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    fanfiction All Booked with Daisy Ridley

    All Booked Up
    With Daisy Ridley
    By Harbinger
    This story is for fun and nothing else. It never happened
    M/F, Shower, hj, bj, shy, creampie.
    A/N: I'm sorry this is on the long side, but I saw "The Last Jedi" was on Netflix, so...

    I had spent ten hours straight on the road to get here. After I had met Yvonne Strahovski at that little laundromat, she had put out a hell of a good word for me. For the last month, all of my freelance jobs had been to celebrities. It's meant a lot of road time to meet them at such and such a place, but I was making more than ever, and my reputation has grown immensely.

    The one thing I hear over and over from male and female celebs alike is that beyond being personable and professional, is that I'm respectful and trustworthy. Those last two mean a lot in my business. Whether I'm doing an interview, article, photoshoot or any combination, I have the right reputation.

    An interview is what brings me to this hotel in Boston at 10:00 p.m. I wanted to check in and go to bed A.S.A.P., but the guy trying to get ahead of me wasn't saving me any time.

    "I'm offering you the upgrade fee in CASH!" the irritating little man yells at the poor college age girl across the counter. "What do you mean I can't upgrade?"

    "I mean you can't upgrade because all of the rooms in that class are taken. I can't give you what's already been filled up," the working girl behind the counter was trying so hard not to raise her voice as she tried to explain to him why he was an idiot.

    "Listen bitch, I"

    "Alright, cock sucker, that's more than enough," I interject.

    "Who the fuck are you?" he indignantly asks.

    "The man that's going to calmly lead you outside and put your mouth on the sidewalk if you don't find your manners," I calmly and quietly tell him so the front desk lady wouldn't have to hear my somewhat aggressive answer.

    "Just give me the original fucking room," the insufferable fuck grunts. I smack him hard on the back of the head, hard enough that he braces his arms before his head smashes off the wood counter. "Please," he corrects and I nod. He's getting somewhere.

    "Thank you," he forces a smile once he's all checked in. I try not to laugh at all when I see him rub the back of his head as he walks off.

    "Oh my God, you're awesome!" the young lady beams at me. She's cute. I'll give her that. Really cute. "I wish you were around every time I have jerks like him. Or the ones that hit on me shamelessly," she says with an eye roll.

    "That has to get old," I sympathize with the quickest cleavage check ever. Nice rack. Not too big, but not tiny. She's gorgeous.

    "Anyway, what can I help you with, sir?" the breathtaking redhead asks me.

    "Any chance I can get a room?" I ask, a shy smile on my face and my head slightly tilted.

    She laughs a little at my demeanor, but then frowns a little. "That guy got the last room… we're booked." I never saw a pair of eyes look more sincere and sympathetic.

    "This was my last option in town, too…" I quietly mumble. "I can't just sleep on a lobby couch?" I ask, only half joking.

    "Um, excuse me, sir?" a beautifully enunciated British accent grabs my attention. I know who it is. I turn to see the gorgeous face of the Star Wars powerhouse, Daisy Ridley.

    I smile and say "hello" politely and wait for her to continue. She smiles warmly and gives me a cute little waive of her hand.

    "Can I speak with you, if you have a moment?" the twenty-six asks, seemingly nervous. Only a year older, but she doesn't know that. I don't think she knows who I am. She doesn't have a reason to yet.

    "Of course," I agree and go with her, she linking her arm through mine of her own initiative. "Everything okay?" I ask as she brings me around the corner.

    "Yes. I overheard your dilemma, and I overheard you stepping in with the brutish man. That was brave and very nice," she compliments me and I offer a closed mouth smile, still trying to figure out what she was getting at. "If you accept, I would be more than happy to buy you a room anywhere in the city."

    "That's a more than generous offer, Ms. Ridley, but the problem is that there aren't any rooms left. Not unless I want bed bugs or lice," I tell her with a chuckle.

    "No, we can't very well have that, can we?" she asks, her slim finger tapping on her chin. "I have a new proposition," the brunette Brit says with a shy smile, but a smile. "I won't let you get lice, and all the nice rooms, are taken, but my suite is quite spacious." I just stand here and blink at her. I think I know what she means, but I'd be the biggest dick on the planet if I assumed and was wrong.

    Daisy rolls her eyes and laughs. "We could share my room."

