meet the singer's talented fingers. With the dual attack on both holes, it wasn't long before Yvonne was screaming out in pure, unadulterated bliss under Ms. Holt's tongue and fingers.

    While Yvonne rode out her orgasmic waves, Olivia cleaned off her fingers and licked up the streams of arousal that had run from Strahovski's box and down her thighs.

    After Olivia had the other long legged blonde all cleaned up and cooled down, said recovering blonde asked, "do you trust me?"

    "I just finger fucked you half to death and ate your ass," was the new Marvel star's reply.

    "Good. Get on your back," Yvonne ordered, back in the driver's seat. "Good," Yvonne smiled, the energy returning to her eyes, a new hunger there as well. Olivia was on the edge of the quilt, supporting g herself on her forearms again as Yvonne lowered her head and buried it between the young singer and actress's legs, just her golden blonde hair and toned shoulders visible.

    As soon as pink tongue hit soft lips, Olivia was gone, her head rolling back and her eyes screwed shut as Yvonne ate her out and nibbled her sensitive bud. The young lady thrashed and cursed and fought as the older sex goddess ravished her cunny and occasionally nipped her skin.

    Olivia gasped for air when she was rolled up like a ball, her own knees next to her head. She saw a predatory gleam mixed with the reflection of flames in Yvonne's eyes that were now a combination of fire orange and steel blue. Yvonne went down on the helpless girl with renewed vigor, slurping, grunting, moaning the whole while and Olivia could only get out squeals and cries of "oh my God"s and "oh fuck"s until the hot ball in the bottom of her stomach exploded.

    Olivia Holt cried out at the top of her lungs as everything in her caught fire and broke at once. Yvonne even had to pull her head back enough and open her mouth wide to try to catch the stream that squirted out from Olivia's orgasm devasted hot pocket that the esteemed Strahovski had made her tongue's fuck toy.

    "Oh my God, I am so sorry!" Liv did her best to apologise as Yvonne used part of the quilt to wipe off her girl cum coded face. "I had no idea, I didn't know!" she continued to ramble while trying to catch her breath and come back down to earth.

    "It's okay, love," Yvonne chuckled kissed her leg. "It happens to the best of us. I'm just glad I got to do it."

    "Are you sure? I'm so sorry. I swear that's never happened," Olivia continued to stress.

    "Yes, yes. I promise we're fine. And you tasted great. Like honey and peaches," she said with a laugh. "You're absolutely delicious."

    Olivia found herself blushing, despite everything they just did to each other. "Well, from my side, I can tell you this is the best way I've ever passed a storm," Olivia Holt had to say.

    "Diddo," Yvonne laughed.

    A/N: Sorry this was so long. Both of these girls just... mphh!

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    Damn, that was great Harbinger.

    Always love reading a new Holt story, and Yvonne Strahovski being in it, is a nice added bonus.
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    will/can there be a part 2 with a threesome

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    I think that can be managed.

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