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Thread: "A Shot in the Dark" with Olivia Holt

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    fanfiction "A Shot in the Dark" with Olivia Holt

    With Olivia Holt
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, blowjob, handjob, creampie, rimming
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    My little girl was growing up, and growing up fast. In fact Olivia and her "boyfriend" Ray had plans to attend some local music festival which I was naturally opposed to. Of course this was understandable since I knew very little about the boy, who Liv had only known for a few short weeks.

    They had apparently hit it off in Malibu, and from what I could gather the kid was loaded. Of course I'm sure this had nothing to do with her feelings towards the guy. I mean, I assume she wasn't as shallow as her mother?

    In any event, I don't know who was more surprised when my wife interrupted our conversation and not only told Olivia that she could go to the concert over the weekend, but that Ray could spend the night with us since the drive back to Malibu was perilous at that time of the evening.

    Naturally I was shocked - if only for the fact that I'd been undermined - and I didn't want him anywhere near my daughter during his stay with us. So I made it abundantly clear that if he tried any funny business during the night there'd be hell to pay.

    "I'm a registered gun owner," I remarked at one point. "And in the dark I can't tell the difference between intruders and guests."

    "Ugh. Stop trying to scare him daddy," Olivia rolled her eyes.

    I was amused to see my threats had a lasting effect on him, as he was clearly frazzled.

    Even though I probably should have felt bad, I knew what boys his age were like and I'd have to be a raving lunatic to let a bag of hormones like that anywhere near my angel.

    "We're right down the hall if you need anything," I told him in confidence. "but if I find you took a single step outside this bedroom during the night, you'll be leaving the house in a body bag."

    Ray nodded vehemently and almost pissed his pants.

    Truth be told I was never really good at the whole parenting thing. In fact I didn't really spend a lot of time at home with the kids, and instead worked around the clock to provide for the family.

    As it turned out Olivia had recently made a name for herself in the TV industry, and was growing in fame and popularity by the day. She was also developing into an increasingly beautiful young woman, just like her mother. As a matter of fact, a few weeks earlier I had "accidentally" checked her out.

    I was actually supposed to meet the kids and their friends at a local mall, but when I arrived I noticed a very attractive young blonde who I didn't realize was her. In my defense she had her back to me, but I remember thinking how much of a great ass she had for her age, until she turned around and I discovered it was my own daughter!

    I almost blushed with shame.

    Little did the Disney star realize that only moments earlier her own father was thinking lustful thoughts about her body, and all the things he wanted to do to that ass. It made me realize that if I, her own father, had lustful thoughts like these, then what possible hope did others have.

    Our home consisted of a five bedroom, two bathroom villa up in Elmwood Canyon. While the wife and I had our own en-suite, Olivia and Cade would share the main bathroom together.

    It was about two in the morning when I woke up and needed to take a leak. I could have slipped into the en-suite, but being the caring husband that I was, I decided I would use the main bathroom and not wake Kim. After all, this also gave me an excuse to wander around the house and make sure nothing inappropriate was going on.

    I knew my way around pretty well, so I didn't need any lights and wandered into the bathroom to take a piss in the dark. Just as I was about to flush the toilet however, I felt a cool hand touch my shoulder.

    "Shh... we have to keep quiet," Olivia whispered. "We can't wake anybody."

    Busted! I thought.

    I'd caught her red handed, and couldn't wait to see her face when she realized I wasn't her boyfriend. However as Olivia carried on, I decided to play along for a minute to give her enough rope to hang herself. Well at least, that was the plan.

    Before I could react Olivia reached down and without warning grasped my penis. I almost jumped out of my skin, and had to bite my lip to stop from yelping out loud.

    My mind reeled.

    Shock, panic, and I dare say a strange sense of excitement surged through my body. I know it's wrong to say but, the idea of her stroking my cock kind of thrilled me – even if she thought I was somebody else.

    I knew I had to say something to stop things from spiraling out of control, but to be honest no words came out. At one point I even opened my mouth to identify myself, only to watch her shut the door behind her and drop to knees, my bare naked cock now inches away from her face.

    "Jesus," I thought. "Is this actually happening!"

    My prick throbbed in her hand as my ability to resist quickly faded. Like her, I couldn't see very well but I could just make out her silhouette and heard Liv grab a towel to place it under her knees to make herself more comfortable on the floor.