    Yep, I was right. "Ms. Ridley, I couldn't possibly," she cuts me off with a raise of her hand.

    "Please? It'll stop me from worrying about one of the good people left. There's plenty of room. It'll be fun!" she tells me with a confident, assuring grin.

    "I'm already here, so I can get a jump on the story and get it circulating before any tabloids can grab it," I offer. "Save you some face. 'In act of kindness, Star Wars star Daisy Ridley houses Traveler,'" I outline for her.

    "Oh, you write for a magazine?" she asks, seemingly more interested.

    "Yeah. I'm writing a story on you tomorrow," I tell her with a light smile.

    "Oh! You're Will!" she exclaims with an adorable smile. "I'd introduce myself, but you already know who I am. My offer still stands, and you can media cushion it, so…" Ridley's quite persistent.

    "Alright. Let me grab my stuff?" I ask rhetorically, pointing towards the door.

    "Of course," Daisy replies with an easy smile and palpable happiness in her eyes. "Take this extra room key. Come in through the side so nobody asks questions."

    "I knew you were the Star Wars 'it' girl, but I could see you as a Bond girl, too."

    "Oh please," Daisy giggles and I can't help but to laugh back. "I'll meet you at the room? 315. Let yourself in." The adorable Brit leans in and kisses my cheek. I'm not one for the idea of butterflies, but I will say that it's more like an electric tingle.

    It takes me just a few minutes to get my single travel bag and my backpack full of my work stuff. I snuck in through the side door using Daisy's key card, as suggested. A quick elevator ride brings me to the third floor and just down the hallway, is her room… and my room now, too.

    I unlock the door and step in. It's easiestly the nicest suite I've ever had the privilege of staying in, but that doesn't say too much. It is a room fit for a king. Or in Daisy's case, a queen. It's a room fit for a Ridley.

    The second thing, the more important thing, was that the shower was running. Daisy Ridley herself in all of her beauty was a door away from me, naked with hot water running down her sleek and smooth body. Just the image of bubbles sliding down to her smaller back and washing over her round ass was enough to give me a semi.

    "Will? That's you, yeah?" Daisy asks over the water.

    "Yes it is!" I reply. I don't know who she expected, but maybe she was just making sure it wasn't anyone unexpected.

    "Perfect! I left the bathroom towel on the bed from earlier. Can you grab that for me, please?" I blink a few times before she asks again, "Will? You there?"

    "Yeah! I'll grab that for you," I tell her and walk deeper into the room. It just now strikes me that there's a queen bed. Just one. I'm going to share a bed with Daisy Ridley.

    I reenter the bathroom and say, "it's hanging on the hook," before turning to leave. Before I can, her arm pokes out of the shower and she grab ls the back of my shirt.

    Daisy pulls me backwards and I have to try not to fall over. Though my back is to the curtain, I hear it move aside. Before I can argue, I'm pulled back into Daisy's wet, hot body. I can feel her pebbled little nipples on my back.

    "You should take a shower, too," she whispers into my ear as she feels up my torso through my shirt, her wet hands getting my shirt damp. I peel it off over my head with Daisy's help.

    She runs her small hands over my chest, and finger tips grazing through my short, bristly chest hair that lightly dusts my pecs. "Not too much hair, but you're proud of being a man. I like that," Daisy marvels as her warm tongue escapes her lips and trails over my neck from earlobe to shoulder, making me shudder.

    "What's gotten into you?" I ask the young Star Wars goddess. I don't want her to stop, but I want to know where her head is at.

    "Nothing yet, but I hope you will," she plays, and I feel her lips smiling against my skin. She takes one of my hands that have been hanging loosely at my side and brings it behind me to touch her impossibly smooth skin. With the exception of a thin little landing strip of hair, her pubis is entirely shaven. The area she has my fingers pressing against is still slick with soap.

    "Don't ask too many questions," she whispers into my ear before nipping playfully at my shoulder. "I travel a lot and I don't get as many chances as everyone expects for some casual sex with a nice guy or lady." I had no idea Ms. Ridley was bi. By no means am I disappointed. God no. "So what say we get you out of these irking jeans and into this nice shower?"

    Daisy starts suckling my neck with the occasional nibble of my flesh as her hands drift lower down by lean muscled body and to my buckle, which she quickly undoes along with my button and fly.

