Playing With Fire
With Rose Park, Jennie Kim, Jisoo Kim, Lisa Manoban
A TPG Short
CODES: MF, fingering, oral, blowjob, anal, public, squirting, creampie
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only

Rose and I had been sport-fucking for several weeks, and were so wrapped up in each other that she insisted I join her and the girls during their BLΛƆKPIИK Tour throughout Australasia.

Of course, this immediately set off alarm bells and caused tension within the group, as she and I had managed to score our own separate hotel room during the tour, while the others were forced to share. As you might imagine this didn't go over well with her band mates, particularly Jennie who really seemed to clash with me. Funnily enough all I kept hearing about for weeks on end was how Rose couldn't wait to introduce me to her friends, and how Jennie and I had matching personalities and would get along great. Little did we know just how wrong she was, as Jennie and I despised one another.

As far as I was concerned the pint-sized rapper was nothing more than a stuck up, spoiled little bitch...! while she in turn claimed that I was nothing more than a sleazy opportunist, who was only interested in Rose due to the bands success. Of course nothing could be further from the truth, as my interest in Rose was purely sexual, but any time Jennie and I were left alone in the same room together the insults and allegations would fly. That said, I had accompanied the girls to some awards ceremony in Japan where the band had won several awards throughout the evening. We had partied hard during the event, and by the time we arrived back to the hotel we were all pretty buzzed and in good spirits. Naturally, Rose and I couldn't wait to rush back to our hotel room across the hall so we could fuck each other senseless.

In fact Rose seemed to go out of her way to be extra loud that night, as if wanting to prove something to her friends. Of course I was more than happy to oblige, and pounded her sweet little ass into next week, pulling her hair and slapping her butt while she screamed and wailed at the top of her lungs. One thing I always liked about Rose was the fact that if and when she got a little drunk, nothing was off limits. The girl was up for almost anything, and really enjoyed role-playing and talking dirty. I guess you could say, you can take the girl out of Australia but you can't take the Australian out of the girl.

By the time we finished up it was well past midnight, but judging from the noise next door I suspect the party was still raging on. It was at this point that Rose decided that she wanted to take a quick shower before falling asleep, and while she wandered off into the bathroom I heard a knock at the front door. I was somewhat surprised to find Jennie standing there, who clearly looked intoxicated. She had apparently stopped by to "check-up" on Rose, but I wasn't buying her excuse since we had made it perfectly clear that we wanted some privacy. In spite of being drunk, I tried to keep it cordial between us but it didn't take long for our personalities to clash and we quickly started to argue right there at the door, with her claiming that I was an asshole and in danger of breaking up the band just for the sake of getting my dick wet! (her words)

"Well I might be an asshole Jennie, but at least I'm not some stuck up cunt!" I told her.

"How dare you!"

Things quickly escalated from there with Jennie and I getting right up in each others face, and yelling back and forth before she suddenly stopped and kissed me hard on the lips! At first I wasn't sure how to react, and just stood there as she shoved her tongue into my mouth. However my instincts took over and I picked her up and pinned her up against the door while she wrapped her legs around me. Our mouths sealed together as our tongues wrestled back and forth, and I felt her body grinding against me, urging me on. Several weeks of pent up frustration seemed to bubble to the surface as we mauled each other aggressively. One minute I had her up in my arms pinned against the door, and the next Jennie was on her knees with my cock in her mouth, as I watched her head bob up and down while Rose showered in the very next room.

I was absolutely beside myself, as my brain tried to catch up with reality. I'd never wanted to fuck anybody so hard in my life, and proceeded to take it out on her drooling mouth. To her credit, Jennie was so well versed at sucking dick that it didn't take long for me to erupt, covering that sweet little face in several ropes of spunk. Without saying a word, the 22-year-old rapper simply wiped her face and wandered off back to the party like nothing had happened. In fact she was so drunk I had to wonder if she'd even remember anything?

The entire incident was so surreal, and turned on so much that I marched straight into the shower with Rose where I finger-blasted her until she yelped into my mouth and actually squirted all over the tiled floor! Up until that point our sex life had been pretty vanilla if a little on the adventurous side but from that point onward it was kinky as hell, as we both found out that Rose actually had the ability to squirt. I don't even know who was more excited by this, as she spent the next few hours making herself spurt again and again whilst having sex.

Amusingly enough I didn't see or speak to Jennie for the next few days and it almost seemed like she went out of her way to avoid me. I started to wonder if she had regretted the whole thing, and worse still felt guilty enough to tell Rose about our 1am hookup. It even got to the point where Lisa seemed puzzled at her friends behavior during rehearsals and noticed how she didn't even seem to hate on me like usual. However, during one of their sell-out concerts I had managed to sneak out and corner Jennie in a small bathroom before her Solo performance, where I confronted her.

It was only when we were alone in that small space that I realized there was still some unfinished business between us, and there was no way in hell I was going to be able to keep my hands to myself. This was a particularly thrilling encounter since I had literally had sex with Rose just a few minutes earlier, and I'm almost certain Jennie could taste her on my dick, but it didn't slow her down or stop her from cleaning me off. In fact I dare say it turned her on knowing that my cock was still wet from her band mates juices, as she now polished me off with her talented mouth.

