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Thread: Comic-Con: After Dark with Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie, and Amber Heard

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    fanfiction Comic-Con: After Dark with Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie, and Amber Heard

    With Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie, and Amber Heard
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFFF, blowjob, spit-play, blindfolds, dirty talk
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    It was July 19th.. as Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie, and Amber Heard sat drinking tequila shooters at a bar in San Diego, bragging about their sexual proclivities.

    Much like men bragging about their sexual prowess, each starlet claimed to be the best at one skill in particular. The argument, fueled by alcohol, was loud and boisterous and punctuated with lots of laughter and claims of superiority. Ultimately, Margot jokingly proposed a contest.

    This of course was met with laughter and raunchy ideas about how the contest would be judged, and who the judge might be. A variety of men were then proposed and discussed. Each was laughingly dismissed for a variety of reasons, from having bad breath to chauvinistic tendencies.

    In fact virtually every man that was brought up was rejected, until they all agreed that the contest would have to be put on hold until a suitable "judge" could be found and the conversation drifted off to other topics.

    The following night, Gal mentioned the lewd conversation to a friend and local bodyguard. Jason lived in San Diego and saw the actress maybe once or twice a year, but often stayed in communication with her as she traversed the globe.

    Their relationship was mostly professional but somewhat flirtatious, enough for them to readily share the intimate details of their lives with one another. Gadot told him of the lewd conversation she had had back at the bar, and they joked back and forth until Jason actually volunteered to be a judge.

    "Are you serious," Gal giggled. "You'd do that?"

    "I mean, as long as you were okay with it." he told her. "sure, I'd do it."

    Her response was one of nervous laughter.

    "Interesting. I'll run it by the ladies and let you know."

    The very next evening - and final day of the convention - Gal mentioned the subject to Margot and Amber. Again, this was met with laughter and raunchy conversation, but then Margot refused to let the topic rest.

    "You know, I've thought about this a lot more the last few days and I still think I'd win."

    "Keep dreaming sister," laughed Amber. "I can't even see you giving a blow job, much less being good at it. You're just too prim and proper."

    "Prim and proper?" Gal responded. "Don't you mostly date chicks Amber? Let's face it, neither one of you could come close to me in the blowjob department, us Israeli girls are the world's best!"

    "Well," Margot said with a sly grin on her face. "I care to differ. Want to make a friendly wager?"

    "We do have a volunteer after all," Amber added. "Let's do the contest and settle it once and for all."

    Gal was shocked into silence and turned and stared at her celebrity friends, both of which began to smile.

    "You're serious?"

    "Do you really think he'd do it?" Margot quizzed.

    "I don't know, I could call him and find out."

    As the Wonder Woman star reached for her phone, the others giggled excitedly.

    "This is crazy!!" Margot squealed. "Why am I so excited right now, you know I'm married right?"

    Her friends immediately pounced.

    "Already making excuses are you?"

    "No, but... whatever! Screw you guys."

    "Look, are you guys in or out?" Gal stated. "I mean I'm totally up for the challenge, but don't start this crap and then back out. I don't want to be the only one who looks like a total slut."

    "Here's the deal," Amber said leaning forward. "We either do this right now or we never discuss it again, agreed? I'll even volunteer to go first if that's what it takes. What do you say Margot?"

    "Jeez, Amber... don't put me on the spot like that." the aussie bombshell blushed. "but yeah, I'm in... Gal?"

    "Well how can I refuse?" Gal responded in her sexy Israeli accent. "I can't let you two take all the glory."

    There was a long pause as all three considered this bizarre decision. They had done some strange things in their time, but this was taking things to a whole new level. They were going into uncharted territory.

    They called Jason and asked him to meet them at the hotel bar where they were currently having drinks. Minutes later, Margot and Amber were relieved to see that Jason was a reasonably attractive man, which only made them feel a little anxious.

    Having made the introductions, Jason ordered tequila shooters all around which were soon followed by a couple more cocktails and things began to loosen up. Soon the conversation turned to a variety of ribald jokes and stories until Jason found the courage to move things along.

    "So ladies," he said. "Are we ready to go?"

    Gal shot a nervous look at her friends.

    "You heard the man. It's now or never."

    Amber, glancing at Margot, took a deep breath and agreed.

