My Orgasmic Touch Part 2
Featuring Camila Mendes
CODES: MF, Massage, Cowgirl, Interracial, BMHW
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

It has been two weeks since my special ending with Emma Watson while business has been good. I admit the urge of visiting her again. Too bad I didn’t ask her for her number. I know I am a dumbass. Then again, she has a new boyfriend now so my loss. Anyway, I spent the rest of my time taking up normal assignments nothing too special just normal people wanting a normal massage. Until the day received a call from my friend and manager, Johnny.

“Hey, I got a job for you,” John informed me.

I had already a job with some rude executive and was looking forward to some relaxing time. But something was strange about this. Usually, I get the job notification from the massage company app. Then I just accepted if I wanted it. “Why are you calling me?”

“Because the client asked for you personally and its Camila Mendes. You’re a lucky prick!”

A smile appeared on my face as an image of Camila Mendes flashed into my head. The girl who knew about me and Emma She did promise to call on me. It looked like she was a woman of her word. My dick hardened. It was happy as hell. The savage side was grinning like a devil as I thought about hammering that sweet pussy. I shook my head and pulled myself back to reality. “Give me the address and inform Ms. Mendes that I am on my way.”
The address led me to her apartment building. It was a beautiful high-class building that made mine looked like crap. I entered the building and took the elevator up to her floor. It wasn’t easy with the table and a bag of supplies. Once I reached the front door, I knocked on it three times. My heart pounded against my chest. Suddenly the sound of rushing footsteps echoed from the other side of the door.

Then a sweet feminine voice asked. “Who is it?”

“My name is Aaron Scott and I am from Massage Concierge.”

The door slid opened. Then Camila appeared on the other side of the door. My eyes enlarged as they looked her up and down. My heart raced. She looked like a sexy angel. Her dark brown hair went down to her shoulder. Her tanned olive-skinned face. A smile appeared on her face and big brown eyes stared me down. There was a spark of mischievous in her eyes. I knew right there what she wanted. I was more than willing to do the service.

She said, “You can set up there.” Camila pointed at a small emptied space in the living room. “I’ll go put more comfortable on.” Then she disappeared into the back room.

“You should probably just be naked,” I responded loudly. Then I set up a massage table into space and put some towels onto it. Finally, I put the bottle of lotion and oil onto my belt. It only has only been a few minutes since Camila disappeared. I wondered what was taking her so long. I turned around to see if she returned when I saw her. Camila had returned, wearing nothing but a towel. I looked her up and down.

Then Camila unwrapped her robe belt and pulled it off her body. The robe fell to the floor as her beautiful brown skinned body. My jaw dropped. She walked toward the table. Camila touched my chest and ran her hand down to my crouch. Then she jumped onto the table.

A smile appeared on my face. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. Then I placed lotion onto my hands and turned around. It was time to begin.
Camila laid out flat on her back. Her head was on the table while her ass was in the air. I took another breath and began rubbing her back. Her skin was so smooth and soft like melted butter. Camila laid still with her eyes closed letting me work. I positioned myself at the front of the table as my hands rubbed her back. Once finished with her back, I moved to the back and got onto the table. I rubbed the back of her legs. My hands went from her legs up to her ass. I touched her inner thighs and bumped into her pussy. It was shaved and smooth like the rest of her body. Camila moaned lightly.

I pulled her legs apart a little and began exploring her. I ran my index finger around her pussy lips and headed toward her anus hole. Camila moaned. I lowered down and licked around her hole. A hunger grew inside me. I got up. Camila immediately turned around to the front and spread her legs for me. I smiled and then dived back. My finger entered the pussy as I licked her clit.

Camila moaned loudly. I felt her hand touched the back of my head. She grabbed what little hair I had and pulled me closer to her pussy. I wasn’t going anyway. I increased the pace as her body started shaking. I knew she was about to cum. I stopped. I rose up. Camila looked at me like I had committed a deadly sin.

I jumped off the table and pulled my pants down to my ankles. My penis erupted out. It was hard and ready for some action. Without saying a word, Camila jumped up and pulled me close to her. Then she engulfed my hardened penis into her mouth. Her head went back and forth. Her tongue danced around my penis head. My head raised to the sky as my eyes rolled back into my head. I grabbed the back of her head and guided her head. She happily let me. I was about to cum when Camila suddenly stopped.

I looked down at her. “Why did you stop?”

“That’s for stopping when I was about to cum.”

Now I was angry. I quickly took the rest of my closet. Then Camila leaped onto me. Her soft lips smashed onto mine. My arms wrapped her slender body keeping her in place. Her long firm legs wrapped my hips. She broke apart. Then she reached down into my penis and guided it into her pussy. It took my breath. She was so wet and tight. I bent my legs a little as I bounced her up and down. Her black painted nails dug into my skin. It was hurtful and amazing.

She commanded. “Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me like that.”

I smiled and increased the pace. Camila screamed in pleasure. After a few minutes, my legs felt weak. I spun around and jumped onto the table. Camila instantly went up and down as she rode me like a mad woman. I wondered how long it has been since she got laid. I pushed the thought out of my mind. I focused on her. I grabbed her firm yet small breasts. I rubbed and squeezed her tits a little. Then I landed a few kisses on her moaning lips. She smiled loving every minute. She rolled her hips giving me a wave of pleasure.

“Yeah, baby! Just like that!” I said. Finally having enough of doing nothing, I pulled her up and turned around. I laid onto the table. She watched me as I placed her legs onto my shoulders and rammed. Her mouth opened as she took a deep breath of pleasure. I increased my speed and rammed her with such a force that she had to hold onto the table. The table itself was shaking. “Damn, that pussy is tight.”

She screamed and began shaking. “Yeah! Right there! I am so close.

“Me too!”

Camila removed her legs from my shoulders. She climbed up to me and wrapped herself around me. We continued fucking harder and faster. Then suddenly Camila screamed as her body shook like she was having a mini earthquake. I exploded inside of her. We looked at each other and smiled. Then we made out, kissing, and touched each other. We didn’t have the energy for another fuck session. After that, we put some clothes on
“That was amazing!” I confessed while putting up the table.

Camila asked, “Better than Emma?"

“You are in a completely different level,” I answered then kissed her. “But I have to go.”

Camila nodded but I sensed a hint of sadness in it. She gave me a little pat on the ass and then walked out of her apartment. She gave me another kiss goodbye. Then she closed the door.

As I stood there, something fell over me. I dropped my things and knocked on the door. Camila opened the door. Before she can say anything, I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her. She happily returned the favor. Then I lifted her up, carried her back into her apartment, and closed the door behind us.