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Thread: "Party Line" with Olivia Holt, Dove Cameron, Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "Party Line" with Olivia Holt, Dove Cameron, Paris Berelc

    With Olivia Holt, Dove Cameron, and Paris Berelc
    Written by TPG
    Codes: FFF, phone-sex, mutual masturbation, dirty talk, inc, toys
    Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    Friday, 8:37pm
    Los Angeles, California

    "—Hello?" Olivia Holt answered casually.

    "Hey, it's me." replied Dove Cameron. "You busy?"

    "Just taking a bath,"

    The older blonde grinned.

    "A bath huh? Great timing then."

    Olivia giggled.

    "What's up?"

    "Just wanted to see if you were busy tonight," Cameron explained. "Paris is coming over later and we were going to have a girls night in front of the TV. Figured you might be interested?"

    "Sounds like fun,"

    As the ladies conversed they continued with their activities, when suddenly they heard an incoming call to which Olivia answered. Dove waited patiently before being surprised by Holt's voice a minute later.

    "okay, let's see if this works..." she said. "Are you there?"

    "Yeah, I'm here." answered Paris Berelc, who now found herself in a 3-way conference call with her blonde friends.

    "Hey Paris, you still coming over?"

    "You bet your ass I am. I just hopped out of the shower and was getting dressed."

    "I can't wait for tonight! Something tells me we're going to have a lot of fun together."

    As the girls giggled, Paris suddenly yelped out in surprise which startled her friends.

    "What was that?" Holt asked. "Are you okay?"

    "Yeah. I'm fine."

    Without missing a beat, Dove's dirty mind kicked into gear.

    "Jesus Paris, how many times have I told you that's not the way you're meant to use that thing."

    Berelc couldn't help but giggle at the remark, knowing she was being vulgar, while Holt appeared clueless to it, causing her friends to snicker at her naivety.

    "I don't get it,"

    "She's talking about my vibe,"

    "Yeah," Dove hissed. "Stop playing with yourself and come over already!"

    Once again Olivia seemed confused as she listened to her friends bicker back and forth.

    "What about you?" Dove directed at the other blonde. "How long is it going to take for you to get ready?"

    "Just a few minutes," Holt admitted. "I'm just in the tub shaving right now."

    "Shaving what?" Paris giggled.

    A surge of adrenaline shot up Dove's spine.

    "Damn. Now there's an image."

    "Yeah. Figured I'd to everything since I already did my legs earlier,"

    "Great," Dove remarked sarcastically. "Now that shouldn't be too distracting. Sitting here half naked trying to paint my nails, while Paris is standing there wet and naked from the shower and you're laying there in the tub shaving your mound."

    Just the mere mention of the word "mound" seemed to excite Paris.

    "Grr, and for the record..." Berelc commented. "I'm not standing, I'm actually just laying here in my robe."

    "I've just got this tiny little section on the side to shave, and then I'm done." Olivia claimed. "—then I'm totally hair free."

    "Well don't let us stop you," said Dove, as the phone fell silent and the three ladies listened intently.

    The sound of a razor and intermittent splashing could be heard as Paris broke the silence.

    "Don't you just love the way it makes you feel, straight after you shave it all off?"

    "Absolutely," Dove agreed.

    "I know right," Holt said. "Kind of makes me feel dirty. Like I'm a bad girl or something?"

    "News flash Liv, you ARE a bad girl."

    "I always love how smooth it feels." Paris went on. "It really turns me on."

    As Paris spoke, Olivia slipped the tips of her fingers over her ultra smooth mound. There was another long pause before Dove spoke again.

    "What are you guys doing right now," she asked her friends. "Are you both alone?"

    "Pretty much," Liv answered. "What about you Paris?"

    "uh-huh," she replied. "I'm pretty much just laying here naked on my bed... legs spread."

    "God damn it, Paris." Dove cooed.

    "What about you?"

    Dove explained that she was also alone and relaxing in front of the TV, and without having to be prompted, confessed that she was wearing nothing but panties and a t-shirt, which was currently pushed up above her breasts.

