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Thread: "Morning Glory #2" with Sam Frost

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    fanfiction "Morning Glory #2" with Sam Frost

    Morning Glory #2
    With Sam Frost
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, inc, blowjob, fingering, squirting, voyeurism
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Punched up the original story back in 2015, and figured it was about time I added another chapter.

    It had been months since Sam and I had indulged in our incestuous encounter, and suffice to say things were never the same again. In fact in recent months I had moved back home and started college, while she had scored a lucrative acting gig on a local TV show, where she was given an opportunity to demonstrate her acting chops. Even though Sam and I still lived under the same room, we rarely saw each other if ever. In fact I couldn't remember the last time we had spoken face to face.

    However that night, I arrived home after midnight and was immediately struck by how dark the house seemed. At first it appeared as if no one was home, but as I entered through the kitchen I soon realized Sam was on the couch getting hot and heavy with some dude I'd never seen before. As maddening as it was, I have to admit I was strangely turned on at the prospect of watching her mess around, and I wasn't disappointed. Due to the fact that our folks were at home and sleeping upstairs, Sam and her date couldn't actually have sex but that didn't stop her from blowing her date right there on the family sofa.

    Even though I should have left and given them some privacy, I just couldn't make myself look away, and quickly realized that they had been drinking. In fact, thanks to her intoxicated state she couldn't stop laughing and kept screwing around, which clearly frustrated her friend until he finally threw up his hands and stormed out. A part of me was relieved, while another couldn't help but sympathize with him as I knew how much of a tease my sister could be. Even as he reversed out of the driveway, Sam wouldn't stop laughing and ultimately told him to get lost. I waited a few extra minutes in the bathroom before I made my presents known.

    "Well-well look what the cat dragged in," my sister quipped, while standing there in nothing but a fluffy bathrobe. "How long were you spying on us?"

    "Piss off. I'm not in the mood." I responded, as she followed me to the kitchen. "besides, you're clearly drunk right now."

    "That's the problem Josh, you're never in the mood. You're never in the mood for anything."

    I paused at the comment, not knowing what she meant. Was she actually soliciting or taunting me.

    "I'm taking a shower," I said, only for her to interject and claim it for herself.

    "Err, no you are not, cause I am!" she boasted. "but you're more than welcome to join me if you want?"

    I couldn't believe the gall she had, particularly after all the drama it had caused between us in recent months. I mean we were barely getting over the last incident and were still trying to come to terms with the fact that we were both living at home again.

    "What the hell is wrong with you!" I snapped. "Why would you say that, what if mom or dad heard you?"

    My sister simply giggled.

    "I mean lets face it, we both know you'll probably just spy on me anyways, so we might as well shower together." she scoffed.

    This of course set off another huge argument between us, with her following me out into the living room again.

    "You know what, Fuck you Josh!" she ultimately hissed.

    "For god sake, keep it down!" I hushed. "Why are you acting like such a bitch tonight?"

    "Hey, I don't owe you anything! What happened that night was a mistake."

    She was almost beside herself with malicious glee, so I decided it was time to spring a surprise of my own, and I took out my phone and showed her some snaps I had captured just a few minutes earlier while she was "entertaining" her friend (sucking his dick).

    "I knew it! You pervert." she hissed. "I should have known you'd spy on me."

    "Actually you know what, I think I will join you for that shower." I smirked. "but first, why don't you take off that robe sis?"

    "Excuse me?"

    "Sure. Take off that robe, and show me how you play... how you get yourself off?"

    "Ah, I don't think so." she whined. "Mom and dad are sleeping right upstairs."

    "—Err, we both know they're heavy sleepers sis, so cut the shit." I interrupted. "And the fact that you scared off that pretty boy just now, I'm willing to bet you're all worked up tonight and can't wait to get back to your bedroom so you can smash that vibe you have hidden away under the bed."

    My sister looked at me scornfully.

