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Thread: "Lucky Bastard 27" with Emma Watson and Dove Cameron

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    fanfiction "Lucky Bastard 27" with Emma Watson and Dove Cameron

    Lucky Bastard 27: The London Trip pt. 2

    Starring Dove Cameron & Emma Watson
    Codes: MF, Oral, Facial, Voyeur, Butt Play
    Written by MiamiLyfe
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.

    We walked quickly hand in hand down the street and around the corner onto Blackfriars, the Novotel was right there on the corner. As we headed to the elevators Emma stayed close to my side and kept her head down, hoping no one would notice the Harry Potter star walking through a hotel lobby with an unknown man. As we rode the elevator up to my room, we kissed repeatedly. Not anything super intense, just some nice light kissing with just a little bit of tongue. My room was nothing special because I thought it was just going to be me using it. It was a nice room with a queen sized bed but had Hailee tagged along for the trip or if I knew going in I was going to be bringing Emma Watson back to my hotel room I would have sprung for a bigger suite.

    As is, when we got to the room Emma asked to use the loo. While she was in there I took the initiative of stripping down to my boxers and got onto the bed. I turned around when I hear knocking on glass. I then saw Emma standing on the other side of the glass wall that separated the bathroom from the bedroom. Emma kissed the glass, leaving a big smudge once she backed away. She then put up a finger to silently tell me to wait a second. She picked up her purse and took out her phone and began tapping away at it. Some heavy based dance music began bumping from her phone. It echoed in the bathroom causing the music to play louder than would have otherwise been expected from the little speaker. Em placed her phone behind her on the edge of the bathtub and then turned back to me. She then started gyrating her body. Her hand roamed her body as she seductively moved to the music. I had never understood why some hotels did the glass wall thing in rooms. I never really got the point. However, watching the British actress reach behind her back for the zipper on her dress as she moved her hips, I was starting to grow an appreciation for the window.

    She let the dress slide off of her shoulders and then slowly worked the dress down her body. She exposed her black lacy pushup bra and then moved it further down until gravity took over and the dress fell down her legs. I now also had a clear view of the black thong I had a close-up view before while on the street. The dim lighting in the hotel and the blackness of her thong hid what I knew was a large wet spot on her underwear. With her dress gone and a new song playing on her phone, Emma continued to move her body to the beat. She teased the thong, lowering them just low enough so the only thing that was hidden was her slit. She then turned around and slowly rocked her ass in my direction while her hands went to unclip her bra. When it was undone she threw it to the floor. She turned back around with her hand covering her breasts. She was enjoying teasing me. She then leaned up against the glass and dropped her arm. She kissed the glass again and flicked her tongue against it, all the while she pressed her nude breasts against the glass. I licked my lips as I saw her rosy nipples up against the glass. She angles herself so ass stuck out behind her. She then began to slowly push her thong down her legs. Once it dropped she quickly crossed her legs to once again hid her pussy from me. She stood up and did a quick twirl, showing off her body to me. Finishing off her 270-degree spin, she pressed her ass against the glass. As she bent over I could see her pussy peeking out underneath, I could also see a few of her fingers dipping between her legs. She spun back to me one last time, I could see her hand down between her legs. Watching where she was going, she backed out of the tub and moved to leave the bathroom. She disappeared from view for a quick second and when she reappeared she now had the hand that had been between her legs up to her mouth and was sucking on two of those fingers. As Emma strutted towards me she took a finger and dipped it into her snatch once again. Emma then fed me her pussy coated finger as she came to a stop at the side of the bed.

    “Wanna hear something kind of naughty?”

    “You know I do.”

    “A week after our time in Atlanta, I went online and bought a new dildo that was about your size,” I did not expect her to say that, and I now knew I was in for a wild time. “I swear though, no matter how many times it gets me off, I don’t believe it really compares to the real thing.”

