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Thread: "Showering in Lisbon" with Hailee Steinfeld

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    fanfiction "Showering in Lisbon" with Hailee Steinfeld

    Showering in Lisbon
    Starring Hailee Steinfeld
    Codes: MF, MFF, Oral, Voyeur, Anal, Public, Shower, Interracial
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

    Walking off the outdoor stage at Rock in Rio in Lisbon, Portugal. We all felt pumped as it was another great show to end the European Tour we had been on. I had been working as a backup dancer for Hailee Steinfeld on her Witness tour. Though it was a lot of shows in a short amount of time, it was still an awesome experience. The group of us dancers had all become close and we were all going to go out and celebrate the end of the tour later tonight, but first we needed to take a shower and get changed. We all normally worked up quite a sweat from the performance, but this show was even worse as we did it outside on a warm sunny day in Lisbon.

    “Alright guys, I’ll see you later. We’re going to get so messed up tonight!” Hailee yelled as she split from us and headed towards her trailer. I took one final look at Hailee as she walked away in her short shorts before she rounded the corner. The concert had gotten private trailers for all the headliners, while us backup dancers were sharing large locker rooms that reminded me of one from my high school. As we entered the locker room we told the girls that they can use the shower first and us guys would just wait until they said it was okay for us to use. It was a big room with a bunch of rows of lockers, a bathroom with several sinks and toilet stalls, and a large shower room with multiple shower heads and no dividers.

    As we waited I spoke with the other guys. Being a backup dancer is a pretty cool job. The pay is good, it keeps me in shape, I get to travel a lot, and I get to do something I love, in dancing. Plus also a fun bonus is getting to hang out with some famous celebs during down time. Though I will tell you it’s not all easy. The rehearsals can be grueling, it’s hard to maintain a daily schedule, and you get strange looks from people whenever you tell people that you work as a backup dancer. Most of the time whenever anyone finds out what I do they automatically assume I’m gay and while in general most of the guys I’ve work with are, including every man I’m working with on the current tour, I’m not.

    One of the advantages of being one of the only straight dancers on tour is with the tight schedules and constantly being around each other, it usually means that I ended up as fuck buddies with one or two female dancers on each tour, with maybe another few one night stands with other female dancers mixed in. And let me tell you after you spend a few hours watching performers like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry shake, gyrate, and bounce around stage, you really do need a fuck buddy to blow off steam.

    While I do find each of those other famous women attractive, I was still able to do my job without a problem. Working for Hailee has proven to be more difficult. I’ve never consider myself the kind of person to have a specific type, but if you made a list of traits that I tend to be more attracted to, Hailee probably hit on about 90-95% of them. I couldn't help myself from fantasising about her. Once or twice during the UK tour I had messed up during the show because I was distracted by watching Hailee ass as she danced. Luckily I did not mess up to badly and was quick to recover, but still I kept getting distracted by her. And on more than one occasion I had Hailee on my mind while I had sex with Deena and Jennifer (two of the female backup dancers on the tour). In fact in Newcastle Hailee freelanced a move where as she looked out into the crowd as she sung while she grinded her ass up on me and stroked the side of my face with her hand. I was so turned on by that move that after the show, while walking back to the dressing room I pulled Deena into a bathroom that was on the way, and fucked her over the sink.

    When the girls called out that they were done in the showers I stripped off and walked naked into the shower room with the other guys. Some men may feel a little self conscious about showering with a bunch of other gay men, but I knew I had nothing to feel bad about. I had a nice toned body and a nice cock if I do say so myself. We had all been showering up for several minutes when we heard a woman’s voice yell out from the shower entrance way.

    “Watch out boys, I’m coming in” was announced, turning my head I saw Hailee standing in the entryway to the showers. She had her hair tied up in a ponytail and was dressed in just a white towel.

    “What’cha doing here? Don’t you have a big fancy trailer to shower in?” John Michael asked.

