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Thread: "Lucky Find" with Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "Lucky Find" with Paris Berelc

    Lucky Find
    With Paris Berelc
    Written by Kicks
    Codes: MF, oral, rim, anal, blackmail
    Disclaimer: This is 100% fiction, it never happened

    After an exhausting day of taking care of my niece and nephew, I was ready to relax. I came home, ate dinner, then settled in for a jerk off session. I decided try watching one of the cam girls instead of a porno just to switch it up, so I pulled up one of the most popular ones and waited for it load. As I did, I scrolled through the suggested and found one with a prettier girl so I switched. I waited again, and saw another that looked even better. It loaded up, and I started watching. The girl was beautiful, I could tell, but the room was dark other than a spotlight on her pussy. As she worked herself with a vibrator, I jacked off in tandem. I could see the girl playing with her nipples, and although in shadow, they looked fantastic. Another minute and the girl's moans became louder, and she literally squirted her juices. The unexpected squirt pushed me over the edge.

    As I cleaned myself up, the video ran through the last of it and I paid little attention, but as the girl leaned forward to stop the recording, her face moved into the light. I stopped it, not believing my eyes. I was positive it was Paris Berelc, the Disney actress, who I had just seen today on TV while babysitting. I googled her and compared the faces, and I was sure. My mind immediately grasped the gravity of the situation, and the potential for me to get something out of it.

    I decided to message the account and try to figure it out. I typed out my message.

    "You're Paris Berelc, aren't you."

    I hit send and turned off the computer, then went to sleep.

    I checked in the morning, but there wasn't a response yet. I went to work, thinking about it all day, and when I got home, I checked immediately. There was a response. It had come in two minutes before.


    I was convinced, so I sent back, "Then you won't mind if it goes to the press. Disney won't be very happy."

    I waited for a response. It came in quickly. "Won't matter cause I'm not her."

    "Bull." I sent a screenshot of the tweet I had typed up, which had a link to the video and tagged Disney, saying Paris Berelc had a sex tape.

    I waited for a response. "Wait! Don't send that, please! What will get you not to?"

    I knew it! It was Berelc. I decided to swing for the fences and negotiate down.

    "Meet me here tomorrow at 12 for sex." I sent with the address of a motel.

    "You're disgusting."

    "Fine, I'll just send that tweet then."

    "Ok, ok, you win. I'll be there." I was surprised she had given in that easily, but certainly wasn't complaining.

    "Wear something sexy." I sent.

    I got ready to go to sleep, checking the messages one last time. There weren't any, but I did see the video had been deleted.

    I barely slept that night, thinking about what would happen the next day. Finally, it was morning and I tried to put it out of my head. I got breakfast and distractedly watched TV until it was time. I got in the car and drove to the place. It was a motel, and more importantly, not very popular. I wanted to get my reward for catching Paris, but not completely embarrass her by getting her caught by the media. I checked into the room and sat to wait since I was a few minutes early. Right at noon, a car rolled into the parking lot and Paris got out. She looked around, and I stuck my head out the door and waved her over. She was wearing a dress, with a short skirt and a cropped top. She looked great. As she reached the door, I asked her, "Do you wanna get to know each other or just get down to business?"

    She glared at me. "Just hurry up."

    I nodded. "Okay. You'll do whatever I say. Understand?"

    She looked at me with disgust, but knew she had no choice. "Fine," she spat.

    "Good. Take off your clothes."
    She took off her shoes first. Next, she pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders and pushed the dress down her legs, leaving her in her bra and panties. She stopped and looked at me. "What now?"

    "Well, finish first. Underwear too." She rolled her eyes, but unhooked her bra and pulled her thong down her long legs.

    "Now, turn around and bend over for me."
    She did as I said, turning away and bending over slightly. "Oh no," I said, "all the way over. Grab your ankles."
    The former gymnast glared at me, but easily did as I said, giving me a great view of her ass. Bent this far over, I could also see her perfect pussy, even better than on the video.

    "On your knees, whore," I ordered.

    She stood and said angrily, "Don't call me a whore!"

    I grabbed her chin and slapped her across the cheek, enough to establish control. "I'll call you whatever I want unless you want that video released."

