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Thread: "The Villa" with Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "The Villa" with Paris Berelc

    Featuring Paris Berlec and Kelli Berglund
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, cheating, spanking, dirty talk, handjob, blowjob, 69
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    It's hard making friends in a new city, but I was determined to follow my dreams and become a personal trainer to the stars in Los Angeles. Everyone thought I was crazy, particularly when I cut all ties back home in Oz, and invested heavily in a large run down villa just outside Hollywood, and set up shop.

    Fortunately for me it didn't take very long to gain some regular customers, one of which was Nickelodeon star Jack Griffo. In fact it was due to this friendship that I was soon introduced to many of his fellow actors and friends, including his gorgeous Euro-Asian girlfriend Paris Berelc.

    Amusingly enough, Paris and I got along almost immediately and she didn't waste time insisting that despite sport-fucking Jack on a regular basis, they were NOT a couple... just friends with benefits. This of course annoyed Jack to no end, but then again there wasn't much he could do about since she clearly wore the pants in their relationship.

    In any event Paris and Jack became nightly fixtures at the villa and even spent a few nights there messing around. It even became a running gag in which I'd try and guess which part of the house they were going to have sex in next.

    It was just a week into this newfound friendship that Paris mentioned something about having issues at home, and had threatened to move out. Noting this, I flippantly offered her a place to stay when to our surprise she took me up on the offer.

    Of course, Jack wasn't too impressed that his actress girlfriend now wanted to move in with me, but again Paris quickly put him in his place and explained how fun it would be and how it'd help her out.

    So with his permission, we were all agreed and she made the big move.

    The following afternoon, I helped "Mighty Med" star move her things out of her folks place and into our villa during which time I was briefly introduced to one of her friends, Kelli Berglund. As it turned out Kelli also had a boyfriend by the name of Tyler, but that didn't stop her from openly flirting with me the entire day.

    "You know, they're in an open relationship." Paris claimed. "You could totally get with her if you really wanted to."

    However as tempting as this offer sounded, my work schedule was crazy so I didn't really have time for a serious relationship.

    "I know what you mean," Berelc agreed. "I'm that way too, but there's only so many times I can smash my vibrator before I need some human contact."

    "Wow, well there's an image."

    "Besides, who said anything about a serious relationship." she went on. "Just fuck her and dump her, she won't care."

    You had to love her. Despite being smoking hot, Paris Berelc had the mind and mouth of a sailor.

    The move itself was uneventful for the most part, but just 24hrs in and I could tell I was in over my head as Paris wandered around the house in nothing but her thong bikini bottoms.

    "We're both adults here, right." she remarked while taking ice cream out of the freezer. "This doesn't bother you does it? I want to feel comfortable when I'm at home."

    I assured her it was fine, but that we might keep her lack of dress between us as it might hurt Jack's feelings.

    "ugh, I'm so over that guy." she hissed. "He can't even get it up around me anymore."

    I was surprised to hear this, but Paris claimed that in recent weeks Jack had been hanging out with Tyler a lot more and the two were getting into all kinds of trouble slinging pills at clubs and getting high.

    "Any money in that racket?"

    Paris explained that not only was there a market for it, but due to her connections in the industry there was a big demand as almost everyone was taking one form of a drug or another.

    "Just something to think about I guess, if you ever wanted to start a little side business." she winked before turning around to show me that perfect ass.

    For the most part, Berelc and I keep our relationship purely platonic, particularly since we had Jack over at the house at all times of the day. I found this amusing as he clearly didn't trust her, and acted like we couldn't be left alone for more than a few hours a day.

    In the meanwhile Kelli and I started a phone relationship, and things quickly escalated to the point where we were not only having phone sex, but she was on the verge of breaking it off with Tyler and wanted to come over, insisting that she wanted to have sex with me right in front of Paris.

    "I know she likes you and all, but I don't care." Kelli hissed. "I want to give you a blowjob while you watch TV."

    This was news to me – concerning her Paris comments – but to be honest I wasn't half surprised considering how close we were.

    Against my better judgment, I convinced Kelli NOT to come over if only for the fact that Jack would immediately turn around and tell Tyler what his "girlfriend" was doing behind his back.

    This of course made me resent him, and later that same night after he went home, I helped myself to a nice relaxing bath upstairs only to have Paris join me in the bathroom.

    "Mind some company?" she said, before stripping down to her birthday suit and climbing into in the tub with me.

    Considering the amount of times I'd already seen her naked I wasn't too fussed. Although I'll be the first to admit I did get a little aroused at the sight of her fully shaved mound as she eased into the water.

    I also have to admit it was all rather romantic, between the frothy bubble bath and the scented candles around us, the whole atmosphere was pretty special, particularly as she turned around in the water and asked me to wash her back while we conversed.

    "It's kind of sad that I have to use my vibe to get off each night huh," she stated, feeling sorry for herself. "The poor guy [Jack] just has no idea how to please a woman."

    I tried to give her some advice as I pampered her body, but judging from the constant cooing she gave I suspect she wasn't paying much attention to what I was saying.

    It was only when she offered to give me the same treatment, that I realized she had ulterior motives.