    “I do, buuuttt the shower is busted and there is no way I’m doing press and meet and greets for another two hours without getting in a shower first.” Hailee explained. And with that she pulled off her towel, hung it up, and entered the shower. I felt like I was in a dream as a naked Hailee Steinfeld walked towards me. I try not to make it obvious as my eyes scanned up her body, from her long shapely legs, to her totally shaved clam, to her tight stomach, to her perky tits with quarter sized areolas with hard thick nipples, and finally back to her gorgeous face.

    “Damn, girl you are silky smooth down there” Shane said.

    “What’d you expect? I can’t wear those shorts I had on and also have some wild 1970’s bush” she joked. With that, she stopped in front of one of the few free shower heads, which also happened to be right next to me. I was already trying hard to keep myself from growing a hard on and now she had set up right in my peripheral vision. I couldn’t help myself from looking down at the ass that had distracted me so many times before, only now it was totally bare.

    I wanted to seem like I was acting naturally as Hailee got some soap from the dispenser and began lathering up her body, so I straddled my legs a bit to hide my crotch a bit from her. Meanwhile out of the corner of my eyes I watched her bend down over rub her legs. She continued to talk with the other dancers, but I had no idea what they were talking about. My mind was focused on her hands running all over her herself, lathering up her body and her breast. At one point I swear I saw her give one of her hard nipples a slight tweak. I could feel my heart beating faster and my dick swell a bit so I had to turn away from her to try and calm myself down.

    “MMMMMM ...God, is it just me or is performing in front of a huge crowd like that such a turn on?” I heard Hailee say loudly, obviously talking to the whole group of us. A few others gave some responses, basically agreeing with her.

    “Na-uh Haiz, we got rules here” I heard Keith shout out “No materbating in the showers, you gotta go to one of the stalls if you need to take care of yourself.”

    “You guys are no fun.” Haiz replied. I turned to see what Keith was talking about and I saw standing next to me Hailee had her eyes closed and was rubbing her soap suds wet body with one hand, while her other hand was rubbing her swollen clit. I could no long look side eye, or just give quick glances, she looked so amazing that I couldn’t stop myself from openly gawking at her. I watched as she rinsed off her body, she then turned her back to shower head to continue to rinse off her body. With her back turned she opened her eyes and looked right at me before her eyes lowered and went wide.

    “Jeez Robbie, I knew I was looking good but I did think I looked good enough to make a gay man pop a huge boner like that.” She said as she looked down at my crotch. I looked down and sure enough I’d been so caught up watching her that my 8 ½ inches was now standing at full attention. Had she brought her towel into the shower with her, my dick could have been Hailee’s towel rack.

    “Robbie isn’t gay” Jared told her.

    “What? Wait, really?” She asked looking back at Jared.

    “The rest of us are, but he is straight as can be, unfortunately. He’s been plowing either Jennifer or Denna just about every night” John Michael said.

    “Seriously?” Hailee said as she turned back to me and moved to close the distance between us.

    “I’m his roommate, so yeah I am. Those two sluts are noise as hell.”

    “I heard that!” yelled a female voice from out by the lockers

    “So this whole trip, they’ve been grilling me for every detail about what celebs I’ve seen naked, who I’ve slept with, what their dicks look like, and what they are like in bed. All the meanwhile they have been keeping this,” Hailee grabbed my hard dick with both her hands, “to themselves. Fucking greedy bitches.” Hailee was looking right at me as she began stroking my dick.

    “So tell me Robbie have you ever thought about me at all?” Hailee asked, this time speaking just to me in a softer more seductive tone.

    “Every single night. After watching you dance and shake you ass on the first night of the tour, the next day I went out and bought new pairs of boxer briefs that were a size or two too small so that I could make sure I didn’t spring a tent in my pants while we were on stage.”

