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Thread: "Blind Date" with Frankie Sandford and Michelle Keegan

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    fanfiction "Blind Date" with Frankie Sandford and Michelle Keegan

    Blind Date
    With Frankie Sandford and Michelle Keegan
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, voyeur, blowjob, texting, shower sex, massage, fingering, foot-rub, rimming
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I hadn't seen or spoken to Mark Wright in quite some time, so I was a little surprised when he called me out of the blue and offered me a place to stay for a few days.

    As it turned out, Mark had recently built up a successful TV and radio career, and was now on the verge of making the big move to Hollywood. This of course amused me, since I knew a totally different side to him, having spent several summers in Ibiza together and "orgying" it up so to speak.

    However I don't know what surprised me more, seeing this new "responsible" side to Mark's personality, or meeting his stunning new wife Michelle Keegan, who as it turned out seemed to be just as fun and dirty minded as I was.

    In fact Keegs and I got along so well that we stayed up all night in front of the TV sharing a bottle of wine. At one point during the conversation I noticed the way she stopped to stare at me, then announced that she had several hot friends she wanted to hook me up with.

    "No thanks, don't think I'd be into that."

    "Nonsense, how long are you staying in town?"

    "As long as you guys will have me,"

    Michelle smiled and claimed that it was more than enough time to have a hot one night stand or two.

    "Trust me, in my day I had them lining up around the block," she boasted, and I didn't doubt it – particularly as she now sat there in her sleepwear flashing me some cleavage.

    The next morning, Michelle and I spent most of the day together while Mark rushed off to work. It was around midday that she then hit me with the news that she had arranged a little double date later that evening, and was setting me up with one of her friends.

    "And you're not getting out of it," she insisted. "Even if I have to tie you down and straddle you myself!"

    "Is it wrong that a part of me likes the idea?"

    Michelle grinned as we stepped into the house where she announced she was going to run a bath.

    While she cleaned herself up, I helped myself to a sandwich and watched TV while trying my best not to think about the fact that she was naked upstairs. Amusingly enough I ended up getting a text message from her a few minutes later.

    "Forgot to mention, you're more than welcome to help yourself to some beer in the fridge," she offered via text.

    I could almost hear her giggling as she sent through several nonsense messages, all from the comfort of her tub.

    "You know I'm trying to watch football right now, but you're not helping!!" I wrote back.

    "I'm sorry and I distracting you? hehe" she typed.

    She knew full well she was.

    "Bet you're looking forward to your date tonight, can't wait until you meet her. she's real fit."

    Coming from her, it was a real compliment.

    Michelle went on, "I have a feeling you're going to thank me after tonight. You're going to owe me big time!!"

    Naturally I agreed, and joked about being her slave over the next few days which she quickly pounced on. In fact Michelle really seemed to get a kick out of the idea, and commented on how she could do with a daily foot rub.

    "Well maybe if you weren't luxuriating in that tub right now, I'd offer you that massage," I teased. "but since you're busy..."

    Amusingly enough Michelle responded by climbing out of the tub, threw on a robe and came downstairs. I couldn't help but blush as she sauntered over to me on the couch where she took a seat beside me and placed her perfectly pedicured feet over my knees.

    Aside from the robe and that sexy anklet, she appeared to be completely naked underneath.

    The mere notion of putting my hands on her body made my cock twitch, which I'm sure wasn't lost on her as she could clearly feel my raging erection underneath the heel of her foot. I happily offered her my services while we casually conversed about nonsense, and not focus on the fact that I now had my hands on her feet and was making her purr like a kitten.

    "Mm.. you don't know how much I like that," she claimed. "Mark is totally turned off by women's feet, but having someone massage them like this drives me absolutely mental. It's been a while since someone offered to pamper me like this."

    "Well I guess its the least I can do, after you arranged that double date tonight,"

    "Damn straight. Remember, you take good care of me and I'll take good care of you."

    As she spoke, I couldn't help but notice the way her knees parted slightly causing the robe to fall open and briefly flash me her entire thigh and sex. Even though I knew her pussy was exposed slightly, I didn't dare look directly at it.

    That said, I began to squirm as she then proceeded to rub her heel against the tip of my shorts, which were tenting significantly. In fact she almost seemed proud of the effect she was having on me and actually brought it up.

    "Sometimes I forget the effect I have on guys," she grinned. "but it's nice to know I still have it."

    However, just as things started to heat up between us we were interrupted by Mark calling the house. I immediately jumped from the couch and excused myself to the bathroom, while she casually conversed with her husband like nothing had happened.

    Later that night, the three of us got dressed for dinner and I found myself absolutely gobsmacked by how good Michelle looked. She was just about the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. Even Mark commented on how good she looked, wearing a figure hugging dress that appeared to be strapless and flaunted her ample breasts and long shiny legs.