    I had never seen this sexually confident version of Emma before, not that I had known her all that well. I moved to the center of the bed and laid on my back as Emma climbed on. She was down by my legs and smirked up at me as she reached for my boxers and pulled them off. Throwing my underwear to the floor she clutched the base of my cock with both her hands and wrapped her lips around the head of my dick. The Beauty and the Beast star eagerly began sucking my dick, like she was trying to make up for the lost time we had between when she had to stop sucking me on the street and now. It was not that much time later I could see her legs and lower half twisting and turning like she could not get comfortable. Releasing one hand from my cock she moved it between her legs. Moments later my dick slipped from her mouth with an audible ‘pop’.

    “To hell with the foreplay, I need you in me,” she said as she moved crawled up my body. I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch as she climbed on top of me. It was not until she was straddling my lap and I could feel her hot wet pussy resting atop my dick that she remembered something. “Blast, do you have a johnny?”

    “A johnny?”

    “Yeah, a..ahh... a rubber. A condom?” She said while almost unknowingly rubbing her pussy against my crotch.

    “Bathroom. Dopp kit on the counter.” I told her. She jumped off me and quickly went into the bathroom. Rather than coming back with just one, she had a whole strand in her hand. She tore open one of the end ones and threw the rest onto the nightstand as she got back on the bed. She quickly began to forcefully unroll the condom down my tool. She had hardly finished before she slammed her pussy down hard on rod. She repeatedly slammed her pussy down on my dick and taking her only a few minutes to cum. Her eyes went wide and rolled up, and she let out a silent scream as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. Emma just sat on top of me for a minute, unmoving. Pressing her hands down on my chest to keep her collapsing down on top of me. When she was ready to go again she began to slowly rocked her hips.

    Emma is many things and intuitive is one. One thing I remembered from the hotel room in Atlanta after we had our fun in the elevator was that she knew how to make sex last and get the most out of it. She almost seemed to have a sixth sense for when guys were nearing climax and knew how to slow things down and make it last longer. Rather than my usual ‘fuck each other brains out’ pace I usually did, Emma tended to keep things at a slow methodical pace, occasionally speeding things up. We’d been having sex for well over an hour, and while she had orgasmed multiple times, I had still not cum once all night long. I swear I could feel my balls getting heavier they were so full of jizz.

    Current I had Emma standing up as I was sitting up under her on the bed, once again tasting her tasty twat. Her body had a thin layer of sweat covering it, at the right angle her body appeared to be glistening. She let out a jerking scream as her knees buckled and she came once again. When she collapsed down on the bed I had her sit on my lap and wrap her legs around me. We made out passionately as she rocked her pussy up and down my dick while we fucked in the lotus position. She felt great and I knew there was no way this time I was going to let her edge me. She giggled as I rolled us over and her onto her back. Pulling out of her as we got into position, I lifted one of her legs up onto my shoulders and then slammed back into her. This time as I jackhammered my dick in and out of her she felt different. I swore she felt wetter. Even though the condom it seemed like I could feel just how super wet her pussy was. She then reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled my face down near hers. I paid it no mind however, I just needed to cum. That was just all I cared about at the current moment, and when I finally did bust my nut it felt amazing. We were looking right into each other's eyes when I finally came. I noticed Emma’s eyes go wide and her mouth opened in shock. She said something but with what felt like my balls unloading one of the largest loads of my life, it took a few moments for it to register in my mind that she was saying, “Oh god. I can feel it! I can feel you cumming!” She then went on to have an orgasm of her own as I finished busting my nut into her.

    “SHIT!” I finally said when I was done.

    “The johnny split. Bloody hell, I felt it all,” she said breathlessly in disbelief. “My God, it’s been a long time since I felt a guy actually go off inside me. Wow!” she said. When I finally pulled out and moved off of her, there was no question that the condom broke. Practically the entire mushroom head of my dick was uncovered, the only thing that was wrapped up still was the sides of my shaft.

    “Bloody hell that’s a spunk,” Emma said as she looked down and saw a stream of semen leaking out of her worn out minge.

    “Are you..”

    “Yes, of course, I’m on the pill, though I may need to get the morning after one in tomorrow,” she said as she played with herself a bit. “That really is a lot,” she turned to me and said.