    “Awww, that sounds painful” she said, and I just simply nodded in response as she continued to stroke my erection. We were now standing so close that the head of my dick was brushing up against her toned stomach. Hailee then turned her head to face the rest of the male dancers, most of whom were just pretending to be showering as the watched what was happening. “I need you all to get out of the shower right now!” She demanded before turning back to me,. “But leave the showers on, I like it steamy and wet.” Although a little begrudgingly, they all left as they were told, but Hailee didn’t even wait for them to leave. As soon as she finished speaking she dropped to her knees. She gave my tip a playful lick before speaking to me again.

    “I bet you’ve been dreaming about this so much that you’re already close to cumming” she said.

    “Pretty much,” I answered knowing that there was no point in lying.

    “Well then we better hurry up and get this first load out of the way so then we can get to the real fun.” With that she slid her hands down to the base of my cock and quickly devoured half my pole into her mouth. As she swirled her tongue around she also sucked on my dick like her mouth was a vacuum cleaner. I suspect if she wanted to, she had the oral skills to have tortured and pleased me for however long as she wanted,]. But right now it was clear she wanted me to bust my nut ASAP. She went hard, stroking me with both hands and sucking on the top half of my cock. She was at it for probably only two minutes before I told her that I was going to cum. Hailee though did not flinch. After I said I was going to cum, Hailee continued to suck on my dick and look up at me with those beautiful brown eyes. She wanted me to cum in her mouth, but I had other ideas as this might be my one chance to live out some of my fantasies. Once I hit the point of no return I stepped backwards and pulled my dick from her mouth.

    “Close your eyes” I told her, and she barely had time to comply before I started firing cum shots all over her face.

    “Oh my god!” Hailee laughed as I unleashed maybe the biggest load of jizz I’d ever had all over her face. By the end of it her face looked almost like a glazed donut.

    “Holy shit” I said as I caught my breath, “you have no idea how badly I’ve been waiting to do that.”

    “Judging by the amount of cum I have painted on my face I’d say I have some idea” she joked with her eyes still closed. She used her tongue and licked the area around her mouth before standing up. Keeping her eyes closed she felt around for the closest running showerhead before putting her face in the stream and cleaning off my jizz.

    Looking at her pull her hair out of her ponytail as the shower sprayed her face, I watched as the water flowed down her body. Seeing her there I knew that cumming on her face had not decreased my desire for her any less, if anything my hunger for her had intensified. The 5’7” singer/actress was standing on her toes and was bent slightly as she leaned forward into the shower stream. I wasn’t even thinking when I suddenly found myself on my knees behind her with my mouth sucking on her pussy and my fingers flicking her clit.

    “Oh jesus!” she called out as she felt my tongue slide between her lips. “Fuuuccckkk yeah. Eat that pussy.” Hailee moaned as I attacked her pussy. I had to admit, while I always went down on girls before I was never that into it, however right now I was eating her pussy like it was my last meal. Hailee was moaning loudly as she was now fully bent over with her legs spread wide, and her face and tits pressed against her wall. I was not sure if it was my passion for her, or if it was she tasted different, but I could not stop licking her pussy. In the meantime my dick was back to full strength, and it was a good thing too.

    “This feels amazing, but I need some dick. I need to get up and fuck me.” Hailee said. I quickly stood and spun Hailee around.

    “I wanna see your face when I put my dick in you.” That comment put a smile on her face and she leaned forward giving me a quick passionate kiss. With her back up against the wall Hailee wrapped her arms around my neck and I lifted up her leg to the side of my waist. Take hold of my hardon I slapped it several times against her clit and then rubbed it along her her very wet folds.

    “Mmmm…. There are thousands of men outside, if you don’t quit teasing and fuck me already, I’ll get one of them to do it” she threatened. Not wanting to find out if she was serious or not I began to push my dick into her. I watched as her eyes went wide and gave her o-face while I entered her. She moaned and had a big smile on her face as I slid more and more of cock into her.

    “How’s it feel, as good as you thought it would” Hailee teased me.

    “A thousand time better” I told her as I kissed the crook of her neck.

