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Thread: "Benefits and Deals" Lyrica Okano and Piper Curda

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    fanfiction "Benefits and Deals" Lyrica Okano and Piper Curda

    Benefits and Deals
    Lyrica Okano and Piper Curda
    Written by Alpha17
    Codes: Oral, MF, MF, Finger,Creampie
    Disclaimer: This Story is purely fictional and did not happen in anyway sort or form.

    It's my senior year of college and I've been known to get around pretty well. I've slept with some of the sexiest girls in my school and have earned a reputation as a great fuck.

    I've had an arrangement with a friend of mine ever since sophomore year. I've been friends with benefits with my friend Lyrica Okano ever since we hooked up at a dorm party back in our second year. I found her at the party after her friends had ditched her to go streaking. We instantly connected and began making out after dancing for a couple of hours. I walked her back to her room when she grabbed the obvious tent in my pants that I've been sporting for about an hour. She pushed me onto her bed and within seconds had my raging hard on pointed at the ceiling. She started bobbing her head up and down on me before I finally took some controlled and flipped us over. I grabbed her underwear she had on underneath her floral skirt and threw them on the floor.

    I licked up and down her slit before plunging two of my fingers into her hairless snatch. When she was ready I pulled my fingers out and slammed my 8 inch cock into her tight asian pussy. I kept the pace of my thrusts up until her whole body vibrated with her orgasm as her mouth made an O shape. Before she could come down from her high i continued my pace until I finally felt the impending climax and shot rope after rope of sticky cum right into her petite body. Ever since that day we've spend at least two nights a week in her dorm room pounding away at each other much to the dismay of her next door neighbor Piper Curda who made shared a wall with Lyrica.

    In truth ever since Piper walked in on us on night screaming that about how she needed to sleep and our as she put it "constant rabbit fucking" was keeping her awake, I've wanted to fuck her.

    That brings us to right now while I'm at this party playing pool and seriously considering leaving to find someone to sleep with since Lyrica has been awake on a class assignment.

    i finished my last game of pool before I made way to towards the makeshift bar we made in the common room when I feel a tug on my arm. I turn hoping that Lyrica has come back but instead I see a nervous looking Piper. She's wearing a green and white see thru top with a white collar and a polka dot skirt just about her knee high boots. She pulls me down so she can whisper in my ear to meet her in the dorm bathroom in two minutes. I follow her after the specified time and see her waiting by a mirror. After she see's me in the mirror she walks past me and locks the bathroom door before turning to me and placing her hand on my chest.

    She says she wants to make a deal with me but no matter what happens I can't tell anyone about it. She apologizes for always being uptight and tells me how she has been super stressed out about her classes and she needs a release. She comes up with a deal while pushing me until I'm leaning against the sink. She grabs the bulge in my pants and says that if I let her go down on me I agree to go down on her until she comes. She tells me how from overhearing me with Lyrica numerous times she knows how well I can lick a pussy. I agree to her terms by crashing my lips into hers and begin fighting with her tongue over the territory.

    Piper drops down to her knees while undoing my jeans and pulling them down along with my boxers. She looks at it and remarks how it looks even bigger from the last time she saw it. She licks up and down the sides while using her hands to stroke the length. I never would have guessed but she clearly knows how to handle a cock. She starts to lick and play with my balls when she does the most incredible thing to me. I was so lost in my own pleasure that I didn't even notice she had begun taking inch after inch into her narrow throat. She directly into my eyes and winked before taking my entire length into her throat. She pulls off my dick just long enough to tell me she doesn't have a gag reflex before plunging back down to continue the deep throat. After about twenty minutes of this I push Piper even further onto my before I cum directly into her stomach.

    I stand her up and spin her around and bend her over the sink before I hike up her skirt. I reach under and practically rip off her black thong and sneak it into my pocket as a souvenir before I spin her around again. I kiss her again and sit her on the sink while spreading her legs. I drop down to my knees and start licking the half-korean beauties pussy. She instantly moans and grabs the back of my head pushing my tongue further into her pussy. I lick her freshly waxed pussy while finger blasting her. I get into a rhythm and before I know it she's cumming directly into my mouth as I lap up her girl juices. She leans back to rest against the mirror when I stand up and grab Piper by her hips and puller her forward and slam my cock into her half asian pussy to the hilt. She's tight. Tighter than any one I've ever been with and honestly I'm pretty surprised because I didn't think anyone could be tighter than Lyrica.

    I give Piper a minute to adjust to the size of my dick before I resume the pace and pound away at her pussy. She's moaning while using one hand to grab her own boob while the other plays with her own clit. I have no idea how much time has passed and I'm about ready to burst when she moans my name cums all over my cocks while it still pistons in and out her her pussy. I ask her where she wants to load and she says in between breath says to cum inside her because she's on the pill and doesn't want cum on her dress or face right now. I shoot my hot load into her tight pussy and let her feel every pulse as I grow soft inside of her.

    After we get dressed minus her thong which is still in my pocket and recompose ourselves we reenter the hallway heading back to our rooms. I walk her to her room and kiss her goodnight when she pulls on my arm again. She looks me in the eye and tells me I'm going to have to earn the right to keep that thong while pulling me into the room. She straddles my lap as we start one of the longest and best night of our lives.

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    It's been a while since a story with Piper Curda was posted on here... thanks for sharing.
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