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Thread: "The Happiest Secret Place on Earth" with Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "The Happiest Secret Place on Earth" with Dove Cameron

    The Happiest Secret Place on Earth
    Staring Dove Cameron
    Written by MiamiLyfe
    Codes: MF, Oral, Public, Hand Job, Titty Fuck
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and is nothing but a fantasy

    I sat in the back seat of my friends car as we drove down to Anaheim. I was in town from New York on vacation for the week. In the front seat were my good friends from college, Matt and Summer. We were on our way to Disneyland where we were going to meet Natalie, her fiance, and several other of their friends. Matt and I had been freshman roommates at UCLA, we got along right away and quickly became close friends. We meet Summer and Natalie sophomore year while they lived down the hall. Summer and I dated for a few months, but nothing really happened and we all just stayed friends afterwards. We were a tight foursome of friends for the next three years. Then with a month to go before graduation me and Natalie became fuck buddies. We hid it from Matt and Summer, in part because we knew it wasn't going to lead to anything serious, but also in part because I knew Matt had had a crush on Natalie for a while.

    Now 5 years later, I worked in finance in Manhattan, Matt and Summer were now dating and living in Santa Monica, and Natalie was living in Brentwood with her fiance. Her fiance was a camera operator, and she met hit on set while she was interning in the wardrobe department on a film. While I had seen them all somewhat recently, It had been a almost 3 years since all four of us had hung out together. Matt and Summer I had dinner with 6 months ago, and after her fiance couldn't make it to a wedding in the Hamptons Nat asked me to be her date three weeks ago. The wedding was alright, but that night we ended up back in Natalie's hotel fucking the hell out of each other once again. Sex between the two of us had always been out of this world amazing. The fuck buddy thing happened not because either of us were hung up or desperate, but because after our first drunkenly hooked up we couldn't keep our hands off each other when we were alone. Back at the Hamptons, Natalie missed her flight when our one last morning quickly turned into us going at it until my dick was completely spent.

    When we got to Disneyland we gathered outside of the entrance gate and I met a group of about 8 of Matt and Summer's friends. They were all nice, almost all of them were couples. As usual Natalie was late and we were left hanging around for about 15 minutes before some said they could see her. I turned around, and there was Natalie strutting towards us in a pair of short shorts that showed of her long shapely legs. To her right was a kind of nerdy looking skinny guy, who I knew from photos was her fiance Brad. Also to Nat's left was a petite beautiful blond woman who I didn't know, but who looked familiar.

    Natalie greated everyone and introduced me to Brad since we'd never met before. He thanked me for keeping Nat company at the wedding, and I told him it was no problem and how we enjoyed a chance to catch up. Meanwhile as I spoke to him the image of Nat on her knees in the shower begging me to shot my load all over her face popped into my head. We were then all introduced to the mystery blond, who turned out to be Dove Cameron. Natalie had gotten a job in the wardrobe department for the Clueless play Dove was set to star in. During a recent fitting Nat had mentioned the Disney trip and Dove had more or less invited herself along. After introductions were all made we all entered the park.

    As we hit up the first few rides I found myself sitting next to Dove more times than not since the others were all sitting next to their significant others. Dove was nice but I was struggling to make small talk with her. While I knew her name, but outside of her guest role on Agents of Shield I had not seem any of her work and knew very little about her. However that did not seem to matter as it was while we were on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that things got interesting.

    I found myself in the last row of our boat sitting next to Dove. Even though it was just the two of us and the row was made to fit 3-4 people, Dove was sitting right up next to me. Dressed in jeans and a tight t-shirt we were sitting hip to hip with me on the left side of the boat and her directly in the middle. As the ride started up, Dove stayed silent and looked around at the animatronics. A few minutes in I felt Dove rest her hand on my upper thigh. I looked down and saw her perfectly manicured hand slowly slide up towards my crotch, until it finally came to a stop resting on top of my denim enclosed penis. Dove never once looked at me or down at her hand as she repeatedly gave my dick a squeeze. With each squeeze of her small hand my dick was becoming more and more erect. It didn't take me long to become fully hard and at that point Dove switched up her technique, going from squeezing my shaft while rubbing the head with the thumb, to straight up stroking me through my pants. Dove continued to not even look at me as she did this, to anyone else she looked like she was just enjoying the ride. I meanwhile was doing my best to maintain my composure and act natural, all the while enjoying the handjob I was getting. We were getting near the end of the ride when a grunt escaped my lips. Upon hearing that Dove stopped what she was doing and let go of my dick. Then for the first time since getting into the boat Dove turned to me and moved to whisper into my ear.

