Press Your Luck
Part 2
Featuring- Dove Cameron and Selena Gomez
Codes: Dom/Sub, Mild BDSM, Anal, Gloryhole, from
Disclaimer: This story is meant strictly for entertainment and has never nor will ever happen
A/N: Dove Cameron won my poll to pick the girl with 6 votes, followed by Sabrina Carpenter(5) and Hillary Duff(4). They might show up in future episodes. Also I’m feeling good tonight, so you’ll get the main story plus a mini-episode I was thinking about writing. Feel free to leave comments, I enjoy feedback.

I woke up to the sun reflecting off the mirrored walls. I was in the same penthouse suite I came to last night but I was alone. ‘Did i get drunk and dream it up?’ I asked myself when my phone dinged next to me. I picked it up and had a private Snapchat waiting. I opened my Snapchat and saw Selena Gomez’s gorgeous Latina face looking back at me. She was in what appeared to be a rather cramped room.

’Hey stallion,’ she started, ‘Sorry I didn’t wake you up this morning, but I had an early flight to New York this morning, and didn’t want to get to the airport walking funny.’ She panned the camera down giving me a good look at her perfect tits and tight slit, before reaching down to show me a little pink before popping back up to her face. ‘Hopefully we can meet up after I get back sometime next week. In the mean time I have one of my toys coming by to keep you company while I’m gone. Don’t be afraid to be rough with her, she likes a little pain. Kisses love.’ She blew a kiss ending the message.

I got up and stepped in the shower. ‘What did she mean by sending me a toy?’ I tried to figure out. I stepped out still wrapped in a towel and slowly walked around the suite. Everything was pristine from being payed for and rarely used. I stepped on to the living room balcony where a small pool overlooked the city of LA and the Pacific Ocean. I slipped in and closed my eyes, enjoying what I thought would by my only day living this life.


The elevator door slid open. Through the window I couldn’t see who stepped out behind the furniture, so I assumed it was some sort of cleaning crew, so I didn’t even move.

’Excuse me sir.’ A small voice said from the side of the pool next to me. I opened my eyes and saw kneeling on a small pillow Dove Cameron. Her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders and her back. She wore a sleeveless red dress that hugged her small figure and ended just above the knee. Her lips were pouting, just as red as her dress. ‘Mistress Selena wanted me to give this to you.’

She handed me a small package, I turned towards her and opened it. I first pulled out the note.

I hope you’ll enjoy Dove. She’s one of my favorite toys. She’s fully obedient and will take care of your every need while I’m gone no matter how rough you are with her.

I smiled and took a look thru the box. The first thing I pulled out was a small pink cat collar with ‘Daddy’s Kitten’ in gem stones on it. I motioned towards Dove and she leaned forward, quietly letting me put it on her. ‘This means you’re mine now, right?’ I asked

She nodded.

I reached up and lightly slapped her cheek. ‘When I ask a question I want to hear the answer. So lets try again. This means you’re mine now right?’

’Yes daddy.’ She answered.

I attached a matching leash to her collar. ‘And you’ll do whatever I want?’

’Yes please daddy.’

I pushed the box back from the pool, knowing I’ll use the remaining contents later. ‘Then take that dress off and get in here with me.’ She stood up and kicked off her red heels before sliding the straps of her dress off her shoulders, slowly reveling her pale tits with tiny dark perky nipples at the end. As soon as he dress reached her hips I gave the leash a tug, motioning for her to turn around. She obeyed and removed her dress, making sure i got a good look at her red lace thong inside her perfect teen ass. She stood back up and flipped her hair back before slowly working her thong down. I gave the leash another tug as soon as it reached the bottom of her ass.

’Bounce it for me.’ She instantly complied, bouncing her ass cheeks for me for a few seconds before starting to take it down the rest of the way. ‘Bend.’ I ordered, as she did, I watched as her tight pussy gave me a peak, that she was already wanting what I was ready to give her. She straightened back up and eased into the pool next to me.

I put my arm around my Kitten and gently kissed her behind her ear. I’ve heard of Dove, but never had the chance to work with her. I pulled her hair back into a pony tail, while admireing her tits. For her frame they were larger than what would be normally expected. I gently kissed her and traced her sides, guiding her hand to massage my meat. She pulled away at first, but then begins massaging it with both hands.

