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Thread: "Getting Closer" with Olivia Wilde and Kaitlyn Dever

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    fanfiction "Getting Closer" with Olivia Wilde and Kaitlyn Dever

    Getting Closer
    With Olivia Wilde and Kaitlyn Dever
    By Harbinger
    Tags: F/F, Seduced, public, voyeur, oral, fingering, rimming
    Disclaimer: As always, this is for fun. It never happened.

    It was the night after Olivia Wilde and Kaitlyn Dever were at the GQ Men of the Year Party. The party had gone swimmingly for both dazzling and adorable women, but Kaitlyn, the younger of the two had her doubts and was still shaking by the time the event ended. Olivia was so much more poised and experienced than she was. Olivia had been to so many more carpet events and exclusive parties than Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn wasn't exactly a rookie, but she wasn't comfortable yet. Olivia had spent much of the evening around Kaitlyn to keep an eye on her, and had been coaching her through much of the meetings she inadvertently found herself in.

    It was finally that sweet time of the night when everyone was going to the places they were from. Kaitlyn was still shaky as she hopped into a limo that the gracious Ms. Wilde suggested they share.

    "Kaitlyn, I've been worried about you all evening. Are you okay?" Olivia was finally able to ask, straight to the point.

    "Yeah," Kaitlyn said, gently nodding her head, letting her auburn locks dance around her face. "Today was just... I don't know," she sighed, buffi g up her cheeks and exhaling slowly. "There were a lot of cameras and famous people. Famous people way more famous than me. Like you."

    Olivia tilted her head and looked at Kaitlyn. "You were nervous about being with me?"

    "Well no, I mean... yeah," Kaitlyn struggled to find words. "You're out of my league, you know? You're so much more above me, and I know you held yourself back tonight to make sure I was okay," the young Dever lamented.

    "I'm going to stop you right there," the former House, M.D. starlet said. "Kaitlyn, you're absolutely great. You're smart, witty, and disarmingly charming." Olivia smiled wide when Kaitlyn broke eye contact and blushed heavily. "C'mon," Olivia urged, "you know you are. Please tell me you at least had fun."

    "I did," Kaitlyn admitted. "It was great hanging out with you so much tonight. We've spent a lot of time together making 'Book Smart' but that wasn't exactly, you know," Kaitlyn stopped.

    "Personal?" Olivia finishes for her. "We can hang out more now," Olivia offered.

    "Are you sure?" Kaitlyn asked nervously. "You won't mind kicking it with me? I won't bring down your style or anything?"

    "Oh no way!" Olivia eased the younger lady with a laugh. "You're awesome, Kate. I'm super glad we get to hang out, just us. We're already dressed to stun, so let's go out. You're twenty-two, so anywhere is on the table."

    Dever's eyes blew up. "I get to go clubbing with Olivia Wilde?"

    Olivia giggled. "Sure. Let's hit it. We'll even be pulling up in this limo."

    The limo pulled up and the two ladies stepped out. Everyone in line at the club turned to see who was coming to a little known club in a real limousine. Much to the credit of the peasants, they just murmured at the Hollywood women. Olivia received more glances than Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn had her own fair share of fans from her time as Eve Baxter on 'Last Man Standing.'

    They waited in line like everyone else but faced no scrutiny from the bou cer. It wasn't that high and mighty of a club anyway. As soon as the bouncer opened the door and thry stepped in, the deep bass vibrated through the floor and flowed up through their feet. They wiggled their way to the center of the floor, hoping they'd be swallowed up by the bodies and they could easily blend into the throne of people so tightly packed they could barely move.

    Kaitlyn was in front of Olivia as they hunkered down into the mob. Or at least Kaitlyn hoped Olivia was still behind her. She felt a pair of gentle hands on her shoulders, and she really hoped it was guardian for the night. She really hoped it was still Wilde because she felt those same hands gliding down her athletic frame and to rest on her hips. A body pressed tightly against Kaitlyn, making her freeze in fear, but the body that had attached to her was dancing with fluidity.

    "It's not fun if you just stand there, Kate!" Olivia shouted over the music, but only Kaitlyn could hear her. "Relax and just melt into my body," the older, currently blonde celebrity instructed. Kaitlyn did as she was told and molded herself into Olivia's taller form. Dever pressed her ass into Wilde's groin and formed her back to line up with Olivia's slender torso. "There's my girl," Olivia praised and Kaitlyn felt her breath on her neck.

    They moved as one for a while, fluidly wreathing and grinding. Kaitlyn was losing g herself in the beats, the atmosphere, and the sheer radiance of the goddess behind her, Olivia's hands moving slowly from Kaitlyn's hips to her black leather encased thighs. Kaitlyn wanted to freeze up again as Olivia's hands roamed freely up and down her long legs, but her nethers betrayed her, tingling her from pussy to guts despite the red flags that were going up in her mind. Kaitlyn covered her crotch with both hands before Olivia's could brush between her legs.

    "Just relax, Kate," Olivia ordered, trying to move her hands with one of her own while her other hand snuck into the lower opening of Kaitlyn's white blouse, allowing Olivia to touch Kaitlyn's milky white belly.

    "Liv, what are you doing?" Kaitlyn asked with a shaky voice as Olivia's hand slid slowly up Kaitlyn's athletic torso. She audibly gasped when fingers brushed the bottom of her pert breasts.

    "I'm trying to make you feel good," Olivia explained. "We're in the middle of all these people who are lost in their own worlds, not paying us any mind. They're having the best night they can, and you should let me give you the best night I can," Olivia told her as her hand came to rest fully on Kaitlyn's breast.

    "I don't know, Liv." Kaitlyn remained hesitant. She wanted to say yes, and that alone scared her. Olivia's hand massaging her tits in a packed club where anyone could see at any time drove her wild.

