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Thread: "Backstage Ass" with Hailee Steinfeld

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    fanfiction "Backstage Ass" with Hailee Steinfeld

    Backstage Ass
    With Hailee Steinfeld
    Written by TPG (short)
    CODES: MMF, blowjob, anal, DP, spit-roast, facial
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I was already well aware of how fortunate I was to score such a lucrative gig, gaining access to several high profile celebrities during a local music festival in Lisbon, but even I never imagined the incredible turn of events.

    It began the day Dan and I had been tasked with attending the event, where we wandered around backstage and interviewed such talents as Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, and ultimately the actress-turned-singer herself, Hailee Steinfeld.

    As far as I knew Dan was a happily married man, while I had a steady girlfriend, so it wasn't like we were trying to impress anyone. In fact we both acted as professional as possible throughout the evening, but that all changed the moment Hailee arrived to the stadium and invited us into her private dressing room.

    "So how does your boyfriend feel about you prancing around on stage like that," Dan asked her at one point.

    "Boyfriend, which one?" Hailee quipped. "I travel a lot, so it's hard to maintain a meaningful relationship."

    "How do you keep track," he smirked, before changing his question so as not to offend her. "I mean, how do you stay in shape?"

    "I train all day long and watch what I eat," she grinned while hinting at her stamina. "Trust me, I can keep up with just about anyone. I can go all night if I have to."

    We didn't doubt it.

    Right from the get-go Hailee seemed to take a liking to Dan, flashing him some smoldering looks and making several cheeky comments. At first I remember feeling a little left out and jealous, that was until she noticed me from behind the camera and set her sights on me.

    At first she asked if I was married, then seemed disappointed when I lied and told her that I was single.

    "That's too bad," she remarked. "cause I've got a thing for married men. You know, the whole risk factor thing."

    "The same could be said about sex in public," Dan chuckled.

    "Been there, done that." she winked.

    It was comments like these that made the temperature in the room rise significantly. At first I thought she was merely being provocative, but by the time she dropped the fifth or sixth innuendo I knew she was more than teasing us.

    "Are you guys staying someplace close," she quizzed. "Maybe you should show me YOUR room, since I showed you mine."

    "We've got a van, if that counts?"

    The grin on her face spoke volumes. She seemed to know exactly what I was insinuating and was just as, if not more dirty minded then we were.

    "I like vans," she claimed. "They're nice and private."

    There was a long pause as she clearly implied having sex in the back of the vehicle, and now allowed enough time for all three of us to enjoy the erotic image in our heads.

    "I know I just met you guys today but I trust you," she claimed. "There's something about you both, feels like we've met before."

    "Well you might want to let your security know," I suggested. "in case they think we're trying to kidnap you or something?"

    Hailee smiled at the prospect, "Kidnap me eh? How about we play it by ear. See how I feel after my performance. Maybe I'll come along willingly, and you won't have to tie me up and strip me naked."

    "Now there's an image,"

    "Besides," Dan joked. "Give the girl a break, it's probably a little overwhelming for her to get hit on by two guys at once, much less in the back of a van."

    "Who me, not at all." Hailee teased. "Trust me, I think I could handle you both."

    "I bet you could,"

    With that, we then heard a stage manager yell out for her to get ready and I don't know who was more surprised by what happened next, when Hailee suddenly leaned over to peck us each on the side of the lip. She even stopped to giggle as she attempted to wipe some lipstick off Dan's face.

    Dan and I then followed the whorishly dressed starlet and her entourage up to the stage where we watched in stunned silence as she proceeded to bump and grind for her fans. In fact she almost seemed to put an EXTRA effort into her performance if only to tease us.

    "We need to get her alone," Dan said while watching her.


    I panicked briefly when I turned around to see that one of Hailee's bodyguards was standing right behind me and had heard the comment. Naturally he wasn't impressed, and I was suddenly worried he would go out of his way to ruin our plans.

    In any event, Hailee ultimately wrapped up her performance and sauntered off the stage in a sweaty mess. Dan and I then followed the singer and her dancers downstairs where we watched her dismiss her entourage right outside her dressing room door, before inviting us in again.

    "So, what'd you think of the show?"

    The door barely closed behind us before I looked over to see Dan and Hailee making out aggressively! I'm not even sure who made the first move, but watching them together was definitely hot as fuck.

    In fact I immediately responded by reaching out to grab her by the arm and pulled her into our own kiss a minute later. To my delight the songstress didn't hesitate and happily reciprocated, before returning to Dan.

    We now shared the starlet between us - kissing her each, with tongue - as Dan now lurked in the background and proceeded to peel her performance shorts and thong panties down her legs. I stopped for a moment to admire the way the garments pooled around her knees, only to have him pull her back into his arms and kiss her again.

