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Thread: "The Golden Ticket" with Brooke Hogan

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    fanfiction "The Golden Ticket" with Brooke Hogan

    With Brooke Hogan
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, oral, rimming, foot-rub, shower, public
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: was inspired by a post brookie made about getting some football tickets

    I'd only been following Brooke Hogan on social media for a few short weeks, when one fateful afternoon she hoped online and made a plea for some local footy tickets.

    As luck would have it, not only did I possess the tickets she wanted, but they were of the VIP variety and extremely hard to get. I actually laughed out loud when I hit her up and told her the news.


    "I'm looking at them right now," I assured her. "Got four tickets. Let me know if you want to swing by and pick them up."

    It didn't even occur to me until later that I had inadvertently asked her to come over, but Brooke was so excited at the prospect of obtaining the corporate seats, that she dropped everything and drove straight over to my place from the gym.

    This was particularly surprising since we'd had a somewhat patchy history together.

    You see, for the last few months I had been "dating" her best friend Stephanie Claire Smith, and as you might imagine Brooke was not a fan. In fact she straight up despised me and claimed that I was a bad influence on her.

    I barely had time to clean up the apartment before I heard the knock at my door, and nothing could have prepared me for how good Brooke looked, despite being casually dressed in nothing but her gym attire.

    "You know I really shouldn't be giving these away to you," I remarked. "Steph would be pissed if she found out you showed up here today."

    "I guess we'll just have to keep it to ourselves."

    I almost had a change of heart when I considered the shit-storm it would cause. However, Brooke then went on to give me a sob story about how she was looking forward to the game and spending some quality time with her current boyfriend, who she hadn't seen in several weeks.

    She also went on to explain how they were going on a double date (with Tahan Lew-Fatt) and how her own relationship was on the rocks and how the tickets would go a long way in patching things up.

    "Look. I'll give you two tickets right now," I told her. "but only if you agree to do a photoshoot with me next week."

    The look on her face was priceless.

    "You know that'll never happen! If Steph ever found out she'd never talk to me again."

    It was true, but I still figured it was worth a shot.

    "Why don't you do it with Tahan," Brooke suggested. "I could give you her number, and you guys could hook up tonight. Even though she's got a boyfriend, I'm pretty sure she'd be up for it. You're definitely her type."

    Realizing how difficult this was going to be – convincing her to meet with me for a shoot - I backed off a little and told Brooke that I'd be perfectly fine with her just coming over one day and doing an impromptu "shoot" at my apartment, when Steph wasn't around.

    "Err, I'm kind of booked solid over the next few weeks," she lied unconvincingly. "don't know if I'll have any free time to spare."

    "Well you seem to be free right now," I quipped back. "How badly do you want those tickets?"

    When she looked around the apartment I could tell she was paranoid about Stephanie and I had to assure her that she wasn't home and wouldn't be back for several hours.

    "Err, I don't know. Besides, I was just at the gym..." she said, making excuses for her casual appearance.

    I spent the next few minutes assuring her that she still looked fine before Brooke finally took off her jacket and proceeded to pose around the apartment while I snapped away. It didn't take very long for her to get right down to business, and grow comfortable enough to disrobe for me.

    At one point when I had her down to her sports bra and mesh leggings, I hinted at the prospect of seeing more skin from her and she agreed to pose topless, but only as long as her hands covered her nipples.

    I then felt a lump form in my throat as she eventually stripped off the last vestiges of clothes and stood in nothing but thong panties. Having just finished her daily workout routine, I then made the bold suggestion that she hop into the shower to get cleaned up, and let me take some pictures.

    This of course took some convincing but she didn't refuse me out of hand. In fact I could see the conflict in her eyes. She knew it was a bad idea, but we both knew how much she needed those tickets.

    I'd never been so hard in my life, as I watched Brooke Hogan casually lather herself up in the shower and ultimately reveal those magnificent dark nipples to me. Things really began to heat up when she ultimately rolled her (now soaked) panties down her legs and turned her back to me, denying me a shot of her pussy.

    I playfully snatched her underwear from the floor and placed them over my head as I snapped away at her naked body, before she eventually grabbed a towel and came out to sit on the couch for a few minutes.

