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Thread: "The Groundskeeper" with Olivia Holt and Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "The Groundskeeper" with Olivia Holt and Dove Cameron

    The Groundskeeper
    Featuring Olivia Holt and Dove Cameron
    Written by bigdadyryno13
    Codes: oral, anal, 3-way.
    Disclaimer:This story has not nor will ever happen and is written only for entertainment purposes.
    A/N: whoever reviews/edit's this, feel free to add pics as needed, got a new tablet and its a real pain in the butt to use.

    I've been part of the grounds keeping crew for this neighborhood for eight years now. In West Hollywood you see a lot of celebrities, and wanna-be celebrities come and go. This morning my boss told me we had new residents. I rolled my eyes at this news "Great probably another pair of blonde bitches buying a party house on daddy's money. Watch the yard be trashed every day." I mumbled seeing i was assigned to that house today.

    I pulled out my lawn mower and gardening gear. From outside nothing appeared to be different. The garage was closed so I couldn't get a peak at what kind of cars they drove, the house was quiet and dark, made me wander if anyone was home today. I tightened my head band and opened the pool shead, starting off the day cleaning the few leaves and bugs out of the pool and hot tub and checking chlorine levels.

    I moved on to the flower beds surrounding the house. The flowers were flourishing since we had to have them looking good for the realator. As I was pulling handfuls of weeds and leveling out the ground, I heard the back sliding door open.

    A small blonde girl walked out onto the deck around the pool. She wore a large white sun hat, a large pair of sunglasses, and a white shawl, covering what was clearly a bright pink bikini on a tight body. I continued my work as she turned on the pool side sound system and opened a wine cooler. I did my best to keep my head down and focus on my job as she pulled off her hat and sunglasses.

    "Get your ass out here!" She yelled to someone inside as she removed her shawl. I could swear I recognized her face from somewhere but couldn't quite place it. I paused nd pulled out my phone, snapping a quick picture of her. I sent the picture to my mates, asking why she looked so familiar.

    That's Fucking Olivia Holt I immediately received as a reply. I took another look and my jaw dropped. The first thing that caught my eye, was Olivia bent over a pool chair, showing off her tight thong laced ass. She was soon joined by a second blonde girl, not much older, but a much tighter body, wearing a white bikini. The second girl set down a trey with a couple shot glasses a bottle of Jose and some small bowls of fixings to go with them. She smacked Olivia's ass, and gave it a good hard squeeze from behind when Olivia turned her head and gave her a large smile. I snapped a picture of the second girl and sent it to the same friends

    And Dove Cameron??!??! (Eggplant/squirt/squirt/faint) I took a deep breath and pulled my shirt off before cutting the grass. I am by no means overly muscular, but after working outdoors for years and gaining my black belt a few months ago, I felt i was fairly toned and defined. I stole occasional glances up at the pair of girls. I saw them chatting about something and pointing in my direction every now and then.

    When I stopped to clean up that's when I saw the most amazing site in all my years. I took a deep drink of water as Dove carefully positioned a shot of Jose on Olivia's stomach, poured a small amount of salt from her collar bone to the top of her cleavage, then gave her a lime between her lips. I tried to focus on work and not get distracted but Dove looked right at me before taking the body shot. The girls took a minute sharing the lime, as I took a minute to re adjust myself, trying not to show my interest in what they were doing.

    I looked up after hearing a smack, seeing a bright red handprint forming on Doves ass. Olivia took a minute to set up her body shot on Dove, but flew threw it, like it wasn't the first time she's taken or given a body shot. I finished cleaning up their yard and decided to take a chance.

    "Anything else I can help you with?" I asked climbing the steps to the porch. The girls looked at each other and nodded.

    "Actually we were wanting to know if you could settle some arguments we've been having". Olivia said, squirming her legs a little bit.

    "We've been trying to decide whose body shot taste better." Dove added, adjusting her bikini top. I took a look at my phone, then at my list. Somehow this was my only house today.

    "I could lend an opinion." I answered stepping and kneeling down in between the two girls chairs. Olivia bit her lip as Dove turned towards the trey, obviously trying to give me a good look at her ass. She Handed Olivia a lime, and the salt. Each girl bit the lime, and placed the salt in the same position as earlier, but extending it just a little further between their tiny tits.

    "Me first." Olivia said taking the shot, placing it in her small thigh gap and leaning back on her elbows.

    "Wait, no hands." Dove said leaning over and strapping my wrists together with her hair tie. I did my best to hide my excitement.

    I leaned in and paused for a second before pulling up the shot, taking in the smell of Olivia's excitement. I took my time on the salt, then completely ignored the lime as my lips met hers, my tongue raced around her mouth.

    "Okay you two, my turn." Dove said slapping my ass. I pulled away slowly from Olivia as she smiled at me, caressing my face. I took a quick sip of Olivia's drink to clean out my mouth then turned towards Dove. I went thru the same process with Dove, enjoyed her scent, took my time with the salt, and locked my lips with hers. She turned a little towards Olivia as she pulle off her hair tie and guided my hand down the front of her bikini bottoms, allowing me to feel her growing wet slit.

