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Thread: Lucky Bastard 20: Birthday Debauchery (multi celeb)

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    fanfiction Lucky Bastard 20: Birthday Debauchery (multi celeb)

    Lucky Bastard 20: Birthday Debauchery
    Starring Olivia Holt, Paris Berelc, Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet, Kelli Berglund, McKaley Miller, Appearances by Sammi Hanratty, Debby Ryan and Sabrina Carpenter
    Written by MiamiLyfe
    Codes: MFF, MF, Oral, Fingering, Voyeur, Public, Creampie, Facial
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

    Olivia Holt woke up naked on a California King sized bed with a white sheet barely covering one of her legs and her crotch.

    "Gguuupphhhhh my head." Liv groaned as she was now awake enough for the full force of her hangover to set in. She opened one eye, and looked around the room. The first thing she noticed was thankfully the blinds were still closed, blocking out the mid morning sun. Next thing she noticed was the fact was this was not her bedroom, nor the bedroom of the friends she went out with last night.

    "Morning birthday girl" I said when I saw her moving around on the bed.

    "Not so loud…" Olivia said and buried her head in the pillows. She eventually turned her head and reopened her eyes. "Eddie? Is that you?"


    "Is this your room?"


    "How did I get here?"

    "Ah, well... there is some excedrin and a bottle of water on the table. You should probably have some of that first." Olivia groaned and rolled over to her side. She at up, not even bothering to hide her naked body, as she opened the bottle of headache medicine. Dumping several pills into her hand, she popped them into her mouth and then gulped down the entire 24oz bottle of water.

    "So what do you remember about last night?" I asked when she finished the bottle.

    "Me and a bunch of my friends went out last night in Malibu. We did some pregaming at a house we rented and then went to some club at around midnight. I had my first legal drink, and then we had bottle service, and we kept drinking, and then I don't know…" Olivia said as she tried to remember what she could.

    "Okay, well around 4:30, you showed up at my door, totally unannounced. You woke me by banging one of your heels to bang on my door, and you were yelling 'Eddie open the door it's time for sex' over and over again. I have the scratch marks on the door to prove it."

    "Sorry" she groaned either from embarrassment or from her still painful hangover. "Was the sex any good at least?"

    "You rode me for about five minutes until you came and then passed out."

    "Oooff, sorry... again." She laid back down on the bed, "If you want we can do it now, so long as you can keep quiet and I don't have to move at all."

    "Tempting offer, but I'll take a rain check."

    "I'll make it up to you tonight. You're coming to my surprise party, right?"

    "I am, but how do you know about the party?" I questioned.

    "The girls forgot I was in a group chat when they were texting about it...OH SHIT! What time is it?" Olivia saide fanticly.

    "Quarter after eleven."

    "Damn it, I'm supposed be having brunch with them at noon." Olivia said as she jumped out of bed. She picked up her discarded thong off the floor and then scanned the rest of the room. "Where are my clothes?"

    "One shoe is at the bottom of the stairs, the other is outside. You tossed it over your head after I opened the door for you. Aaannnd your dress is either in the front entryway or outside by the front door."

    "Outside? Oh god why?" Olivia said with a look if shock on her face.

    "You originally wanted to have sex outside. You said you that grass feels so good between your toes when you walk barefoot and so it must feel amazing to have sex on. You had you dress unzipped and pushed down to your waist before i could start pulling you inside."

    "Wow... soooo I was kind of a mess, huh?"

    'Extremely." After that Olivia got her clothes together, her dress was luckily was inside the house. We said our goodbyes for now after she got dressed and her uber arrived. With her gone I decided it was time to take a shower.

    15 minutes later I was out of the shower when my doorbell rang. Thinking it might be Olivia again, I wrapped a towel around my waist and went downstairs and opened the door. I was wrong, it was not Olivia, but instead it was Dove Cameron and Paris Berelc. Paris was dressed in her usual, low cut black tank top, daisy dukes, and black boots, while Dove was dressed in a dress, the hardly reached her mid thigh, and open toed heels.

    "Oh wow, were not interrupting anything are we?" Dove asked, her eyes giving me the once over.

    "No you're not."

    "Too bad." Dove said with a smirk.

    "So, what's up?" I asked, no clue why they were at my front door.

    "Why's your door all fucked up?" Paris asked bluntly, referring to the scratched paint and black marks left by Olivia's heel banging on my door.

    "It's a long story. Why are you two here?"

    "We need to borrow your house" Dove said.

    "Excuse me?"

    "It's for Liv's party. You know how it was supposed to be at this place in Malibu, right" Paris asked, and I nodded, "Well a pipe burst there this morning so now we have to move it. And with McKaley, Natalie, Courtney, Eleanor and Bailey all keeping Olivia busy today, we can't use their places. I have family at my house, Dove is getting her house painted, Kelli said we can't use hers, and it's too late to rent another place, so here we are!" Paris tried to put a happy spin on the end. I looked back and forth at the two shorter, younger women at my door as I thought.

    "Alright, you can use my place" I told them, and they both smiled brightly "However, you're both paying to have a cleaner come over tomorrow to clean up, and you and whoever else will need to put together a collection to pay for anything that gets broken."

    "Okay," Dove agreed. "Is that it?"

    "That's it." I said moving aside, and letting them in. Dove though had kind of a pouty face as she passed by me. "What, wrong? I agreed" I said as I closed the door.

    "I was kind of hoping you'd need more convincing" Dove said as she turned back to me and lifted the front of her dress showing off that she had nothing on underneath. I quickly shut the door in case anyone was walking by outside.

    "Well I guess instead of having sex to convincing him, we'll just have to have sex to thank him" Paris said as she dropped her shorts, leaving her in just her short black tank top and boots.

    "No offense Paris, I kind of owe Dove a solo round. She won a bet and her prize was the next time we saw each other I'd have to fuck her until she squirts."

    "That's disappointing," Paris said as she took a few steps towards me, "But that doesn't mean I can't help out with the foreplay." Paris then undid my towel and got up on her tiptoes to kiss me as she took hold of my dick. Paris slipped her tongue into my mouth as her hand worked my cock. Twisting her hand as she stoked the shaft until I was about 2/3rd the way hard. She the broke off her kiss and knelt down. This gave me a chance to look at Dove as she finished pulling her dress off over her head. I had gotten a BJ from Dove about 2 months ago, and I had seen her nude leaks online, but this was the first time I had seen her fully nude. She had very pale skin and a slight frame. Other than her plump full lips, her best asset was her C-cup sized tits with light pink nipples. I was also surprised to see she seemed to be completely hairless from the neck down, as opposed to Paris who had recently grown a well groomed tuft of hair just above her slit.

    As Dove walk towards me, Paris slipped my cock between her lips and sucked on the head. Dove moved so close up to me so that I could feel her breast pressing against me arm. She raised up a bit and gave me a quick peek on the lips.

    "My boyfriend loves it when I wear this lipstick, wanna know why?" She asked. I nodded and she gave me another quick kiss before dropping down to her knees. Paris let my dick escape her mouth and moved over some to make room for her friend. Dove took hold of my cock and opened her mouth wide. She then dove forward taking ⅔ of my dick into her mouth before tightly closing her perfect DSLs around it. She slowly pulled back, I could feel her lips dragging around my cock as it left her mouth. I watched as my dick was now covered in a good amount of her ruby red lipstick which had rubbed off her lips and onto my tool.

    "That's why!" She said proudly after my dick left her mouth with a pop. "He loves it when my lipstick is smeared all over his dick. Especially when I do it right before a big event and he has to walk down a red carpet with it still on him." She explained before she went back to licking my cock.

    "I'm gonna have to try that lipstick trick sometime." Paris said before she joined the other Disney girl enjoying my dick, only instead of going for the shaft like Dove, Paris went for my balls. I froze and let the two continued for a while. They switched off and on, who would take my sizable schlong down their throats.

    "Ladies, as great as this feels right now, we should probably move to the living room or something." Paris quickly stood up and headed further into my house, but Dove stayed where she was. Looking up at me with her green eyes as she sucked my cock in her mouth. "Dove." I said pleading with her to move. She took my pole out of her mouth.

    "If you want me to move, you're just going have to make me" She said with a devilish look in her eye. She then stuck out her tongue and began dragging it along my cock, from the middle of my shaft to my cock head. It felt amazing, but I wanted to move somewhere more comfortable. I pulled my dick back and the grabbed Dove from under her armpits and picked her up. When she was up on her feet, she took me by surprise. Wrapping her arms around my neck and then jumped up, wrapping her legs around me. I instinctively put one hand around her back and the other supported her ass. Not what I was expecting, but I was still able to move so I began walking to the living room. With each step I could feel my hardon rubbing up against her slimy taco, Dove could apparently feel it too.