    Olivia's mind conjured an image of her friend's body as the others pictured Holt laying naked (and fully shaved) in the tub, an image that sent a thrill up their spines.

    "Are you home alone Liv?"

    "Nah. Cade's home. He's in the next room playing video games."

    Dove laughed.

    "Well it probably wouldn't be the first time he's heard you get off."

    "Poor guy," Paris giggled. "He probably beats off like a fiend."

    As the ladies joked around on the phone, their playful manner quickly turned into one of a more erotic nature.

    For Olivia, this was very unusual as she almost never indulged in any lewd behavior over the phone, but the feeling was too wonderful to pass up. She let the image of Dove and Paris run free in her mind as her fingers slipped down between her legs, causing her to let out a suppressed moan.

    Noting this, her friends immediately responded – both licking their fingers and spreading their legs farther apart.

    "So, um... what do you guys wanna do tonight?" Liv asked in a shaky voice, trying to hide her aroused state.

    "I wouldn't mind just sitting around and watching some porn tonight," Paris suggested, making Olivia giggle.

    "What do you think Dove?"

    Like her friends, Dove was quietly masturbating as she conjured up an image of her naked friends on the other end of the line.

    "I dunno." she shrugged. "I want to have some fun tonight. I want to experiment."

    "Experiment, how?"

    "I definitely think we should watch some porn together, but maybe mess around too."

    Just the notion alone both thrilled and excited her friends.

    "What did you have in mind?" Olivia asked while rubbing her clit.

    "Well... I'd love to just get off with my fingers, and have you guys watch me do it."

    "Mm, that sounds hot." Paris agreed. "I love having an audience too. It gets me off."

    "What else," Olivia urged.

    Just hearing this tone in Liv's voice, Dove knew she was pushing all the right buttons.

    "I was thinking maybe we could just masturbate in front of each other and fool around."

    "Fool around, how?"

    Dove gulped as she went on to explain the erotic image in her head to Olivia.

    "I just have this image in my head... Paris rubbing one out, and taking her fingers and making you lick them clean."

    "Mm-fuck yeah," Berelc purred, clearly aroused by the idea.

    "What, no way! Why do I have to lick her fingers?" Holt objected. "Why doesn't she lick mine?"

    Suddenly, the ladies were interrupted with the low humming sound of a vibrator in the distance - which emanated from Paris' phone.

    "Aw, that's not fair. You're cheating!" Dove whined.

    "How am I cheating? This isn't a race you know. I'm just trying to get off."

    "You and me both sister!"

    "—to be honest, I'd probably be willing to lick her fingers," Holt added. "But only if she licked mine at the same time."

    Once again the conversation fell quiet as all three girls listened intently to the other quietly masturbating – the sound of Berelc's vibe buzzing loudly in the distance.

    "I can't believe you're using your vibrator right now," Liv chuckled. "It's not even fair. All I have are my fingers."

    "Tell me about it," Paris whispered. "My sisters in the next room."

    "She can probably hear you." Dove said. "God that's hot."

    "Dove," Berelc responded. "Take off your panties, and lick your fingers for me."

    "You read my mind,"

    "Liv, what are you doing right now?"

    Olivia blushed as she raised her hand up to her lips and licked her fingers.

    "I'm just laying here in the water listening... and playing."

    "Spread your legs for me."

    "Only if you do it too,"

    "I am. I'm spread. wide."

    There was another long silence as all three girls played with themselves over the phone. Olivia's mental image zoomed in on Dove's soaking pussy. Each girl imagined what the other was doing, and pretty soon, there were stifled moans on either ends of the phone.

    Dove's ears focused as her trance deepened, the sound of her friends sex toy pitching high as it now plunged in and out of her tight little cunt. Her own fingers tweaked and pinched at her nipples, but her hazy mind also couldn't help think about Olivia's naked body in that tub.

    "You know what I'd love to try..." Dove whispered. "I've always wanted to sixty nine with another girl."

    Her friends groaned with arousal.

    "Mm, that'd be hot watching you and Olivia sixty-nine each other." Paris purred, while plunging the toy deeper inside her.