    With everyone in agreement, Jason walked them through the hotel lobby and towards a bank of elevators. Despite everyone's playful manner, all four were visibly anxious. The fact that the girls were recognized by several screaming fans didn't help matters either, and seemed to make everyone on edge.

    "If they only knew what we were about to do upstairs," Margot giggled in the lift.

    It took all of a three minutes before they arrived to their floor and found their hotel room. Once inside, Amber immediately rushed for the mini bar and helped herself to another stiff drink, while Jason decided to lay down some ground rules.

    "So how is this going to work,"

    "Well..." Amber explained. "First you have to get undress."

    "Then we get to blindfold you." added Gal.

    "Blindfold?" Jason repeated.

    "Yes, blindfold." Margot chimed in. "since Gal already has the advantage (friendship) we don't want anything but the sense of touch to come into play."

    Jason nodded in agreement.

    "Then you take a seat in that chair," Amber suggested. "And we tie your hands behind your back."

    "Now wait a minute," Jason chuckled. "This is getting a little strange."

    "NOW its getting strange?" Gal quipped. "You're alone in a hotel room, and about to participate in a celebrity blowjob contest with arguably three of the most desirable women at Comic-con. We're way beyond strange here."

    She had a point.

    "Once you're nude, blindfolded and your arms are tied back, we'll all get to run our hands over your body to get you in the mood." Amber went on. "Then the first contestant has sixty seconds to do her thing, followed by the next two competitors."

    "Yes, each time one of us has used up a full minute, the next one will swab your penis with a warm cloth and dry it off," Gal went on. "That way each of us starts with a clean slate, so to speak."

    "Just out of curiosity," he asked. "but how does the contest end?"

    "Well," Margot explained. "We've decided to do two rounds of one minute each. Then you tell us who you want to finish you off, and she's proclaimed the winner."

    "I see."

    "Of course, we all agree that we're going to stay in the room and watch all the proceedings unfold, correct?" Margot added.

    "Naturally," Gal answered. "To make sure no one cheats."

    "Great, so..." Amber looked at Jason. "Get those clothes off!"

    Jason made short order of his clothing and was soon standing before them in his birthday suit. The ladies were relieved to see that their stunt cock for the evening was well endowed, and already stood at "half-mast" as he stripped in front of them.

    Gal took control at that point and ordered him into the chair. There was a brief flurry of activity as they tied him to the seat and then stood back to admire their handy work.

    "This is insane," Margot laughed out loud. "I can't believe we're about to go through with this."

    "A bet is a bet."

    "okay Jason," Amber said. "When I stop talking there will be no further dialogue from us. You can say all you want, but we're going to be quiet so you'll have no idea who is between your legs. Got it?"


    A moment later and a pair of hands began rubbing his chest. They circled then closed in on his nipples, pinching, then pulling the buds until he groaned in pleasure and panted with need. Then there was a third set of hands tracing about his face, playing with his lips until there was a husky giggle, but he couldn't tell who it was.

    As the caresses continued, he felt his cock twitch with anticipation and he could feel someone's hair brush across his belly. Suddenly the hands left his body and aside from the rustling of people moving around, there was no sound.

    After what seemed like an eternity, he felt the heat of a body kneeling between his legs and a warm breath waft across his penis.

    "Ah—" he groaned as her tongue speared out and lightly traced from the base of his shaft to the tip of his penis.

    She spent a lot of time licking and sucked the head of his prick into her mouth. He gritted his teeth as she worked her tongue around and around the head in a spiral, pausing to suck it vigorously before bobbing her head in short shallow strokes.

    As quickly as it began, it was over.

    She withdrew and his penis was covered with a warm wet wash cloth and then dried thoroughly. The ladies waited until his breathing returned to normal before he felt the second "contestant" grasp his thighs as she knelt down between his legs.

    He flexed his sphincter so that his penis would stand up and she quickly sucked him into her mouth. Slowly she lowered her lips around him, sucking deeply as she took him in until her nose almost rested at the base of his shaft.

    "Fuck—!" he hissed as he felt her working her throat around his member and then began to slowly pull away.

    Jason groaned as she hesitated with only the head in her mouth then started on another downward stroke, moving faster this time... more demanding... then she stopped and let him go.

    "God damn it," he growled with frustration.

    Again the warm wet roughness of the wash cloth followed, before he was dried by a towel and then waited for the final competitor.