    "With every step I can feel your fat cock rub against me. It feels amazing, but I bet it will feel even better inside me," She whispered into my ear and then bit my neck.

    I was holding on to both are small but shapely ass cheeks as I entered the living room. Paris, still wearing her tank top and boots, had made herself comfortable on the my recliner. She had her legs spread and was rubbing the outside of her pussy. She saw me walk in holding up Dove around my waist while The Descendents star was kissing my neck.

    "You two couldn't wait to get here before you started fucking?" Parris asked annoyed we hadn't waited for her.

    "Technically I'm not inside of her" I told Paris.

    "Not yet" Dove quickly corrected me.

    "Throw her down on the couch," Paris ordered. "Since she's not interested in sharing, the least she can do is eat me while you fuck." I made my way to the couch and literally had to push Dove off of me and onto the couch. I barely had time to get one of my own legs on the couch before Paris had raced over and pinned Dove down under her while sitting on her face. I put one leg on the couch and kept my other on the floor as I took Dove's legs and began lifting and spreading them. Paris caught my attention as she started to moan. "I was going to make you do this, but when you want to get a job done quickly sometimes you need a woman's touch, or in this case a woman's tongue" She told me when she saw me watching her.

    As Paris had her fun with Dove's mouth, I dropped one of Dove's legs, and placing two fingers into her smooth twat. She was already nice and wet, but I decided to have a little bit of fun before giving her want she wanted. I could hear Dove let out a muffled moan as I finger blasted her. She was getting wetter by the moment, and it was setting off a chain reaction as her muffled cries were going straight into Paris's pussy and the vibration were driving Paris wild.

    "Keep going Ed. What you're doing is really getting her going. God, just a little bit longer and I'm going to cum all over her pale white face," Paris told me. I kept fingering Dove. Her pussy was so wet I knew she was getting close to cumming, I pulled out my fingers and quickly moved into position and pushed my lipstick smeared cock into her soaking wet pussy. Once I squeezed my tip in, I drove forward filling her pussy up with my cock. Dove let out a high pitch squeal which made Paris' eyes roll to the back of her head. I pulled my cock out and slammed my dick all the way into her, repeatedly until Dove's pussy tightened and the leg I was holding up was starting to shake as she came.

    "Fuuuuccckkkkkk…. Gawd I needed that" Paris said moments later as she came on her friends face. I kept humping away at Dove when Paris climbed off her, she said she was going to go make calls and let people know that the party was going to be held at my place. She then walked off on still somewhat shaky legs. This left just me and Dove alone in the living room.

    "I love your dick," Dove said when she was finally free to talk. "Fuck, you're so deep it feels amazing!" We spun around so now I was the one laying down and Dove was on top of me. I watched her C-cup tits bounce as she road me. "You can be rough with me."


    "You can be rough with me" Dove repeated. "I know people think I look like a goody-good, but I like to get fucked HARD. If you want to bite me, spank me tweak my nipples, even choke me a little, do it." She then leaned over more, putting her breast right in face "Do it."

    With her breast right in my face I moved up and took her tit into my mouth. I bit down lightly. "Come on, harder you pussy!" Dove replies. I bit down hard "Yeah! Yeah! That's it!" She moaned. I gave her ass a hard slap as I then switched over to her other breast. The roughness really did seem to get her going and she really did love it. And idea came to mind.

    "You really do love it rough, don't you?"

    "Yes! I love it!" I smirked. I then shoved her off me, landing her on her back on the floor with her legs up in the air. I then quickly got up, getting behind her I bent her legs forward until it was just her head, neck and upper back on the floor and her ass up in the air. "What are you doing… Oh god. Okay! Yeah!" Dove was confused but that confusion dissipated with I slammed my dick back into her and began fucking her in the pile driver position. Dove was absolutely loving the new position with me literally driving balls deep inside of her. We kept it going at it, at one point I had her folded over so much that her feet were touching the floor.

    "Oh God! I'm so close. Keeping going! So close! YES! YES! YES! FUUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!" Dove screamed as she came. I kept pounding into her as she came and suddenly her pussy started squirting. Like a fountain, the liquid shot up into the air before falling and splashing against her own chest. I then pulled out and Dove collapsed to the floor. After she finished cumming she started laughing. "You did it! You made me squirt! That was even better than when I did it before."

    "Well, the terms of the bet was to get you to do it, so…" I said as I caught my breath. Dove rolled over and looked up at me from the floor.

    "Now, I still need to make you squirt" She said with a big smile.

    "Actually I have a idea."

    Paris was sitting at my kitchen table facing the window. She was on the phone talking with someone and she was still had her shorts off. I was stroking my dick and slowly creeping up behind her.

    "So babe, what time are you going to pick up the phone pouches?" Paris asked into the phone, obviously talking to her boyfriend. This detail made what was about to happen a lot more interesting. I was now behind Paris and I was right on the verge of cumming. When I reached my point of no return I pointed over at Dove,who was across the room, with my off hand.

    "Paris look out!" Dove yelled out

    "What?" Paris said turning around quickly and was now looking right at my hard cock "What the….oh god seriously? Oh MY GAWD!" Paris started to yell as my dick started firing off ropes of seamen all over her face and shirt. When it was over Paris looked up at me with a look of disbelief and shock. "What the hell?" Paris asked me.

    "No, no babe it's nothing." Paris said into her phone "Dove just thought it would be funny to spray me." Paris then opened up and started to clean my dick with mouth. Dove was doubled over on the floor laughing. "Umm, what? It was just water. What else would she have sprayed me in the face with? Look babe I gotta go I'll see you later," Paris then hung up her phone. She then took my dick back in to her mouth and cleaned my cock. "What the hell was that?" she asked when she was done with her tongue bath.

    "I thought it'd be funny," I said.

    "Yeah well, shit. You fucking covered me. This shirt needs to be washed now." Paris pulled off her shirt and wiped off her face a bit.

    Afterwards Paris washed her face and I ran a load of laundry with her shirt in it. I got dressed and Dove put her dress back on, but Paris sayed nude except for her black boots. Over the next several hours we got ready for the party. Paris and Dove made phone calls letting the rest of the people know that the party was being moved. They also coordinated with others about who was picking up some of the things that were needed. When they were done with that they helped me cleaned up my place and hide some of the breakable items in my house so hopefully nothing would happen to them. Dove also ran out to her car to get some decorations for us to set up. At one point Paris had to run upstairs and hide as the caterers dropped off tins of food. One guy did get lucky as Paris came down the stairs a little too early and gave the caterer a show of her naked body as he was leaving.

    At one point in the afternoon I got a text from Hailee Steinfeld saying how she felt bad she wasn't going to be able to be there for Olivia's birthday because of her show that night in Indiana. Hailee and I still texted regularly, though I had not seen her since before she started her European tour and started more or less officially dating Niall Horan. I had to admit I felt a tinge of jealousy that she was dating another guy. Though I loved my life (for fuck sake today alone I woke up in bed with a naked Olivia Holt, banged Dove Cameron, and gave a surprise facial to Paris Berelc) and I was not ready to settle down at all, but I definitely felt like I had a real connection to Hailee. She asked me in her text to take photos of tonight, I replied that I can't because they were getting the phone privacy pouches to make sure no photos of the party got out. She then texted back "I wasn't talking about the party, I was talking about photos of your after party fun" and then had a winky face, kissy face and eggplant emoji. I just texted back a thumbs up.

    The place was about as ready to go as the three of us were going to make it and we still had almost an hour before Thomas Doherty and Jack Griffo, Paris and Dove's boyfriends, were expected to arrive with a bunch of the remaining party supplies including the cake and the pouches for the phones. Also expected to arrive early was Kelli Berglund, who apparently knew how to make some great jungle juices and she needed time mix them up. With nothing else to do it was time for us all to get ourselves ready. Dove once again ran out to the car, and got her and Paris' party clothes.

    "Alright I'm going to go take another shower and get dressed for the party, you two are free to use the shower in the upstairs guest bathroom."

    "Dibs on showering first!" Paris announced.

    "Wha, why do you get to go first?" Dove asked.

    "Because," Paris kicked off her boots "I'm already naked."

    "That's bullshit, I…" Dove's phone went off and she looked at her new text message. "Nevermind you can go first. Thomas just texted me that he is lost and doesn't know the name of the bakery for Liv's cake."

