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Thread: "Predatory Premiere" with Yvonne Strahovski and Olivia Munn

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    fanfiction "Predatory Premiere" with Yvonne Strahovski and Olivia Munn

    With Yvonne Strahovski and Olivia Munn
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, inc, preggers, fingering, blowjob, handjob, public sex
    DISCLAIMER: None of this actually happened, just part of my twisted imagination
    A/N: I originally intended to just write this up as a synopsis idea, but got a little carried away

    I'd initially flown out to Los Angeles to give my sister some moral support, after Yvonne learned that she had a bun in the oven. However this revelation seemed to spiral her into a deep dark depression, which combined with her recent break up with the father of her child, left her sobbing on the phone on a daily basis.

    To be perfectly honest, I didn't expect her to be as "big" as she was when she greeted me at the airport a few days later. One look at her and it was abundantly clear my sister was about to pop at any minute.

    As shocking as this was, I tried to remain casual about it knowing how sensitive she was in her current state of mind - particularly defensive about her gorgeous natural looks. The second thing that surprised me was just how affectionate she suddenly seemed to be, pecking me squarely on the lips when she saw me.

    In fact I dare say that to the average bystander, they probably assumed I was her boyfriend or husband, and NOT her baby brother from Australia.

    Amusingly enough Yvonne really seemed to get a kick out of this, as we sat in the parking lot for several minutes just holding hands and catching up, while she spent most of that time running her fingers through my hair.

    "I'm so glad you decided to come out here," she said. "What do you think of your big sister being knocked up?"

    "You're such a slut!" I quipped, making her laugh.

    "but honestly, it suits you." I told her. "You look great. You're going to be a phenomenal mom."

    "I hope your right, but lately I'm just so fucking horny all the time—" she let out, before we both fell silent then burst out laughing.

    "Well, I can't help you there sis."

    "ugh. I don't think anyone can," Yvonne giggled. "I'm just so riled up all the time."

    She then responded by hugging and kissing me again - clearly yearning for more human contact - and while initially surprised by this, I simply put it down to nerves about the pregnancy and out of control hormones.

    "It's gunna be nice having a man around the house for a change," she said while holding me close. "I really missed seeing your face."

    I held her tight and told her that she didn't have anything to worry about as I'd now take care of her (and the baby) for the foreseeable future.

    By the time we arrived home Yvonne apparently had a surprise to tell me, and claimed that she had arranged for me to be her "date" for the film premiere of "The Predator" which she had starred in.

    "I think you're really going to have a good time, especially when you meet my co-star Olivia Munn." she added. "You guys are going to get along really well. I can tell. I'm almost a little jealous."

    That night, I ended up taking the couch before Yvonne insisted we share her bed. I don't mind admitting that I was a little aroused by the sexy little camisole she wore around the apartment, and the fact that her huge nipples protruded out erotically underneath the thin material.

    In bed I tried to play it cool but Yvonne insisted I spoon her from behind and play with her hair to help her sleep. It wasn't half obvious that I had a major hard-on in bed either, which I absentmindedly jammed against her butt. To her credit though, she didn't initially say anything and just found it amusing.

    "You can take a shower if you want, I don't mind." she mentioned at one point in the dark. "You know, to help you relieve some of that tension."

    Strangely enough I got the impression that not only was my sister flattered that I was hard for her, but she almost seemed proud that I still found her sexy in her current state.

    "Can I ask you something," she quizzed a minute later. "Do you think I'm still pretty?"

    I pulled her into a tight hug and kissed the side of her face, as I told her how beautiful she was and how incredibly proud we were. She responded by squeezing my arm, and forced my forearm to press firmly against her tits, while she leaned back to kiss me again – this time pecking me on the side of the lips.

    I hate to say it but, I just couldn't get over how magnificently thick and erect her nipples appeared to be. I suspect this was due to the pregnancy, but tried not to think about it too much which was almost impossible.

    "What's wrong?" she asked after I froze up a little.