    “Yeah well, it’s been building up for damn near two hours, what’d you expect?” Emma didn’t have a response other than to suck clean two of her fingers that were covered in my man sauce. She then went to the bathroom and cleaned up before climbing into bed with me. I apologize, and she assured me it was not a big deal. She admitted that she actually enjoyed the sensation. Usually, I was good to go 2 or 3 times in a night, but that night we were both exhausted from the marathon session and ended up falling asleep spooning on another soon after.

    I woke up the next morning feeling good and rested, though disappointed when I felt around the bed and realized I was alone. I had been hoping for maybe a quick bit of morning delight with Emma before she left. When I opened my eyes and looked at the clock I knew I could not blame her for leaving. The clock on the end table said it was 11 AM. Reaching for my phone I swiped through all my notifications, including texts from Dove responding to mine that I couldn’t get past security. She was trying to see if I’d meet her that night and then her text this morning was about us meeting up some other time while I was still in town. I stretched and groaned as I started to sit up and climbed out of bed.

    “About time,” I heard a woman's voice yell out. Turning around I saw Emma’s head sticking up from the bathtub through the glass wall.

    “You’re still here?” I said happily.

    “Not really the boff and run type of woman, I guess. I did visit the chemist and get breakfast while you slept, but I came back.”

    “And here I thought I was the guy you did things you don’t normally do with.” That made Emma laugh a bit. I got out of bed and headed into the bathroom to use the toilet. Emma was reading a script I had brought with me while she took a bath. “Should I take it as a compliment that I tired you out so much?”

    “You can if you want, but honestly while the jet lag is gone I still am struggling to get on London time. This really sucks, I wanted to go to the Churchill museum this morning”

    “That’s not bloody happening. You're not going there unless you plan on standing in queue for an hour. If you don’t get there when it’s opened you're bollocked.”

    “Yeah, I know,” I said after I flushed the toilet. “You better not get that wet,” I told Emma as I left the toilet room and walked back out into the main part of the bathroom.

    “This is really good. Maybe I should call the writer and try to buy it myself” Emma closed the script, and turned on her side in the tub, though keeping her body hidden under from me.. “Do you think if I told him I wanted to meet with him he’d blow you off to meet with me?” I just stared daggers at Emma, not knowing for sure if she was messing with me or not. If she was serious, then, of course, he’d drop me to meet with Emma. Who wouldn’t?

    “I’m kidding,” she said laughingly.

    “Yeah, well, that’s my only copy with me so let me get that before you get it wet,” I said as I pulled the script from her hands and tossed it onto the counter.

    “Did you have anyone in mind for the lead,” Emma asked. She had rolled back onto her back, and as I now stood over her next to the tub. I could clearly see her nude body through the water.

    “Um, for the mother I was thinking Michelle Monaghan, Evangeline Lilly, or possibly Linda Cardellini.”

    “You know that’s not the part I’m talking about.”

    “I have a few people in mind.” Which was true. Hailee was of course at the top of my list. Before we ever hooked up I thought Hailee and Michelle Monaghan would make a believable mother/daughter combo on screen. Another whom I had in the back of my mind was Bailee. While she and Haiz were not on the best of terms right now, I still thought she would fit the part.

    “Any chance I’m on your list?”

    “I hadn’t thought about it,” I pause, “You want to play the daughter?”

    “You don’t think I’m right for it?”

    “I don’t think no one would buy you as a college student. You’re too well known. People may not know your age off the top of their heads, but they know you’re a mature adult.”

    “I guess you have a point,” Emma then smirked as her eyes lit up, and her whole attitude changed. “But Mr. Producer,” Emma then sat up and knelt in the bathtub. I watched as her rosy nipples began to harden as they were exposed to the air. “I really want this part. Are you sure there is nothing I can do to change your mind?” Emma said sweetly and batted her eyes at me. I knew she wasn’t serious about the part anymore, and we were about to have some fun.

    “I’m pretty sure, I’m just not that interested.”

    “Really? Because he looks like he is mighty interested.” The’ he’ being my penis, which with me standing at the edge of the tub and her kneeling up against the side, was just inches from her face. And sure enough, as we had begun our game, he began to swell back to life. “And it’s offly big. Mind if I play with it?”