    "Awesome." Paris said and then ran upstairs. I went to the laundry to grab Paris' shirt from the dryer and then went upstairs. The door to the guest bathroom was closed, so I knocked and told Paris I had her shirt. I got no response so I hung the shirt on the door knob and walked to the master bedroom. I stripped off my clothes and headed to the master bath.

    "It's about time" Paris said standing the doorway to the shower stall.

    "Paris!?" I said with surprise. I was going to ask what she was doing, but I knew. I walked right into the shower and began making out with Paris as I turned on the water. After spending the last few hours watching Paris walk around my place totally naked, it did not take much to get me fully hard. Paris wrapped her legs around my waist as I pinned her against the shower wall.

    "I've been waiting to do this all afternoon" Paris said as her hand snaked down between us as positioned my dick in front of her entrance. "Oh yeah, there it is" Paris said joyfully as I pushed inside of her. I fucked her up against the shower wall, like we had done several times before. Paris was moaning into my mouth as we made out.

    "Damn it" Paris and I paused what we were doing when we heard Dove yell this. Turning to look at her, Dove was standing naked in the bathroom with her arms folded just under her tits.

    "Beat'cha to it bitch!" Paris bragged and stuck out her tongue.

    "You can still come in here and shower up." I suggested before I went back to humping the Netflix star. Somewhat to my surprise, Dove took me up on my offer and entered the shower. Standing in the stream of the water Dove began soaping up her body as me and her friend fucked less than a yard away from her. In another minute Paris unmounted me and spun around and faced the wall, She bent over, stuck out her ass and put her hands against the wall. As I began slamming into her from behind, I felt Dove press herself up against my back.

    "You know you need to wash up too." She said as she began to soap up my arms and back. The whole time I can feel her fun bags pressing firmly into my back. She then reached around and began washing my balls as I was making Paris cum on my cock. With Paris cumming, I reached back and pulled Dove over moving next to and in the same position as Paris. I pulled my dick out of Paris and shoved it into Dove. Paris started to stand up straight, but I told her to stay in place. Holding onto Dove's hips I pistoned my cock in and out of her tight pussy for about a minute and then pulled out fully. I slid back over to Paris and began fucking her again. I went back and forth fucking Paris Berelc and Dove Cameron in my shower until I was finally ready to pop. When I said I was going to cum, Dove dropped down to swallow my dick and began sucking until I finally blew my load in her mouth. She collected my sizable load into her mouth. When I finished cumming Dove stood up and grabbed Paris and started kissing her. She pushed my cum into her friends mouth. I watched as they made out, some of my cum leaking out of their mouths and down their bodies.

    Eventually we all calmed down and quickly showered the smell of sex off our bodies. I had barely finished getting dressed when the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and opened the door to find Jack Griffo standing there with a box full of stuff in his hands. I let him inside and I introduced myself. I told him the girls were still upstairs getting ready. Not three minutes later Thomas Doherty was at the door holding a few bags and Olivia's cake. I did the same thing with Thomas as I did with Jack. Thomas said that we had met briefly last year, but I had no memory of it. I help the guys unload their party supplies as we waited on the the girls to come downstairs. I tried my best to act casual and make small talk with Jack and Thomas, but considering I had just had sex with both of their famous girlfriends it was not that easy. I was super thankful when Paris and Dove came downstairs and almost at the same time Kelli came knocking on the door.

    "It's so good to see you," I said to Kelli as I hugged her. It had been months since I'd last seen her.

    "It's good seeing you too. Can you help me with the stuff in my car?" I agreed and followed her outside. She had a couple of boxes of booze in her car along with three big punch bowls. We talked about what we've been up to as we unloaded her car and I got her set up at a table by the kitchen.

    "It's been way too long since we've hung out" Kelli said as I put down her punch bowls. She the moved closer to me to make sure no one else but me could hear her. "You know, my boyfriend isn't coming tonight, so I'm hoping we might be able find some time to really reconnect properly." She said suggestively while running her hand up my arm.

    "I'm sure we can find some time."


    Over the next hour my house started to fill up with Olivia Holt's friends, current/former co-stars and also her brother. As people came in they all checked in their phones and locked them in a privacy pouch. This had become a common practice at private events and parties so no one complained. One thing that I did keep to myself however was two weeks prior after a neighbor's house was broken into, I had security cameras placed all along the outside and in many of the rooms inside of the house, and they were all still rolling. At around 8pm Dove got a text from McKaley saying they were on their way. 20 minutes later the door opened and everyone yelled surprise. Olivia did her best job to act surprised, though I wonder what her reaction would have truly been had she not known about the party and her friends out of nowhere had driven her over to her booty call's house. I then brought in the cake and we all sang happy birthday, and she blew out the candle. Olivia made the rounds as she ate her cake saying hi to everyone and thanking them for coming. When she got to me I gave her a hug.

    "Happy Birthday Liv."

    "Thanks Eddie. I gotta admit I was a little weirded out when they pulled up to your place" Olivia said as we unembraced from our hug.

    "Yeah, it was a last minute change." I asked her how she was feeling and what she had done since this morning. She explained that she felt a lot better and had been chugging water all day. She also told me about they had hung out in Malibu during the day.

    "By the way I don't know if she texted you are not, but Hailee says happy birthday as well" I said.

    "She did texted me earlier. To bad she's not here, we could have had a repeat performance of your birthday celebration in New Orleans." Oliva then bit her lip and gave me a sexy look before moving on to say hi to a few more people.

    It was about an hour later into the party, I was sitting on the couch with Debby Ryan. I was talking with her about her new Netflix show, and we were comparing about our experiences working for the streaming service, when Olivia found me again and sat down on my lap.

    "Sorry Debby, but I need to borrow him for a few minutes."

    "What's going on?" I asked while Debby rolled her eyes and got up from the couch.

    "I need you to help me with something, and it's my birthday so you're obligated to do what I say." I opened my mouth to reply, but closed it because it was not worth arguing and I was going to do whatever she was asking in the end anyways. Olivia got up off of my lap and I followed her. She started to head upstairs.

    "What are you up to?" I asked

    "You'll see." When we got to the top of the stairs Olivia led me into the first guest bedroom.

    "So, you about to make up for this morning?" I asked thinking that we were about to have sex.

    "Not exactly." Olivia said as she closed the door behind us. I turned around to face Liv and saw her along with, Natalie Bacon, McKaley Miller, Courtney Borgognoni, Eleanor Mitchell, and Bailey Burnham. The other five had been hidden from view by the open door when I entered the room.

    "Ummmm hi?" I said nervously, "Olivia, what's going on?"

    "Long story short, I promised to show them your dick."


    "I...I ahhh" Olivia started to stutter.

    "Look, she's been bragging for almost a year about her big dick fuck buddy," McKaley explained, "She told us most of the stories about what you two have done, and how incredible the sex is, so now we want to see it."

    "I mean, I didn't think it would be that big a deal after what happened at last year's party," Olivia added.

    "Last year?" I said coyly, "Oh you mean when hours after meeting me for the first time you got totally wasted and had sex with me outside in front of half the party?"

    "Yeah that."

    "Fuck it, fine." I agreed to do it. We all went over to the bed where Natalie, McKaley, Courtney, Eleanor and Bailey all sat down on it. Olivia stood next to. We looked at eachother. "If you want to show it off, you are going to have to take it out." Olivia rolled her eyes and went down to her knees, staying just a little to the side of me. She undid my belt, and unzipped the fly on my jeans. She reached her small hand into the fly of my boxers and pulled out my mostly flaccid cock. A couple of girls made some audible noises when it came into view. Though one wasn't that impressed.

    "I don't know, I've seen bigger" Eleanor.

    "Really? Elle, you've seen bigger flaccid cock in person?" Olivia asked not believing her.

    ""Flaccid?" Eleanor asked.

    "Yeah, he's nowhere near hard yet" Olivia said while waving my cock around to prove it.

    "How big does it get" Asked Natalie

    "Let's see it" McKaley said "Get him hard." Olivia looked up at me, I gave her a look that said 'go on do it' and she shrugged. Lifting my dick up, Liv slid over a bit and started to suck my dick in front of her five friends. If not for the wet sucking sounds coming from Olivia's mouth you could have heard a pin drop in the room. The 5 girls on the bed were leaning leaning forward and watched wide eyed. It did not take her long to get me rock hard. When I was maxed hardness I looked down into her eyes as she sucked me and she gave me a wink. She then turned to the side and made her cheek bulge outward with my cock pressing against her inner cheek. She kept sucking me for another 30 seconds before she stopped and presented my hardness to her friends.

