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Thread: "A Rose By Any Other Name" with Rose Park

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    fanfiction "A Rose By Any Other Name" with Rose Park

    A Rose By Any Other Name
    Staring Rose Park and a brief appearance from Jennie Kim
    Written by Alpha17
    Codes: MF, oral, facial, creampie
    Disclaimer: The following story is nothing but a fictional dream.

    My name is Tyler and I've been having the luckiest study abroad experience ever. I decided to study abroad for a semester in college in Korea. I had always wanted to go to Asia and couldn't think of a better way to really enjoy myself without being here for at least a couple of months. I had run into Jennie the day we moved into the dorm when I accidentally knocked her bag out of her hand. It turned out that she was in the dorm room directly across the hall from me with her equally as sexy room mate Rose. The two of them showed me around the campus and helped me study for some of my exams.

    My classmates hated me for always having Jennie who loves to show how sexy she is and Rose who was more reserved but knew that she was sexy, always hanging out with me. If only my classmates knew what was really going on between me and the girls and they would have hated me even more. Jennie and I had just come out of bad relationships and weren't looking for a new one but admitted to ourselves and each other that we couldn't get over the need for sex. Jennie and I started having sex whenever we were alone.

    That's what brought me to the situation I was in right now of having Jennie nude as the day she was born with her smooth legs wrapped around my waist as I pounded her tight Asian pussy with 8 inches of cock.

    "OH FUCK OH FUCK," she screamed as I pounded into her like I had so many times before.

    I could never get over how tight her pussy was every since the first time I fucked her and mistook her for a virgin. No matter how many times we fucked she stayed just as tight as the first time.

    We had been going for an hour and I could feel my climax coming.

    "Where do you want it?" I asked knowing the answer.

    "You know I want to taste your load," she moaned as I pinched and twisted her nipples.

    After a few more thrusts Jennie came with a load scream as I pulled out and unloaded my seed all over her pale tits and face.

    After cleaning off her face and tits her finger and then cleaned it off with her mouth. Jennie rolled over and gave my dick one last deep throat and started getting dressed.

    "Don't worry I'll be back tomorrow I just have to take care of some business at home first." she said as she left my dorm to grab her bag and get on the train going home.

    Luckily for me I have a movie date with Rose tonight which I'm glad about because she's almost never single and even when she is I never get to spend any alone time with her.

    I came into Rose's room and she looked as sexy as ever. There was something about how she was super cute but underneath you could tell she was going to be super dirty in between the sheets. She was wearing a short plaid grey skirt which showed off her long legs and a long sleeve white shirt that was thin enough you could make out the black tank she had on underneath. We had talked about watching a movie together with us and Jennie but since she had to go home we figured we'd just watch the two of us.

    We watched the drama that she wanted to watch but about 20 minutes into the movie when Rose leaned her head onto my shoulder. I had my arm around her when she looked up and gently kissed me on the cheek. A few minutes later and my arm was getting tired so I took it off the couch and placed it next to me. Rose was starting to fall asleep on my chest when her hand fell into my lap and brushed against my cock. The moment she made contact my cock twitched and started coming to life.

    I put my hand on her knee and gently slid my hand up to her silky smooth thighs. Before I knew it Rose looked at me and crashed her lips into mine starting an intense make out session. Our tongues fought for dominance until Rose got distracted when I slip my hand up her mini skirt and made contact with her black thong that was soaking wet to the touch. I couldn't wait any longer and moved her thong to the side and inserted my finger into her slimy folds.

    She moaned into my mouth and made an "O" face when I jammed another finger into her clam. Just from feeling her pussy with my fingers I realized two things. The first being that Rose was waxes completely clean giving her the smoothest pussy I've ever felt and the second being that she might be even tighter than Jennie if that was even possible. Lost in the feeling of her pussy I didn't even notice when she had opened up my pants and pulled out my dick until she started stroking my length. I was loving the feeling of Rose stroking me but I wasn't going to let her beat me like that. I picked up the pace of my fingers in her pussy until she arched her back and moaned as she came all over my fingers.

    I pulled my fingers from her pussy and gave them a slight lick before inviting Rose to taste herself which she happily obliged to sucking my fingers into her mouth as if it was a dick. She placed her hand on my chest and told me to lean back as she gave my dick long licks to lube it up. I looked down to see her push her hair to one side and without hesitation take my long dick into her mouth nudging the back of her throat. I expected her to gag on it the way that Jennie does but instead she built up a pace and nearly sucked my soul out of my body through my dick.

    "No wonder I can hear Jennie moaning across the hall when you fuck her with this monster" she said as she came up for air before returning to the most intense blowjob of my life.

    "I love that you don't have a gag reflex" I moaned as she deep throated me.

    She got down to the floor on her knees in front of my when she crossed her arms and removed every piece of clothing above the waste in one swift move. I reached forward and pulled her up to make out with her again before I took her pink nipple into my mouth. She went back to her blowjob and started to rotate my balls in her hand. With one last long suck I shot my load into the her mouth and into her throat. After she wiped her mouth of the cum dripping out of it she grabbed me by my dick and lead me into the bedroom and ripped off my pants and shirt leaving me completely naked. I looked at her and evened the playing field pulling her skirt down her long legs and taking her thong and throwing into my pile of clothes to keep as a souvenir.

    Without much more we both couldn't take it and I lined up my now hard as steel cock and ran it up and down her slit before impaling the sexy Australian Korean. I was right she is tight. Even with her pussy being soaking wet I barely managed to fit my member inside her. I gave her a moment to adjust to my size before thrusting into her and built up a rhythm. She moaned loudly as I picked up the pace and slammed into her cunt with a speed that would make any runner jealous. I reached over and pinched her eraser like nipples which set her off in a mind blowing orgasm which made her scream as she squirted all over my abs. I couldn't take it any longer and rammed my cock inside her cunt all the way up to the hilt and unloaded what felt like an endless amount of spunk inside her giving the sexy asian her first ever cream pie.

    We cuddled up next to each other and fell asleep as my cum leaked down her leg when we heard a cough at the door and looked up to see Jennie home early.

    "Turns out they didn't need me after all. Rose you could have waited to fuck him until I came back. Now you guys are too tired for that threesome we talked about."

    "I'm never too tired for a threesome." I said as I reached out my hand for Jennie.

    Jennie simply looked at my and took her of her off the shoulder green shirt leaving her standing in the doorway wearing nothing but a pair of short shorts as she closed the door behind her ready for the long night ahead.

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    Good story

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    Thank you for the feed back!

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    Yeah definitely enjoyed the visuals. The girls definitely need more stories and attention.

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