    "Give yourself over to me, and if something you don't like happens, all you have to say is stop. Stop is a safe word," Olivia promised and Kaitlyn moved her hands. Her hands went back behind her into Olivia's feathery, shoulder length blonde hair as Olivia rubbed Kaitlyn's slit through her leather pants. Kaitlyn, much to her surprise, didn't hate it. At all.

    Kaitlyn's head fell back to rest against Olivia's shoulder as the latter's hand deftly undid the button and zipper of the leather pants. "Oh my God, Liv. I can't believe you're about to touch me here."

    "Neither can I. I didn't think you'd let me get this fare, but I think we'll both be glad you did," Olivia assured Kaitlyn as she traced Kaitlyn's puffy out lips with a finger, leaving Kaitlyn's little body trembling in anticipation. "Again, if you don't like something, tell me to stop," Olivia reminded her as she ran two fingers over Kate's hot, wet opening.

    "No, we're, we're good," Kaitlyn stammers and pulls a hand from Olivia's hair to direct her to go for it. Olivia laughs and dips a finger into Kaitlyn's moist chasm. Olivia's attentative, cautious at first, gently probing Kaitlyn's snatch for good spots and trying to learn where her long digit shouldn't be.

    Kaitlyn moaned and tried to keep her voice down because there were people all around them. She let out a squeel despite her best efforts when Olivia added a second finger to Kaitlyn's tight, young cooch.

    "You can be as loud as you want, Kate! Nobody else could hear you over the music!" Olivia had to shout just so Kaitlyn could hear her. Kaitlyn did allow herself a louder "Oh fuck! Oh God!" Everytime Wilde curled her fingers and hit her g-spot. "Fuck me Liv, fuck me!" Kaitlyn cried and humped the three fingers Olivia now used to thrash Kaitlyn's sensitive little box.

    "Come on, we're getting out of here," Olivia said as she pulled her slicked fingers slowly from Kaitlyn's wet love hole.

    "Wait, what?" Kaitlyn asked in a daze, immediately missing Olivia's skilled phalanges.

    "We need more wide open privacy," Olivia half explained as she led the confused little Dever through the club, heading towards the exit.

    The girls broke out the fire exit to the back alley behind the club. Olivia looked around and made sure the coast was clear. Nobody was around, and before Kaitlyn knew it, Olivia had her pressed against the wall of the club. Kaitlyn grabbed Olivia's ass for dear life as the 34 year old licked, nipped and sucked on her neck, determined to leave love marks. Olivia's hands appreciatingly roved over every inch of skin on the 22 year old's body, slowly going higher until she had both breasts in her hands this time.

    "Oh my God, Liv. Your touch is so gentle," Kaitlyn purred under the attention, still massaging Olivia's tight ass under her red pants. Olivia's hands left Kaitlyn's little femine tits long enough to pull her own pants halfway down her thighs so Kaitlyn would have more to play with.

    Dever took the bait and playfully slapped Wilde's exposed ass cheek, her red lace thong that matched her bra giving her butt no protection. "I love this ass," Kaitlyn whispered into Olivia's ear before gently nibbling and then tugging on her earlobe.

    "That's great, but let's talk about these cute, to die for, perky little ta-tas of yours," Olivia said with a devilish grin, popping open the buttons of Kaitlyn's already half-open white, Western style blouse. Olivia left the bolo tie on because she liked the little aesthetic. "I've been waiting all night to taste these, to have your little pink nipples in my mouth," Olivia whispered before bending at the knees to suckle Kaitlyn's left tits, then the right, keeping eye contact with her little lover the whole time.

    Kaitlyn cooed and arched her back as Olivia lovingly sucked and flicked her tongue on Kaitlyn's sensitive peak. Kaitlyn didn't stay idle, but reach into Olivia's red jacket and unclasped her bra from behind her back and dragged the red lace straps down her shoulders. She took the bra in her hands and pressed it to her face, feeling Olivia's body heat and smelling her natural scent. Olivia growled at that and went straight to Dever's pants sliding them down to her knees.

    Kaitlyn gasped when Wilde quickly spun her around and pushed her towards the wall, making Kaitlyn brace against it with her hands. The next thing Kaitlyn knew, her white silk panties were down and Olivia Wilde's famous face was buried between her butt cheeks, two fingers deep in her drenched pussy and Olivia's tongue battering her shit hole. Dever cried out in ecstacy as Wilde went wild on her back door and finger banged her to oblivion.

    Kaitlyn's first orgasm made her see stars and all kinds of gods, but Olivia didn't slow down. A single finger replaced her tongue at Kaitlyn's booty hole and Olivia's mouth went to war with Kaitlyn's more than ready buscuit. "Oh God!" Kaitlyn cried. "Ah! Ah! Oh... GAWD!" the poor girl fought to keep her head as the experienced Olivia Wilde ate her cookie like a last meal and finger fucked her asshole with two fingers covered in her own peach juice.

    Kaitlyn came a second time but right in Olivia's waiting mouth this time. She lost all strength and would have fallen to the ground had Olivia not been there to catch her and hold her.

    Olivia held the spent girl in her arms and brushed some stray, sweaty hair from in front of her eyes. "How about that?" Olivia teased. "Still glad you came tonight?" Olivia knew what she said.

    Kaitlyn's rebuttal was stopped by the fire exit opening and a security guard stepping out. "Uh... hi?" he said, completely taken aback.

    "Hi. I'm Olivia and this is my friend, Kate," Olivia said with a friendly grin, acting as if her face wasn't slick and shiny with girl cum and she and her and friend weren't both mostly naked.

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    Can you do a sequel?

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    I LOVE Kaitlyn Dever been wishing for a story with her

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