    "Nothing, it's just I'm still getting used to this new affectionate side to you."

    Yvonne laughed it off and claimed there was nothing sinister about it, and that she just missed me greatly. I don't mind saying we both slept like angels that night, even if my hard cock was jammed firmly between the cheeks of her ass for most of the morning.

    The next few days went by like a blur, with the two of us ending up in bed almost every night. As intimate as we were, we really started to grow comfortable with each other, with her happily wandering around the apartment butt-ass naked in front of me.

    It got to the point where we'd spend several hours of the day just laying around in bed watching Netflix, and snuggling up and talking about her future plans. As strange as it sounds none of this felt remotely odd and we only seemed to grow closer with each passing day.

    When the night of the premiere finally rolled around Yvonne dressed up to the nines and managed to look absolutely breathtaking – despite her huge baby bump – and I might add, we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves from the moment we left the house.

    "Maybe tonight you'll get lucky with Olivia," she winked in the car. "and finally relieve some of that tension from the last few days."

    "You always did give me blue balls, sis." I laughed.

    Even though I was kidding, we both knew there was some truth to the comment.

    "You're just lucky I can't drink tonight," she smiled. "Or you'd be in a hell of a lot of trouble mister. Especially the mood I've been in lately."

    "Hmm, yeah I thought I heard some buzzing earlier in the bathroom?" I joked – referring to her getting off with a vibe.

    Yvonne playfully slapped my shoulder.

    "Trust me, if I made myself cum you'd know about it, you'd hear me from a mile away!"

    "Now there's an image."

    When we arrived to the premiere, not only was I delighted to meet her co-star Olivia Munn, but also happy to see that the ladies and I would be seated together. At first I wasn't sure how this dynamic would work, or if Yvonne would get upset having to "share" a conversation with me.

    However, Munn seemed to sense the bond between Yvonne and I and only hit on me during the brief occasions we were alone. Olivia's outfit didn't help matters either, as it flaunted a hell of a lot of cleavage, and if her consistent pokies were anything to go by, she was clearly "excited" about something ...and it wasn't the premiere.

    "So you guys are pretty close huh?" Munn said. "I can respect that. I'm that way with my kid brother too. He's always looked up to me. It's kind of cute."

    Judging from her tone I had to wonder just how close they really were, and if they also had a unique relationship like Yvonne and I.

    After having a few drinks at the bar, we ultimately piled into the theater to take our seats where I was surprised to see that despite all the hubbub outside, the room itself was relatively empty.

    This was particularly funny considering there were dozens if not hundreds of people outside who clearly wanted to see the film, and were willing to do just about anything to get in, yet weren't given any access.

    In fact the last three back rows where off limits and only reserved for VIP seating, which in this case consisted of Olivia, myself and Yvonne. Even though we were joined by a few others, I was happy to see that they were seated several seats away, giving us some much needed privacy.

    "I feel like I'm fifteen again, on my first date." Munn joked. "You're not expecting a blowjob from me are you?"

    I looked at my sister who laughed.

    "Don't worry, she's like that. She's crude."

    I couldn't help but get a little excited when the ladies moved around and changed seating arrangements so that I could sit in between them. Right away Yvonne reached over to take my hand in hers and placed it in her lap, while Munn leaned over to whisper a few things in my ear before the lights dimmed.

    At one point I felt my heart rate quicken when I glanced down to realize that Munn was indeed bra-less under her dress, which was evident by the erect dark nipple she flashed me while leaning forward. I'd never wanted to taste something so much in my life.

    Her thick, dark asian nipple looked absolutely delectable.

    We were barely ten minutes into the film before Olivia reached over to share some candy from the bag between my legs, and in the process rubbed her hand against my crotch.

    At first I thought it was nothing but an accident, but judging from the surprised expression on her face I knew she was impressed by my package, and she eventually just left her hand there – tickling me with her long nails.