    I couldn't help but wonder just how many times my little girl had performed such a lewd act, and if it had anything to do with her burgeoning career.

    It suddenly made me angry that several older executives had most probably had the privilege, and it made me jealous. In fact furious. Of course, I barely had time to think about it as Olivia suddenly leaned forward and before I could react, proceeded to give "Ray" a blow job.

    I now found myself in quite the predicament. On the one hand I could turn on the light and give her the shock of her life, but at the same time the ramifications could be devastating.

    So against my better judgement, and for the love of my child (I told myself) I thought it best to simply play along and stay anonymous. The fact that I was getting sucked like a lollipop had nothing to do with it, I swear - by god was it good though.

    Liv even had the good sense to drag her wet tongue along the length of my shaft and took one of my nuts into her mouth while jacking me off with her hand. I didn't know if I wanted to scream or yell, or moan out loud. In the end all I could do was stand there and take it.

    In all the years of marriage, Kim had never performed such incredible fellatio – even when she was drunk. In fact I spend most of the time between her legs eating her out. I hated to think it but, my precious little girl was a natural born cock-sucker!

    The wet sucking "fap" noise was the only sound, besides my occasional groans that filled the room. Olivia would pull right the way off my prick, so that just the tip was in her mouth, where she'd slowly swirl her tongue around the head, than take me deep inside again.

    Each time she pulled back she'd gently drag her teeth along too, and flick that pretty little tongue of hers right across my piss-slit. It was absolutely divine, and I dare say one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had.

    The entire incident was surreal, and by that I mean I don't know how I stood there and endured it. However just as I felt my orgasm approaching, Olivia stopped completely to pull a pubic hair out of her mouth.

    For a moment there I wondered if she'd come to her senses and figure it was a good time to sneak back to her bedroom and call it a night, but as it turned out my little girl had other ideas.

    "We can't risk sneaking around the house tonight, so we'll have to be quiet in here." she quipped.

    My brain tried to catch up as she stood up and pushed by me to use the toilet. I stood spellbound as Olivia shamelessly claimed that she had to pee before we could have sex.

    I assume she was perfectly comfortable with peeing in front of "Ray" due to the fact it was completely dark in the bathroom and you couldn't see anything. In any event my cock throbbed at the shadowy figure before me, and the soft sound of her tinkle hitting the water which really riled up something deep and dark inside of me.

    I stood there for a moment simply stroking my wood before I acted on pure impulse. I stepped forward and pressed the head of my cock against her lips, and despite her initial objections (giggling) Olivia ultimately opened her mouth and sucked my dick while she continued to pee.

    It was one of the most erotic, and taboo moments of my entire life.

    I almost moaned out loud as she cupped my balls with one hand and proceeded to bob her head back and forth over my sword like a god damn professional. I reached down to cup one of her pert breasts and found her nipple to be rock hard.

    Like me, it seemed the entire seedy affair really turned her on.

    I quickly discovered just how sensitive her breasts were as I twisted and tweaked her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger, causing her to groan around my cock and trigger vibrations along my shaft. I ultimately withdrew from her wet mouth with a sloppy pop, and proceeded to slap my fat bell-end against her chin and tongue.

    "Mm... don't tease me," she purred erotically. "You know how fucking wet that makes me."

    As Olivia spoke, I felt her reach down between her legs and play with her clit while still seated there on the porcelain thrown. I almost lost my shit all together when she then took her slick fingers and reached up to stuff them into my mouth.

    I'd never tasted a sweeter pussy in all my life.

    I responded in kind and grabbed the back of her head and almost skull-fucked her right then and there on the toilet. She gagged briefly but we were forced to stop as the choking sounds grew louder and we were in danger of waking the house.

    "UGH! I want you to fuck me so bad," she panted. "I wish we could go back to my room right now, I'd ride you all night long."

    Hearing this tone from my daughter, I pulling her up to her feet - not even sure if she had finished peeing - and before she could object I dropped to my knees and kissed her squarely between the legs, making direct contact with her shaved mound! My daughter gasped to the action before I twirled her around and proceeded to kiss her all over her hips and butt.

    Olivia seemed surprised by this, and for a moment I thought I had blown my cover as it was obviously something Ray had never done. However, before she could add two and two together, I directed her to bend over at the waist and abruptly buried my tongue into her asshole, taking her breath away.