    "Don't want to waste a perfectly good load by having you blow it in your pants," she said before giving my earlobe a playful bite.

    We then pulled up to the end of the ride and everyone disembarked. I was the last one to get off the boat, trying to buy myself some time to settle down a bit, but I was still almost completely hard as I got off. I did my best to hide my erection as I climbed out of the boat, but I could tell from the look in her eyes that Natalie had noticed my hard on. Two or three of the other women in the group also noticed it before I was finally back to normal.

    At around quarter to one we all stopped for lunch and also planned out the rest of the day. While we ate I got a text message from Natalie who was at the other end of the table. Her text said she had told Brad that she has to work really late tomorrow and she wanted me to give her my hotel information. Looking up from my phone to look at Natalie, she was giving me her 'I wanna fuck' look, and I texted her my info. After we were all done eating we got up to walk to The Matterhorn, which was on the other side of the park.

    We had barely started walking when we heard a young girl scream out, "Oh my god look! It's Dove!" Next thing you know our group was being over run by a bunch of tweens on a school trip, who all want selfies and autographs from Dove. Dove told all of us to go ahead and she'd meet up with us all later. Natalie and several of the other girls all felt bad ditching her, and thought someone should stay behind with her. I didn't even say anything before my name was being volunteered. I don't know if it was because we had been sitting together most of the morning, or if it was because at 6'3" I was the biggest guy in the group so they thought I could be her security guard, but soon just about everyone agreed that I should stay with Dove as they all continued to enjoy the park. As a result I ended up being the designated photographer as the kids took pictures with Dove. Thankfully after 10 minutes the teacher and parents said that's enough, allowing me and Dove leave, much to the disappointment of the kids.

    "Thank god," I said as we walked away. "I thought we were going to have to be there for another half hour."

    "Eh, that was nothing," Dove said.

    "I guess you are used to stuff like that."

    "Oh yeah. It's not like it's everyday but often enough. I'm just thankful it was kids."

    "Why? Who else would it have been?"

    "Are you serious? I had like 30 year old guys standing in line to get photos with me when I was 16."

    "That's creepy."

    "You have know idea." We continued walking a little more. "So we probably have some time right? I mean we are not going to be able to catch up with everyone before they get in line and stuff?"

    "Probably not."

    "Do you wanna see something cool while we kill time?" she asked.

    "Sure" I said.

    "Great, come with me." Dove took hold of my hand and had me follow her lead. She lead me down a pathway and then looked around before we went down an empty alley. "There are all these hidden doors everywhere in the park. Most lead to the underground so people can move around the park without dealing with guest, but there are also a couple of secret break rooms and VIP rooms too."

    "How do you know about them?"

    "Are you kidding? I had a hit show on Disney. I had to do events here all the time."

    Dove was scanning the wall as we walked down the alley. "Ah, here!" She then pushed something and then a secret door suddenly opened. Dove pulled me inside the secret room, which I believe to be one of the VIP rooms Dove mentioned. It had a leather chair and couch, coffee table with flowers on it, a private bathroom, mini fridge, and a makeup table with a mirror in the corner.

    "This place is kind of nice," I said as I looked around and turned back to Dove, "So is the plan just to hang out in here for awhile?"

    "Something like that," Dove said before grabbing my shirt and pulling me down into a kiss. Breaking off the kiss I staggered back stunned as the actress janked off her t-shirt, showing off her snow white c-cups in a light pink push up bra. "Take a seat." I did what I was told, sitting down on the couch. Dove then walked over to me and pushed the coffee table back a bit before dropping to her knees on the floor between my legs. Her hands went right to my belt in fly.

    "Lets see if Natalie was telling the truth about you."

    "She told you about us?" I asked her.

    "Please. When she came back from New York she had such a big smile on her face, it didn't take much to get her to spill the beans," Dove told me as pulled my pants down. "It sure felt like she was telling the truth earlier."