    "Still not impressed" Olivia questioned Eleanor.

    "No, that's a hell of a cock" Eleanor answered.

    "I get why you ditched us last night, now" Bailey said.

    "Can I touch it?" McKaley asked. Olivia looked up to me for an answer, I gave her a shrug this time and Olivia told them they could. I lowered my jeans and boxers so that Olivia's friends could get a full view of my cock and balls. The women were in the order of Bailey Burnham, Courtney Borgognoni, Eleanor Mitchell, Natalie Bacon, and McKaley Miller going left to right. I went right down the line letting the each get a feel. Bailey and Rebecca were fairly tentative, Courtney was more aggressive as she got a good feel and also played with my ball with her other hand. When I finally got McKaley, she looked a it wide eyed and quickly took hold of it, then began giving my meat stick a good stroking. She was basically giving me a handjob when she looked at the other girls in the room. She the looked back at me and gave a devious smile. Looking at me in the eyes the whole time she leaned forward and licked the tip. I heard someone gasp, but that was nothing compared to the others reaction when she opened her mouth and took a few inches of my cock into her mouth and began sucking it. She had been going for about minute when Olivia broke everything up.

    "Alright. That's enough, let's go back downstairs." Olivia said, pulling me away from her friends mouth.

    "Liv, what the fuck?" McKaley asked, a little pissed off.

    "I did this so you could all could see it, because you said that's what you wanted. I never said anything about blowing him."

    "Yeah but…" McKaley

    "Nope, everyone back downstairs." Olivia got all five of her friends up and shooed them all out of the room. I thought she was going to come back in to the room when the others were gone, but I was wrong. Standing in the doorway she asked me "Are you coming?"

    "Wait, seriously? You're just going to leave me hanging again?"

    "Oh come on, you know I'll make it up to you."

    "Yeah sure" I frustratingly said as I tucked my cock down my pantleg.

    "Oh come on" Olivia said before walking over and getting up on her tiptoes to give me a kiss. "I promise after the party I will blow your mind." She then gave me another kiss.

    "Yeah well, my mind better not be the only thing of mine you plan on blowing" I said as we walked back to the party downstairs.

    With Olivia leaving me hanging, I rejoined the party feeling a little on edge. People seemed to be really enjoying themselves. People were talking, laughing, dancing, Piper Curda was making out with some guy in the couch, and everyone was drinking. Some people had a beer or some hard liquor, but most had a cup filled with one of Kelli's three jungle juices. I was mixing and mingling, getting introduced to some people I didn't know as I made my way to the kitchen. I had yet to try any of Kelli's cocktail, but before I could get a cup I was cut off.

    "EEDDDIDDD!" Chloe Bennet yelled as she ran up to me and gave me a hug. She was wearing one of her loose dresses that she seemed to like. The top had buttons that went down to the waist, where there was a belt, and the bottom of her dress rached down to her mid calf. I hugged her back.

    "Hey Chloe, I would ask how are you but you seem to have quite a buzz going already."

    "Shut up. I maybe a little buzzed, but whatever." She moved some hair out of her face. "So look, I'm calling."


    "When we hooked up at Olivia's, you said you'd owe me for not going down on me. Well, I'm calling," Chloe explained.

    "Oh really, right now? What about your Logan?"

    "One. You owed me from before we were official, so it in doesn't count as cheating. Like in baseball when they have a makeup game, the stats technically go to whenever the game was originally scheduled, not the day it was played." I was blown away, by that analogy. Not only did it seemed to come out of nowhere, but also because it made a ton of sense. "Second, I already talked with Liv and she called dibs on you so between that and the aforementioned boyfriend, this is just going to be you going down on me. Mister happy stick, will be staying in your pants." Chloe tapped her hand against my crotch when she said the last part.

    "Alright let's go" I said as we walked back towards the front of my house and the staircase. "By the way Logan Paul, really?"

    "OH, my god. That's everyone's reaction."

    "Yeah well, you can do way better."

    "Look I know he is a total idiot, but it's not like I'm going to marry the moron. He's fun, we have a good time together, and he's also super hot and a pretty decent fuck. So…"

    "Fine. But if you do get engaged to him I'm throwing a intervention" I said as we reached to top of the stairs.

    "Deal, now which room is yours?" I lead her down to the end of the hall and to the master bedroom. I took off my shirt and she told me to go lie down on the bed. I did and watched Chloe unbutton and slide off her dress. Chloe was now left naked except for a her sneakers. It was good to see her tan nude body with dark tan nipples again. She climbed on the bed and walked toward me on her knees.

    "By the way, if you make a asian will be hungry in another hour joke, I'll sit on your face until you suffocate."

    "You said that last time. Also being smothered to death by Quake's pussy actually doesn't sound like a half bad way to go." Chloe laughed as she straddled my face.

    "That's funny, maybe we should try that" Chloe she said as she slammed her hips down hard on my face, but she missed her target. "What the.." Instead of dropping on my mouth, she went right down on my nose with my nose splitting her pussy.

    'Yeah, scoot back a bit, you're sitting on my nose." Chloe did that, and with her pussy right over my mouth now I went to work. Taking her roast beef lips into my mouth teasing them bit with my teeth and sucking on her lips before splitting them open and letting my tongue get to work.

    Chloe moaned as she humped my face, while I did the best I could to eat out her well trimmed pussy. Unlike most of the young ladies at the party, Chloe did not have a Brazilian, instead she did have some hair on her pussy. It was not some wild bush, instead it looked to be as well groomed as the greens at Pebble Beach golf course. I lapped up her pussy, tickled and sucked on her hooded clit, and occasionally used two digits to finger blaster her while my tongue worked her pleasure button.

    "Ummm oh yes, I'm almost there. Stick your fingers in my ass. Please...just do it….ughhh" Chloe began to moan. I took my two fingers out of her wet box and moved them back, pushing them into her sphincter. "Yes, now suck my clit. Suck it hard" I continued to follow her instruction. Swiping my tongue back and forth against her clit before I closed my mouth around. "Yeah that's it! Keep going! Finger my ass! Yeah, yeah, yeah, uuughhhhhhhhh" The Agent of Shield actress came all over my face and the rolled off me.

    She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily as she laid on her back. I knew what she said earlier, but I thought this might be a good time to make a move and see if I could get her to bite. Getting on my knees I moved behind her head and pulled out my rock hard cock.

    "So are you still sure I can't tempt you into taking this further?" I asked as I dropped my balls onto her forehead, and ran my dick along her face. Chloe opened her eyes and saw my dick in front of her eyes.

    "Oh my gawd!" she laughed loudly "get it off! Stop! I told you we can't" she continued to laugh.

    "Are you sure?" I asked as I slapped my dick playfully against her face.

    "Yeah I'm…" She opened her mouth and gave the cock head a quick playful suck and then let it slip out again, "Sure." She then rolled off the bed and walked over to pick up her dress. I tucked my dick back into my pants and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. When I reentered the bedroom Chloe had her dress back on.

    With Chloe feeling satisfied and dressed, we left my bedroom with the intention of heading back downstairs to the party, but we got sidetracked. As we passed one of the guest bedrooms, we both came to a dead stop. The door was open and against the opposing wall was a bed with four people using it. Paris Berelc and Dove Cameron were both nude on all fours facing each other and were heavily making out. Meanwhile standing behind both of them was each's boyfriend holding onto their girl's hips as they fucked them.

    "Do you think they'll eventually swap partners?" I whispered into Chloe's ear.

    "That'd be so hot," She answered. I started to rub up my hard crotch against Chloe, hoping that between my actions and watching the foursome on the be I might coax the Marvel star back to the bedroom.

    "Mmmm" Chloe moaned as she began pushing her juicy butt back into me. I slid my hand up and cupped her breast in my hand. Unfortunately Chloe snapped back to reality a few seconds later. "I gotta go. If I stay any longer that foursome is gonna turn into six" she said before quickly bolting for the stairs. I watched for a few minutes longer, I am fairly sure Dove saw me watching, before I went downstairs to get a cold drink.