    I couldn't help but squirm as she eventually brushed her fingers up and down the length of my shaft, feeling and admiring its girth. I looked over at Yvonne to see if she had noticed anything, but thankful it was too dark for her to see – or at least, that's what I thought.

    You could have blown me over with a feather when the onetime "Attack of The Show" star not only unzipped my pants but slipped her fingers into my boxer-briefs to massage my cock directly. I initially assumed Yvonne had no idea what was going on, but when I caught her looking over a few times, I was so embarrassed that I'm sure I blushed.

    I don't know who was more anxious when I realized that not only did Yvonne know what was actually happening, but she didn't seem that fussed over it either. In fact the sly grin on my face told me that she approved.

    Between that and Munn's touch, I thought I was going to lose my mind. Particularly as Yvonne proceeded to run her fingers up and down my arm, almost trying to sooth and relax me while her co-star jacked me off!

    Things then took a turn for the surreal when the ladies exchanged eye contact and both seemed perfectly fine with Munn's impromptu handjob.

    "You're just lucky we're not alone," Olivia whispered into my ear. "Otherwise I'd give your sister a real show right now, and ride this fat cock right here and now."

    Just hearing these words from her caused my cock to leak pre-cum, which wasn't lost on her. My grip on Yvonne's knee then tightened when Olivia proceeded to jack me off with abandonment, with intentions of making me pop.

    I don't know who was more nervous, me or Yvonne as we looked around the room and prayed no one would look back and notice just what the three of us were doing in the back row.

    I tried my best to think about anything other than the fact that Olivia - fucking - Munn was stroking my cock, right beside my sister no less, and tried desperately to stop myself from ejaculating prematurely.

    At one point I even looked at Yvonne for guidance, who herself appeared to be turned on by the entire scene.

    With her permission, I decided to give as good as I got and placed my hand just above Munn's knee as she jacked me off in my seat. However I almost jumped out of my skin when I also felt Yvonne reach over and place HER own hand on my leg.

    Things were suddenly spiraling out of control.

    I don't know what made me do it, whether it was a sense of guilt or something else, but I responded to this by sliding my hand further up my sisters leg, indicating that I found her just as attractive (despite being preggers) as I did her co-star.

    I could feel Yvonne take in a deep breath and slowly uncross her legs to sit there with her knees spread apart, allowing me to use my fingers to inch up her long skirt.

    I now leaned back into my seat and used both hands to inch up their combined skirts, high enough until I managed to make direct contact with their legs, then slipped along Olivia's thighs until I arrived to her crotch and discovered she wasn't wearing any underwear!

    To my delight, Olivia's pussy also appeared to be fully shaved clean, and dripping wet, as I brushed my fingertips along her delicate lips and smeared her juices all over. Munn moaned to this action and responded by spreading her legs wide, as Yvonne reached down to take my hand and directed me to give her the same treatment.

    I soon discovered that unlike Munn, Yvonne was wearing a pair of sexy satin underwear which I now massaged against her sex. She moaned to the contact before Olivia took my attention away by leaning over to kiss me hard on the lips.

    "Are you enjoying yourself there," she asked sarcastically as I played with her (wet) cunt.

    "You started it."

    The three of us now sat there mutually masturbating the other, all the while as we sat in the back row watching their movie.

    That's when Yvonne did something that completely took my breath away, and reaching over to pull my hand from between Olivia's legs, and before I could say anything, took my slick fingers into her mouth and licked them clean – tasting her friend.

    "Grr. How do I taste," Munn directed at my sister with a wink.

    "Fucking sweet, as usual."

    Olivia giggled and responded with an air-kiss. Hearing this exchange now confirmed to me that the ladies had indeed screwed around together in the past. The notion alone made me harder than steel.

    I quickly placed my fingers back between Olivia's legs and felt her tighten her grip around my tool, as I continued to casually fondle Yvonne's sex through her underwear at the same time. I was literally on the edge of my seat, trying to get them both off until we were rudely interrupted by a happy couple who showed up late and decided to join us in the back row.

