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Thread: "Birthday Bonanza" with Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "Birthday Bonanza" with Paris Berelc

    Birthday Bonanza
    With Paris Berelc
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, blowjob, gloryhole, drunk, public, porn, voyeurism, spanking, cream-pie
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

    I didn't really know anyone at the party aside from Cierra Ramirez, who had invited me out to some trendy night spot in LA to celebrate a friends birthday. As it turned out, not only were we there to celebrate Paris Berelc's 20th birthday, but also her two year anniversary with actor Jack Griffo.

    In truth, I barely knew the girl but was actually surprised by how pretty Paris looked in person, however I was also disappointed to learn just how much of a bitch she was too. In fact rumor had it that Paris Berelc was a huge diva and pain in the ass, and despite only knowing her for a few short hours I could confirm that the rumors were true. To be fair, most of the night had been fun and laid back until... Jack text-messaged to tell her that he wasn't going to make it to the club.

    As expected, this almost brought the entire evening to a stand still and set Paris off in the worse possible way, no thanks to the alcohol I had been feeding her throughout the night.

    Over the next few minutes the club lay witness to some of the most amusing comments we'd ever heard, with Paris unleashing a torrent of abuse at her boyfriend and airing his dirty laundry to the world, calling him a pussy and claiming that not only was he a bad lay, but that he even had a tiny penis. In fact she made such a scene that I think both floors of the club heard her tirade, and it got to the point where friends were trying to calm her down and stop of from saying something she might regret, but Paris wasn't having any of it. She was on a mission, and getting shit off her chest.

    "I don't care who knows it, he's a little bitch! He deserves what he gets. I don't even know why I put up with him."

    To make matters worse, Paris then went on to claim how they hadn't had sex in several weeks, and how in recent days she had abstained from getting herself off, all in the interest of making tonight a special occasion.

    "You don't understand," she slurred loudly. "It's not even fair, I'm horny as FUCK right now and it's all his fault!"

    Her friends then went on to encourage her to pick up some random dude from the bar just to spite him, but considering how picky she was no one seemed to make the cut. All the while, I simply sat there feeding the girls more drinks, and just waited for the right opportunity to present itself, which I'm happy to say finally occurred.

    About two hours later and half of our friends had already left, while almost everyone in the club was pairing up with potential partners and drunk off their ass. I watched as Paris got up and wandered off to the bathroom alone, and decided to keep an eye on her. In truth I guess I just wanted to see if I could get some time alone with her, maybe chat and cheer her up. I mean considering how intoxicated she was, she wasn't going to be any more friendly or accommodating than she was right now.

    It was only when I followed her to the bathroom that I realized the club didn't appear to have a separate men's or women's toilet, but a single unisex one. Inside, Paris locked herself in one of the stalls, while I quickly moved to the cubicle next to hers and tried to think of a topic of conversation if given the chance. However, as I stood there contemplating my next move I immediately noticed a prominent hole in the wall, between us.

    I almost did a double take when on further inspection I noticed that the "gloryhole" was at waist height, and a second hole at eye level. I pressed my eye against it and could see most of what was going on next door. Of course, once I realized I could peer into her stall unnoticed I found myself actively spying on her over the next few minutes and watched in surprise as she appeared to be watching porn on her phone.

    At this point I was so turned on that my cock literally throbbed between my legs, making it almost impossible to pee. So naturally I did the next best thing, and quietly jacked off as I watched her sit back and enjoy the x-rated material, using one hand to hold the phone while the other disappeared under her dress.

    When I realized she was watching a gangbang video, I just about lost my fucking mind and decided then and there I was going to do something about it. I was going to slide my cock through the gloryhole! I guess my only defense was that I was so riled up I wasn't thinking straight, and I convinced myself that if it all went pear-shaped I could just blame it on the alcohol and claim it was a practical joke gone wrong?

    I took a deep breath and stepped forward, pressing my hips against the partition, and slid my hard cock through the opening. The reaction from the other side actually surprised and frightened me, as she audibly gasped but did not leave.

    "What the hell!" I heard her hiss.

    I almost considered backing out all together, but something told me to stay perfectly still.