    She did not wait for a response. Emma took my tool into her hand and before she had even stroked it twice her lips were pressed against the head giving it a light kiss. Then another kiss, then another, then a quick flick with her tongue. She wrapped her lips around the head and began sucking me off. She used her same method as last night, her lips wrapped around the head, her tickling under the tip, while her hand stroked the shaft. My eyes caught my reflection in the mirror. I wished it was a full-length mirror so I watch her blow me, but instead I could only see my own profile from my waist up. However, when I looked down, I could clearly see Emma’s brown eyes looking up at me as she continued to suck my prick.

    “If you cum you’ll be good to go right away, correct?’ She asked as she lifted my cock and gave my balls a lick.

    “Oh fuck yes.”

    “Good. Do you want to cum on my face? Hmm?” Emma raised her eyebrows as she questioned me before she went back to licking my nut sack.

    “You know I do.”

    “All you men are the same,” Emma said before going back to sucking my dick. She wrapped both her hands around my pole and then began bobbing her mouth up and down several inches of my dick. She was working harder to get me to cum with her mouth than I had ever seen her before.

    “Emma, now. Now! Now!” I told her. Emma pulled her mouth away from my cock and aimed it at her beautiful face. She closed her eyes and smiled. Her smile got larger as she felt my cum begin to splash against her face.

    “How do I look?” She asked when I finished cumming. She then gave my bellend a good suck, cleaning it of any excess cum.

    “Holy crap you look amazing,” I told her as I looked down at her gorgeous face which had my spunk dripping down it. She then posed and let me fully take in the mental image of her with her face painted in jizz, before dunking herself into the bath water and cleaning her face. When she reemerged from the water I helped her out of the bath and pulled her towards me. We immediately began making out. As I spun her around and moved her to the bathroom counter, Emma pushed her tongue into my mouth and her hand went back to stroking my dick. When I had her back against the counter I firmly gripped her ass. After groping her a bit I picked her up and put her down on the counter top. I broke away from her mouth and began kissing my way down her chest. As I sucked on her nipple Emma spoke about what she wanted.

    “Don’t worry about fanny fun. I need you to shag me,” she said as her hand continued to stroke my dick. When she told me that I stood back up straight and reached to get a condom, but Emma pulled my arm back. I looked back at Emma to question her, and she just looked into my eyes and shook her head.

    “When I got an ellaOne pill while you were asleep” Emma then leaned in and whispered into my ear, “I decided to get another one for us to use later.” She then gave a quick nibble on my earlobe while wrapping her legs around me. Sliding her arm between us she took my hard dick and lined it up with her waiting love tunnel. Pushing forward, Emma let out a pleasurable moan as her pussy was once again completely filled my by big American meat stick. Unlike last night, we were now going at my faster harder pace as I drilled her on the bathroom sink. She once again wrapped her arms around my neck and kept me close to her as we fucked. We kept going at it, with only a momentary pause as I had to throw a towel on the floor. The water dripping off of her naked body was making the tile floor slick.

    With the quickening pace also came with her being more vocal as well. Moaning more and repeatedly saying “Yes”. Since she was more vocal I was also able to get a small bit of payback from her edging me all night last night. Sensing she was nearing orgasm I pulled my cock out of her, which resulted in a disappointed moan from her. Though I did not make her wait long to get filled once again. I pulled her off the sink and spun around. Emma right away understood what was happening and bent over and stuck her shapely rear up in the air. I slammed my cock back into her and her whole body shook. We both stared into the mirror, watching ourselves as we fucked right there. I remembered from last time that the Noah actress did not really care to have her ass smacked during sex, so instead, I reached around and fondled her tits. Occasionally giving her pretty nipples a bit of a pinch and a tug.

    “You really want to do this?” I asked as I neared my climax.

    “Yes! Fill me with your spunk! I want to feel you fill me up one more time.” I pistoned my dick in and out of her a few more times before slamming as much of my cock as humanly possible into her and coating her insides with my jizz. While not as much as the previous night’s load, I more than adequately filled her up. Emma loved the feeling as she felt my dick firing off inside of her. She said something in French that I did not understand before she came so hard her legs gave way and had I not had her pinned against the counter she probably would have fallen down.