    The mood downstairs had definitely changed within the last hour or so. People were definentily a lot drunker. I saw several people making out. Others were dancing, but it was more like dry humping. On the couch Sabrina Carpenter was straddling Aubrey Joseph. They were making out, with Sabrina's shirt lifted and resting above her small exposed boobs, which AJ had both his hands on. The one thing I couldn't tell with her skirt in the way was if Sabrina was simply grinding on his lap, or if they were actually having sex. In the kitchen Olivia's brother was sitting at the kitchen table with Liv's friends Courtney and Natalie sucking his dick. However, Cade was more focused on watching what was happening on the kitchen counter. Sitting on the counter was a pantsless Jordan Fisher getting sucked off by Olivia. I was watching everything as I made my way over to Kelli's jungle juice bowls.

    "Back for more?" said someone. Kelli Berglund, then stood up with a bottle of liquor in her hand. She had been creating a new batch of whatever the orange drink was.

    "Actually, I haven't had a chance to try any of your cocktails."

    "Oh, then here" Kelli poured me a cup of the yellow mixture.

    "Thanks" I said as I took the cup. "By the way, do you know why things have turned crazy?"

    "That's probably my doing." Kelli said as I took a sip from the cup. "I added two special ingredients to each bowl today."

    "Oh yeah, what's that?" I asked before taking another sip. Kelli singled for me to lean in, like she was going to tell me a secret.

    "Crushed up pills of Viagra and Molly" she said bluntly, and I almost did a spit take. Kelli laughed, "Things were a little crazy last year for Liv's 20th, so I decided to up the ante for her 21st."

    "I...wha…" I was dumbfounded. "I honestly don't know what to say to that."

    "Then don't say anything, just finish your drink and take me somewhere where we can put that viagra to use" Kelli said suggestively. I quickly downed my cup, and gulped down a second one before taking Kelli's hand and pulling her towards my laundry room. Once we were inside we made quick work of each other's clothes in between making out.

    "I really missed this thing" Kelli said as she stroked my dick hard with both her hands. Kelli had me step back, then bent over at her waist, keeping her shapely legs straight as she open her mouth a slid my dick down her throat. Like always, Kelli was quick to deep throat. She worked her mouth fast and sloppily. She had gotten me really hard and really wet, with some of her spit dripping down her chin. Pulling her mouth off me she double fisted my dick and rapidly stroked it. "Fuck it, that's good enough, I need you in me." With that Kelli turned around and faced the dryer. She bent over and put one leg up onto the machine. I stepped up behind her, and rubbed my cock along her wet folds.

    "Since it's you I gotta ask, which hole am I putting this thing in?" I asked while slapping my cock against her backdoor. Kelli let out a moan of pleasure and was about to answer, but before she could we heard some yelling loudly from outside.

    "Let's go skinny dipping! Everyone in the pool! Come on!"

    "What's the fuck is going on out there?" Kelli asked. A little frustrated, I stepped back from my now blond friend. I walked over to the window and looked outside, to the pool area. I had just gotten to the window when I saw Chloe Bennet's dress drop to the ground and her take off jumping naked into the pool.

    "Come on guys, the water's great" Chloe yelled once she resurfaced. I saw two guys jump naked into the water after her.

    I turned back to Kelli, "Chloe's getting people to skinny dip in the pool."

    "Cool, mystery solved. Now come over her and fill my pussy like my boyfriend only wishes he could." I did just that, getting right back into position behind her and pushed my dick into her. "Fuck yeah! Fuck me, I missed this dick." Kelly cooed as I grabbed her hips and fucked her fast and hard, just the way she likes it. Kelli was loud to say the least. Talking dirty, telling me to fuck her harder, and to abuse her pussy. After a few minutes of hard intense fucking from behind Kelli began to cry out as she came. When she was done, I spun her around and sat her on the dryer. Spreading her legs wide, I had no problem reentering the former disney star. As I plunged my entire length inside of her, Kelli wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me. I could feel her nails digging into my back as I slammed into her repeatedly. We made out as we fucked. In part because Kelli was a great kisser, and also in part from keeping her from screaming into my ear. With her arms around me, I had one hand with a firm grip on her ass and my other was working her clit.

    "I hope you still like creampies, because you're about to get one." I told Kelli. Between the teasing from Olivia and Chloe earlier, I could not wait to finally shoot my load. Kelli in response tightened her grip on me, bringing me closer and making sure I could not back away.

    "Do it. Fill me. I want to feel you erupt inside me." She said. And so I did. Like a dam bursting, I flooded her pussy with a huge wave of jizz. "Ahhhhhhuugghhhhhhh!" Kelli screamed as she came once again. It felt like a huge pressure release as I drained my balls into her. When it was over, we just stayed locked in embrace, as we caught out breaths between periodically wrestling tongues as we kissed.

    "We're not waiting several months to do this again" my original celebrity fuck buddy told me.

    "Agreed" I said as I backed away and watched my cum drip out of her twat. We slowly got dressed, though I only put on my shirt and boxers, and then walked back to the party.

    Things had not calmed down since me and Kelli went into the laundry room. There were now at least a dozen people skinny dipping in my pool. On my kitchen counter, people were lined up to take body shots off of a topless Debby Ryan. I watched as Austin North licked salt off her nipple before moving to suck tequila out of her belly button. I went back to my room to wash up a bit. With people now in my pool I left my jeans off and put on a pair of board shorts.

    I walked back out to the pool and sat on the ledge with my feet dangling in as I drank some more. While I could feel some of the effects of Kelli's jungle juice, I was still pretty coherent and thought it'd be a good idea to keep an eye on the dozen or so people skinny dipping. I was sitting there for about five minutes or so when Dove swam up.

    "You should come in, the water feels amazing" Dove said, it was obvious from her voice that she was fairly drunk. She was treading water, and I could see from the swell of her breasts that she was also skinny dipping.

    "Nah, I'm good, and someone needs to make sure none of you do anything dumb." As I talked, Dove moved closer. She was right up against the wall of the pool, and also right between my legs.

    "Well, you should at least take these off." She said as her hand took hold of and played with the leg of my shorts.

    "I'm okay" I said, but Dove didn't seem to care. She pushed up the leg of my shorts until the head of dick was out in the open. She looked up at me as she leaned in and took my circumcised mushroom head into her mouth, give it a suck so hard that her cheeks became concave. There was no doubt it felt great, and it was making my dick grow. "As nice as this is, you do know your boyfriend is right over there." Her boyfriend was just across the pool, playing chicken with a naked Sammi Hanratty on his shoulders.

    "I know" she said before slipping my head back between her lips. She was merely toying with me. She was taking the head into her mouth, giving it a good suck and playing with it with her tongue, then slowly letting it slip from her mouth before repeating the same thing.

    "So, don't you think he'd mind you having another guy's dick in your mouth?"

    Maybe, though maybe not yours."

    "What does that mean?"

    "I told you before, we watch that video of you and Liv a lot. I've said multiple times how great your cock looks, and he really likes to do things that me happy. He also is a bit of a voyeur, so maybe he'd like to watch." Dove teased.

    "Is that so?" I asked.

    "Maybe…" she gave my now hard dick one last lick before pushing herself backwards away from me "we'll just have to find out" she flirted before starting the backstroke with her tits pointing up at the night sky.

    I remained sitting there for another 10 minutes or so, watching over everyone and also waiting for my hardon to die down before getting back up. I went and got another large cup of Kelli's drugged up punch, then headed back out outside. Thankfully people were getting out of the pool and there were only two or three left in the pool, so I headed to the hot tub. One of the few major changes I made when I bought the house was putting in a extra large hot tub that could fit at least 12 people. Paris, her boyfriend, Sabrina Carpenter, and Sammi Hanratty were all currently in the tub as I stepped in.

    "Nah-uh, buster. No clothes in the hot tub" Sammi said.

    "It's my house, I'll do what I want."

    "Technically, you loaned your house to Dove and I for the night, so we make the rules" Paris spoke up.

    "Yeah, so shorts off" Dove said as her and her boyfriend, both still naked from skinning dipping, were walking up to the hot tub, arms wrapped around each others waist.

    "Fine" I said as I step out of the tub and pushed my swim trunks down to the ground. "By the way, you two, you're also paying to get my pool cleaned as well" I told Paris and Dove.

    "Oh wow" Sabrina blurted out when I exposed myself. She was the one women in the hot tub who had not seen me naked before now.

    "Told ya" Sammi whispered to Sabrina as I got into the hot tub. I sat in an open seat to the right of Sammi. As I sat down, Sammi slid over closer to me and also Dove got in as well. Although she got in on the other side of the tub, she crossed the water and sat down next to me, with her boyfriend following her and sitting on the other side of her. For a while we all just relaxed and had some fun conversation, but that didn't last.