    "Are you fucking serious right now?" she muttered under her breath, as she sat there staring back at my bare naked cock.

    I didn't say a word, even though I was tempted to.

    Time seemed to stand still as Paris debated whether or not to scream or leave, or sit there and admire my cock. For my part, I just stood there with my prick pointing at a 45 degree angle, waiting to see what she'd do. At first I wondered if I had made a grave mistake, not realizing that she could have easily taken a photo and informed the authorities, or worse still our mutual friends outside.

    However, all the tension I felt suddenly left my body when she reached out with her long fingers and gently caressed my bell-end, then wrapped them around my shaft. I literally gasped at the action, causing Paris to snicker.

    "Hmm yeah, you like that huh." she smirked through the wall.

    Judging from the way she held me, I could tell the girl wasn't an amateur. She knew what she was doing, and had handled more than her fare share of cocks. Paris then proceeded to slowly stroke my rod causing pleasure to surge up and down my spine. My hips began to move on their own accord as she jerked me off, and quickly incorporated both hands – one on my shaft and the other on my nuts.

    "You're just lucky I'm in a good mood," I heard her add.

    Once again I was tempted to say something, but kept my mouth shut in fear of revealing my identity. Things then took a turn for the surreal when I felt her replace her hand with her mouth!

    If I thought her hand skills were good, I was in for a treat with those lips. All I could do was moan as she circled the head with the tip of her tongue, tickling the fremulum before removing her lips all together and taking my nuts into her mouth.

    "Mm-yeah, you've got a nice cock..." she moaned hotly. "I can work with this."

    I tried to stay composed as she pulled me kicking and screaming towards the precipice. She seemed to realize how close I was and finished teasing me and took my entire length into her mouth, her lips sealing around the base of my shaft before her head bobbed back and forth. She tickled my nuts with her free hand as my prick slipped deeper into the back of her mouth. Next, she twirled the head of it around with her long tongue, and took me deeper still.

    I suspect my cock looked ready to erupt, cause she giggled and concentrated her attention back to my balls, wanting to prolong the incredible blowjob. I had to hand it to the Mighty Med star, she sure took pride in her work.

    "Are you gunna come for me?" she asked between licks.

    Just hearing this tone from her was enough to make me pop, and I was seconds away from responding when our tranquility was interrupted by the sound of someone entering the bathroom, and finding a stall to throw up in.

    As if broken out of a trance, Paris suddenly spat my cock out of her mouth and stood up to leave. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, as I put away my saliva-coated cock and attempted to follow her lead, but realized I couldn't exit the stall until she left the bathroom first, as I didn't want her to see who I was.

    I waited an extra minute then slowly opened the door just to find her applying lipstick in the mirror, her eyes poised on the door. The expression on her face was priceless when she realized who I was - the same guy who had been feeding her drinks all night long.

    "—its you!" she said as she turned to face me. "Did you actually think you'd get away with it?"

    I suddenly grew concerned as I realized Berelc was apparently going to throw me under the bus, and claim that I had "forced" her into blowing me or something crazy like that. While I tried to make sense of her sudden change of heart, she flashed me a cunning look and attempted to leave, only to find herself pinned up against the wall, chest first. Her arms were trapped beneath her so she couldn't move at all, as a hand reached up and pulled the hair away from her ear.

    "Where do you think you're going?" I growled, while looking around to make sure we were alone. "Why don't you finish what we started?"

    Even though I knew very little about the actress, I could tell she could handle herself and moreover, defend herself if need be. However, she simply stood there allowing me to feel her up against the wall. I dare say she liked it.

    "We both know you don't want to leave." I told her.

    Paris agreed but was too afraid to admit it.

    "And we both know you want to get FUCKED right now, amiright?" I whispered. "You've been asking for it all night long."

    This comment drew a sarcastic look from her, as my hands continued to explore and caressed her luscious body.


    "For once in your life, just be honest!" I hissed. "Admit it, you wanna fuck."

    There was a long pause before she answered honestly.

    "I want to but, we can't." she said, as she stared at the occupied stall.

    I knew what she was trying to say - that as long as there was someone around we couldn't fuck - but I was determined.

    "Tell me the truth," I insisted, while groping her tits. "I want to hear you to say it."