    "My girl looks good tonight eh," he boasted. "I should bring you out more often, she almost never gets dressed up like this for me anymore."

    I don't mind admitting I felt a strange sense of pride knowing the outfit she wore was for my benefit.

    "Nervous?" Michelle asked, during the pre-dinner drinks.

    "Not really," I lied.

    "I can't wait for you to meet her," she grinned, then added when Mark wasn't listening. "—you're going to get so hard when you see her."

    "How do you know I'm not hard already," I joked, referring to her dress.

    "You better be," Michelle winked. "I wore this hot little number tonight for a reason. Figured it'd get your juices flowing."

    Minutes later we were finally joined by Michelle's friend, and my blind date for the evening turned out to be a gorgeous local girl by the name of Francesca "Frankie" Sandford. As it turned out, Frankie had two kids and was apparently married, which took me by surprise. However, in recent weeks they were having issues and the couple were currently separated.

    Right away I couldn't help but find myself extremely attracted to the short-haired beauty, as she seemed to be very friendly and sweet, and I dare say a little on the naive side which I liked. She also possessed a killer body, a pretty face, and a million dollar smile.

    At one point during dinner we each dashed off to answer our phones or run off to the loo, and it was during one of these moments that Michelle and I caught each other in the hallway outside the men's room.

    "So what do you think," she grinned. "Told you she was hot."

    It was only now I realized just how drunk Michelle was, as she slurred her words and had trouble standing straight in her heels.

    "I bet you'd love to just grab her by her short hair and fuck her silly, amirite?"

    "The thought had crossed my mind," I admitted, despite actually having the exact same thoughts about Michelle.

    "Yeah, I bet it has," Keegan said, as though reading my mind. "I can tell by the way you look at her. The way you undress her with your eyes."

    "Am I being too obvious?"

    "Not at all. She loves it. It's exactly what she needs right now," Michelle answered, "Trust me, she's not as innocent as she makes out to be. We used to party together all the time, before we both settled down."

    Michelle then leaned forward for the next remark, "—if given the chance she'd probably ride you all night long."

    The image of Frankie riding me loudly filled my head before the girl in my fantasy was suddenly replaced with Michelle. Strangely enough all this flirting and dirty talk between us seemed to put me at ease with my date, and after dinner, the four of us headed back to the car with Francesca and I seated in the backseat.

    It was absolutely adorable, as the singer and I held hands and she rested her head on my shoulder. I responded by placing my hand on her knee and quietly assured her that she was safe with us.

    Up until that point I was still acting like a gentleman, and being careful of where I put my hands. That was until we briefly stopped at a gas station to fill up, and with Michelle and Mark stepping out of the vehicle for a few minutes, Frankie and I finally found ourselves alone in the backseat.

    At that point we were both so buzzed I don't even remember who made the first move, only that one minute we were talking quietly and the next we were making out like two love-struck teenagers.

    The look on Michelle's face when she returned to the car was priceless, knowing she had set us up. It was during the rest of the drive back that they turned up the radio and Frankie and I shared another very long, passionate kiss.

    This time however I didn't hold back and let my hands wander all over her body, under her dress and play with her cunt through her lace panties. This seemed to have the desired effect as I felt Frankie spread her knees for me as we continued to make out, and swap spit.

    When we finally arrived home, Michelle and Mark seemed more randy than we were and immediately announced they were going upstairs to bed.

    "Just um, make yourselves at home yeah?" Michelle said as Mark grabbed and groped his wife from behind. "And if you hear some commotion upstairs, just ignore it."

    "Yeah I'm sure that won't be distracting at all," Frankie chuckled.

    "Well hopefully you guys will be too busy to care," Mark pointed out before pulling Michelle upstairs.

    Funnily enough, the moment the other two disappeared Frankie and I were on each other like white on rice. We barely made it to the sofa before I was kissing her neck and unzipping her dress, allowing her to step right out of it and leave her clad in nothing more than her panties and heels.

    I thought all my Christmas' came at once when the singer then had me sit back and knelt between my knees to give me a blowjob. In fact I don't know what turned me on more, having Frankie Sandford suck my dick or hearing Michelle Keegan moan in the distance.

    "Mm, they're really going for it up there.." Frankie whispered while running her tongue along the side of my shaft.

    I grabbed the back of her head and made her deep-throat me, causing her eyes to well up and her throat to make several lewd gagging sounds.

    She stayed on her knees like that for what seemed like hours but was probably 15-20mins, when I caught sight of some movement from the corner of my eye and realized we were being watched by Michelle. Noting this, I decided to make a real show of it, and pulled Frankie up on top of me.

    The singer didn't miss a beat and immediately reached down to impale herself. With Michelle watching on from the shadows, Frankie began to ride my cock like a god damn porn star, and proceeded to sob as she climaxed loudly – shaking wildly for an entire minute.