    "So Ed, who are you? I mean, the rest of us all know each other, but the only thing I know about you is that Dove said you're a new producer and also that you and Liv are fuck buddies" Thomas inquired.

    "Well, I think we also all now know exactly why he's Liv's fuck buddy," Dove joked. The girls giggled, the guys didn't. I could also feel Dove slide her hand, hidden under the bubbling water, over onto my upper thigh.

    "Yeah man, what's your story. Paris says that you're super rich, and while your house is nice and all, I know a bunch of people who have bigger places." Jack said.

    "And you only got the one Acura in your garage. Why not a Maserati or something nice?" Thomas asked. Neither of their tones were that friendly. I felt like I was suddenly in the middle of a metaphorical dick measuring contest. Normally I would have let it go, but with alcohol coursing through my body and this being my house, I ended up replying like an arrogant ass.

    "Well two years ago I won the lottery of about $550 million"

    "So that's like around 300 in take home?" Jack asked.

    "No," I said then taking a sip of my drink. "The 550 was the take home."


    "And so I quit my accounting job, did some traveling, and spent my time while home in San Diego at college bars picking up SDSU and USD chicks. Then 14 months ago my friend Ryan Devers called me asking me to help fund his first full length movie. And now I have 2 very highly rated movies out on Netflix, the last one broke the record for most views in its first week, and I have another movie in post production. As it turns out spending all that time in being a cinephile in high school and college has given me a great eye for casting." I could see the both guys start to squirm uncomfortably as I spoke. "As for my place and my car, I got pretty simple taste and don't really need a ginormous house or super expensive car. I like what I like, and I don't feel like I have anything to prove or overcompensate for."

    "You definitely don't have anything to overcompensate for" Sammi giggled and slid right up next to me so that our shoulders and legs were touching, and her hand was now on my other thigh. Things between me and the other two guys in the tub were now kind of tense, but the ladies did seem to mind as they continued to talk. I was taking another sip of my drink when I felt Dove's hand slip further into my lap. She now had my dick in her small hand and was slowly stroking me as she sat next to her boyfriend. I kept quiet as people talked and Dove massaged my cock under the water. I got nervous when all of a sudden I felt Sammi's hand on my opposite thigh begin to slide towards my crotch. However before we her hand reached its goal and Sammi found out what Dove was up to, we were all interrupted as a bunch of Liv's friends jump into the hot tub.

    "Hey guys, what's going on" McKaley said in a bubbly voice. Her, Natalie and Courtney were all dress in the underwear as they went to sit down in the tub. Both Dove and Sammi pulled their hands back.

    "Nah-uh nope. Clothes off, those are the tub rules" Thomas said.

    "Seriously?" Natalie asked.

    "Hell yes" Jack said proudly as he stood up displaying his average sized semi erect dick, with surprisingly large and hairy balls.

    "A simple yes, would have done" Natalie replied as she got out of the tub and began taking off her bra.

    "Jack, sweety, sit down. No one wants to see your balls" Paris said as she took Jack's hand and pulled him down. Jack did sit back down, and the three women stripped out of their underwear and took seats in the hot tub.

    "Liv! Get you ass in here!" Courtney yelled.

    "Not right now." I heard Olivia's voice say from behind me. I couldn't see her by turning my head so I slouched down tilted my head back so I was looking straight up. "I'm actually looking for Eddie, have you see him?" she said while standing in her black thong and matching strapless bra, looking right over the top of me.

    "You found me," I said. Liv looked down at me.

    "Oh awesome! I was hoping we could…" She then turned her head to the side, like she was thinking about something. A second later she bit her lip and gave me a dirty looking smile. "Actually stay just like that. Don't move." She turned around and backed up so her feet were on either side of my head. She then started to lower herself.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Shhhh, I just need you to help me out. I'm super horny for some reason, I promise I'll make it up to you." she said as she was now down on her knees stradling my head.

    "Liv what the fuck!?!" McKaley shouted as the Cloak and Dagger star slid her thong over and dropped her pussy onto my face.

    "Oh relax," Paris said dismissively "Most of us saw her do much worse last year."

    "Or saw the video" Thomas blurted out before getting elbowed in the gut by Dove. While this was going on I was running my tongue around Olivia's labia. Neither of us were listening to what it was the others were saying as I ate out the birthday girl. I knew I was doing good work when I heard Olivia start to moan loudly and felt her slump over a bit. Still mostly on her knees as she rocked her pelvis on my face, but now she was hunched over with her arms out holding her up. I continued to lap up her sweet tasting pussy stopping momentarily when I felt someone take hold of my cock and then spear their pussy with it. At first I thought it might have been Dove, but then I felt her chest push up against mine. The tits pushing up against me were definitely too small to be Dove's. I got my answer to who was currently riding my cock a moment later.

    "What the fuck? Who just licked my ass?" Olivia asked. Moving to see who was behind her also allowed me to steal a glance at who was on top of me.

    "Sorry. It was just right in front of me as I was riding Ed so I just decided to go for it," Sammi explained, while continuing grind her hips. "Do you want me stop?"

    "I, I didn't say that. You just caught me by surprise," Olivia said with some hesitation. "Also you can continued to ride him, but don't make him cum. I want Eddie good to go for later tonight."

    "I'll try, but no promises."

    "You now I'll still be ready regardlessmmmmmm" my voice became muffled as Olivia turned back around and dropped her hips right back onto my face.

    "Awww poor Eddie, it's rude to take with your mouthful" Sammi teased and laughed. I responded by giving one of Sammi's small nipples a twist before I went back to eating Holt out. I have no idea what was going on with the other people who were in the tub with us while I sat back eating out the birthday girl and Sammi enjoyed free reign on my dick. From time to time I could feel Sammi press her body hard against mine, which was always followed by Olivia tensing up a bit, my guess was that during these moments were when Sammi was giving Olivia's rosebud a tongue bath. We continued like this for for a while, until I could hear Olivia's moaning changing. I knew from experience that she was close to cumming. I moved my mouth away from Liv's honeypot for a quick second.

    "Sammi, stick a finger in Liv's ass" I told her before quick moving my lips back up to Liv's clit and my fingers to her pussy.

    "Okay" Sammi quickly agreed

    "What?" Liv said almost simultaneously. "Ohhhhh" Liv moaned as I flicked her clit and Sammi pushed her finger into her backdoor. Less than 15 seconds later the now 21 year-olds pussy began to gush all over my face. Her pussy juice running down my chin and chest. Sammi then licked it off of me before it could reach the water. When her orgasim subsided, Olivia liftted up her leg and rolled off of me.

    "Thanks I needed that" Olivia said as she leaned over and kissed me. "Like I said, I'll totally make it up you."

    "That's the third time you've told me that today," I reminded her.

    "Then I guess I owe you big, how lucky for you" she said before kissing me again and sliding her thong back into place. "Try not to tire him out too much," Olivia said to Sammi before she walked off. With my attention no longer split, I was able to focus on Sammi. Taking her by the hips I was able to really slam her down my dick. I was also now able to look at who was left in the hot tub, and it had really cleared out. Other than me and Sammi, only four other people remained. Sabrina and Courtney were both masterbating, Sabrina under the water and Courtney was openly fingering herself while on the ledge. The other two people were Dove and Thomas, who had moved from next to me to across the tub. Dove was sitting on Thomas lap bouncing up and down while facing us, and her eyes were locked right on me. She was using her hands to keep Tom's hands on her tits. She was was moaning while biting her lip.

    "Yes! Yes! Yes" Sammi kept saying into my face as she bounced up and down. While Sammi is cute, I could not help but look past her from time to time, looking at Dove who was still looking right at me as she was getting fucked. Eventually I finally did get Sammi to come on my cock, and she rolled over off of me. I then got out of the tub and sat on the edge with my erection sticking straight up in the air while watching Dove having sex. Courtney had passed out after she came and was now asleep on the ground. Sabrina was still in the tub, and she was still eyeing me.

    "Sabrina come here." Without saying a word she move across the pool until she was right next to me. I took her hand and put it on my dick. "You keep on eyeing it, so why not just take it?"

    "I don't think I'm quite ready" she said as she now held my dick. "You're way bigger than my last boyfriend. I don't think my little pussy can handle it."

    "What about your mouth?" I asked. Sabrina arched her eyebrow in response. She then stuck out her tongue and leaned in. She began licking the head of my cock.

    "How does my pussy taste?" Sabrina asked sarcastically.

    "Why don't you find out?" I said before pulling Sammi's head to my lap, and she took like a duck to water. I now had Sammi and Sabrina blowing me while I watched Dove had sex. Sammi and Sabrina alternated between who sucked on the shaft while the other licked my balls.