    To say we were disappointed would be the understatement of the century.

    "God damn it." Munn hissed. "I was so close."

    In fact I don't know who was more annoyed, with my sister flashing them a death stare. In any event I reluctantly withdrew my hands from both girls and realized I had to get up and take a leak.

    When I got up the ladies both looked concerned, by I assured them I was just going to pee and would be right back. Fortunately for me I found the private bathroom empty and was so frustrated I actually considered beating off as I released my bladder.

    My mind whirled at the recent events. Not only had I finger-banged Olivia Munn in the back row of the movie theater, but had teased and massaged my sister as well. I began to panic and wonder if maybe I had gotten too carried away, and she'd look at me differently from now on. If I had ruined her trust and our close relationship.

    That's when it happened.

    I was still halfway through taking a leak when I heard the door and looked back to see it was Yvonne, who I assumed had followed me into the bathroom to check up on me and make sure I was okay with everything what had occurred.

    When I looked back again, Yvonne was no longer at the door but now stood directly behind me and was so close I could feel her breathe on my neck.

    "What are you doing in here sis, its the men's bathroom." I snickered while giving my cock a brief shake.

    I don't mind admitting that at that point I was so riled up that I almost moaned at the mere shake of my penis, and was half tempted to just beat off and squeeze one out before heading back. However, before I could think straight, I felt Yvonne's hand reach around my body and wrap snugly around my piss-pump while she whispered into my ear.

    The action caused me to both jump and groan involuntarily, as my big sister took me by the crown jewels.

    "Here, let me help you with that," she said while slowly stroking my cock. "It's the least I can do. You must be so frustrated tonight."

    "Yvonne, fuck."

    She kissed the side of my neck while jerking me off right there at the urinal – my own (pregnant) sister no less!

    "Watching you two together just now drove me nuts." she whispered hotly. "It got me thinking, why does she get to have all the fun?"

    "Sis, please." I moaned as her grip tightened. "You're pregnant."

    I could tell she had done this on several occasions before, and was clearly skilled. She just seemed to know exactly how to tease and keep a guy on edge, without allowing him to lose it.

    "You like that don't you?" she grinned while gently biting my ear. "We should do this more often at the house, get you off with my hands."

    I leaned my head back into her shoulder (as she's taller than me) as Yvonne now stroked my hard cock in the men's room – intent on making me pop!

    "Yvonne," I panted. "sis—"

    "Go ahead and cum," she purred erotically. "I wanna see you shoot all over my hand."

    When I rested my head back on her shoulder again, our lips suddenly locked.

    In an instant our mouths were joined by our tongues and I turned to face her and pulled her over to the counter where I kissed her neck and almost ripped her fucking dress open to get to her tits, and those large, dark nipples.

    Yvonne groaned audibly as I mauled her breasts, suckling each one into my mouth while her hand never ceased jacking me off.

    "ugh god," she whimpered. "I'm so fucking horny right now. Just go with it. Please. Don't stop."

    I didn't need to be asked twice.

    All sense and logic went right out the window, as the moment slipped away from us. Before I knew it, my heavily pregnant, actress sister was on her knees in the men's room, sucking my dick!

    "I bet you've thought about this for the longest time," she said between slurps, before her head bobbed up and down.

    I grabbed the back of her skull and made her gag on me, before she spat and drooled all over my cock and took my breath away by plunging me deep into her narrow throat. When I finally pulled her up from the floor and kissed her hard on the lips with full tongue, she suddenly pushed away from me and seemed to have an epiphany.

    I panicked briefly and wondered if she finally realized how wrong this was. Not only was she my sister, but she was heavily pregnant and we were messing around in a public space no less.

    Yvonne stood there staring at me expressionless for an extra minute before she turned around and bent herself over the bench, revealing her ass and pussy to me at the same time. Resting on her elbows she looked back at me via the mirror but didn't say a word.