However, due to the fact that we were short on time and that she was all dolled up for the performance, Jennie took me deep into the back of her throat gagging briefly before inviting me to pop in her mouth. I didn't actually intend on ejaculating, but the moment she looked up at me with those pleading eyes it caused me to fill her belly with semen. I don't mind admitting I really got a thrill out of watching the ladies perform that night, knowing two of the four girls had my spunk swishing around inside of them.

Over the next few days things got interesting whenever Jennie and I were left alone and we'd start to mess around and almost get caught. We'd even agreed to slow down and take it easy, as we both got a thrill out of sneaking around. However, the more we resisted each other the more intense it was when we'd ultimately hook up. In fact at one point I had even managed to get her off with nothing but two fingers while in a public restroom. I'm not even sure what turned us on more, the fact that we were messing around in public, or the fact that she wore fishnet stockings and I had stuffed her lace panties into her mouth while I played with her.

That being said, things got even more complicated when a few days later we were in my home town of Sydney where Jisoo and I ended up sharing an UBER ride back to our hotel, and she apparently had something she wanted to get off her chest. I was somewhat surprised when she claimed that she knew all about the affair between Jennie and I, and was debating whether or not to tell Rose.

Naturally I tried to convince her not to say anything, and grew concerned about her motives since she was the only member of BLΛƆKPIИK who was in a long term relationship. In fact in recent days there had been some tension in the group as she had whined about missing her boyfriend terribly and how she hated the fact that they were forced to endure a long distant relationship. Knowing this, I assured Jisoo that Jennie and I would no longer screw around, which I presumed would satisfy her, however Jisoo surprised me again when she reached over and grabbed my cock and indicated that she too wanted to have some fun of her own.

"How you say," she spoke in broken English. "Don't judge a book by its cover?"

I responded by reaching over to slip my hand between her legs and into her panties, and couldn't believe how wet she was. We mutually played like this the entire ride back to the hotel, making sure the driver didn't suspect we were actually getting each other off. The moment we arrived home, I pushed Jisoo onto the bed and buried my face into her clean-shaven pussy.

Unlike Rose or Jennie, Jisoo really seemed to get off on foreplay and particularly liked it when I'd drag my tongue along her pristine cunt and eat her ass. She'd even rub her clit at the same time and make herself cum all over her fingers. Just watching her like this, with her legs spread wide turned me on to no end, and despite myself I ultimately got up and rubbed the head of my cock against her sex, and pushed in. Even though we had both agreed that we wouldn't have unprotected sex, there I was a few minutes later pounding her into the mattress bareback, and to my surprise her pussy was so tight and exquisite, it only took a few thrusts in that missionary position before I stopped to blow a thick hot load deep inside her cunt - treating her to a cream-pie.

Suffice to say the next few days were a complete blur as I found myself now juggling between all three ladies, and barely had time to scratch my ass before one of them would catch me alone and throw themselves at me. As fun as it sounds, it was actually a total mind-fuck as I spent so much time worried about getting caught that I became paranoid. To make matters worse, I'm almost positive that Jennie started to suspect that she wasn't the only one I was messing around with, and her and Jisoo began to squabble.

Things then took a turn for the surreal when one afternoon I had a fight with Rose, and ended up giving Lisa a ride over to a local dance studio where I watched her workout and practice some moves. At one point she put on a very sensual routine and invited me to film her with my phone while she danced to the song "Swella" by Jason Derulo. The performance had started out innocently enough, but quickly descended into a straight up lap dance. The fact that she was half naked and dripping in sweat at the time, only made it all the more erotic.

In the end, Lisa had deviated from her original choreography and now draped herself all over me, allowing me to run my hands all over her smooth-slick body, including her ass and tits. Judging from the way she responded to my touch, I could tell no one had touched her that way in a very long time, and I dare say she was even more aroused than I was. When she finally turned around to straddle me, our mouths seemed to seek each other out, and before we knew it we were making out like two love-struck teenagers. I instinctively grabbed hold of her ass with both hands, and guided her down onto my cock, with her reaching down to pull her underwear to the side and permit us to fuck right there on the leather couch in the dance studio.

Lisa rode me hard and fast for several minutes, and just when I thought she would run out of steam, she'd tense up and cum intensely, then proceed to flick her hips back and forth and ride me harder. This continued for some time with her sobbing and climaxing several more times above me, before she finally got up, stripped off and then rode me reverse cowgirl - allowing me to watch her take cock while she watched herself in the mirror. To her credit, when I finally stopped to rub my bell end against her backdoor, Lisa didn't object and happily allowed me to enter her ass. Up until that point I thought I was the luckiest man alive, dating someone as sexy and opened minded as Rose, but now I had to wonder if I was fooling myself.

When I finally announced my impending climax - while drilling Lisa in the ass - she suddenly dropped to her knees and insisted that I shoot my load all over her perkish tits, and even stuck out her tongue for added effect while I bathed her entire chest in spunk. In all my years I'd never cum so hard, and had absolutely soiled her from neck to stomach.

We ultimately cleaned ourselves up and vowed to keep our "studio" encounter a secret, and made our way back to the hotel only to find all hell had broken lose. Apparently there had been a huge fight between the girls, with Jennie claiming that she was through with the band and going to go "solo." It took all of the night to talk her out of it, but a few days later Jennie was permitted to release her first solo track, whilst the BLΛƆKPIИK group remained in tact.