    Paris started to speak, "but—" only to be cut off with a firm smack to the butt.

    From the expression on her face I could tell she liked it, if somewhat surprised.

    "Err, did you just spank me?" she quizzed before I interrupted her again.

    "Say it, Paris!" I smacked her butt again. "Tell me you want it."

    "I want you okay? I want you to fuck me!" she repeated while trying to push her ass back into my hand. "Is that what you want to hear?"

    I moved back and slipped my hand down between her legs and under her skirt, to skim against her panties which were wet to the touch. I used my wrist to push her thighs apart and directed her to open her stands. I can't begin to describe how sexy she looked standing there in those heels, her feet spread apart. I returned my fingers to her panties and rubbed her sex through the material.

    "Please, not here." she cooed, still paranoid about someone walking in on us.

    "Yes, here." I insisted. "You're lucky I don't pull you out onto the dance floor and finger you in front of everybody."

    "oooh," she moaned at the notion.

    I pulled her panties to the side and stuffed two fingers into her cunt, filling her with my digits. Paris squirmed to the action, but never once resisted or attempted to put up a fight. I could feel just how tight she was too, and hiked up her skirt and peeled her panties down to her knees. She knew what was coming, and played along.

    "Please, hurry." she urged, and I finally gave her what she craved.

    I bent her over the sink and abruptly impaled her from behind - bareback - shoving her into the wall with each thrust. I could feel her flooding my cock at the sheer danger of it all, particularly as the girl in the bathroom stall suddenly emerged to find us going for it right there by the counter.

    I didn't dare stop, and continued to pound the birthday girl even as the mystery woman just stood there staring at us bemused.

    "oh-god, please." Paris blushed with shame as the girl stared back at her. "uh-fuck, she's watching us."

    "Let her watch!" I answered as I pummeled Berelc standing, from behind - her arms pinned behind her back.

    Fortunately for us the girl finally turned to leave, giving us some much needed privacy. My hand came off the wall and went into her hair at the nape of her neck, sliding up and grabbing a handful, pulling her head back so my lips could touch her ear.

    "You like that?" I hissed, while still sawing my cock in and out of her. "You like me fucking you like a cheap slut?"

    The actress groaned in response as my lips grazed her ear with each stroke, and I was delighted to see she was nimble enough to look back and kiss me on the lips while I fucked her.

    "Want more cock?"

    I tightened my grip, waiting on her answer.

    "Please... give it to me. Fuck me!" she panted.

    I happily obliged and started pounding her harder and faster, my grip on her hair never slacking. I reached around with my free hand and touched her clit, pressing down just enough for it to rub as I drilled her. This seemed to have the desired effect and set her off, and she tensed up and came hard on my cock. I then cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples and leaned back and allowed HER to thrust back and fuck herself on me.

    When I pulled her hair and pivoted her head to the side so we could watch our reflection in the mirror, Paris began to shake violently and cum again, biting her lip to keep from crying out loud. However this time as she came, I started to climax with her. Suddenly my load poured into her, treating her to a filthy cream-pie. I just seemed to shoot rope after rope of hot spunk deep inside her womb before I finally pulled back, causing some of it to seep down her legs.

    I barely had time to pull out and zip up before Paris took off like a shot, joining her friends back at their table. I washed my face and took a moment to catch my breath, a huge contented grin on my face. I still couldn't believe I had had my way with the birthday girl, and snickered inwardly as I emerged from the bathroom and noticed Jack and his posse of friends finally show up to the club and apologize for being late.

    "You're too late, sunshine." I thought. "Your hot little girlfriend's already been fucked tonight!"

    I then watched as he tried to explain himself to her, only for Paris to ignore him and ultimately throw a drink in his face. I couldn't help but chuckle as I realized my load was still seeping out of her pussy as she grabbed my hand in front of everyone and we left the club together.

    "Come on, you're taking me home tonight."

    "I am? Cool."

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    Oh my, what a present, for the birthday slut.

    I really enjoyed this one, TPG.
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    GRRR thought it up and boom a few hours later. Here it is. What a concept. You didnt think about it to much and let yourself get distracted. Wonderful things happen when you do that. lol

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