    "Look, lose the robe or find a new place to live in the morning, it's you're choice."

    The look she gave was a cross between hatred and embarrassment, but she knew I was right. That being said, she let the robe fall from her body leaving her completely naked to my greedy eyes.

    "You're just lucky I'm drunk right now," she remarked, using the alcohol as an excuse. "Otherwise I'd slap you across the face."

    "Good. Now get on the couch and show me."

    "Err, how am I supposed to get off with you watching?"

    "Well, you made me do it remember?" I recalled. "I suppose it might take a bit longer, but I'm sure you'll manage."


    Despite her frustration, Sam lay on the couch with her legs together and her hands clamped over her bare-naked mound. It was nice enough to gaze at her lovely ripe breasts again, and those 1/2 inch long nipples. Eventually she decided that she couldn't stay like that forever, so she parted her legs just enough to slide one hand down between them to cover her pussy. Her middle finger began to massage her clit, but after a moment or two she stopped again.

    "I can't do this, this is wrong." she whined, before looking over at the family pets – who both sat there watching us confused - and claiming that she felt weird about doing it in front of them.

    "Err, yes you can." I insisted. "You just need the right motivation."

    With that, I took out my hard cock and began to stroke it in front of her, knowing how much it turned her on (last time).

    "ugh, you pervert." she spat, but at the same time she began once more to rub her fingertips over her clit.

    Even though her knees were by no means wide apart I still had a good view of her glistening wet sex, and it was obvious to both of us that she was aroused.

    "How about spreading those knees a little farther, and showing me that cunt?"

    Sam shot me a venomous look, then opened her legs wide enough for me to see all of her, while she rubbed herself more intently. I was now sporting a raging hard-on and stroked in time to her talented fingers. For several minutes we just shot little glances at each other as if trying to weigh up one another's thoughts.

    "Stop what you're doing!" I suddenly instructed. "—now lick your fingers and taste yourself."

    Sam reluctantly obliged, and licked and savored her fingers two more times which made my cock swell with excitement. Her arousal was more than evident by the scent in the air, which both excited and embarrassed her. I didn't dare bring it up, despite the fact we could both smell just how wet she was. Her natural scent was sexy as hell and only added fuel to the fire. Even though she tried to act like she wasn't into it, her body said otherwise. She was gripping her breast as she trapped her clit between two fingers and was rubbing it keenly.

    "You fucking pervert," she spoke quietly but fiercely, as if hating every syllable. "This shit gets you off doesn't it?"

    I couldn't help but chuckle, knowing it pissed her off.

    "Yeah, it gets you off taking advantage of me like this." she added. "Watching me lay here on the couch playing with myself."

    Just hearing her speak this way made my cock twitch. I needed to get off as much as she did, so I kicked off my loafers and unzipped my pants, but suddenly heard her object.

    "Wait, no touching!" she stipulated as I pulled my tee-shirt over my head. "We can't get carried away like last time."

    I hated to admit it, but she was right.

    "Fine. No touching." I concurred, as she spread her knees further and permitted me to see just how fucking wet she was.

    I wrapped my hand around my shaft as I watched my sister lick her digits some more and plunge two fingers into her slit. We admired each other in silence, our exploring hands making the only noise, until we could each see that the other was approaching the point of no return.

    "Are you close?"

    "uh-huh. I reckon I'm gunna shoot soon." I admitted. "—all over your body and face sis."

    "I'm warning you now," she panted back. "You put that thing anywhere near my face, and I'll fucking suck it!"

    "Bullshit. You're all talk."

    "You don't know how horny I am right now."

    I could see that the entire sordid affair was having an effect on her, since not only were we engaging in more incestuous fun, but now doing it on the couch in the middle of the night, while our folks were asleep upstairs. The mere danger of it all was enough to get our juices flowing. I called her bluff and walked around the couch and stood beside her with my cock pointed at her face.