    “Good, you got a pretty fantastic cock too. Now fuck me. Fuck me hard.” Hailee said as she dug her nails into my back to emphasise her point. I slowly slid my dick out of her to the tip, and then jammed it back into her causing Hailee to moan loudly. I began fucking her hard up against the wall. At some point I found myself with Hailee’s legs wrapped around my waist and both my hands firmly holding onto her ass as I slammed her against the wall with my dick repeatedly. The shower echoed with the sounds of her moans, and the sound our skin slapping. You’d probably had also been able to hear my gunts, had my mouth not been otherwise occupied. When she first entered the shower I nearly started to drool over her hard thick nipples. They had looked perfect for teasing and biting when I watched her walk towards me, and now I was doing just that. My mouth moved back and forth from right tit to left tit, licking sucking and nippling on each hard dark nipple.

    “Ugghhh yes! Fuck yeah!” Hailee yelled when I finally made her cum. But like me earlier, her first orgasim only seemed to further intesify her desire to do more. She told me to lie down, and I got down on the tiled public shower floor between two of the shower head sprays.

    “You mentioned you liked watching me shake my ass during the shows”

    “Fuck yeah”

    “Then may want to sit up because you are not going to want to miss this performance.” Putting my arms behind me I sat up and watched as Hailee turned around, she did a little twerking before falling to her knees and straddled my lap. She made a show of aiming my dick straight up in the air and then slowly lowered herself, reverse cowgirl style, on to my dick. Moving her hair to the side, Hailee looked over her shoulder at me and gave me a dirty look and she slid down my dick, moaning as she bottomed out. I let out an animalistic groan as I felt and watched her bounce that shapely ass up and down my pole.

    As much as she seemed to like the job I was doing before fucking her standing up, Hailee was loving it even more as she was now in full control of things. She moaned loudly and clutched her breast as she bounced her ass as hard and fast as she could. Watching her ass I could help myself as I gave her ass a good hard smack.

    “Yes! Again! Do it again!” Hailee yelled in response. I did just that and she let out another passionate yell. With her right cheek now have a red handprint on it, I switched over to the left and gave it a hard smack. This time as she yelled out Hailee’s body shook as she came once again, however that did not stop her as she continued to ride my dick.

    “You really do like my ass don’t you,” Hailee said as she looked at me over her shoulder.

    “It haunts my dreams at night.”

    “Yeah well, how would you like to fuck it?” She asked but I didn’t have time to give an audible answer before my dick flexed and got even harder while still inside her pussy. “Oh wow, I’ll take that as I yes” she said after she felt my dick jump. Climbing off me she got down on all fours in the middle of an area where the shower was spraying. I thought it was an odd spot, especially since the water had gone from hot to just luke warm, until she said, “I’ve always wanted to have sex outside in the rain, but this will do for now.”

    I stood up and got some soap from the dispenser and rubbed my dick so it was nice and slick. Getting down on my knees behind her I used my soapy hand to finger and lube up her asshole. We were now facing the opening to the showers and we noticed that most of the dancers, men and women, were standing in the entrance watching us.

    “Any of you boys care to find out what it’s like to have a woman suck your dick?” Hailee asked our audience. I didn’t even need to look to know that Jared was going to step forward.


    Several of the other male dancers and I watched as Hailee was having a quick photoshoot inside the freight elevator before the show.

    “Robbie, you going to need to crank one out before the show after watching this?” John Michael asked.

    “Fuck off,” I said, but at the same time I also thought that that might not be a bad idea.

    “Hey I wouldn’t blame him,” Jared said. Everyone including me turned and and gave him a questioning look. “What? If she threw herself at me I wouldn’t say no.”

    “J, you’re gay” stated John Michael.

    “Girl please, nobody's that gay.”


    Jared, a tall buff 27 year old black man, dropped his towel as he entered the shower and began stroking his dick to life. Although his dick was about an inch or so shorter than mine, he was very thick. With his dick hard Jared dropped down and put his it right in Hailee’s face.