    Up until that point it was probably the most amount of time we'd ever spent together without shouting each other down. It was actually refreshing to see that she wasn't as uptight or high-maintenance as I assumed she was. She was actually kind of cool and laid back, when she wanted to be.

    There, I poured her a glass of whiskey and handed her a bottle of moisturizer and invited her to apply it to her body while I continued to snap away with the camera. To her credit, Brooke played it up to the lens but made sure not to allow for any up-skirt shots or nip-slips while she oiled up her arms and legs.

    The entire spectacle was so incredible I almost stopped taking pictures all together and just stood there admiring her natural beauty. I also couldn't help but detect the strong musky scent of her used panties - that were still on my head - which I openly sniffed in front of her.

    "ugh, you're such a pervert." she giggled while applying lotion to her body.

    "Tell you what, if you let me apply some lotion to you I'll give you that third ticket." I told her.

    Brooke simply smiled and handed me the bottle, inviting me to apply it to her directly. I put the camera down and proceeded to smear the lotion all over her legs and feet, and made sure to treat her to a relaxing foot rub as a way of saying thanks.

    I was happy to see that she really responded favorably to this, and soon invited me to massage more of her body - particularly her legs. With her permission I daringly brushed my fingertips along her silky smooth thighs, and inched my way higher.

    When she finally leaned back and cooed, I knew I had her where I wanted and I carefully pulled the towel away to expose her sex. To my delight, not only was Brooke Hogan fully shaved clean but she was clearly aroused – her lips glistening wet.

    Feeling bold I leaned over to kiss the inside of her thighs and hips, and could tell from the way her body responded that it had been a while since anyone had touched her like this.

    I gingerly kissed my way towards her bare sex where I brushed my lips across the short, sharp stubble of her pubis. When my mouth finally made contact with her bare naked cunt, she closed her eyes and sighed erotically.

    In an instant her hands came down and gripped my hair while I licked and probed her slimy box with my tongue, and used my elbows to spread her knees wide on the sofa. I absolutely devoured her cunt, kissing and licking every inch of her pussy from top to bottom before pinning her legs back against her chest and rimming her backdoor!

    She seemed to panic to this, having never had anyone lick her ass before. However, I knew she'd get a kick out of it (just as Steph did) and despite her initial reluctance, I stopped her from flailing around and probed her bunghole again and again.

    When I instructed Brooke to reach down and play with her clit while I licked her asshole, she almost came instantaneously, and climaxed so hard on her fingers that I thought she was having a seizure.

    I wanted to fuck her so bad, and was literally moments away from accomplishing the task when her phone suddenly buzzed to life and interrupted our moment together. Suddenly something seemed to break her out of the spell, and she grabbed at her clothes and rushed to leave my apartment – insisting that I hand her the footy tickets.

    Naturally I refused, and only gave her two of the four tickets she had requested, and was promptly rewarded with a swift SLAP across the face before she marched off to her car. The entire incident was so surreal and amusing I barely believed it happened.

    In any event, it was later that same evening around midnight when I heard another knock at the front door and got up to answer it and found a drunk Brooke Hogan standing before me.

    The fact that Steph was home and sound asleep in bed didn't seem to bother her, that and the fact she was clearly drunk but had still climbed into her Range Rover to drive over to speak to me.

    "What the hell are you doing here Brooke," I hissed in a low voice. "Steph is sleeping inside!"

    "You still owe me two tickets, remember?" she slurred drunkenly. "I'm not leaving here tonight until you give them to me."

    I could see from the elegant outfit she wore that she had just returned from some trendy gala event, no doubt with her boyfriend and friends. She also seemed to tower over me, as she now pushed well over six foot tall with the aid of her stilettos.

    I shut the door behind me and pulled her over to the side of the apartment, a small dark area where we could talk without waking the house.

    "You're drunk as shit right now - if Steph wakes up and finds you out here she'll kick your ass!"

    "I don't care, you owe me!" Brooke hissed defiantly while swaying in the nonexistent breeze. "You owe me big time."

    "I owe YOU? Are you mental. Look, we're not doing this here and now. Call me tomorrow when you sober up."

    The leggy model responded by reaching down and grabbed the noticeable boner in pants.

    "Give me what I want," she hissed. "Or I'll wake Steph up right now and tell her what you did to me."

    "What I did to YOU?"