    "I know something that'd be even hotter," Holt replied. "The three of us could get naked and just daisy-chain together?"

    "ah-fuck yes!"

    Dove shivered with arousal, staring at the TV but no longer seeing anything at all. The fantasy had become so complete that she no longer noticed her surroundings at all.

    Paris could feel her pussy growing slick with desire. She was going to need another shower after this, but that didn't matter.

    "oh-god, that'd be so fucking hot and nasty, if the three of us did something like that. What if someone walked in on us and found us like that, all naked and sweaty, and moaning as we ate each other out?"

    "Yeah, if we did that at Liv's place we'd probably get caught by Cade or something, and then we'd have to take matters into our own hands."

    "What do you mean?" Liv said, almost afraid to ask.

    "You know, then you'd have to sit there and watch while Paris and I blow your brother."

    "Hmm, but you assume Liv would just sit there," Paris smirked. "I bet she'd rub one out."

    Olivia blushed.

    "Bitch, you assume I'd even let you. You'd be too busy eating my pussy. I'd MAKE you eat me!"

    "In that case," Dove chimed in. "I'd suck Cade's dick while the two of you get it on. I bet I'd get that boy so hard he'd want to pop in my mouth, but I'd tease him until he couldn't stand it anymore and then have him take Paris from behind."

    "ah, you bitch!"

    "And what would you be doing during all this?" Olivia quizzed.

    "I'd come over and sit on your face Liv, and make you lick my backdoor."

    Olivia's fingers crept inside her pussy as her two friends moaned into the phone.

    Dove then purred, "God I'd love to see him fuck her."

    "Hmm..." Olivia grinned. "I'd tell him to fuck her really hard."

    "Would you help me clean him off," Dove panted. "Please say yes. Please say you would Liv... I'm so close."

    There was a long pause before Olivia obliged with the fantasy.

    "uh-huh, I'd take his dick out of Paris and clean him off myself. Have him shoot his load into the back of my throat, and then I'd share a deep tongue kiss with you."

    All three girls responded accordingly, as Olivia's fingers pumped away at her pussy. It was the sexiest thing she could possibly imagine right now.

    "Ugh-fuck!" Paris whimpered, her vibe working her into such a state that she could barely think straight.

    Olivia's voice was a growl of sexual heat now.

    "Mm. I want your tongue in my ass Dove." Paris moaned. "I want us to daisy-chain and I'll lick out Liv while you rim my asshole."

    "Fuck yea. I'll eat that tight little asshole for you, if you do the same to her."

    Olivia felt a rush of pleasure flash through her as the ladies agreed to not only rim each other during their daisy-chain, but now insisted they each play with their tight little assholes as they played.

    "Where's your finger right now, Liv?" Paris moaned. "I've got a finger in my ass."

    "Come with me Liv." Dove moaned. "COME."

    The command hit her like a sledgehammer. Her pussy squeezed around her fingers tightly, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she came.

    Her friends quickly followed her over the precipice and came like freight trains, with Dove spluttering expletives as she creamed her juices all over her fingers and heard Paris announce she as going to squirt?!

    "ah-fuck yeah baby... let out the poison." Dove encouraged. "Squirt for me Paris - I want it all over my face!"

    For her part, Paris came so hard she fell back and spasmed while gushing all over her mattress. She felt too drowsy to do more than mumble a few words, which caused the three girls to ultimately giggle.

    "Wow. I can't believe we just did that." Liv said, kicking herself for saying something so lame.

    Dove was still coming down from her high as she insisted they come right over.

    "How quickly can you get here?"

    "Twenty minutes, give or take."

    "Do it!" she hissed. "But do me a favor ladies, no underwear. You're not going to need them tonight."

    "Would it be okay if I took another shower at your place tonight?" Paris quizzed.

    "As long as you don't mind the company ...and a tongue in your ass!"

    "Make that three." Holt interrupted. "If you guys are taking a shower together, I want in."

    "This is going to be the best sleepover ever!"

    "Who said anything about sleep?"

    "Exactly. Come over!"

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    This was hot, hot, hotter than hell.
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    Follow up story with them together in the same room. Please

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