    Not wanting it to end, I suddenly pulled Frankie off me and mounted her from behind, pounding her doggy-style while smacking her firm ass.

    "ugh-yeah, fuck me!" she panted into the sofa cushion. "Fuck the shit out of me!"

    At one point Frankie moaned so loud I was surprised she didn't wake the entire house, particularly when I flipped her over onto her back and drilled her pussy with her legs over my shoulders. Just seeing her like this, with her big clunky black heels dangling in the air was a sight to behold.

    My god did she have a stunning, rock-hard body on her.

    I only stopped thrusting into her to give her some time to recover from her second orgasm of the night, when Michelle's eyes locked with mine and she realized I had spotted her. She took off up the stairs like a bolt while something deep inside of me snapped.

    In an instant I chased on after her – while still naked – catching her in the second floor hallway.

    Michelle didn't say a word as I pinned her up against the wall, then responded with a sharp slap across my face. I could tell from the look in her eyes she was conflicted, and felt bad about striking me.

    Truth be told I was so turned on she could have shot me in the gut and I wouldn't have flinched. The actress immediately rubbed my cheek and attempted to apologize for the action but before she could, I kissed her on the lips!

    While her initial reaction was to push away – after all Mark was asleep right down the hall – she ultimately melted into the kiss. In fact a second later I felt her reach down and grip my naked cock, the same cock that had been inside her sexy drunk friend.

    Caught up in the moment, I ripped the silk camisole from her shoulders, leaving her to stand there naked against the wall, her large natural breasts heaving in the dark. I stopped to admire her perfect tits before devouring one of her nipples, then kissed her again as she now stroked my wood.

    Michelle then pulled us into the nearest door which happen to be the bathroom, where I noticed the shower was running. There she instructed me to stand quietly as she dropped to her knees and took my entire cock into her mouth.

    I placed my hands on the back of her head as she bobbed up and down my rod, and tried my best not to ejaculate. But just when I thought I was about to lose it, my heart sank as I looked up to see Francesca standing there at the door watching us.

    I almost turned a shade of white with panic, until I realized Michelle didn't seem that concerned. In fact the ladies simply exchanged smiles before Frankie made it abundantly clear that she wasn't opposed to sharing me.

    Without saying a word, Frankie joined us in the bathroom and kissed me hard on the lips, while Michelle continued to suck on my cock. The songstress then dropped to her knees to join her friend, and I watched with astonishment as the girls happily shared my rod and indulged in a hot tongue-fueled kiss.

    The entire incident was so hot and surreal, I had to physically pull Michelle up in fear of blowing my load too quickly, and pulled her straight into a deep kiss. Frankie was right beside her, and I invited them to kiss each other for my benefit.

    I took this opportunity to shut the door and make sure we at least had some privacy, but when I turned back around I saw Michelle pull Frankie into the shower with her and kiss her again. I simply stood there for a moment admiring the scene before me, watching as the ladies kissed, embraced, and caressed each other's bodies under the stream of water.

    I was led by my hard-on into the shower to join them, where they immediately brought me into their embrace. As they returned to kissing each other I started to descend their bodies. Holding their breasts together, sucking in both of their nipples into my mouth and rolling my tongue around them.

    Unlike Michelle's natural breasts, Frankie was almost flat-chested compared to her, but managed to possess two of the most succulent bullet-sized nipples you ever saw. Her perkish little tits just begged to be sucked and licked, and like me Michelle was only happy to oblige, taking each one of them between her teeth.

    My hands preceded my descent, finding Michelle's clean-shaven mound, and Frankie's equally sweet vulva. My fingers brushed along their (moist) lips, cupping their entire vaginas while the water splashed against their bodies. I simply couldn't wait a moment longer, and hungrily devoured Michelle's cunt, focusing my attention on her clit.

    I now pressed my lips against her hairless mound, tasting her juices, while squeezing her substantial ass with my hands. With the hot water streaming down on my head, and the delicious peach in front of me, I lost all rhyme and reason and proceeded to eat her ass.

    My tongue and fingers were a flurry of activity, and before I knew it Michelle was urging me on, begging me to lick her ass. I let the shower refresh my face and looked up at both of them.

    It was while gazing at Frankie, that she smiled and lowered her pussy down onto my waiting mouth. She too apparently wanted the same treatment, which I was only happy to give.

    I kissed and nibble at her meaty cunt then dipped my tongue down and licked her ass while looking into her eyes. Judging from the reaction it caused I could tell she'd never had someone eat her backdoor.

    Fortunately for us, her moans were captured by Michelle's kiss as my tongue continued to stab at her shit-pipe before swirling around her clit like a tornado, shooting bolts of lightning through her entire body. I could have stayed on my knees like that all morning long, but as it turned out the hot water ran out causing us to improvise.

