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Thread: "Early Birthday Release" with Rose Park and Jennie Kim

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    fanfiction "Early Birthday Release" with Rose Park and Jennie Kim

    Early Birthday Release
    With Rose Park with a minor appearance from Jennie Kim
    Written by alpha17
    Codes: oral, mf, mf, squirting, cheating, riding, creampie
    Disclaimer: This story is fictional and purely meant for entertainment only.

    "Mmmm I love sucking your cock baby!" Jennie moaned as she deep throated me.

    Jennie and I had been secretly dating for a few months now. She pretended to date and then break up with a member EXO. Kai owed her a favor ever since she walked in on him fucking Jisoo in her dressing room. Jennie walked in on him right as Jisoo was squirting and he came inside her pussy from behind. I have been an assistant for YG and was assigned to work with BLACKPINK while they were touring. Jennie and I began secretly dating behind the scenes and could barely keep from fucking each other when ever we were alone.

    When the girls and I were in LA the girls had a suite where they could each have their own room and I was told to sleep in the living room so I could be at their beck and call at any time. I had been sleeping in Jennie's room and railing into her tight pussy every night. Jennie loves to moan loudly which was causing some tension with Rose who was sleeping in the next room.

    I told Jennie I was about to cum just as she squirted, treating her to a creampie. I rolled over and pulled out of Jennie when she mentioned that Rose's birthday was tomorrow. She asked me if I could distract Rose while the others set up her surprise party. Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa snuck out while Rose was gettting dressed. She came out of the room wearing a salmon long sleeved crop top with a versace sports bra over it and a rainbow high waisted skirt. I would be lying to myself if I said I never thought about Rose while fucking Jennie.

    Rose questioned why I was the only one still there and immediately put the pieces together about the surprise party. She suddenly sat down and looked like she as about to have a panic attack. I asked what was wrong and she finally confessed that she gets anxiety being in front of large crowds and has to do something in private before she be infront of a huge crowd. I asked if she drank before events and she said she does something much more vulgar. She has to give herself an orgasm before she appears before a crowd. She stood up and turned to head towards her room when she stopped and turned back to me. Without warning she walked over to me and straddled my lap on the couch and stuck her tongue down my throat.

    Before I could ever protest my body betrayed my brain and my raging hard on was poking Rose underneath her skirt. I kissed her back and grabbed her ass with both of my hands. Rose stopped kissing me long enough to reach behind her and grab my boner. Suddenly Rose stood up and removed her black safety shorts and hot pink thong and dropped down to her knees in front of me. She undid my zipper pulled out my 8 inch cock and took my length down her throat. As hot as it was that Jennie would gag on my cock when she blew me I loved that Rose didn't seem to have a gag reflex and could take my entire cock down her throat. Rose had her hand under her skirt fingering herself while she stroked me with her other hand. I told Rose I was about to cum and put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her down so her lips were tightly sealed around the base of my cock as I came deep down her throat.

    She keep sucking my dick until I was rock hard again. She pulled my pants down my legs and impaled herself on my length for the first time. I didn't think it was possible but Rose was both soaking wet and even more unbelievably tighter than Jennie. She rode my cock hard and fast and crossed her arms and removed the top half of her clothes leaving her wearing nothing but the skirt. I alternated sucking her pink nipples and grabbed her hips and slammed her down and built up a pace. I flipped us over so that I could control how fast and hard I railed into her tight pussy. Fucking her pussy was the most exquisite feeling in the world.

    We kept up this pace for nearly half an hour when Rose suddenly screamed and squirted as her body shuddered. The look of her face in an O shape and the clenching feeling her pussy gave off as she squirted I couldn't help myself and shot the biggest load of my life into the sexy asian's pussy. I felt rope after rope of hot jizz hit her insides while I reached over and pinched her nipples. Rose sat up with my semi hard cock still inside her and laughed about now she understands why Jennie is always screaming when we fucked. She gave me on last kiss before she disconnected us at our centers and bent over giving me one last good look at her ass as she put her thong and shorts back on under her skirt and got dressed. We agreed Jennie can never know that Rose and I fucked but also agreed it wouldn't be the last time.

    I drove Rose to the party and and watched as she celebrated while also smirking to myself that she had my load moving around inside her while she took pictures with everyone. She looked over to me one last time before getting lost in the crowd and mouth "later tonight" letting me know that one orgasm wasn't going to be enough of a birthday present. It was time to give the birthday girl a gift neither of us will ever forget.

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    Please do a sequel.

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