    The fight left her eyes and she slowly went to her knees. I pulled my pants down and ran the head of my dick around Paris's lips. "I'm gonna fuck this mouth until you're covered in spit." She glared up at me, which turned me on even more, as I took hold of her head and pushed my dick into her open mouth. I pushed her down until she gagged slightly and withdrew. I repeated the motion, pushing just to the back of her throat, before pulling back out. She attempted to move, but I had two firm grips on her head, almost immobilizing her. I could see shame in her eyes as I leisurely fucked her face at a nice slow pace. Spit had begun to leak from the corners of her mouth, but I was nowhere near done. Suddenly, I pushed my man-meat to the back of her throat, her lips against the base of my cock, and pumped my hips to push farther. Surprised, she had no choice but to take the treatment and try not to choke. I could feel spit dripping onto me as it began to flow out of her mouth. She gagged loudly and tried to pull her head back up, but I held her down still. She gagged again, and I finally let her come up. Saliva now covered her chin. I gave her about five seconds to recover before I did the same thing. I watched as spit dripped off her face and fell to the floor, loving the sounds that came from her as she fought her gag reflex. As her grunts became more urgent and her air ran out, I let go of her head and she gasped for air, her chest heaving. She looked like a mess, saliva dripping from her chin and covering her cheeks. I loved it.

    "Wipe your face off if you want," I told her.

    As she finished getting the last of the spit off her face, I pushed her onto the bed and stood behind her. She reluctantly got onto her hands and knees, and I entered her perfect pussy. I groaned out loud as her walls tightly clung to my cock. I slowly began pumping my hips in and out, making the actress groan softly as I filled her.

    "How's that feel, slut? Like my cock?" I asked her.

    "Fuck you. You fucking blackmailed me, you loser," she spat back.

    I spanked her hard. "What was that?"
    "You heard me. Fuck you."
    I grabbed her hair and turned her head roughly to look at me. "One more chance. Don't mouth off, you little whore."

    "What are you gonna do?" she challenged.

    I spanked her again, even harder than before. She yelped at the impact. "How do you like my cock?"

    "Ok, ok, its good," she said.

    I spanked her again. "What is good?"

    "Your cock is pretty good."

    Smack! "Your cock feels so good!" she finally said.

    "Good girl," I said as I began to rail her from behind. I kept a hold of her hair and put my other hand on her hip to add leverage. The actress moaned loudly with each thrust as I filled her. Her bubble butt rippled with each impact, and I spanked her lightly a few times as I continued. Paris had her head against the mattress as I pounded her from behind, grunts and moans coming from her mouth. I reached forward to play with her nipples, twisting and squeezing them, and that pushed her over the edge. She came on my cock, her pussy milking my cock for cum, and I was just barely able to pull out. I directed her onto the floor and jerked myself off.

    "Open your eyes. Look at me while I cum on your face," I ordered.

    She reluctantly opened her beautiful brown eyes and stared up at me. I grunted, and with that, shot my load across her face. I hit her across the forehead before moving down across her nose and depositing the last drops across her chin and lips. I pushed my cock against her lips and she sucked the last drops I had as I reached over and grabbed my phone from the table nearby and took a picture. Paris began to protest, but stopped, realizing there was nothing she could do.

    "Clean yourself up," I said.

    "God, I'm glad this is over," she said as she wiped her face again.

    "Who said this is over?" I responded.

    "Well, you just came on my face," she retorted.

    "True, but I haven't fucked you in the ass," I told her.

    She looked at me in shock. "That's not fucking fair!"

    "Your choice. Anal, or the video gets released."

    She glared at me again. "Fine, you bastard. Just hurry up."

    I laid down on the bed. "Come here." She walked over and I grabbed her hips, putting her ass over my face as she was forced onto the bed. "Suck my dick." I was half-hard, and I could feel myself growing as the actress took my tool into her mouth. I ran my tongue around her rosebud before poking it into her. I could feel Paris squirm on top of me as I ate her ass, but once I was hard again, I changed positions. I instructed her to ride me reverse cowgirl. She raised herself up as I aligned my cock with her asshole. She slowly lowered herself down, her breath catching as my cock filled her. It was heavenly. Her ass was tighter than anything I had ever felt, almost resisting any movement. When she had taken the whole thing, I reached around and grabbed her legs, pulling them over her head into a full nelson position. She yelped in surprise as I began thrusting hard into her ass. Having lost all control, Paris could do nothing but take the hard fucking, moaning the walls down as I pounded her ass.

    "Oh, fuck, I'm gonna fucking come!" she cried.

    "Do it while I fuck your slutty ass!" I growled as I increased my speed even more. With a final cry, she came, her juices flowing over my legs. Her body tightened, her ass becoming a vise, and I shot my second load of the day deep into her colon. I lifted her off my dick and made her clean it off, fresh out her butt. She licked and sucked the last drops of cum from it.

    "Now, we're done. Get out," I told her.

    Paris dressed quickly, sweaty and her hair a mess. As she opened the door, I said, "Feel free to post another video for me."

    She glared at me one last time before she left and went to her car. As I watched the beauty walk away, I knew I was one of the luckiest people alive.

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    wow, I wish I had a continuation ....

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