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Thread: "Halloween Whores" with Paris Berelc and Kelli Berglund

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    fanfiction "Halloween Whores" with Paris Berelc and Kelli Berglund

    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, anal, blowjob, spit, ATM, squirting
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Got inspired by Berelc's Halloween outfit this year, figured I'd have some fun with it

    It wasn't like I had anything better to do to that night anyway, when I offered to drive my brother and his girlfriend Kelli Berglund to some local Halloween party across town. Truth be told I was just happy to get out of the house for a few hours.

    The fact that I was their designated driver for the evening was amusing in itself, considering how tumultuous their relationship seemed to be and how they'd often break up and get back together in the space of a week.

    In fact Kelli was renowned for being a drama queen, and was such a little slut she had even hit on one of the guys at our family BBQ in recent weeks. This of course ended badly when I pointed it out to my dumb-ass brother, who turned around and made a scene.

    So, suffice to say Kelli and I weren't exactly the best of friends we couldn't stand to be around each other for the most part.

    In any event, the "happy" couple climbed into my truck and we made our way over to the party where we were soon greeted by one of her best friends, actress Paris Berelc.

    Right from the get-go I was taken aback by how good Paris looked, as she was sexily clad in a body-hugging catsuit costume that could easily double as a dominatrix outfit.

    The look actually suited her well.

    Like Kelli, Paris didn't waste any time throwing back several drinks and in the space of a few hours got really trashed, to the point where she began to hit on everyone at the party, who for some reason seemed intimidated by the onetime Olympic-level gymnast.

    It was actually kind of sad to watch her work the room only to get disappointed time and time again.

    Having had their fun, we ultimately walked back to the car around midnight with Paris tagging along, as her night hadn't gone as planned. You see, Paris had apparently planned on seducing some guy, who unfortunately for her hooked up with a mutual friend.

    As you might imagine this set her off in the worse possible way, and she now just wanted to go home and climb out of her outfit.

    "ugh, I hate men!" she hissed while dragging her feet to the car. "Maybe I should start eating pussy or something,"

    We all laughed at the idea.

    "Now there's an image," I winked, encouraging her.

    Having agreed to take her home, we were out on the highway a few minutes later when I glanced into the backseat to see Kelli and Tyler mess around, and watched his girlfriend drop her head in his lap and give him a blowjob!

    I guess I shouldn't have been surprised considering how drunk they were, as I secretly watched this from the rear-view mirror until Paris caught on a minute later, and immediately groaned and called them out on it.

    "Dude, what the fuck!" she whined at her onetime co-star. "Can't you guys wait until you get home? Have some respect for the rest of us who aren't getting laid tonight!"

    Back at the house, we literally had to beg Paris to come in for a few minutes as all she wanted to do was go home and mope. Amusingly enough, the moment we got inside Kelli and Tyler ran straight for the bedroom leaving Paris and I to amuse ourselves on the couch.

    "Those two are a total mind-fuck," Paris remarked. "They break up and have make-up sex like twice a week."

    "I know right!"

    Thankfully this comment set off an interesting conversation about sex and relationships, with Paris claiming how most guys she knew were intimidated by her. She also went on to claim how Kelli was the only female friend she had, and how she seemed to be a tomboy and more comfortable around guys.

    "Sometimes I feel like I'm a guy, stuck in a girls body." she said, before boasting about how she watched a lot of porn and masturbated at least 3-4 times a day!

    "Bullshit, really?"

    The actress responded by taking out her phone and showing me one of her bookmarked pages. It was only when I noticed the previous clip she had watched was titled, hot teen gang-banged in public bathroom, that it really turned me on.

    It was during this conversation about porn that we then heard the others have sex in the next room, with Kelli being extremely loud and talkative - telling Tyler to fuck her like "a cheap slut!"

    Her comments actually made us laugh.

    "Jesus, I never knew she was this loud." Berelc snickered. "I don't know how much more of this I can take."

    As Paris spoke, I noticed the way she squirmed in her seat - clearly aroused by the erotic soundtrack emanating from the other room.

    "Must be challenging being stuck in that tight catsuit?"

    "I'm definitely getting an itch, if you know what I mean." she grinned.

    I decided to distract her with some tequila shots, which quickly turned competitive with the two of us downing at least five separate shots individually. It was at this point that Paris made a joke about marching into the room and breaking them up, and incorporating her "dom" side.

    "Trust me, I don't think anyone would be able to pull them off each other." I stated.

    Paris seemed to go quiet before responding.

    "I bet I could do it. I bet I could kick your ass too,"

    "Excuse me?"

    Paris laughed.

    "Hey, don't let that outfit go to your head," I replied. "Just cause you're dressed as catwoman doesn't mean shit."

    This of course quickly escalated with Paris and I throwing the sofa cushions onto the floor and play-wrestling with each other.

    In fact for a minute there we made so much noise that the others seemed to wonder just what WE were doing out in the living room together. Noting this, Paris and I laughed with her going out of her way to make "sex" noises of her own, to compete with Kelli.

    "oh-yeah, right there!" Paris moaned loudly, faking sex. "You're so big! You're so deep baby!"

    <iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="370" height="700" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

    We both laughed as I lay pinned down beneath the gorgeous Euro-Asian, before we suddenly stopped to share a moment and she leaned in to kiss me on the lips.

    The kiss was extraordinary and more powerful than I expected it to be - but unfortunately for her I had to stop and explain that I was a happily married man. Funnily enough, Paris didn't seem to care in the least, and kissed me again.