    "God, just once I'd love to blow a hot load all over your face," I growled. "God knows you deserve it."

    "What makes you think I'd let you."

    "I bet you'd get off on it, having some guy just stand there shoot ropes across your face."

    "Go on then, I dare you! I bet you can't even do it." her voice was tight with her arousal.

    With her permission, I jacked off directly above her face as she stuck out her tongue for good measure, her fingers pumping in and out of her cunt as she urged me on. The mere sight of my older sister laying there frigging herself - while begging for me load - was enough to get me off, and I groaned as I spurted across her nose and chin, and all over her tongue and mouth. She sighed deeply to the seedy action as a third spurt shot out and landed directly across her forehead, before her hips bucked and she reached her own climax.

    It was a wonderous sight, with her laying there covered in globs of spunk as she came all over her own fingers. She was moaning erotically as she licked and swallowed her brothers cream that had soiled her. I also noticed her fingers never stopped probing her pussy as she lay there recovering from her orgasm.

    "ugh, I'm so fucking horny right now." she announced while squirming about on the sofa.

    "I can go again if you want?"


    To my surprise, my sister didn't even attempt to wipe the spunk off her face as it apparently turned her on. She simply continued to masturbate and bent her leg back and reached around to finger herself from under her thigh. I briefly wondered what she was doing, but soon realized she now wanted access to both holes, and the ability to play with her cunt and her ass at the same time. The revelation caused a surge of adrenaline to shoot up my spine and immediately made me think back to the night we had fooled around, and how I had played with her backdoor. I couldn't help but wonder if that experience had triggered her interest in butt-play ever since.

    "So you do like playing with your ass," I grinned.

    Sam didn't speak, she just nodded with a rueful little smile as if she wasn't willing to admit it.

    "I'm so fucking close." she confessed. "I could easily come again, but my fingers are getting tired."

    Her movements were now sporadic, as if she no longer had control of her fingers. Suddenly an evil thought popped in my head and I leaned over and placed my hand on top of hers.

    "I could help you out,"

    She looked up at me in surprise, and then, after a moment's hesitation removed her hand leaving her excited sex completely defenseless.

    "I'll help you out sis, but you have to ask me nicely." I teased.

    The look of venom returned momentarily, but Sam just about did as I asked. Heck in that moment, she probably would have agreed to just about anything I said.


    "Please what?"

    "Please will you use your hand to help me out?"

    "Help you out with what?"

    "Will you please play with my clit and get me off?"

    That was all I needed to hear.

    I ran my fingers over her bald pussy and massaged her pea-sized clit. In truth, it was the strangest feeling to touch her like that. I'd played with several girls before, but none of them gave me the same thrill I got from touching Sam, it was one hell of a buzz. For her part, Sam stopped touching herself and proceeded to knead her breast, as I continued to manipulate her. To be honest, I wasn't worried about getting her off - as I knew it wouldn't take much - but I was more concerned about making the whole experience last as long as possible. God knows I'd been waiting for this moment my entire life.

    "ah, that feels so good." she purred beneath me. "Please don't stop."

    I had no intentions of stopping, but I wasn't going to let that get in the way of a little tease.

    "Please..." she purred, spreading her legs as wide as possible.

    "You'll have to be nice to me from now on, if you want me to keep going."

    Sam squirmed against my hand and grimaced as I plunged two fingers into her tight little box, filling her completely. I then stood up and swiveled my hips to allow the head of my prick to brush against the side of her face, permitting her to open her mouth and take me into the back of her throat. In one swift action, her lips wrapped firmly around the base of my shaft, as I continued to finger-blast her with two digits right there on the family couch.

    "Yeah sis, polish that cock for me." I growled while rubbing her clit again. "Show me how much you want it."


    I stopped talking and concentrated on her pleasure, as her eyes shut and her tongue flicked across my bell-end. She was already close to getting off when I withdrew from her smooth pussy and jammed two digits into her bunghole, taking her breath away.

