What A Lucky Turn Of Events
Staring Lisa Manoban and Jisoo Kim with a brief appearance from Rose Park and Jennie Kim
Written by Alpha17
Codes: MF, MF, oral, creampie
Disclaimer: This story is fictional and only a fantasy

It all started when I decided to become a photographer. I travel the world taking pictures of incredible places and people. My adventures led me to Thailand where I was informed the hotel I was staying at would be hosting a K-pop group doing their world tour. The group was Blackpink and luck would have it their room was right down the hall from mine. One night I heard knocking at my door when I stepped out of a shower so I went to see who it was with a towel wrapped around my waist. I stepped out to see who was knocking but forgot to grab my room key. I took one step too far out of my room when a gust of wind slammed the door shut leaving me nearly naked standing in the hallway. I heard the knocking again to find the girls walking up the hall with their heels making a loud clicking sound, the one I must have mistook for knocking.

I raised my hand up to say hello and explain why I was standing in the hall wearing nothing but a towel but when I did my towel came loose and dropped to the floor revealing my semi hard cock to the girls. At full height I measure at about 7 inches but have never been afraid or ashamed of my body. I stood waiting to see their reactions when assuming I was going to be looked at as some creepy flasher but instead got various reactions from each girl. Jennie smirked and continued to text her boyfriend Kai while Rose covered her face. Lisa and Jisoo both froze and stared directly at my penis causing it to twitch. As I covered up and explained why I was standing there Lisa volunteered to get a spare key for me. The others were kind enough to allow me to wait with them in their room.

The girls had a large suite with two bed rooms on either side of the living room. Jennie walked into her room saying she needed to call her boyfriend and Rose joined her saying she wanted to call her sister and give her the good news about her upcoming tour which stopped in her hometown. Jisoo and me were getting to know each other which was hard for me as I was trying to keep my hard on in check while I had this sexy Korean singer chatting me up. I did everything I could to not look like a creep when all of a sudden I felt Jisoo reach her hand under the towel and gently grip my shaft. I jerked for a moment until I saw the look in her eyes and grabbed her face and pulled her into a kiss. We made out like this for a minute when I reached under her black skirt and felt her wetness.

I looked into her eyes and gripped her lace white thong and pulled it down her legs. I reach up to play with her clit to find her pussy was shaved clean with the tiniest amount of stubble. I plunged two fingers deep into her core while I kissed her exposed shoulders. She pumped my shaft after throwing the towel onto the floor. We got each other off when she suddenly leaned back on the couch and came all over my fingers. I dove down to lick her pussy juices but after one long lick she stood up and leaned over the couch. I didn't need to be told twice and lined up my rock hard cock with her pussy and slammed it home. We kept a rapid pace with Jisoo moaning loudly as I railed into her from behind until Lisa suddenly walked into the room wondering where I was. I locked eyes with Lisa before Jisoo came for the second time that night while I fired my load into her womb.

"This fucking bitch thinks that because she's older she can always just take everything and never have to share." Lisa said as she walked up to me and lead me back to the front of the couch and pushed me down.

Before I knew it Lisa was on her knees in front of me with my hardening cock in between her lips. I couldn't help but wonder how much she really wanted to go down on Jisoo because she had no qualms about tasting her juices.

Just when I was about to pop in her mouth Lisa suddenly removed her mouth earning a groan from me. She reached under her mini skirt and pulled her hot pink thong with the words BLACKPINK on the front, and threw it onto the couch. Lisa straddled me and lifted up her skirt to show me her freshly waxed pussy, reached behind her to grip my cock and slowly impaled herself on my length. I couldn't believe how tight this girl was especially after having just had Jisoo who I thought had the tightest pussy I'd ever felt until Lisa that is. She took a minute to adjust to my size while Jisoo sat down on the other couch and spread her legs and played with herself.

"How are you so tight?" I moaned as she rode my dick.

"I'm a dancer. I couldn't get looser if I wanted to" she said as she winked at me.

Lisa kept riding me when I felt her body shudder as she was hit with most mind blowing orgasm as she squirted. Before I could ask her where she wanted it she slammed down again causing me to unload my second and somehow largest load of the night straight up into her core while Jisoo came all over her own fingers. Lisa got up from my lap and sat down next to me.

"It's a good thing you're already naked because you're gunna need another shower after all of that." Lisa said.

Jisoo sat down on the other side of me and took my cock into her mouth returning the favor and tasting Lisa's cum. After another minute Jisoo sat up and kissed me. I took turns making out with Lisa and Jisoo while reaching my hands up their skirts and playing with their asian clams.

"Hey did you ever get the key to my room?" I asked Lisa.

"Oh yeah its on the counter."

I smiled and knew that I made the right choice coming to Thailand and how lucky I was to have been locked out of my room while I continued make out with Lisa and Jisoo with absolutely no intention of heading back to my own room anytime soon.