    "Ah-fuck, that feels so good!" she moaned hotly. "Don't stop."

    I didn't intent to, and happily rimmed and tongue-fucked my little girls shit-pipe with great enthusiasm. To my delight not only did she respond positively to this - opening her stance and arching her back - but I felt her ring muscle actually pucker and release and finally gape for me.

    It was one of the most incredible things I'd ever seen.

    When I dipped my tongue down to swat it at her pussy, I could still taste the pee residue on her lips. In fact she was so riled up at the spontaneous analingus I had given her, that I felt her slightly pee in my mouth, which I immediately swallowed.

    I could almost see her blushing with shame in the dark. I don't think anyone had ever made her do that before, but as perverted as it sounds, this didn't slow me down for a second as I drank down my daughters natural tangy essence.

    "oohh god..." she huffed erotically as I explored her mound and devoured her cunt!

    When Liv proceeded to grind her hips back and forth and attempted to ride my face, I thought I was going to blow a load right then and there on the floor.

    "ugh yeah... fuck, eat my ass. I like that." she huffed while rubbing her clit.

    Things quickly progressed from there.

    I was now on autopilot and before I realized what I was doing, I stood up and rubbed the head of my cock against her sopping wet sex.

    "Ah, just give it to me." she hissed over her shoulder. "Please. I can't wait any longer. Fuck me already."

    Without saying a word I grabbed hold of her hips and pressed forward. I pushed straight in to the hilt, lifting Olivia off the floor momentarily. She let out a low grunt and tried to work her way further onto me so her feet could touch the floor.

    I pulled back gently so she felt every inch in retraction, then hastily slammed back in again!

    "Fuck!" she hissed softly. "Remember, we have to stay quiet."

    I lessened the force of my thrusts but picked up the pace considerably and proceeded to jack hammer her like she was a blow-up doll. I was going to make this as rough as I could without hurting her, and hoped it would encourage a break up in the morning.

    I wanted to give her every reason to hate "Ray" and fucked her like a rag-doll, in out, in out slap slap slap! In truth, I'd never felt a more heavenly pussy in all my life. Her teenage twat was somehow incredibly wet and yet as tight as a velvet vice.

    It was due to this position and the angle of entry, that her entire ass now bounced around between me and the wall. I licked my index finger and reached down, letting it sweep across her backdoor. Again I was thinking of my role as "Ray," and figured this was something a horny teenager might do.

    To her credit, Olivia never raised any objections even as I plunged my finger to its second knuckle. It seemed my daughter was keen to please her man, and it suddenly got me thinking how I'd love... or how "Ray" would love, to fuck her ass!!

    We screwed in this position for some time – with me pounding her from behind - and my finger embedded in her tight little asshole. I was half tempted to pull my digit out and replace it with my dick, but to be honest it felt so good filling both her holes at the same time that I couldn't make myself stop.

    This was particularly true when I felt her start to push her hips back against me, almost urging me to fuck her harder and faster.

    I ultimately withdrew my finger from her ass to reach up and cup one of her breasts, before gliding my hand up towards her face where I invited her to clean my digit with her mouth, the same finger that had been inside her ass just moments earlier.

    When I felt her hot tongue spiral around it without hesitation I thought I was going to come.

    At this point I didn't even have to move my own hips and just leaned back and let her do all the work, as she pulled her knees together and pushed back and fucked herself with my prick.

    Caught up in the moment of it all, I finally pulled her head back by her hair and kiss her hard on the lips - groping her breasts with both hands. Liv responded by shoving her long tongue down my throat, and never once showed any signs of slowing down in her thrusts.

    I couldn't believe it. My little girl was like a fucking nympho. I could barely keep up. I just barely kept up the pace, and even gave her flawless ass a sharp spank, and soon felt my orgasm approaching.

    I only pulled out to stop myself from ejaculating prematurely, but didn't want the fucking to end, so I pulled her around and invited her to sit on my lap while I sat on the toilet. Olivia happily obliged and swiftly impaled herself, before riding me like a god damn champ.

    I grabbed hold of her cheeks with both hands and now kissed her hard on the lips again as she rode my cock enthusiastically. I was surprised to see how good she felt in this position, and ultimately slipped one of my fingers back into her bunghole again. This really seemed to set her off and she began to moan more audibly.