    She didn't have to. It was implied. We both knew what she wanted... no, needed.

    "I've wanted this for the longest fucking time," I hissed while stroking my hard on at her.

    Again she didn't respond and simply stood there waiting, almost daring me into action.

    I don't know where I found the courage but I slowly approached her with my hard member in hand. I gently pressed the head up against her bare cunt, never removing my eyes from hers in the mirror. She just looked right back at me and continued to remain silent, waiting to be filled.

    I suddenly found myself at a crossroads. My mind just couldn't fathom that Yvonne was giving me permission to fuck her? Did I have the nerve to do it? God knows I'd been dreaming about this moment for most of my life.

    Heck I probably spent a good portion of my teenage years beating off to her used panties, and yet here I was about to nail her.

    "Hurry," she urged, referring to the fact that we were in a public bathroom, and my hips answered and pushed forward almost unconsciously.

    My cock slipped past my sisters lips with a slight sucking sound and before I knew it I was balls deep inside her. In all the chaos of it all, I couldn't believe how tight she was. This was an after thought as I placed my hands on her ass and firmly gripped her cheeks as I filled her completely.

    Yvonne closed her eyes and rolled her head back as my shaft hit home, almost penetrating her womb. She groaned slightly as I began to withdraw from her, only to slam myself in again, almost splitting her in two.

    "UGH fuck!" she gasped. "Give it to me. Give me that big fucking cock!"

    With her permission I began to pump in and out of her.

    I started slow but gradually jack-hammered her pussy from behind with everything I had. The sound of her ass slapping against my stomach with each thrust was deafening. I held onto her hips as tightly as I could as her pregnant tits bounced back and forth while her head bobbled in different directions.

    She made an Ah-AH-ah-Ah sound in time with my thrusts.

    The thought of someone walking in on us only seemed to fuel our excitement and turned us on more. I pounded Yvonne harder and faster, and we fucked like this for perhaps five whole minutes, until the incredible heat between us was unbearable and I couldn't hold off any longer.

    "Fuck, I'm gunna cum." I chanted.

    Right as I was about to nut in my sister's twat, I realized I had no idea if and how it would effect the baby. Knowing how much it meant to her, I released her ass and pulled my cock out of her right as I began to erupt molten semen.

    The first blast splattered squarely against her ass and pussy as I struggled to aim over her back. The proceeding blasts coated her left ass cheek and then most of her lower back – including those sexy dimples above her butt.

    Even the fourth and fifth blasts still had a bit of power and distance to them from the intensity of my orgasm. Finally, as I wiped my dick against her right ass cheek Yvonne huffed.

    "Fuck-yeah, I needed that." she admitted. "Thank god you finally acted on it, I was starting to wonder."

    "God knows I wanted to do it sooner but, I didn't have the guts." I told her. "You're so fucking sexy sis."

    Yvonne stood up and readjusted her outfit - letting it fall to her ankles - despite still being soiled in semen underneath.

    "Come on, lets get back out there before someone catches us." she said. "Besides, the sooner we're done here the sooner we can get home and finish what we started."

    Up until that point I'd never seen this side of her personality before, the sluttier side. Noticing my hesitation Yvonne stopped and looked at me at the door.

    "What's wrong, you don't regret it already do you?" she asked. "Was the sex bad for you?"

    I knew she was still paranoid and all defensive about her baby bump.

    "Are you serious," I answered back. "That was hot as fuck. I can't wait to do it again."

    My sister suddenly seemed all serious and leaned towards me.

    "Careful what you wish for little brother, cause in the state I'm in I'll hold you to it."

    "Will you now?"

    "Let's just say, I need all the protein I can get." she winked - insinuating that she wanted to swallow my loads.

    God she could be sexy when she wanted to be.

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    Thats more than a bump thats practically 9 months

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    Damn, that was hot.

    Would have liked more Munn, but like I said hot.

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    I wish there's a sequel to this.

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