    "Look," I said, pulling her back (reluctantly) "I've never cheated on my wife before."

    "Please. Just give it a chance," she said while kissing my neck. "I promise I'll make it worth your while. I promise you won't regret it."

    I didn't doubt it, particularly considering how good she looked.

    However despite telling her I was married, Paris casually reached down and proceeded to unbuckle my belt. As you might imagine, any reservations I had quickly faded into the distance as I watched the stunning Filipino star, fish out my cock and take me into her mouth!

    Right away I was delighted to see that Paris was just as kinky as she was beautiful, and appeared to use a LOT of spit during the act of fellatio. In fact Paris drooled and slobbered all over me, while worshiping my manhood.

    Truth be told it was one of the best blowjobs I'd ever received, so much so that I had to use all of my strength not to nut in her mouth.

    "You like that, huh?" she purred while looking up at me.

    I responded by pulling her hair to one side and fucking her hot-sloppy mouth.

    Things then took a turn for the surreal when Kelli soon emerged from the bedroom half naked and with her hair disheveled. As it turned out Tyler was passed out drunk on the bed while Kelli was still horny, so she decided to join us out on the couch.

    "What are you guys doing out here? I could hear you two in the other room," she said casually, as I tried my best not to stare at her naked breasts and those exquisite nipples.

    To her credit, Kelli just about had the best set of tits I'd ever seen, and furthermore, she didn't attempt to cover herself up to me, as she sat there right beside us on the couch.

    At first I assumed Paris would feel ashamed and stop what she was doing, but she too appeared blase about the whole thing and simply continued to casually stroke my cock and blow me right in front of her best friend.

    "You know, you're doing it all wrong." Kelli winked at me, knowing it would trigger her BFF. "Less spit, more tongue Paris."

    "Screw you," she replied. "You don't hear him complaining do you?"

    She had a point. As far as I was concerned blowjobs were like pizza, even when they were bad they were still good, and in her case it was fantastic! However Kelli seemed to disagree, and the ladies proceeded to debate about who gave the better head, with Kelli reminding Paris not to ignore my balls.

    "Well shit, if you're so good at it why don't YOU come over here and show us how its done?" Paris barked.

    The look on my face must have been telling cause I was completely bowled over when Kelli took the bait and got up and knelt beside her friend on the floor, gripping my prick with her hand.

    "You better not tell anyone about this," she directed at me.

    I simply nodded in disbelief, still amazed she was actually going to go through with it - particularly since up until that point I thought she hated me. I then watched spellbound as the ladies giggled and shared a kiss before Kelli took me into her warm mouth.

    At one point Kelli (my brother's girlfriend, and one time Lab Rats star) sucked my bell-end into her mouth while Paris leaned down and licked my nuts. This then culminated with the girls sucking either side of my shaft in unison - up and down, up and down, before their tongues would merge at the tip.

    My mind turned to mush, before Kelli got up off the floor to suddenly straddle my face!

    Knowing she had just had sex with Tyler in the next room, I was a little hesitate about eating her out so I did the next best thing, and licked her ass instead. Judging from the reaction it caused I suspect she'd never had it done before, which only spurred me on.

    Meanwhile Paris moved to mount me on the couch - reverse cowgirl style - and impaled herself quickly, while still dressed in that sexy catwoman suit. All three of us tried to remain quiet, but it was damn near impossible.

    It was only when I felt Kelli reach down and flick her bean and climax above me (while I probed her bunghole with my tongue) that I pulled her down into a deep kiss and directed her onto all fours, taking her from behind while she ate out her best friend.

    "Yeah.. eat her fucking asshole Kelli!" I growled while pulling on her long hair and spanking her delectable butt.


    Like me, Kelli was delighted to see that her friends catsuit appeared to have a strategically placed zipper that allowed her entire mound to be exposed. That said, Kelli licked her from front and back and to our surprise her tongue didn't just get Paris off but, it actually made her squirt!!

    The look on Berelc's face was priceless. She almost seemed as shocked as we were.

    The sheer tone in Paris' trembling voice was enough to make ME cum, and thinking quickly, I pulled out of Kelli's tight little cunt and buried the head between her luscious cheeks - splitting her in two, and taking her breath away.

    "ugh god," Berglund hissed over her shoulder. "Not in my ass-nnghhhh!"

    Just hearing this comment from her was enough to set Paris off again, causing her to flood her friends face with sweet tangy nectar. Kelli was absolutely soaked in her friends girl-sap. It was one of the sexiest, dirtiest things I'd ever seen.

    This insane daisy-chain continued over the next few minutes, with Paris squirting like a god-damn water fountain and Kelli moaning into her cunt as I drilled her shit-pipe from behind.

    Having had my fill, I pulled Paris down beside Kelli and instructed them to kneel over the couch side by side, while making out. This allowed me to eat both of their asses before feeding them my eight inch snake, happy to see both were keen to take it in the ass.

    "Yeah, stick it in her butt!" Kelli growled. "I wanna watch you fuck the shit out of her!!"

    It was only when the ladies proceeded to take turns going ass-to-mouth, that I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

    The girls finally ended up on their knees with their faces side by side, their tongues dancing with each other as I jacked off above them and blew my load all over their gorgeous faces.

    "Fuck yeah! We should do this every year from now on." Kelli smiled as her friend licked semen from her chin.

    "I'd happily drive you both anywhere you want," I replied. "Just name the time and place."

    "Remember, as far as your brother's concerned this never happened."


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    good job.

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    That was hot, what a way to start my day.
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