    “Jesus Jared, you’re dick is about as thick as my wrist. If you ever want to know what it feels like to have sex with a woman, let me know. I’d gladly help out,” She said as she stroked his dick. Hailee opened her mouth and lunged forward taking his cock into her throat as I fingered her ass. Her mouth was stretched wide but Hailee was going all out sucking his dick. Unlike with me earlier, just trying to get me to cum, Hailee was showing off all her skills on him.

    “Oh holy crap. Wow!” Jared said.

    “How it feel, J?” Yelled out Keith, which was followed by laughter from the group that watching.

    “I don’t know what you all are laughing at. She could teach all of you a few things about how to suck a cock. Myself included.” Jared respond before letting out a deep groan as Hailee let his dick slip from her mouth and she went to play with his balls.

    I had been watching this all playout, but now it was time for me to fulfil what something I had been dreaming about ever since out first tour rehearsal. Taking a firm hold of the Love Myself singer’s hips I rubbed my cockhead around her rosebud before pushing forward and pushing my dick into her tight asshole.

    “Fuuuucccckkkk YEEAAHHH!” Hailee yelled out as my dick pushed all the way inside her. Before she could say anything else, Jared muffled her moans by shoving as much of his dick into her wide open mouth as he could. Although me and my big gay black friend were now double teaming the singer we worked for, I paid no attention to him at all. I eyes were hypnotized by how her ass shook every time I slammed my full dick inside of her. I noticed that my hand prints from earlier had started fading, so I decided to make new ones. I gave each of her ass cheeks a few hard slaps. Each time her legs would kick up a bit and I would hear her try and moan, though she had a cock deep in her mouth, so the moans were not that loud.

    “Jesus fuck” Jared said as he jammed his dick deep into Hailee’s mouth and blasted his load. Hailee sucked him dry and did not spill a drop of jizz from his cock before Jared all but fell away from her totally satisfied. “Holy crap girl. You need to teach me your technique because that was insane,.”

    “Sounds good, ughhhhh, but maybe later when I don’t have a hard cock fucking me up the assssssss ummmm-yeah.” Hailee joked as I continued to fuck her backdoor with everything I had. Jared eventually moved back with all the other onlookers, and left me and Hailee to ourselves. With no cock in her mouth, Hailee was now moaning loudly as I fucked her ass and fingered her pussy. I continued to watch her ass shake as I fucked her, though now Hailee was pushing back and meeting my every thrust. A thought popped into my head, knowing that from now on whenever I saw her moving her ass while dancing on stage my mind would immediately go to this moment with her on all fours, ass up, and my dick sliding in and out, no doubt that my end up being a problem.

    My mind snapped back to reality as I heard Hailee yell out that she was going to cum again. I was happy to hear this because I had been doing my best to hold in my load for the last few minutes. When I felt her ass tighten around my dick while she came I knew there was no holding back any more. I withdrew my dick from her ass, and gave it two strokes before nutting onto her ass. While smaller than the load I’d covered her face with, I was still surprised by the amount of spunk that emptied from my balls and covered her lovely rump. When I was done I was so drained I almost collapsed in exhaustion. Hailee, still full of as much energy as when she entered the shower, sat up and turned to me.

    “So, is my ass still going to haunt you at night?” She asked sarcastically.

    “Yes, without question, but now it’s going to be the image of your naked ass covered in my cum.”

    “Well maybe more exposure to that image will help. Like listening to a song that’s been stuck in your head.”


    “Your staying on for the Voicenotes ‘Tour, right?


    “Then fuck yes I’m serious. Like I said performing in front of these big crowds can be such a turn on, and it’s never a bad thing to have a big hard cock that’s easily accessible.” Hailee gave me a quick kiss before getting up and leaving the shower. I watched as her ass swayed and she confidently walked naked out of the shower, wrapping herself in a towel, said goodbye to everyone and then heading back to her trailer.

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    This is great promotion for Rock in Rio, maybe it will bring luck to haiz in the next year festival amazing work miami idk which i like best your story or tpg story lol

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    GRRR fuck yeah. That was hot Miami.

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