    “Oh god, Dove, get up. Get up, let me cum on your chest,” Thomas exclaimed. Dove did say a word. She moved up off of her boyfriend’s lap and sat on the edge of the tub. Leaning back so Thomas could get a clean shot at her chest, she also spread her legs wide, flashing me her swollen pussy. I watched as her boyfriend shot is load all over her wonderful tits.

    "I love you Chloe" Thomas said using Dove's real name.

    "I know baby," Dove was looking at me out of the corner of her eye while she lifted up her tit and licked some of the cum off of it. I could not hold back any longer.

    "Alright I need to cum."

    "What about Liv?" Sabrina asked

    "Don't worry about Olivia, I can handle her," I said as I stood up.

    "I bet you can" Sammi replied. The two petite blondes moved to be side by side, each one with one hand on my dick stroking it simultaneously.

    "Ugghh Fuck" I groaned as I fired of a stream of jizz onto the two women. Both reacted differently as their faces and chests got hit with my seed. Sammi laughed happily while Sabrina was more in shock.

    "Oh my god, that was a huge load" Sabrina said still a little stunned when it was over.

    "Yeah it was," Dove said from across the tub. Her boyfriend apparently didn't like that comment as he then stormed off. "Oh come on Thomas. I didn't mean anything by it." Dove said as she went after him.

    Sabrina and Sammi used the water in the hot tub to help them wash off the cum. We all then got dressed and headed back inside. A number of people had left, but there was still a good number of people in my house. As time went by people slowly began to head home, Dove and Paris left with their boyfriends at around 2am. Some others like Sammi just passed out and fell asleep on my furniture.

    It was now almost 4am and things were a lot more quiet, but a number of guest were still in my house. I thought about cleaning up a bit, but decided to leave it to whatever cleaner Dove and Paris hired. Feeling the need to pee I went to the bathroom just off the the kitchen. I opened the door, but got quite a surprise.

    "Oh shit, sorry!" I said before closing the door quickly. I had just walked in on a naked Chloe Bennet, who was on her knees in the middle of a blowbang. She was with Aubrey and two of his friends, with one dick in her mouth and another one in either of her hands. None of them had time to react before I closed the door. I still had to use the bathroom, but I thought I should also check to see what the heck was happening in some other rooms of my house.

    Going upstairs I opened the door to one of the guest rooms and found the lights on and a naked Peyton List passed out on the bed. The next two rooms I passed, the guest bathroom and my home office, were both empty. The other guest bedroom was occupied as Olivia's brother and some other guy, who's name I didn't remember, were double teaming a naked Debby Ryan. Debby was on her back, her hands on her tits keeping them from shaking everywhere, with her legs up on Cade's shoulders while he plowed her. And she her head hanged over the edge of the bed and she was being face fucked by the other guy. I watched for a minute or so before slowly closing the door. I also made a mental note to check the security footage of that room tomorrow since it was the same room I had caught Paris and Dove in earlier.

    I went to my bathroom, and when I was done I wanted to go check the other rooms downstairs to see who was still here if there was anything going on down there. However, I would not I would not make it out of my room.

    "There you are!" A drunk Olivia said as she entered my room. "I'm ready to pay up all those I owe you's." Olivia walked over to me and we began to make out standing in the middle of my bedroom. She shimmied her tongue into my mouth while she started to lift up my shirt. Momentarily I broke off the kiss, pulling off my shirt and threw it to the floor. Liv started to kiss down my chest, but she backed away once she reached the trail of chest hair that lead under my shorts.

    “Go lay down on the bed” Olivia said, and I didn’t question her. Once I was down on the bed, Olivia pulled out her phone and began scanning through it. She was apparently scrolling through her music I realized as soon she had Britney Spears’ Gimme More began playing through her speaker. She put her phone down on my dresser and began moving her body to the beat. Moving to the end of the bed, Olivia began shimmy and shake her body. Sliding her shit off, she tossed it across the room. She then undid the string to her linen pants and then turned around. Moving her hips, she shook her ass until her pants fell to the floor. Olivia then continued her strip tease, unclipping her bra and letting it fall to the floor. Turning around to face me she swayed to the music while she cupped her breast, keeping her nipples from view. She teased me for a bit before sliding her hands away, exposing her perky small breasts.

    She kept on dancing provocatively, playing with the waistband of her thong. Lowering the undergarment until it just barley hid her hairless snatch from view. She then spun around and bent down with her legs straight and dropped her last piece of clothing to the floor. With her legs straight, she picked up her thong off the floor and threw them at me on the bed. Now nude, Olivia looked at me over her shoulder and attempted to twerk the best she could. While she was no Becky G, it was still hot nonetheless, and I was laying in the bed with a giant tent in my shorts.

    As the song on her phone switched to another Britney song, I'm a Slave 4 You, Olivia got on the bed and climbed on all fours towards me.

    "Damn girl, is it your birthday or mine?" I asked after the striptease.

    "It's mine," she said as she took hold of the waistband of my board shorts, "and it's time for me to unwrap my present." She then pulled them off and leaving us both naked on the bed. "Gasp! It's just what I wanted, but it's so big. Is it really all for me?" Olivia said in a pretend innocent voice.

    "It sure is. Happy Birthday" I said while playing along. Olivia then spat on my already rock hard phalisis, and started to stroke it. Looking at me with her brown eyes she leaned forward and kissed the base of she shaft, and then began kissing her way up to the tip. Once she reached the tip she opened her mouth and closed her lips around the head. Using her tongue she teased the tip for a few seconds before proceeding to side more of my dick into her mouth. Between sucking on my dick and occasionally just spitting on in, Olivia made sure it was plenty lubricated, before she sat up and straddled my legs.

    "Ewwww yeahhhh" Olivia moaned as she lowered herself down on top of my dick. She slowly slid down my pole until she finally bottomed out. She then paused and let fullness feeling in her pussy wash over her. Taking my hands into her's, putting them on her breast and had me fondle her small b-cups as she began to move her hips again. Soon she was starting to build up speed.

    "This...never...gets...old" Olivia said as she bounced on my dick.

    As Liv road me, just as she had done almost 24 hours ago, I noticed some movement by the open bedroom door. I occasionally moved my eyes off of the bouncing blond currently on top of me and over to the door. I could not tell who it was, they were staying close to the edge of the doorframe in the dark hallway. I sat up and leaned against the headboard. I pulled Holt closer to me. I swirled my tongue around one of her nipples and then kissed my way up body until I was by her ear.

    "Someone is watching us," I whispered softly. Her first instinct was to turn her head and look, but I used my hand to keep her face in place because I didn't want the person to know we knew they were there.

    "It's not my pervy brother, is it?" Olivia kept her voice low so only I could hear her.

    "No, it's a.." I said before Olivia cut me off.

    "Then fuck it. Let's put on a show." Olivia then stood up and turned around. She got down on all fours. Looking back at me over her shoulder, she gave her own ass a slap. I then got up on my knees and got right behind Olivia. I pushed the head of my cock into her twat, and then instead of slamming my hips forward, I held onto Olivia's hips and pulled her back into me. I did what I could to put on a show. I loudly kept slamming my dick into Olivia from behind, every once in a while giving her shapely small ass a hard smack. Olivia was also moaning louder than usual, making sure whoever was in the hall could clearly hear her. My eyes went back and forth between looking out to the hall to see if we were being watched, and looking down to admire the view of my own dick siding in and out of the former Disney star's snatch.

    While it was fun putting on a show, when I felt the cum in my balls start to churn, I lost interest in the hallway and just concerned myself with the task at hand in fucking Liv. I moved one hand from her hip and down to play with her clit as we continued to fuck doggy style. Soon Olivia also dropped the act as well.

    "Shit Liv, I'm gonna cum soon"

    "Me too. Oh god" Olivia painted as we continued fucking. Olivia slamming her hips back to meet my every thrust until neither of us could take it anymore. We came simultaneously. Olivia's pussy clamped around my cock as she came and squirted. I shot off a few burst of jizz into Olivia before I pulled out and fired the rest of my load all over her ass and lower back. We then both collapsed in a heap on the bed.

    "McKaley, if you're still there you might as well come in now," Olivia called out to her friend.

    "How long have you known I was there?" McKaley Miller said as she entered my bedroom. The 5'5" brunette actress was naked. Her breasts were about the same size as Olivia's, but while Liv's nipples were light pink, McKaley's quarter sized nipples were a almost dark red. Also while Olivia had a perfectly smooth and hairless pussy, McKaley had a brown haired landing strip that had been shaved and trimmed into a heart shape.