    After the collected ourselves and shared a shower to clean ourselves off of sweat, bodily fluids, and just general sex stank, we ordered room service and had a very casual lunch together. By the time she left and I was dressed and ready to go out into the London streets to do some sightseeing, it was already the middle of the afternoon. Making the best of what time I had, I walked around Parlament, went into the Westminster Abby, did the Eye, and just walked along the river. That night I Skyped with Hailee. She was in her bedroom while we talked. We talked about what I’d seen so far and she gave me recommendations on what I should do with the rest of my time. The conversation eventually moved to my time with Emma (we’d already talked about my flight with Sophie). About how I ran into Emma, how we went to see Dove’s play, and then what happened afterward. I apologized for breaking our condom rule, and while I could tell she was not actually that upset she did say she was going to have me make it up to her when I get home. She then had me describe in great detail my sexual exploits with Emma. I had barely got Emma’s little strip show when I heard a buzzing sound coming from her room. Sure enough, she had a vibrator and was using on herself as I top the story. When I asked if I could watch her use it, she said no and that it was part of my punishment for breaking one of our rules. So I told Hailee everything and watched her facial reaction to both my story and the job her vibrator was doing. When it was over and we said our goodbyes, and I ended up jerking it to the memory of Hailee’s “O” face as she came from my story.

    At noon the next day, I found myself knocking on the door of an apartment in central London. I could hear someone moving around inside the apartment but it took a minute for the door to open and for me to be greeted by the sight of Dove Cameron dressed in a large white bathrobe. We said hi to each other as she let me into her rented-out apartment. I began to tell her how much I enjoyed her play as I looked around her place, but I stopped when I turned back to face her and saw she had dropped the robe as soon as she closed the door. The Liv and Maddie now stood totally naked before me. If I knew any better I’d swear that she must have been masturbating before I arrived because I could see just how wet she was between her legs, and some of the wetness she going down her inner thighs as well.

    “Take that out that monster you call a penis,” Dove said as she approached me with a hungry determined look in her eyes. I unzipped my fly and pulled my dick out. I almost never went commando anywhere, but I did for this visit as I was 95% sure how it was going to go. Dove’s eyes locked onto my dick as soon as it was out. I even saw her lick her lovely lips. When she got close enough that my quickly hardening dick was starting to press against her, she put her hands on my shoulders and jumped up. She wrapped herself around me and I moved my arms under her legs and took hold of her ass to keep her up.

    “Sorry for being so blunt, but I have a show tonight and so we need to make the most of what time we have.” As she said this I could feel her moving around. Rubbing her pussy around my dick before finally finding the right angle so my cock head pressed against her opening. I then dropped her down and she slid right down my poll. I began bouncing her up and down my shaft and she began moaning wildly.

    “Faster! Harder! Give me all that fat dick!” Dove screamed out. I moved her as fast as I could. Her nails dug into my back as she neared cumming. When she finally did cum, she nearly blew out my eardrum as she let out a scream right by my ear. I kept rocking her on my dick as she came but once she came to her senses again she told me to stop.

    “Hold up, put me down,” she begged. She let out a groan as my dick slipped out from her and I lowered her legs down to the floor. “Sorry, I just really needed that. Umm, wait right here and I’ll be back in a minute. She then ran into the bedroom leaving me standing in the middle of her apartment with my hard dick hanging in the wind.

    Five minutes or so later I was sitting on her couch, my dick tucked back into my pants, when Dove finally came out of her bedroom. She went in their naked, but she had come out dressed in sexy lingerie. A sext white babydoll with matching white sheer lace thong, white stockings, 5-inch white heels, and a fresh coat of deep apple red lipstick.

    “Whoa,” I said when I saw her.

    “You like?” She asked as she did a spin.

    “Yeah, but what’s the occasion.”

    “Umm, well,” she said nervously, “You remember when I said that Thomas was a bit of a voyeur?”

    “Kind of… wait if he’s in the other room. I…”

    “No, no. Nothing like that. He had to fly back to LA last week. But him and I have come to an understanding. Whenever one of us is away, he’s not allowed to do anything but I’m free to do what with who I want so long as he gets to watch.”