    "ah-Josh ...wait! Fuck." she reeled as she reached down to initially pull my hand away, but instead proceeded to strum her own clit at the same time and within seconds, squirted all over herself.

    I was literally shocked into silence. In fact, I'm not sure who was more surprised by the squelching orgasm, me or my sister. It was probably one of the hottest things I'd ever seen or experienced, and it almost made me nut right then and there. In all my wildest dreams I never imagined that Sam would be capable of squirting an orgasm, much less thought that I would be the cause, or that it'd be triggered due to me playing with her asshole while she rubbed one out. I smirked inwardly at the mess we made, with my sister now laying there covered in semen and girl juice. I could see she was both aroused but also ashamed by it all, which only served to turn me on more.

    "Josh. I need you inside me." she hissed. "Please. I need you. I need a cock."

    I must admit that I had some reservations, both about having sex with my sister (again) and fucking her right under my parents roof as they slept upstairs, but for whatever reason it didn't stop me.

    "Please Josh, fuck me." she begged. "Right here, right now. I need it. I need you inside me."

    "Yeah, you want that?"

    We still hesitated for a minute or so, looking at each other, just making sure we were both cool with it I suppose. I withdrew from her mouth and moved to position myself between her open legs.

    "Just hurry up, before I change my mind." she panted. "before mom and dad get up in the middle of the night and find us here."

    I settling myself between her thighs, the head of my cock barely brushing against her sex. She reached down to guide me in, spreading her legs to make it possible. It was a strange sensation to feel my sister pull me towards her and direct my cock to her entrance. I couldn't help but wonder how many times she had done it with previous lovers over the years. In fact not only did the notion not anger me, but it turned me on. She then pushed her pelvis up at me and simultaneously pulled at my shoulders to make me enter her. I didn't need any more convincing, and as soon as I felt my cock-head slip past her outer walls I rammed it home, making her gasp with delight.

    "Fuck, yes. Hurry!"

    I set up a hard fast rhythm from the get-go, plunging forcefully deep inside her. For some reason I needed her to know that I wasn't just some over-stimulated show pony, like she was used to, but that I could hold my own. That I could totally satisfy her needs and expectations. I was out to prove a point, and with every up-stroke she gasped into my ear as I pushed deeper and harder. She wanted it as much as I did, as I ultimately pounded her in the missionary position and before long felt my balls begin to tighten.

    "I'm gunna come sis." I eventually gasped.

    "Don't pull out!" she gripped me harder, locking her legs around my back. "Don't pull out, I'm cumming too."

    We came simultaneously, with me slamming myself against her while she shoved back up onto me, her legs still wrapped around my waist. It was a hard and bruising climax for each of us, her more particularly because she bit her lips quite badly as her orgasm took hold. I'm pretty sure that the thrill of getting caught made it all that more powerful, but who the hell cared. I'd shot my load into my sister's womb, and she'd enjoyed every moment of it.

    When I finally pulled out and leaned back on my feet, I watched as my thick hot load seeped out of her cunt. I dare say, I'd never felt more proud in my entire life.

    "That was hot as fuck," I huffed while wiping my brow. "I love you sis. You're one of a kind."

    "Thanks." she whimpered sincerely. "I love you too."

    I nodded and smiled back, sitting up a little and taking my hand from between her sopping-wet legs.

    "You know, it's too bad we fuck so well together cause... I could get used to this."

    As the words left my mouth, I suddenly panicked and wondered if I had crossed the line. Even though that's precisely how I felt, I wasn't sure what her feelings would be about us having sex again.

    "No one says we have to stop." she replied. "As long as no one finds out, I'm game."

    "You know what, you really are the best big sister a guy could ever have."

    "Yeah don't forget it pal!" she grinned. "Now come take a shower with me, I want you to wash my back."

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    What a story man, been in a Sam Frost mood all day, thanks to this.
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