    She then yanked down my boxers and my cock finally sprang free. Dove let out a giggle as she tried to wrap her hands around my dick.

    "Wow," she said as she examined my dick, "It's not quite as thick as a soup can, but she wasn't exaggerating too much," Dove said. She was right about my dick, while only 7 inches long is really thick. In the past I've had it compared to a beer bottle.

    After thoroughly examining my dick and stroking it a bit more with both her hands, Dove began dribbling spit along my shaft, using her hands to spread it. She then used her soft pillowy lips to kiss down the underside of my dick until she reached my nut sack. She licked my balls before separately taking each of my large nuts into her mouth and swirling them around. She then kissed her way back to my shaft where she began twirling and flicking her tongue around the head. Dove looked up at me with her eyes when she puckered her lips and kissed the tip of my cock. She then gave me a wink before opening her mouth and taking my cock into her mouth. My cock really stretched her mouth out, and her lipstick smeared on my cock, but she continued to try to take a little more every time she went down on me. When she got about half my dick down her eyes began to water. She kept going, sucking the top half of my cock while her hands worked the bottom half. I then put my hand behind her head and forced another inch down her throat before she began gagging a bit. When I let go, Dove pulled back slipping my dick from her mouth.

    "Jesus that's a fat cock," Dove said between coughs.

    "Yeah," I agreed, "Natalie is one of the only woman I know who can deep throat me"

    "Does she unhinge her jaw or something?" Dove asked before taking my dick back into her mouth and attempted to take more of me down the throat. When she was unable to, she stopped. "Screw it. I know something that flat chested bitch can't do." Dove slipped her bra straps off her shoulders and the flipped down the cups, exposing her milky white breasts with pink nipples. Sitting up a bit Dove slid closer, trapping my dick between her tits before pressing them together and began bouncing up and down. While Natalie was not flat chested, Dove was right in that Nat's small b-cups could not do the job that her c-cups could. Even if Natalie the same tit size, she could not do the job Dove was doing. Dove was currently giving me the best titty fuck I'd ever received. Using spit to keep my cock lubricated, and she maintained eye contact with me the whole time. Even when she tucked in her chin and lowered her head to give my cock head a quick suck or flick of her tongue, her eyes still looked right into mine.

    "Ummm yeah," I said through gritted teeth and my grip on the couch tighten as I tried to hold out from cumming as long as I could.

    "Natalie said you could go 2 or 3 times in a row without much recovery time, was she telling the truth about that too?"

    "More or less."

    "Then stop holding back and cum for me. Cum all over me, and when you're done I'm going to sit on your lap and you're going to split me in two with your fat cock" Dove said aggressively as she continued to bounce her tits along the side of my rod. So I stopped resisting.

    "Okay, okay, I'm gonna cum," I said through panted breath. Dove backed off and freed my dick. Sitting back Dove closed her eyes, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Knowing what she wanted I pointed my dick at her before firing rope after rope of cum at her. Some hit their mark going down her mouth or landing on her tongue, others missed the mark hitting her in the face, causing her to giggle a bit, and the last two weaker blasted landing on her tits. When it was over Dove closed her mouth and swallowed my seed. She then wiped a glob of cum off her eyelid. Opening her eyes, she looked up at me as she took my still hard yet sensitive cock head into her mouth and sucked it clean.

    Dove stood up and pulled my shirt off me. Using the inside of my shirt to wipe her face clean of my cum. Dropping my shirt to the floor when she was done, she then began undoing the pants. I watched her strip as I pushed my pants the rest of the way to the floor. Once fully nude, Dove pushed me so that I was sitting all the way back on the couch. She then climbed up on the couch and she straddled my lap. I could feel the heat and wetness from her folds as they pressed up against my cock. Dove leaned forward and kissed kissed me. As she pushed her tongue into my mouth, she also rubbed her clean shaven pussy along my dick. When she was finally ready, Dove raised her hips and took hold of my cock, getting it in to position for her to drop down on it.

    "Ffffffuuuuuuccccckkkkkk…" Dove moaned as my pole pierced her box and she lowered herself down. She threw her head back and bit her lip as my cock stretched her out. When she finally bottomed out, Dove did not move. She stayed still getting accustomed to my size.