    “So I have the laptop with a webcam pointed at the bed and he’s in LA watching.”

    “This is a little odd.”

    “Says the guy in an open relationship.” She had me there.

    “I’m not going to see him or hear him am I?”

    “No. I have the computer on mute and I have webcam angle up on the monitor so I can watch and make sure we stay mostly in the frame. So, you ready to show my boyfriend how to really please a woman?”

    “I…” I hesitated. My eyes looked the blond, who looked like a sex doll come to like, up and down. A voice in the back of my head finally spoke up and said ‘ah, fuck it’. “Fuck it. I’m going to destroy any confidence your man has ever had.”

    “You’re so humble,” Dove said as she turned to head back into her bedroom and I followed. Inside the bedroom, I saw the laptop set up on the nightstand next to the plush queen-sized bed. Dove sat down on the bed and said a few words into the laptop. The only thing I could see in the monitor was the view from the camera, which was currently focused only on Dove. As she spoke, I got up on the bed and stood over her shoulder. Making sure my crotch was in view, I undid my jeans and took out my cock which was still semi-hard and slick from my quicky with Dove in the other room. I then slapped it down on her shoulder.

    “Oh my god Ed, impatient much?”

    “What? Isn’t this why I am here?” I said as I tapped her a few more times with my cock.

    “That’s true,” she said as she put her arms back to brace herself as she leaned back and tilted her head all the way back to look at me. I took a step back to give her space and then moved forward again. This time I dropped my dick right on top of her face. Dove laughed and moved so she could get the head of my cock into her mouth. As soon as she wrapped her pillowy lips around me she began sucking on the tip as hard as she could. I took a quick peek on the monitor and you could kind of see what Dove was doing, but the main view of the camera was right on her arching chest. You could clearly see her breast through the sheer material being thrust at the camera. Watching myself on the monitor, I leaned over to the side and push some more of my dick into her mouth, and on the monitor, I could suddenly see the side of Dove’s cheek start to bulging outward. I did that for a minute and then reached down to tug on Dove’s babydoll, not stopping until her tits were in the open. Eventually, Dove stopped sucking on my tip, because the current position was hurting her neck. She had me lay down on the bed. Dove then took the computer off the table and put it on the bed next to my waist.

    “God babe, look how big it is,” Dove said as she looked at the camera with her head right next to my large pole. You could clearly see a ring on Dove’s lipstick just below the mushroom head. “It’s even bigger in person than it looks in that video of him and Olivia.” The video she was referring to was of me and Olivia Holt at Holt’s birthday party 2 years ago. Dove continued to toy with my dick, the way a pornstar would do in a video of an innocent teen seeing her first ever big dick. While this was not the first time Dove and I had hooked up, it seemed like as far as her boyfriend knew this was a first.

    “Look it’s as big as my face,” she said as she lined her face up next to my shaft. She then smacked herself in the cheeks a few times with it. “I can’t wait to get this thing back into my mouth.” Dove then spat on my dick and rubbed that spit up and down my dick before opening her mouth back up and taking the top three inches into her mouth. As Dove sucked me off I took off my shirt and Dove began pushing my pants down.

    “Hold up, grab the condoms from my pocket. Front left.” I told her and Dove reached in and took the condoms out of my pocket before shucking off my pants. As Dove continued to blow me I used some pillows to prop my head up to watch her. Dove’s eyes darted back and forth between looking up at me and looking at herself on the computer.

    “Come on girl, show your man just how skilled you are,” I said as I put my hand on the back of her head and pressed her mouth down my shaft. “Show your boyfriend that all those breathing and throat exercises are good for more than just singing.” I pressed her head down until she had her nose pressing up against me, and then held her down. Dove looked up at me, her eyes watering a bit, but she was not the least bit upset. When I let her go, she came off my dick and gasped for air.