    As soon as he felt her between his legs, he jumped with surprise as she drooled a long line of spit all over his shaft, then smeared it with her tongue. She seemed to incorporate a whole lot of spit and used her hands a lot more freely than her colleagues, which caused his cock to stand at full attention.

    "oh-god," he moaned while bucking his hips up at her, as she pursed her lips around his helmet and jacked him off into her mouth.

    Inch by inch she slowly slid her lips over his bell-end and down the stem, pausing only briefly before starting at the top again, until her time also expired. At this point Jason was panting like a dog, gasping for breath and sweating profusely as the first contestant started her second stint.

    "unngh-shit!" he grumbled as she proceeded with quick shallow strokes around the head of his skin flute.

    He gasped again as the following competitor worked the depths of her throat, gagging briefly around his tool.

    By the time the third competitor knelt down between his legs again, his heart was racing and his penis twitched with every heartbeat. Pre-cum now oozed from the tip of his dick and he was groaning with a need in his voice.

    Once again she spat and slobbered all over his dick in the most erotic manner, and used her lips to smear the saliva all over his package, ever so slowly worked her mouth over him.

    "ooh, please—" he begged in desperation.

    But she was so slow, yet so thorough that she finished her second minute just before his orgasm began to build. She stepped away and there was silence, as they waited for him to announce his preference - and the winner.

    "Number three." he told them.

    His words were greeted with simultaneous squeals of delight and exclamations of "Shit!" and "God damn it!"

    Almost immediately, Amber Heard was back between his legs - with a shit eating grin on her face - and he gasped with delight as she coated his junk in thick drools of spit, making sure to smear it all over his nuts and rod before taking him into her hot, wet mouth.

    "Fuck-yea," he approved. "You do that so well. There's so much spit."

    "That's the way I like it," Amber replied in a husky tone. "Hot and messy."

    The room was silent except for his groans and gasps and the slurping sound of her lips, as he soon froze in place and lifted his hips towards her slobbering mouth. Amber slowed the stroking of her fist to a veritable crawl before he suddenly felt another mouth on his groin, and thought he was going to lose his mind.

    "Meh. Might as well," Margot shrugged, having conceited the victory. "Amber might be better at sucking dick, but she definitely doesn't enjoy having a cock in her mouth as much as I do."

    Jason almost blew his load right then and there as his blindfold was suddenly taken off, and he looked down to watch Gal join her blonde friends on the floor, and proceed to kiss and lick his package.

    "How about we make a new rule," Gal smirked. "The first one to make him come, wins."

    She then dropped her lips to his nut sack and licked his balls while Margot and Amber took to each side of his shaft and bobbed their heads in unison, slurping loudly together as they smeared all that spit.

    "oh-god, fuck." he whined, unable to hold off any longer. "You guys are going to make me pop if you keep that up."

    "Come for us Jason," Gal purred while using a finger to massage his prostate. "Come all over our pretty little faces."

    "oh. god."

    "Yeah, shoot that hot fucking load into the back of our throats." Amber hissed.

    Jason cried out as loud as he finally shot his load across their combined faces, all of which already had their mouths open and their tongues out waiting their reward.

    He came so hard he thought he was going to pass out, as he watched the ladies then grunt and moan at the chunky ropes of spunk that erupted from his prick and splashed across their faces.

    He almost had a second involuntary orgasm as he watched the girls wantonly kiss and lick the semen from each other's lips, before looking back at him and opening their mouths to prove they had in fact swallowed every last drop.

    "Mm... yummy!"

    "Jesus that was amazing," he muttered a minute later. "So who won anyway?"

    "I think the only real winner here tonight was you," Gal grinned before kissing him on the lips.

    "I've got a better idea," Amber said. "Let's find out who has the sweetest ass between us?"

    "Err, I don't know about that," Margot whined. "I'm not really into anal that much."

    "Who said anything about anal?" Heard explained. "You have had a tongue in your ass haven't you?"

    "Mm. I like that sound of that." Gal cooed. "I'd be up for that game."

    "Holy shit ladies, at least let me catch my breath."

    "This is going to be fun!" the aussie starlet squealed.

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    FARKING hell. What a surprise. Was not expecting this story at all but god damn Im glad u did it. I LOVED that cliffhanger too. Would so love to see a second part to this. I mean what mortal man would survive those 3 WOMEN.

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