My Cuckold Experience #4
With Hailee Steinfeld & Sophie Turner
Written by TheLW
Codes: MFF, Ass Eating, Humiliation, Light Femdom, Toys
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes


Having told Hailee, that I would be there early the next day, I set the my alarm clock to go off for six thirty am the night before, since I figured it would give me enough time to have a shower, as well as pick up some breakfast, and still make it to Hailee's place for around eight o'clock. Once I got out of the shower, I quickly got dressed, nothing fancy just a pair of black pants, and a blue polo shirt, before locking up my front door and making the drive towards my girlfriend's place, on the way there I decided to stop at a nearby Starbucks, ordering Hailee's favorite drink, as well as a couple of breakfast sandwiches for her and Sophie to eat.

Despite being early on a Saturday morning, traffic in Los Angeles was always a pain in the ass, and today was no exception, as I pulled into Hailee’s driveway almost a half hour later than I had originally anticipated. Using the spare key that my girlfriend gave me, I let myself in to her place, before calling out Hailee's name, letting both Haiz and her best friend Sophie Turner know I was there.

“We're in here,” I could hear Hailee respond back, as I made my way towards the kitchen, where I saw the two of them sitting on chairs around the island counter.

I said morning to the Game of Thrones actress, before making my way over to Hailee Steinfeld, where I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Over the next thirty minutes, the three of us made small talk, as we sat there eating the breakfast sandwiches I brought with me.

A short time later

A little while later the three of us, made our way upstairs to Hailee's bedroom, the two of them in front of me, as I followed them, carrying up the bag containing all the items I purchased the night before.

“I still can't believe you let Hailee have sex with other people,” Sophie says, as she looks back at me, "...It's like your not even Hailee's boyfriend anymore, you're just her cuckfriend now."

“Cuckfriend?” Hailee states, “...I like that, looks like you've got a new nickname, honey.”

All I can do is meekly nod my head in agreement.

Once we reached Haiz's bedroom, Sophie quickly snatched the bag out of my hand, before pulling out the black leather collar, and giving it to Hailee so she could put it around my neck.

"Perfect for a cuck like you," Sophie mentions with a devilish grin before continuing on "... Hailee and I decided last night, that we were gonna have some fun with you."


"Oh yeah," Haiz replys back "... we're definitely going to have some fun with you."

"So why don't you get undressed, and get on the bed," Sophie says as she speaks up "...on your hands and knees."

Seconds later, I'm doing exactly what the British actress said to do, and stripping out of my clothes, before getting on the bed, in a kneeled down position. Once in position, Sophie moves in front of me, as she loops the handcuffs that I purchased the night before, between an opening in the bed frame, and locking me in place.

Being best friends with Hailee, I've known Sophie Turner for a while now, but between yesterday and today, I was definitely seeing a new side of her, a controlling side, that I had no idea she had, but had little doubt that I was about to find out.

With that said, the Game of Thrones actress wasted little time, as she grabbed a handful of my hair, yanking my head back so I was forced to look up at her.

“From now until we let you leave this room,” Sophie starts to say “'ll be calling Hailee and I mistress, is that understood?”


“Yes, what?” Sophie says with a stern look, before slapping me.

“Yes mistress.”

“That's better, cuck.”

Sophie Turner then let’s go of my hair, and turns her attention to the bag I brought up, with the items from the night before, as she pulls out the riding crop, handing it over to Hailee.

“Go on, give his ass a spanking,” Sophie tells her dark haired friend.

Hailee reaches over, taking the crop from the X-Men actresses hand, only for me to feel the impact, as she brought it down across my ass.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

While every time the item hit the flesh of my buttocks, it stung a little, but didn’t really hurt, probably due to Hailee not putting all of her strength into each swat.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

As my girlfriend continued to spank my ass with the riding crop, I could see Sophie wasn’t liking the fact Hailee wasn’t hitting me hard enough.

“Come on Haiz, you have to hit him harder,” the actress states, “...give it here, I’ll show how it’s done.”


Mistress Sophie cracked the black crop against my ass, a hell of a lot harder, than Hailee, to the point I was starting to groin in pain, with the beating my rear end was taking from the Game of Thrones star.


Over the course of the next fifteen minutes or so, the two women continued to beat my ass, Mistress Hailee using the crop, and Mistress Sophie retrieving the black suede flogger, until they turned my asscheeks a cherry tomato red.


After Sophie got a few more hits in, the two women stopped inflicting their pain on me, as Hailee made her way to the head of the bed, uncuffing me from the bed frame.

“Did that hurt, cuck?” the woman known for her role as Sansa Stark asks.

“Yes Mistress.”


Both of the actresses joined me on Mistress Hailee’s queen sized bed, as Haiz got into a position similar to the one I was in moments ago. Sophie Turner then instructed me to eat out Hailee Steinfeld’s ass, as she said it would be amusing to watch me do so.

Having never eaten out another person’s ass before, I was a bit hesitant at first, but Mistress Sophie wasn’t having any of it, as she slapped across the cheek a couple of times.

“I said, I want you to eat your Mistresses ass,” Sophie yells before pushing my face towards my girlfriend’s perfect butt.

As my face got closer to Haiz’s rear end, I stuck my tongue out in preparation for what was about to happen next. With my face buried in Haiz’s rectum, I moved my oral organ back and forth, as I started eating her backdoor out.

I must have been doing something right, as I heard Hailee moaning away, as I continued to explore her asshole with my tongue.

“How do you like that Hailee,” Sophie asks her friend, “ you like having this pathetic cuck, munching away on your asshole?”

“Oh yeah,” Hailee cries out, “ good!”

“Sounds like Hailee, might have some use for you afterall, you fucking cuck.”

“Yes Mistress.”

After a few minutes, I moved away from eating Haiz’s ass out, and started to make my way to the English actress. As I got closer to Mistress Sophie, she stretched her leg out, placing her foot on my face to stop me.

“What do you think your doing,” the redhead states, “ I’d ever let you touch me down there.”

“I’m sorry Mistress, I just thought...” I started to say, before getting cut off.

“You thought what?” She answers back, “that I would let someone as pathetic as you, eat me out? Oh no, at most, you can kiss my feet, cuck.”

“Yes Mistress.”

With that, I do as Sophie asks, as I start worshipping them, planting kisses as I go back and forth between both of her feet. Hailee not wanting to be left out of the fun, offered me her feet as well, as I took one of her big toes into my mouth, and started sucking on it.

This continued on, for probably another half hour, going back and forth between the two of my Mistresses, pampering their feet with my lips and mouth, until Sophie Turner, who was pretty much in charge the whole time, ordered me to stop.

“Hailee was telling me, more about your best friend Shane, last night,” Sophie claims, “...why don’t you call him up, and invite him over… I want to see for myself, if his cock is as big as she says it is.”

“Of course, Mistress Sophie.”

“Run along then,” she begins to say, “...once you’ve called him, I want you to wait by the front door, until he shows up.”

The End