    “Oh my god, that was so good. Your dick’s so big I could feel it in the back of my throat. I wanna do it again.” We did the same thing several more times, with me holding Dove down a bit longer each time. While she had admitted to me several times before, she liked it a bit rough, but what Dove was really enjoying was putting on an exaggerated show for her boyfriend. She had me hold the laptop as she stood up on the bed and stripped off her babydoll and her underwear. As she settled back down and sat on my face Dove was dressed in just white stockings and heels. Dove really showed off her vocal talents as I ate her out and she was extra loud, really exaggerating things as I ate her out. While she would occasionally bend down and take my dick back into her mouth, she spent most of her time riding my tongue and loudly saying how good it felt and how talented my tongue was. I was surprised we did not get a noise complaint from one of her neighbors as she was extra loud when she finally came.

    “Wanna see a trick?” Dove asked me after she got off my face. Before I could even answer Dove took one of the condoms of the bed and tore the wrapper open with her teeth. She then crawled down my body, leaving a nail trail of pussy juice as she dragged her pussy down my check. Moving off me Dove took the rubber out, she put it into her mouth and made an “O” shape with her mouth. Dove then proceeded to unroll the XL condom down my cock while using only her mouth. When she got it on Dove looked up at me with a proud smile.

    “I would say ‘Look, Mom, no hand’ but I’m not sure that is something you really want your Mom to see.” I quipped.

    “You don’t know that, maybe she was the one who taught me how to do it,” Dove fired back sarcastically.

    “Well, in that case, I guess it’s good she taught you safe sex because that lesson is about to come in handy,” I responded as Dove got on top of me and I took hold of her hips. The former Disney starlet held my hardon in her hands and teased her twat, rubbing it up and down her folds. Dove raised up and pointed my dick up towards the sky. Dove started to lower herself down and the tip of my dick was met with a surprising amount of resistance.

    “Oops wrong whole,” Dove said while giving a wink that was hidden from view of the webcam. She then dragged my dick from her asshole to her pussy, and this time when she lowered herself she then actually feed my dick into her womanhood this time. “Oh god, his dick is so big. Fuck Babe, he is stretching me out!” she called out to her boyfriend as she worked her way down my pole.

    In no time, she was working herself hard on my dick. Her tits bounced greatly as she ground herself on my dick. Her face was cutely scrunched up as she loudly yelled out “Fuck yes, fuck yeah!” over and over again. While I was enjoying myself, Dove seemed to be more concerned with putting on a show for the webcam than anything else. Knowing she’d go with anything that I do, I rolled us over so she was on her back, and I pushed her legs into her chest. I began thrusting as hard as I possibly could into her. The slapping of our skin echoed through the room and Disney star began screaming out as she came.

    “Oh my god, I can feel his dick in my stomach, babe,” she called out. Dove and I continued on fucking for the next 35 minutes. From the bridge to spooning, to the pile driver (which made her cum super hard), we changed positions multiple times, Dove always keeping an eye on the computer screen making she we were in frame and that it looked good. Presently Dove was on her hands and knees looking right at the camera on the computer. Looking at the monitor I could clearly see Dove’s face as she loudly moaned, and her tits hanging beneath her, jiggling every time I roughly pounded her snatch.

    “Oh god baby he fucks me so good,” Dove said to the computer “I love it so much. I can feel his big cum filled balls slapping up against me. I can’t wait for him to cover my face in his jizz.”

    “You want me to shoot my load on your face, huh?” I said and gave her pale booty a tap.


    “You want your boyfriend to see your face covered in another man’s cum?”


    “How badly?”

    “So badly.”

    “Okay, then turn around,” I told her as I pulled out.

    “No, no come over here,” Dove said. I knew why she wanted me in front of her so I moved off the bed and stood in front of Dove. As I stripped off the condom, Dove moved the laptop a bit so she could get the first inch or so of my dick and her face into the camera shot. I began jerking my dick rapidly, and Dove gave the tip of my dick some soft kisses with her plump red lips as she waited for me to erupt. It took a minute or so of stroking, but I did explode spectacularly all over her pretty face. I shot off about a dozen jets of cum all over her face. She literally had a drip of seamen fall off her nose. When it was over Dove’s face was glazed with cum, She looked up at me and gave a cute smile and then to the camera and stuck out her tongue and licked up some of the cum around her mouth.

    “I told you, babe. Look at how much he cums, he covered my face,” Dove spoke to the laptop camera while wiping her some of my cum off her face with her fingers, only to suck them clean.