    This distraction allowed me to reach over and pull her top over her head, leaving her to stand there in nothing but a glittery bra. This was quickly shrugged off her shoulders, before I reached around to cup and fondle her bare naked breasts, two ultra soft mounds capped off with two dark, bullet-like nipples.

    I'm not even sure how things had transpired as quickly as they did, as we now seemed to act on pure impulse. That being said, I almost gasped out loud when I watched her casually drop to her knees between us and take Dan's cock into her mouth, before turning her mouth to mine.

    As the blow-bang commenced, we each varied our pace and intensity. Sometimes Hailee would bob her head back and forth quickly, causing her hair to shake violently, while other times she'd move very slowly and sensually and lick and tease us with her tongue.

    ...and what a fucking tease she was, always making sure to make constant eye contact as she'd lick you from base to tip.

    Amusingly enough Dan didn't seem to take to the teasing well and suddenly pulled her up to her feet and dragged her over to a nearby sofa, where he pushed her face down ass up, and pressed his cock into her from behind, filling her with one quick thrust!

    Hailee moaned and glanced over her shoulder, as I now stood there jacking my cock to the action.

    "God damn she's wet," Dan hissed, as he nailed her harder and faster with each passing moment.

    Watching her like this, with her eyes closed and her open mouth moaning, really turned me on. In fact I waited all of a minute before I decided to get involved and marched over to jam my hard cock into that pretty mouth.

    Hailee didn't hesitate and sucked my dick dutifully before I waited my turn to fuck her. In that moment, we seemed to come to some kind of agreement where we'd each take a minute or two to throw a few jabs into her pussy before swapping around again - all the while spit-roasting her.

    At some point we decided to re-position her by having her lay on top of Dan while I moved in from behind, and carefully rubbed the head of my cock against her backdoor. Like me, I could tell Dan was eager to DP her, and the wanton little slut seemed genuinely up for it.

    Just seeing her like this, like a wanton slut, turned us on to no end and we proceeded to fuck her within an inch of her life, picking up speed as we went. Haiz really seemed to relish this treatment and pushed back against us, urging us on.

    "Yeah-yeah, fuck me!" she groaned. "Give it to me."

    Within moments my mate and I were getting the hang of double-penetrating the lovely lady, sawing in and out of her while she tried her best not to moan the stadium down. I couldn't believe how good her ass felt, as it seemed to offer the best kind of resistance but also gaped open whenever I'd pull back to admire the scene before me.

    "What are you waiting for?" she'd hiss over her shoulder. "Stick that cock in my ass!"

    It was an unreal experience to fuck Hailee in the ass, all the while with all of her entourage and fans on the other side of that dressing room door. We were all grunting and moaning as we drilled her holes harder and faster, while I had to try and pace myself so as not to cum too quickly. I had a nice big load that I needed to save for her face.

    With unquenchable lust, Hailee grunted and cheered us on as Dan and I now sawed in and out of her holes with perfect precision.

    "ah-shit, right there." she moaned. "You're gunna make me cum. You're gonna make me cum all over this cock!"

    I honestly don't know what turned us on more, the dirty talk, the anal, or the fact we could hear persons from her entourage now milling around the door and trying to listen in to the action going on inside, as the singer was now fucked within an inch of her young life.

    When I ultimately pulled back only to SLAM myself back in again, and realized just how deep I was in her ass, I had just about reached my limit, and so had Dan beneath her. With one more hard thrust, we pulled the stunning Jewess off our cocks and ordered her to her knees.

    Within seconds Haiz was on the floor between us like a submissive little slut, with her tongue out waiting her reward.

    "—yeah, cum on my face!" she insisted, as Dan and I stepped up in front of her, jerking our cocks and preparing to cool her off with a double facial.

    With a loud grunt I came first, shooting thick ropes of spunk all over Hailee's cheeks, nose and chin. The actress left her mouth wide open, so most of it ended up on her tongue. I was about halfway through my orgasm when Dan shouted and accompanied me in spraying her pretty face.

    The girl was absolutely ruined, plastered in semen.

    "shit yeah, now that's hot as fuck." I grinned as I watched her swallow our loads and wipe the jizz off her face.

    As we cleaned up and set things back in order, we agreed to stay in touch should another "performance" from her arise in the future.

    "Next time we do this, we should probably invite along some of the other guys," Dan snickered.

    "Mm, I'd like that." Hailee agreed. "How many friends do you have?"

    "Plenty," I grinned. "More than a few who'd love to take a shot at that ass."

    "Good. The more the merrier."

    "Hmm, now there's an image," Dan quipped. "Running a train on Hailee Steinfeld's sweet little ass."

    The starlet perked up, "Mm, I like the sound of that."

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    FARK. Talk about the perfect way to treat our fave porn slut. The only problems I have with it is it wasnt longer and I hope we get a sequel for an even bigger party. :D

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