    "Care to do the honors?" I ask, one hand ghosting so close to, but not quite at her vulva, the other hand in her gorgeous, long dark hair. It's silky, wet, and luscious.

    "I would love to," Daisy coos and slips her thumbs into the waistband of my boxer-briefs and pulls them down to my knees. I kick out of my socks and shoes quickly before stepping out of both lower body layers, leaving me as nude as the new Disney girl. "Much better," she comments with one of her famous l, full toothed grins. Her light brown eyes are focused on my just freed cock when I turn around.

    I immediately drop my head to look at Daisy's magnificently perky and young 32A size breasts. Her nipples are standing happily at attention as I step into the shower, the hot water spraying onto her back as we rotate to fit into the wide tub.

    Light brown eyes fall to my stiff rod and Daisy smiles. "My my. Did I do that, Will?" she plays, pretending she doesn't know that she did. She reaches out with her slender, warm and wet hand to wrap it around my aching shaft. She tugs gently on the skin, moving across my cock with an oh so soft hold. "Yvonne told me you were nice…"

    "I didn't think Ms. Strahovski was one to kiss and tell," I said with a chuckle.

    "She didn't tell me until I let her know that we had an appointment," she explains, her eyes on mine and her hand still caressing and twisting pleasantly over my member.

    "Ah," I say softly as I drop my head down to watch her work.

    I watch as she slowly drops lower, squatting down to look head on at the tip of my dick. "You don't mind, do you?" she asks me, looking up with s raised, perfect dark eyebrow.

    "Of course not," I say politely as I motion for her to pleasure me with her famous mouth. I watch her head slower get closer as her hand slides down to the base of my shaft. Her pink little tongue pokes out and cautiously licks my head as her fingertips drift down to my balls.

    Daisy kisses my tip and occasionally laps gently at my piss slit, and I have to actively try not to shiver. She's watching me the whole time with the softest eyes.

    "Daisy, you don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with," I tell her softly and try to gently pull her up by the arms.

    "No, it's not that," she says, lightly pushing my arms down. "I don't have a large sex history. Er… I guess I mean I don't have a lot of experience."

    "You're shy?" I ask, honestly shocked. Daisy is a beautiful young woman with a face that can either be heart meltingly adorable or instant boner sexy. Her accent is to die for, and from what I've seen so far, she has a golden heart. Money and fame or not, Daisy is s fucking catch.

    "Yes, I'm shy," she admits, her face still pointed up towards me, but her breathtaking eyes drop.

    "Hey, it's okay," I assure her. I've had sex with two people. One of them was Yvonne. And so far, you're doing fine.

    Daisy smiles up at me with that heart warming cuteness she has, but her hands working in tandem on my cock. "So just go with instinct? With what comes naturally?"

    "Preci…" before I can get the word out, Daisy's soft full lips surround my mushroom head. She suckles lightly, her eyes again watching for any hint that I don't like what's being done to me.

    I love what Daisy Ridley is doing to me. Her soft and supple lips are perfectly molded around my veiny cock. Her tongue is obviously new to this, but her long, warm and wet muscle still feels great.

    She removes herself from my saliva soaked sword and presses it up so she can drag her tongue down to my balls. She kisses each one and wraps her lips around them in turn like she was eating a cherry or strawberry. She suckles each one before tonguing her way back to the top of my tool. Even when going down, Daisy Ridley is a lady.

    I put my hands under her arms and lightly pull her up to her full 5'7" height. "Was alright?" she asks coyly.

    "It was heavenly," I tell her honestly as I cup her smooth chin in my hand. My second hand goes to her firm and adorable bubble butt. It feels great in my palm and I can't help but give it a little slap. Nowhere near enough to leave a mark, just playful.

    Daisy grins at me and places both hands on my solid chest. I meet her half way as we collide in a hot, open mouthed kiss, my hand kneading her toned glute all the while. My second hand leaves her little rounded chin and I graze my fingers down her swan-like neck to pass between her kissable, massagable breasts.

    Daisy breaks from the kiss and leans back into the spray. I'm mesmerized at the sight; the angle of her body and the cooling, but still warm water rolling down her athletic frame. I lean forward and circle her cream colored areola of her left tit, not quite hitting her nipple. I have to bring my spare hand off of her ass to her back to support her Flashdance-like pose, giving me time to enjoy her nubile, feminine mounds of chest flesh.