    "A while," Olivia said as she tilted her head back to look behind her. "Did you enjoy the show?"

    "Judging by how wet she looks to be, I'd say so," I replied. I could literally see the wetness smeared around her pussy glistening in the light of the room.

    "You should come join us on the bed" Olivia told her.

    "Seriously?" McKaley questioned her friend.

    "Of course. This wouldn't be the first time I've shared his cock."

    I moved up towards the head of the bed and propped my head up on some pillows, as McKaley climbed onto the bed. The two women positioned themselves so they were lying on either side of me, but their heads were down near my waist. Both of them were eying my cock.

    "Well, what are you waiting for?" Olivia asked McKaley. "Suck it."

    "Are you serious?"

    "Yeah, why no? I had to stop you earlier. Now I'm telling you to go for it. I know Eddie has another load left in him." McKaley looked at Olivia and then up to me. She then moved her face closer, to my half hard cock. She stuck out her tongue and gave it a lick. Then another lick. She then took my cock into her hand and began sucking my dick. McKaley was able to take about half of my cock into her mouth at first and wouldn't go past that point. Olivia leaned in and began kissing my dick down around the base of the shaft.

    "Come on girl, you can do better than than" Olivia said to McKaley. "Fucking go deeper"

    "Alright," McKaley said. She took a deep breath and tried again. McKaley was only able to go down another inch before Olivia pressed the back of her head down further. McKaley was able to take about eight inches before she began to gag.

    "Not bad," Olivia said, "Now, let me show you how it's done." Olivia moved her friend over and began sucking my dick. Once she got her rythem Olivia began to deep throat me. Once Olivia had gotten ten inches down her throat, she pulled back and let my dick slip from her mouth. "Boom! That's how it's done" Olivia bragged.

    "Holy crap Liv, how do you do that?"

    "Practice, lots of practice" I answered. McKaley tried one more time to match Olivia, but couldn't. Since she couldn't deep throat me, she changed tactics. She took hold of my cock and began to kiss and lick the side of my cock. Olivia then moved over to the other side. Each taking one side, the two worked in unison on my dick. One would almost have thought this wasn't the first time the first time they've done this together. The two worked up from the base to the tip, where they made out with one another with my cock head in between. I could feel their tongues slide around my mushroom head as they frenched one another.

    "Ready to fuck it?" Olivia asked her friend.

    "I don't know, but let's do it" McKaley said enthusiastically.

    "I recommend you getting on top first" Liv suggested as she slid over to give us room. McKaley straddled my legs and held my dick. She pointed it straight up to the ceiling. Rising up over my lap, she took a deep breath before she began sinking down. I felt my dick spread her lips wide.

    "Shit. He's so thick" McKaley said as she looked up at the ceiling.

    "I know, but doesn't it feel amazing," Olivia asked.

    "Yeah it does. It feels fantastic," Kaley said as she sunk down another inch. She kept going down until she had 2/3rd of my dick up inside her. "My god how big is this thing?" McKaley slowly started to bounce on my dick, rising up and inch or so before sliding down another quarter inch or so. Slowly she was starting to move faster and her pussy was becoming wetter. She was starting to moan more and her breathing was becoming more rapid.

    "You like that dick don't you" Olivia asked as she watched her friend start to really get into it.

    "God yeah, it's fantastic." She moaned. I turned my head and looked over at Liv and saw her play with herself as she watched her friend fuck me. When Olivia noticed me looking at her she turned onto her side and kissed me passionately. Our tongues danced back and forth as McKaley really found her rhythm and finally bottomed out on my cock.

    "Oh wow, yeah. Holy shit Liv I totally get all those things you've said about this guy. Fuck this feel great" McKaley shouted. Olivia broke off our kiss and looked up at her friend. Looking back at me Olivia looked me in the eye and spoke softly.

    "I think it's time you really start fucking her." I smiled. I took McKaley by the hips and rolled her off me. Telling her to get on all fours I climbed off the bed and stood at the foot of it. I pulled McKaley back towards me. I then pushed my cock back into her forcefully. She was extremely tight, still not used to my size, but I still buried my full length into her. From there I started pounding her doggy style. What she was feeling before as she rocked her hips on top of me was nothing compared to what the 22 year old actress was feeling now as her whole body shook with every thrust. Olivia meanwhile was sitting up by the head of the bed. Using pillows to prop her head up Olivia continued to play with herself with her legs wide open. With her pussy only a few inches away from her friends face, I wondered if McKaley might bend down and start to lick Olivia, but McKaley was too lost in her own pleasure to notice anything happening around her. Olivia was simply left to herself, rubbing her own pussy and occasionally playing with her tits as she watched her friend get pounded by the biggest cock she had ever had inside of her.

    "Are you gonna cum? Are you going to cum all over Eddie's big dick?" Olivia asked her friend.

    "Um-hum" McKaley moaned in response as she bit her lip.

    "Say it. Say you're going to cum"

    "I gonna cum. I'm gonna cum all over your friends huge dick. Holy shit! I'm cumming!" McKaley Miller began to shake as she had a powerful orgasm. As McKaley orgasm was dying down I stopped fucking her and withdrew my dick. I took hold of one of Hart of Dixie actresses legs and spun her over. She was now on her back and more importantly she was over to the side. I then reached up and pulled Olivia down to the edge of the bed by the ankles.

    "I'm not done with you yet" I told Olivia as I brought her legs right up into the air.

    "You better not be" Olivia said back to me. I push Liv's legs back up, folding in her in half so that her legs were almost above her head. She grabbed the back of her thighs to hold them in place as I drove my dick home. McKaley sat to the side and watched as I hammered her good friends' pussy.

    I knew I didn't have too much left in tank as I started to fuck Olivia once again. I was getting close to cumming when McKaley came, and seeing Olivia lay on her back playing with herself was just too tempting to pass up on. I just wanted to get the birthday girl to cum on last time before I blew my final load of the night.

    "This is so hot" McKaley said as she watched me fuck her friend. Pulling her legs up away from her chest, I pulled them back towards me before spreading them wide.

    "McKaley get down there and lick Liv's clit" I ordered. She did not hesitate in the slightest. McKaley quickly bent down and began licking and sucking Olivia clit while I continued to fuck her pussy. Every now and then I could feel her tongue brush up against my cock as it slid in and out of Liv. I was now doing the best I could to hold back my orgasim, when finally me and McKaley's combined efforts got Liv to pop one last time. As Liv came I was all set to do the same thing myself.

    "Alright Kaley, now move right next to Liv" I told her. McKaley quickly squirmed to the foot of the bed, with her legs hanging of the end. I then pulled out of Olivia, gave my dick a few stokes and fired my load over the two actresses. Swinging my hips side to side my cum rained down over the stomach and chests of the two friends.

    "Oh god!" I moaned as I finally finished cumming. I then dropped down onto the bed and rolled over onto my back. I watched as Olivia rolled over on top of McKaley. She ran her tongue up McKaley's chest, licking up some drops of my cum, and then kissed her friend on the lips. I watched as their tongues snaked into each others mouths for several minutes. Eventually they stopped and Olivia laid back down on the bed. She turned her head to me.

    "So, did i make up for earlier?"

    "Oh yeah, though technically you owed me three and that was only two," I joked.

    "Hmm… I'm off tomorrow. Maybe we can have some morning fun."

    "I don't have any plans tomorrow either!" McKaley added.

    After that we were all exhausted and were ready for bed. The girls went to the bathroom to clean themselves off a bit. I walked downstairs to use the bathroom down there and to get some water. I didn’t even bother putting on any clothes, and just let it swing freely as I went down the stairs. Any concern of anyone seeing me was for not as everyone who was still downstairs was asleep. After using the bathroom and getting a bottles of water for me and the girls, I also decided to get my phone and unlock it from the pouch so I could let it charge.

    Walking up the stairs scanning through my notifications and emails I had missed over the past several hours, I noticed that I got a text from Haiz saying 'Where are my pics at?' followed by a sad face emoji. This made me smile. As I got to my bedroom I saw Olivia and McKaley were already both asleep naked and spooning one another. I took a quick pic of the two of them and sent it to Hailee with the message 'Sorry I got distracted' with a eggplant and splashing water emoji. I then set my phone to charge while I got into bed next to Olivia, and drifted off into a very restful sleep.

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    Absolutely fantastic! One of my favorite stories on here, and every chapter is better than the last!

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