    Paris turned to face me in the tub and reached down into the water and gripped my tool. Even though we both knew she were crossing a line, I dare not say anything to stop her.

    "You know, I could totally take advantage of you right now." she grinned. "And I bet you wouldn't even stop me."

    "What about Jack?"

    "Well for one thing, you're way bigger, and thicker by the looks of things." she smiled.

    "Think you could handle it?"

    Paris responded by squeezing my cock in her hand, before brushing her thumb across my piss-slit.

    "I supposed I owe you this much," she said, referring to the fact that I had given her a place to stay. "It's the least I can do to thank you for being such a great roommate."

    As Paris spoke, I felt her reach under with her free hand and massage my nuts while she picked up the pace on my piss-pump, and jacked me off in the water. I reached over to tweak her nipple, before caressing her lovely face and brushed my thumb across her lips, only to see her suck it into her mouth.

    I felt so relaxed, I lay back and sighed to the expert handjob I received and almost drifted off to sleep.

    "Come on, let's get you up and dry you off." she suggested a minute later.

    I did as she asked and slowly climbed out of the tub – dripping wet - my cock standing at full attention.

    Paris toweled me down and then proceeded to wrap her hand firmly around my tool again, only this time she used her own spit to lube me up, her face just inches away from my prick.

    "You're just lucky I'm in relationship," she teased. "Otherwise I'd take this bad boy into the back of my throat and gag on you."

    "I thought you said you guys weren't an item?" I quipped, catching her out.

    Paris rolled her eyes and continued to jack me off and to my surprise it didn't take her very long to make me pop. When I finally came I spurted semen all over her neck and chest - covering her chocolate dark nipples in spunk - as she rubbed it into her skin and leaned over to give the tip of my prick a brief kiss.

    "That's all your getting tonight," she winked before hopping into the shower to wash off.

    I don't mind admitting it was frustrating as hell, but if I thought that was a maddening encounter, nothing could have prepared me for what followed a few hours later, when she decided to come into my room in the middle of the night and claimed she couldn't sleep alone in bed.

    I reluctantly agreed to let her share my own bed and expected some antics from her, but instead we just spooned each other until we finally drifted off to sleep. However in the morning I awoke with a strong case of morning wood, only to feel Paris reach down between us and grab my crown jewels.

    "So, I had this idea..." she said, while giving my cock some much needed hand relief. "I was thinking, maybe we could come to some kind of arrangement with the rent?"

    "What did you have in mind?"

    Truth be told in that position I probably would have agreed to just about anything.

    "You could let me stay here for the next few weeks," she said before leaning over to drool a long line of spit all over my prick. "And I could pamper you like this every morning, and no one has to know."

    Naturally I had my reservations, particularly since she already had a boyfriend and I knew how complicated it could get if we started messing around. However as much as I didn't want to bring it up, she knew what I was thinking.

    "Like I said, he doesn't fulfill me sexually." she added, referring to her boyfriend. "I need someone more experienced."

    "I know but-"

    I barely managed to say another word before Berelc took me into her warm mouth and proceeded to blow me! In an instant her head bobbed up and down over my rod, as I reached over to pull the sheets away from her body and fingered her freshly shaved cunt.

    By the time she shifted around and swung her leg over my head - to place us into a 69 - any concerns I had about a "boyfriend" went right out the window, and I ate that peach like a man possessed.

    Paris moaned with a mouthful of cock as I plunged my tongue in and out of her pussy then spread her cheeks apart and tongued-punched her asshole. To her credit she returned the favor by lathering my nuts in spit then plunged her own tongue at my taint.

    I couldn't remember the last time I'd been serviced so sensually, as the two of us moaned at each others actions.

    Ultimately I pushed her down and impaled her on my staff, then watched as she rode my cock reverse cow-girl style for several minutes, and thanked her efforts with a few sharp spanks to the butt!

    "ah yeah, spank me." she moaned. "I like that. Harder!"

    I responded by pulling her hair and spanked her even harder, which she really seemed to enjoy. In fact she really appeared to get off on being treated roughly, even as I pushed her off my hips and directed her to stick her ass up in the air - leaving her face down, ass up - while I railed into her from behind!!

    I then grabbed her wrists and pinned them back behind her ass as I fucked the wailing slut six ways to Sunday, and delighted to learn just how loud she was. So loud In fact I thought she was going to scream the building down as she cried for more.

    I genuinely think I pounded her so hard, and for so long it must have left bruises before I finally pulled out and blew my load right across her naked back - three thick streaks marking my territory, before she collapsed forward in a hot sweaty mess.

    "Now that I've got your attention," she panted beside me a minute later. "I need to ask you something."

    "What's up?"

    "I have a friend who might be interested in moving in with us,"

    "I dunno," I snickered.

    "Trust me, it'll be worth your while."

    "Can I think about it?"

    "I suppose I'll just have to convince you." Paris winked.

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    Awesome first chapter!
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    This is off to a good start, and you can never go wrong using Paris Berelc in a story. Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing Kira Kosarin pop up in the next chapter.
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    very good first job, I hope to see how the story continues ...


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