    "For someone who acts like a naughty girl, you still got a pretty tight pussy," I told her.

    "I'm not that tight, you're cock's just so fat that it's practically obese," she replied.

    "If that's what you think, then maybe you should give my dick a workout." I took hold of her hips and lifted Dove up before slamming her back down causing her to moan loudly. I did it a few more times before the former Disney star took over and started riding me hard. I moved my hands from her hips to her ass and she thrusted her tits forward into my face. She pulled my face to her chest and told to bite and suck on her tits. Dove Cameron may come off as all nice and angelic in public, but the girl is a demon in the sack. The girl loved getting fucked hard and rough. Slapping her ass only made her ride me harder.

    "Fuck yeah, fuck me. Keep going, make me cum," she begged.

    "Yeah, you like that? You going to cum on my cock?"


    "Then do it. Cum for me. Cum all over my dick. And after that, you're all mine." Not to long after that the star of the Descendants franchise was screaming out as she came. Once she died down I held onto her and picked her up as I stood. Dove wrapped her legs around me as I walked over to a nearby wall and pinned her up against it. With nowhere for her to move I pummeled her pussy with my cock, and she loved every second of it. Trying to keep her voice down she began biting my neck. I had to pull her away to avoid going back to our friends with hickies all over my neck. Instead I kissed her to keep her mouth occupied. She kissed me back passionately and with ferocity.

    Seeing what else she was into I slipped a finger into her ass as we fucked. She did not even hesitate at all when I did that. She squealed in surprise and enjoyment, while her legs tighten even more around me until her pussy clamped down and she came again.

    "I don't know how much longer I can keep going," I warned her.

    "Put me down. Put me on the the table and drive you cock into me." I took her away from the wall and dropped her on her head onto the coffee table. As she moved her arms and elbows out for balance I pushed her legs forward, before pushing my dong back into her and fucking her in the piledriver position.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah, harder, yes, fuck me!" Dove kept egging me on as I drove my cock into her. I kept going, fucking her as hard as I could, flicking and occasionally slapping her clit until I could not take it anymore.

    "I'm gonna blow, where…"

    "In me!" She cut me off, "Cum in me!"


    "Shut up! Yes! Fill my pussy with you hot spunk. Give it to me!" She demanded.

    Not questioning her again, I did what I was told. I fired my load into the actress, not pulling out until I was done cumming and my jizz was leaking out of her. When it was over the two of us laid down on the floor spent, exhausted, and breathing heavy. Looking over I tried to memorize every inch of her naked body. Staring at her still erect nipple I gave it a light twist, and she broke the silence in the room. Giving a quick shirk of surprise before laughing.

    "You passed," Dove sighed breathlessly.

    "What does that mean."

    "Just give me your phone," Dove said as she sat up on the floor leaning against the couch. I pulled it out of the pocket of my discarded jeans.

    "Why do you want it?" I asked as I unlocked my phone and handed it over.

    "First to give you a momento," She said as she spun around, her back against my legs, and gave a sexy look to the camera as she snapped a selfie the showed off her beautiful face, magnificent tits, and my still fairly chubby cock over her shoulder. "And secondly to text myself so I can have your number."

    "Why do you want my number?" I asked with a proud cocky tone.

    "Because if this play I'm doing goes well I could end up living alone in New York for months. So, I gotta make sure I have the number of someone else in the city who I know can fuck me well when I needs it."

    "So what? This was some kind of a test?" I asked.

    "Kind of. Nat said you lived in New York and you were a good fuck, and she was right. I'd give a solid 'B'."

    "Okay..wait, wait, a 'B'?"

    "Of course," she giggled, "I can't give you an 'A' if I don't know if you can eat pussy or not. Don't worry, when I go out to New York you can try and up your score." Dove stood up and walked over so her naked body was now pressed up against my clothed body. She lightly ran her fingers over my crotch and in a seductive voice said, "FYI, guys who get an 'A+' also earn an opportunity for anal." Dove turned around and gave her ass a shake before walking to pick up her clothes.

    Once she was redressed, we opened the door to the secret VIP room door and headed back out into Disneyland to meet with our friends who were probably starting to wonder where we were.

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    Excellent story. I hope continue with it.

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