    "So who won this one?" Olivia asked. I kept my hand where it was and turned towards Olivia, and saw the glorious site of her without her top on, massaging her dark brown nipples.

    "My god, okay." I tried to focus, but my growing member made it increasingly difficult.

    "Just remember," Dove started leaning in towards my ear, "You'll get the blow job of your life from the winner." She whispered.

    "Well then, Dove, you started off with the better tasting shot. Olivia, the salt tasted better on you." I began, trying to figure out how to get what I wanted. "Dove I think your lime was just a little bit juicier, but Oliva's over all experience was a hair better, so I'd have to put it at a tie."

    The two girls looked at each other and sat up giggling.

    "Well then I guess you get to settle the second argument." Olivia said as they slid to their knees in front of me, unfastning my belt.

    "Who gives the best head." Dove finished, pulling her top off and playing with both hers and Olivia's nipples. Olivia pulled down my shorts then both girls reached into my boxers, pulling me out. The two girls wrapped a single hand around my shaft and still had room to slide back and forth.

    They leaned in and used their youngest to fight over my tip and pre-cum. Olivia eventually won out, taking my head into her mouth, she placed her hands on her hips as she pushed her tits out and bobbed her head forward and backwards, only able to cover about half my shaft with increasingly thingning, dripping saliva. Dove continued to stoke the other half of my dick and leaned in and suckled on my balls, allowing saliva to drip from them as well.

    Olivia soon reached up and drug my head along the inside of her cheek, popping it out of her lush, drool covered lips, as Dove leaned over sucking on her erect nipples. Olivia stroked my dick slowly and locked Doves lips with hers, before Shoving my dick in Doves mouth. Dove slowly worked her way down eventually bulging her eyes out as she gagged on my dick, but refused to take it out of her mouth. Once my eyes reopened i looked down to see Olivia removing her and Dove's bottoms then leaning down on all 4's ass high in the air, eating Doves small tight pussy.

    I placed one hand tightly in Dove's hair and reached the other one to massage Olivia's sweet pink slit. Dove did her best to hold it together, but eventually had to let me out of her mouth for a gasp of pleasure. I stepped back and gave Olivia's perfect heart shaped ass a slap turning her to be in front of Dove. I knelt behind her and slowly massaged the tip of my dick into the tight hug of her pink lips.

    I wrapped my hand in Olivia's hair and helped her ease back onto me. She gasped as Dove met her lips, with Olivia still racing her fingers against Dove's slit. I gave Olivia a pair of slaps to the ass as her pussy reached the end of Dove's saliva drippings on my dick, but her pussy kept pulling me in, till eventually I was completely in her. I released her hair as Dove let hot passion allow to take over making out with Olivia, grinding her pussy against her hand. I squeezed her ass, opening up her slit slightly, allowing me to slam as hard and fast into her pussy as her small tight body would allow me to.

    Olivia pulled away from Dove, but Dove forced her tits into Olivia's mouth as she bucked back against me, coming to seize and spaz in orgasm. I pulled out of Olivia, with her juices dripping from my cock. Olivia Colapsed and rolled to her back as Dove crawled the length of her short body, pausing with her pussy over Olivia's face, before leaning down and sucking Olivia's juices off my dick. Olivia lay there exausted, but instinctively began eatin Dove's dripping pussy. I pulled away from Dove, gently kissing her spit and juice covered lips, before going around behind her. I smiled looking down, seeing an asshole that sat slightly open, ready for a pounding.

    I reached down and gave her ass a good hard squeeze before plowing the entire length of my dick into her ass. Olivia continued sucking her pussy, while occasionally flicking her tongue against my balls. I gave Dove's ass a good hard smack as she tried to mute her cries of pleasure into Olivia's dripping pussy. Soon enough Dove could no longer bear her weight and collapsed on Olivia as she draped cum down my balls and onto Olivia's face.

    I pulled out of her ass and helped both girls back to their knees. Each one lovingly, kissed, licked and sucked pussy and ass juice off of my dick. I tapped their chins getting them to look up at me as they each massaged their tits and throbbing pussies.

    "Open Wide." I said as i reached down stroking my glistening shaft. They both opened their mouths as wide as they could pressing their bodies against each other. I looked down into their eyes as my dick exploded filling both mouths and covering both faces in thick white cum.

    Dove reached over to Olivia and began making out with her, mixing both mouthfuls of cum. They slowly separated, allowing all the cum to drip off their chins and onto their tits and stomachs. They slid back onto their chairs as I put my shorts back on.

    "So who was better?" Olivia asked, rubbing my cum in.

    "I can't decide, I guess i'll Have to come back tomorrow". I said as Dove flashed me a smile, enjoying my idea.

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    Good Job!

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