    I told Dove I was going to use her shower. As I left, I could hear her speaking to her boyfriend through the computer. I was soaping up my back when I heard the door open and Dove stepped into the shower with me.

    “That was so much fun. Thanks, so much for doing that. Thomas really enjoyed the show, but not nearly as much as I did though.”

    “If he recorded it, send me a copy,” I told her.

    She washed her face off in the stream and then volunteered to help wash my back. She rubbing and lathered up my back, and then told me to turn around to rinse off. As I did I found Dove in front of me on her knees. She did not say anything, she simply looked up at me with those big blue eyes and started running her tongue running along my dick. In no time I had her pinned up against the wall of the shower stall and was throat fucking the former Disney star. I kept going until I told Dove I was going to cum again, and then she started tapping my leg. I stop fucking her mouth and stepped back. Dove took a moment to catch her breath before speaking.

    “I want you to cum in my ass.”


    “You did it to Paris, Kelli, and Olivia, and also I’m sure Hailee as well. If those all bitches can handle it then so can it.”

    “Oh you think so, do you?”

    “Yeah I do,” she spat back with mocking confidence. Dove got up off the shower floor and took some soap. I watched as she soaped up her rump and slipped a finger into her ass. When she was ready she bent over further and pressed her hands against the stall. I stepped up behind her and gave her ass a hard slap.

    “Ouch!” Dove yelped.

    “That was referring to Hailee as a bitch before.” I then got serious. Aiming my cock head at Dove’s rosebud, I slowly pushed my dick forward. Dove inhaled sharply as my tip pushed past her tight sphincter. I slowly pushed more and more of my length into her backside. I stopped and let her get adjusted when I was almost fully buried in Descendants star’s ass.

    “God, you’re cock is seriously fucking stretching me,” Dove said as I started fucking her ass. “Hurts so good.” Dove pressed back as I thrusted into her. Her tight backside was milking my dick and soon had me right back on the brink of cumming.

    “Do it, I wanna feel you fill me up,” Dove looked over her shoulder and told me after I said I was going to cum soon. When I was ready I slammed into her one last time and fired off whatever was left in by balls into her rectum. “Yesss” Dove giggled as she felt me shooting into her. After I pulled out and took a few deep breaths before returning to showering my body, taking extra time to give my cock a good cleaning. Dove for the most part just leaned up against the shower stall watching me. If I looked closely I could see some of my cum dripping down the inner part of her thigh. Dove also made small talk about how my trip was going and what I’d sightseeing I’d done. It was at that moment that I realized that unlike some of the other celebs I’d been with repeatedly, Dove and I really hadn’t talked much. With Olivia, VJ, Natalie, and Hailee (before we were together) we didn’t just fuck, I also talked with them regularly about other stuff and occasionally hung out it. Up until this point, where we were both still naked in a shower stall together, probably 85% of Dove and I’s conversations had either been flirtation, talk about sex, or talk during sex.

    After the shower I dried off and got dressed and so did Dove. She didn’t even bother cleaning the cum out of her ass. She just put on a new pair of panties and a dress and walked out the door with me. I walked her to the theater. It was along the way that she explained what her original plan for us previous night would have been. Apparently, she was going to take me to her dressing room where we were going to fool around a bit, and then once she was sure basically everyone was gone she was going to have me have sex with her in the middle of the stage large stage she’d just performed her play on. Then, maybe if I was up for it, she said she would have invited me back to her place to do the show for Thomas. I told her it sounded like I really missed out. But truthfully I’m not sure I would have trade how things worked out for me, hooking up with both Emma and Dove on separate occasions rather than just one night with Dove. When we got to the theater we said our goodbyes, and I headed back to my hotel room to prep for my dinner meeting that night.

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    I've been in a Dove Cameron mood a lot lately, so her portion of the story was really fucking hot for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLW View Post
    I've been in a Dove Cameron mood a lot lately, so her portion of the story was really fucking hot for me.

    Glad you enjoyed that part. I'll admit I was kind of losing momentum while writing the bedroom scene with Dove. Was a little worried it was going to come off as rushed.
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