    Michelle immediately turned off the shower and reached out to grab a towel. We all assisted each other in drying off, during which time not a word was spoken. Our sexy host then grabbed us both by the hand and directed us back down to the couch, where I was made to take a seat.

    With Michelle on my left and Frankie on my right, they both devoured my meat stick with great zeal. There, I watched as the two naked starlets swirled and intertwined their tongues around my helmet, along the opening, catching my pre-cum, sucking my balls into their mouths and pulling in opposite directions.

    When I felt Michelle dip down and actually proceed to lick my ass with her tongue, I just about lost my fucking mind and felt my balls tighten. My head swelled and before I could stop myself, my cock erupted like a god damn volcano!

    Spurts of hot glistening spunk covered everything in the vicinity, as Michelle and Frankie both cheered and kissed and licked it all off of my cock and each other. I'd never cum so hard in my life, and almost thought I was going to black out. The ladies ultimately crawled up to join me on the couch, where they kissed each other deeply just inches from my face.

    But if I thought our night was over I was sorely mistaken, as the girls soon began to tease and play with each other again. I watched as Michelle concentrated on Frankie's tasty little nipples, while Frankie reached over to caress Michelle's mound, moving her fingers around in small circles and massaging her cunt.

    Michelle would grind into me with each wave of pleasure from Frankie's touch, while I managed to free one arm that allowed my own hand to find Frankie's (very wet) sex and mimic her actions on Michelle.

    "God damn she's wet," I said referring to Frankie's sopping box.

    It felt wonderful having these two naked goddesses grinding on me while playing with each other, which didn't take long for me to get hard again.

    "Looks like someone's ready for round two," remarked Frankie, before Michelle promptly mounted me, effortlessly slipping my head into her juicy pussy with the aid of Frankie's guiding hand.

    I almost didn't know what to say, as it was the last thing I expected to happen. For her part, the stunning model-turned-actress faced away from me as she slammed her ass down onto my pole. Frankie then tickled my nuts and kissed Michelle's thighs, and moved in closer and began to suck on Keegs enflamed clit.

    Michelle's body froze with my cock planted deep inside her, so that Frankie could proceed with her fantastic oral stimulation. I rocked my hips and groped her huge tits from underneath her, as I felt the head of my cock press against her cervix. I eventually found a position that Michelle locked me into once I hit it. It must have been on her g-spot cause she couldn't stop moaning.

    With my pulsing cock jammed against her inner walls, Frankie concentrating her mouth on Michelle's sex, and Keegan's orgasm was earthshaking. Her pussy spasmed and convulsed so much that she inadvertently tipped me off, and milked yet another hot load right out of me, causing me to cream-pie her.

    Michelle ultimately collapsed beside me making my semi erect penis leave her pussy with a loud pop, while Frankie piled on top of her and kissed her wildly. I then took this opportunity to suck one of Frankie's jutting nipples into my mouth, as the ladies kissed some more.

    Despite having just ejaculated, the couch was a sea of hands, lips, fingers and tongues, as Michelle and I now focused all of our attention on the singer. We rolled the short-haired beauty onto her back where I spread her legs and bit her ass cheek while Michelle kissed her way down her flat belly and nuzzled into Frankie's crotch.

    My tongue circled her bunghole while Michelle explored her cunt and tongued her clit, until we decided to swap positions and I now sucked on her cunt while Keegan eagerly probed her backdoor. It was this and this alone that really seemed to trigger Frankie, and she soon screaming out in climax the moment her friends tongue invaded her rosebud.

    I watched spellbound as Michelle didn't let up, and even as Frankie came and thrashed around wildly on the couch, she continued to plunge her tongue all the way inside her friends ass, causing her to briefly gape open!

    Having made her friend cum, Michelle finally sat back in her knees and wiped her chin - a smug expression on her face. She then got up on shaky legs and announced she was going upstairs to get cleaned up.

    "I think I need another shower thanks to you two,"

    All Frankie could do was smile dazedly, while still enjoying her high.

    "Would you like some company?" I offered, only to be shot down.

    "Don't even THINK about coming upstairs tonight," she directed at us both. "Honestly, I don't think I could handle another round with either one of you."

    "Guess we'll just have to entertain ourselves down here, and see you in the morning." Frankie smiled.

    That said, we watched our sexy host saunter back up the stairs - naked as the day she was born.

    I looked over at Frankie and grinned, "Dare me to follow her upstairs?"

    "Haven't you had enough yet?"

    "When if comes to Michelle, not even close."

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    Grrr hot as fuck. Dont care for Frankie but Keegs is so hot to carry any story. Would say more but im gonna hold off. ;) now only if u could finish that aussie orgy story.

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    Definitely wasn't expecting a new Keegan story from you, damn.

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    Always love a good Keegan story.
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