    I'm done playing around, though. I want to take this lady and have our way with her. I stand her upright and spin her so fast she seems shocked. Daisy's pressed to the wall, her hands on either side of her for support. "Please be gentle, Will," Daisy whispers. I press my lips to the crook of her neck and I nod.

    I place on hand down to her shaved pussy and I feel her heat and need. I spread her slimy love lips as I take myself in hand and guide myself to her begging entrance.

    I enter her slowly as she wished, the head of my staff just passing her labia. The way she moans and rests her head on the shower wall after so little contact tells me that she meant it when she said she's rather inexperienced. She's so hot and tight, and I know she hasn't been dicked in far too long.

    Ms. Ridley hums her approval as I move in and out of her, going a bit deeper each time.

    "Oh, oh my God," Daisy pants as my hips meet her ass for the first time. "You're so big, Will." How am I supposed to keep my ego in check when she tells me that?

    I start to pick up the pace as I feel her slick, muscled walls get used to my size. This time when I drive in, she meets my thrust and her lovely nectarine of an ass hits my hips with a satisfactory slap.

    "Ooh, I like that," Daisy said over her shoulder, giving me that damn award winning grin. That grin plus the way her ass is pressing on my thighs, the sexy twist of her body… I grab her haunches and I pull out and slam back into her. The slap is even louder and Daisy can't help but to close her eyes and make the coveted 'o' face. She so fucking hot.

    "Again, please," she asks and I drive her home. "Again. Again. Again." Each time, I drill her just as hard and she asks for it quicker than the last. After a few more "again"s, I take her long dark hair and wrap it around my hand. I plow into her and pull her back by the makeshift ponytail I made.

    "Oh fuck, Will!" she cries. I don't think she's ever been manhandled or rough fucked like this before. I stand her up straight and pusher her back into the shower wall, nipping her neck as she continues to moan and curse in her rapture.

    I let go of her hair and go back to fondling her pretty little tits while I reach around with the other hand to feverishly rub at her pea sized clit.

    "You're fucking destroying me, Will!" she says through gritted teeth. "And it feels so fucking good."

    "It's good back here, too," I tell her honestly, giving her right nipple a little tweak, making the Brit moan.

    Daisy pushes herself off the wall, brushes my hand away from her slit and from her breast. She turns around and presses on my chest. I take a guess at what she wants and I lay down on the floor of the shower. It's smooth and warm.

    The Star Wars hero stands above me, a foot on each side of me, and smiles. She slowly squats over my aching, straining cock and takes it in hand. She lines it up with her already warmed up pussy, and drops straight down. She looks heavenly as the spray from the water that has turned cool showers down her shoulders.

    Because of the water starting to get colder and colder, Daisy knows we're on limited time. She gains her balance and immediately goes into a furious riding session on top of me. The way she undulates her hips with her mouth wide open and eyes closed is almost enough to freeze me in place, to just watch. But her shapely hips in my hands is a reminder that this is Daisy fucking Ridley, and she chose to fuck me, so I can't let her do all the work.

    I plant my feet as well as the slippery shower floor will let me, and I rocket up to meet Daisy's thrusts, my cock burying deeper in the starlet than either of us could have hoped I could get.

    I know I can't hold off much longer. I feel the tension in my stomach and the tightening of my balls. Daisy Ridley cow girling, sleek and glistening with water would be too much for anyone. I know she's close. I can see it by the way her eyes are tightly screwed shut, the way her chest is heaving so erratically. She's lost all speech ability, leaving her gasping and squealing in near orgasmic bliss.

    Her twat muscles flutter and she hits a fever pitch in her squealing so it sounds almost like a shriek. I pull her down on top of me so I can do all the work to fuck her through her orgasm. It's all I need, the rapid fluttering and the feeling of her proud nipples rubbing against my chest, for me to lose it.

    I pull her even tighter against me as I mercilessly jackhammer up into her until I finally bust, my hot cum shooting deep inside the exhausted girl.

    I somehow find the strength to turn off the water that had turned cold. We take our time catching our breath, hoping it'll also allow our legs and spines to come back.

    "We should probably get up," I suggest as I rub circles on her silky smooth and flawless back. "We should dry off and get warm."

    "I think I have an idea or two on how we can warm each other up." I can feel her smiling lips on my neck. Round two, please!

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    Please do a sequel.

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