Birthday Release
with Blackpink
Written by alpha17
Codes: MF, MFF, MFFFF, oral, creampie, squirt, orgy
Disclaimer: This story is purely for fictional purposes and didn't nor will it ever happen.

After her birthday in LA Rose and I began to sneak around more often even going so far as to fool around on the plane on the way to New York. That was where the situation began to get complicated. While we were on the plane Rose and I had snuck into the bathroom in first class while we thought all the others were sleeping. Rose and I had been in the bathroom not even five minutes before Rose was on her knees deep throating me. She had the my length halfway into her throat while she had one hand in her sweat pants rubbing her clit and the other stroking my shaft. We had been sneaking around like this for a few days and we were both loving the feeling that we could be caught at any moment.

Just as I had picked Rose up off the floor and entered her in the cramped space Lisa was suddenly standing in the doorway smirking. Either Rose or I had forgotten to lock the door and now we'd been caught. Lisa walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Luckily the bathrooms in first class where much larger than normal plane bathrooms and could actually occupy three people.

"I can expla....."Rose started to say before she was cut off by Lisa holding out her phone revealing a video of me and Rose fucking in the living room suite back in LA.

"Did you not know that I had a nanny cam for my kitten?" Lisa asked.

"To be honest I always felt like you two were flirting but this is crazy. While I'm being truthful I've watched this at least a dozen times or so the past few days while fingering myself." Lisa said as she pulled my cock out of Rose's pussy and without warning took me into her hot mouth savoring both the taste of my dick and Rose's juices. Rose watched dumbfounded as Lisa pushed me back until I was sitting on the toilet stripped off her pants and panties and impaled herself on my length. Rose watched on mesmerized as Lisa rode me and without a second thought stepped out of her pants while grabbing my hand and plunging two of my fingers into her soaking wet cunt while kissing me hard on the lips.

The girls took turns riding me until I announced I was going to cum when they both dropped to their knees and used their tongues to catch my sticky cum.

After we all got dressed we quietly snuck back to out seats and Rose and I sighed in relief that now that Lisa was sneaking around with us too she would never snitch on us to Jennie.

After we landed in New York the girls had very little time to fool around as they had their late night appearance followed by their appearance on Good Morning America but that didn't stop Rose and I from banging away her pre show nerves. After their morning talk show appearance the girls had a surprise party waiting for them in the hotel ball room to celebrate their first US debut.

During the party Jennie and I had gotten into a small argument about how I wasn't spending enough time with her when she wasn't working. If only she had known what I was really doing then she really would have been mad. Jennie had decided to get super drunk at the party and honestly was embarrassing herself which meant that as usual Jisoo ended up keeping her company. As nobody other than the girls knew Jennie and I were together no one thought anything of the fact that I wasn't anywhere near her. In fact I wasn't even on the same floor as her as Rose and Lisa had secretly puled me upstairs to their suite so we could go another round like we did on the plane.

On the elevator ride up to the penthouse suite where we were staying Lisa had managed to shove her entire tongue into my mouth while Rose had dropped to her knees and took me into her mouth. To both their dismay I pulled away from both of the them so we could take out party into the room otherwise we might end up fucking right then and there in the elevator.

I headed towards Lisa's room when the girls suddenly stopped and whispered to each other. They had decided we should all fuck in Jennie's room because it would be so much hotter that way and besides Jennie was going to be drunk out of her mind at the party and Jisoo probably wouldn't be able to get her to leave for a few hours. I couldn't argue with their logic so we entered Jennie's room and quickly stripped out of all our clothes.

The girls were on their knees alternating my cock between their mouths while they had their hands between each others legs rubbing each others clits. Before they made me cum I pulled them up from the floor and threw them onto the bed on their back. I aimed my 8inch cock at Lisa's pussy and railed into her while holding her hips. I couldn't tell if Rose was getting jealous or turned on but she stuck her tongue into Lisa mouth while rubbing her own clit. I switched over to Rose's impossibly tight pussy after Lisa came with a loud scream and railed into her for a few minutes while Lisa mimicked her actions causing Rose to cum all over my cock.

I continued to fuck Rose in this position when Lisa swung her leg over Rose and layed down on top of her squishing their perky tits against each other when she grabbed Rose's cheeks and pulled her into a super sloppy kiss. With the two of them in their hot make out session I pulled out of Rose, aimed a littler higher and plowed forward inserting my cock into Lisa causing her to jump from the surprise. I switched back and forth between their tight cunts when a very drunk and naked Jennie walked into the room being held up an equally drunk and naked Jisoo. The two drunk girls barely even acknowledged the threesome they walked in on as they stumbled over to the other side of the bed and entered into a 69 position and began to eat out each others hairless twats.

After keeping up this pace and Rose and Lisa each cumming another time I pulled out and walked over to Jennie and Jisoo who had gotten into the same position as Rose and Lisa but with Jennie laying on her back while Jisoo layed on top of her sticking her tongue down into her mouth. It had always been known that when Jisoo and Jennie first met as trainee's they had gone to a spa together and seen each other naked. What nobody other than them knew was that after seeing each other naked they fingered each other for hours and ending up going down on each other until the both came on the others face.

Without much warning I pointed my cock at my girlfriends pussy and slammed home sheathing my cock inside of her. I fucked her like this until she came when, just as I had done to Lisa, I shoved my cock inside Jisoo from behind. Her pussy felt so simliar to Jennie's I almost had to make I was inside the right girl before I brought her to orgasm. For what seemed like hours I fucked the four girls over and over and treated each girl to their own creampie when they decided to finally work together and make me cum as hard as humanly possible. They had instructed me to lay on my back in the middle of the bed while they took turns blowing me. I loved that none of the girls minded the fact that I had just came inside each of them and was still slick with all of their juices while they passed my cock between the hot mouths. Rose was the first to take her position an impaled herself on my cock once more and started to build up a pace. Jennie had decided that since I was her boyfriend she deserved to ride my face and took her position on my face before she grabbed my head and instructed me to eat her pussy. I had just came inside her not ten minutes ago but I was so in the moment nothing could have stopped me at that point. As I reached up to grab Jennie's soft tits Lisa grabbed my right hand and shoved three of my fingers inside her pussy and started to grind against them. On my left side Jisoo performed the same maneuver with my remaining hand.

To say I was the luckiest man on earth was the understatement of the century as I was in an orgy with all four girls of BLACKPINK. As the four girls rode my Rose and Jisoo began to make out while Jennie and Lisa did the same. We kept this up for another few minutes when all four girls simultaneously squirted all over my while I gave Rose the biggest load I've ever felt come out of my cock. As Rose started coming down from her orgasm Jennie grabbed her face and kissed her hard on the lips while I reached up and placed my hands on her hips and thrusted up into her so she could ride out her orgasm. Jisoo and Lisa took the hint and each took one of her pink nipples into their mouths and lightly bit down. Lisa added to Rose's orgasm as she reached over and played with her clit just in time to make Rose squirt for the final time that night.

"Happy Birthday Rose!" the girls shouted as Rose finished squirting.

The five of us laid back on Jennie's king size bed and cuddled together exhausted.

"I can't wait for the US tour coming in April" I said barely able to speak.

The four spent girls of BLACKPINK cheered softly before drifting off to sleep thinking of their upcoming tour and more adventures to come.