    I had to reach up and place my hand over her mouth to shut her up. This was easier said than done as she squirmed and moved around so much. Olivia finally hoped off my cock and before I could say anything, wrapped her sweet soft lips around my helmet again.

    However this time, I felt her reach up and motion for me to spread my legs, before dragging her lips down to my nuts and ultimately brushing her tongue across MY bunghole.

    I moaned to the action and leaned back and kicked my feet up, allowing my precious daughter to toss my salad for the very first time. She even reached up with both hands and placed them on my cheeks while licking my ass.

    I never imagined my own daughter would be so filthy, her lewd acts causing pre-cum to leak from my tip.

    At that point I was so aroused I knew I couldn't take much more of it, so I pulled her up into another kiss and invited to get back on top and ride me to completion. However this time Olivia smirked and turned her back to me, before sitting back on my cock to ride me reverse cowgirl.

    I grabbed hold of her tender hips and helped feed her my manly cock. This position really seemed to agree with her, and allowed me to strike uncharted regions of her tight pussy.

    "ugh-shit," she mewled. "You're cock feel so big right now."

    I wanted to reply so badly, but instead all I could do was run my fingers up and down her glistening spine.

    We were both panting and dripping in sweat as my daughter proceeded to ride me like a nymphomaniac. I could feel my ass tense and release, still wet and itchy from her talented mouth and tongue work.

    It was only then that she abruptly climaxed, and I felt her tremble uncontrollably while sitting down firmly on my rod.

    I reached up and pulled her back towards me and plunged my tongue into her mouth. She was now left to lay on top of me, kissing me over her shoulder, while my manhood was embedded inside her.

    With that, we moved our hips in a circular motion but I was so sensitive at that point that the slightest movement could set me off. I mean, it was a delightful position but somewhat awkward to maintain, so I pushed her off me and onto her hands and knees on the floor of the bathroom.

    As intense as this late night fuck-session had been, there was just something so hot and nasty about her kneeling there on the floor of the bathroom, completely naked with her face down and ass up.

    "Hurry, and give it me." she cooed while wiggling that flawless derriere up at me.

    All I could do was shake my head at the magnificent vision before me. I'd remember that sight for the rest of my life.

    I then took a deep breath and moved into position above her and held her face down whilst I entered her at a forty-five degree angle. I was as deep as humanly possible inside her, and didn't take long to start jack-hammering away at her teen cookie.

    "ugh-god. yes." she huffed into the tiled floor.

    My god did her pussy feel absolutely divine. I dare say, my little girl was born to be taken from behind.

    The sound of skin slapping against skin soon echoed in the small space, as her moans grew increasingly louder. At that point I think an entire film crew could have walked in on us and we couldn't have stopped or cared. We were now just set on getting each other off.

    When I grabbed hold of her cheeks with both hands and realized how firm and supple her - nineteen year old - ass was, I knew I was a goner. That and the vision of her young sculptured, sweaty back drove me insane.

    In fact when I finally came, I think I was scraping her cervix. Truth be told, I didn't even care anymore about her or Ray or anyone for that matter and was solely focused on my own orgasm.

    The first spray of spunk blasted the insides of her womanhood before I had the good sense to pull out and ended up shooting ropes of jism all over her bare-naked spine. Heck I came with such ferocity that some of it even landed on the back of her neck and hair.

    Olivia gasped with relief before collapsing forward, completely spent. Lifeless.

    "fuck-yeah, I needed that." she huffed contently. "That was so good baby, best one yet."

    Thinking quickly, I grabbed the towel to wipe myself down before making a quick exit, and left my sweaty naked daughter there on the tiled floor. I still found it amusing that she was under the impression that her boyfriend had just fucked her six ways to Sunday.

    Ha! I thought, as if he could.

    As I left the bathroom and slipped back into bed with my wife, I couldn't help but wonder when we'd have Ray over to the house again, and if I'd get another shot in the dark with my gorgeous teen daughter.

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    Um holy shit. All this time and stories later and your stories with her r still super intense. Its almost like u really like her or something. Mate, if u wanna write strictly holt stories from now on u could cause the passion is real.

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    I've run out of ways to compliment your stories mate, especially your Holt ones.

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