    I responded by pinning her up against the wall by the throat, startling her. When I reached down with my free hand and realized she wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt, I knew she was up to no good and attempting to seduce me.

    "Please..." Brooke panted. "I can't help it. I can't believe I let you do all those things to me today. I can't get it out of my head."

    She was now rambling incoherently as I held her up against the wall, letting my free hands roam and explore her long lean body.

    "I can't stop thinking about the way you licked my ass," she admitted. "I've never had anybody do that to me before."

    I reached down with my hand and plunged two fingers straight into her (bald) cunt, before pulling them out and dipping them lower to play with her bunghole. To her credit Brooke didn't resist - probably due to the alcohol - and simply moaned as I man-handled her there by the side of the house.

    "Spread your fucking legs!" I insisted, and she immediately complied.

    "Please, I'll do whatever you want. Just give me the tickets."

    "Yeah, you'll do whatever I want?"

    "You can eat my ass again if you want, I won't tell anyone."

    I withdrew my hand from her butt and directed her to reach down and play with herself while I held her by the throat.

    "Play with your cunt, Brooke." I demanded. "Tonight we're going to play by my rules. Tonight we're going to make a new deal. If you really want those tickets, you have to prove to me you want them. YOU have to please me this time."

    The drunk model seemed confused and disappointed at first – way too intoxicated to comprehend what I was alluding to – before I pushed her down to her knees and made it abundantly clear what I wanted, I wanted some head.

    The blonde bombshell didn't resist once she realized what I wanted, and actually smirked as I fished out my cock and slapped her across the chin with it. In fact I didn't even have to say a single thing as she immediately took matters into her own hands and slipped me into her mouth.

    I grabbed the back of her head and proceeded to pivot her face from side to side so I could fuck the side of her cheeks – watching it bulge erotically around my bell-end. She responded to this by moaning throughout the act and actively attempted to gag herself over my rod.

    I was so surprised and aroused by this I had to physically pull back to stop myself from popping too quickly, and ultimately just pulled her up to her feet and kissed her hard on the lips – her long warm tongue swirling around my own.

    I spun her around and slammed her face first into the wall again, while pulling her hips back. She was made to stick out her ass while I lifted up her dress and rubbed the head of my cock along the slimy groove of her slit.

    When I finally slammed myself home, she let out an almighty grunt that threatened to wake up the neighbors. I immediately wrapped my hand around her mouth and pulled her head back towards me, and drilled her cunt while kissing the side of her neck and face.

    I don't mind admitting I was somewhat surprised to feel just how tight and wet she was – in fact way tighter than Stephanie – which strangely annoyed me. Brookie grunted erotically as I slammed all eight inches of my cock into her again and again.

    "Fuh...Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ungh! Uh...Uh...Uh... Oh, fuuuuck!" she huffed while I continued to pound away.

    It was as though several months of frustration between us suddenly bubbled to the surface. I was brutal, slamming my cock into the girl like an animal. My fingers dug trenches in her soft hips, my teeth clenched as my balls slapped into her clit, and my prick went as far as it ever could into her body.

    I'm not even sure how long this went on for. It was probably just several minutes but felt like an eternity, until I felt the first stirrings of my orgasm start to burn through my wild lust.

    When Brooke ultimately leaned back and moaned her intentions to "...cum all over that big cock!" I couldn't hold off any longer and blew my load deep inside her womb. Her tight little cunt squeezed and milked me, wanting every last drop of spunk.

    Again and again my seed flowed into her, basting her insides and mingling with her own wetness, making her pussy sloppy and slick. My body tensed as the last few contractions held me, each one longer than the last and each one leeching me of more energy.

    When our moaning finally cease and our breathing slowed, I gently withdrew from her body and was rewarded with a hard kiss on the lips. I still couldn't believe I had just cum, much less treated my girlfriends best friend – and Australia's Next Top Model - to a hot filthy cream-pie.

    "If you still want those tickets, swing by tomorrow when Steph isn't home." I told her.

    Amusingly enough Brooke seemed too content to care with anything I was saying much less concerned about the tickets, and she simply stumbled back in the direction of her vehicle and sped off.

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    This made me extremely giddy. Thanks for doing it. Not many things r greater than eating Brooke Hogans ass.

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    Finally got a chance to read this, I enjoyed the story a lot, TPG.
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