’I’m sorry for jumping daddy, I’m only used to toys being this big.’ She said. As i slowly rose in front of her. My meat emerged from the water like Godzilla’s tail. I placed her hands on the sides of her tits as my dick nested in between them. I reached down and pincher her nipples as i fucked her tits. Dove instinctively positioned her mouth to take the swelling head with each thrust. I soon moved broom playing with her tits to using her ponytail to help her take more and more of me in her mouth, and soon her throat. Tears swelled in her eyes, causing her makeup to run as I fucked her face until she forced me to stop so she could breathe.

I put both my hands under her chin lifting her face towards me, gently coking her. ‘You dont tell me when to stop kitten. I’ll stop when I’m ready.’ I then forced her mouth open and spit into it before telling her to bend over the edge. She quietly obeyed as I pulled out a bottle of lube, and a pump up anal toy. I leaned down and had to take a taste of her ass before using my fingers to lube up her ass. It didn’t take long for her to be ready for the toy. I began pumping it and went one pump pass hearing a whimper in pain. I climbed out of the pool, picked up my box and tugged on the leash. ‘Come.’

Dove followed me into the apartment on all 4’s as I led her slowly to the bed. ‘Sit up.’ She obeyed as I produced a blindfold. I paced it over her eyes. She confirmed she couldn’t see, so I gave her anal toy another pump before teeing her arms together with leather cuffs and ropes to her elbows. I smiled and placed my dick between her hands as she used both of them together to stroke me for a few minutes. I helped her up over the edge of the bed, and giving her toy a couple more pumps, I attached her legs to the legs under the bed. Her wrists stretched out in front of her was attached to a loop in the head board and I pulled it back to the collar to give me control.

I knelt behind her and began massaging and licking her pussy. I knew I was told to be rough, but from how tight she was, i didn’t want to break her, right away. Soon enough she was panting and crying out as her body tensed up preparing to cum, but I pulled away at the last second, stepping around and forcing my cock back down her throat as I worked more lube and my fingers into her ass. She tried to cry out but my cock muted her. I returned behind her, laying a leather covered paddle with the word SLUT on it, and a riding crop next to her. I placed the tip of my cock inbetween her pussy lips, and from her reaction as I pushed in, was the first time she’s taken one this big. Her tight pussy squeezed me more than I ever had been, as her body bucked and twitched and seized under me. I pulled her hair, leaning down to her ear. ‘If you cum before me I’ll paddle your ass raw.’

She bit down on the blankets as I felt her body fight against me, writhing in pleasure, but trying to fight back a climax. I gave her ass a few swats with my hand as I pounded her, worrying I would put the bed through the wall. I reached down and took her tits in my hand using them to pull me deeper as I felt every muscle in her tighten up and a river of cum spray against me as i released a massive load deep into her hard. I took a second to catch my breath before taking the paddle and tracing the curve of her ass.

’10 swats for cumming first.’ I say, lightly tapping her throbbing clit with the paddle. ‘Count them.’ She obeyed, fighting back tears as each swat was harder than the last. Her ass now shown a bright cherry red. I freed her arms. ‘Hold your ass open for daddy.’

’Yes daddy.’ She said squeezing her raw ass cheeks. I pulled the toy out of her ass, with a satisfying pop as it came out. Her holding her ass open allowed the gape to stay longer as I dropped some spit into her ass before pushing my rehardened dick into the gaping hole. She dropped her head to the bed as I fully entered her ass, my soaking balls slapping her still raw and throbbing pussy. Her screams let me know she was enjoying every moment. I punched up the riding crop and holding it sideways, putting it in her mouth, pulling her he’d up, using it as a gag as she releases her ass, and furiously rubs her clit and tits with her hands. A second rush of cum flows from her, soaking the floor as I fill her ass til my cum is what pushes me out.

I step back for a second as my phone dings again. Selena sent me a picture of her drenched in cum hoping were having as much fun as she is. I snap a picture of Dove dripping my cum from both holes and the puddle on the floor saying we’re doing ok.

I free dove from her restraints after putting a towel on her mess. She falls back onto her knees and instinctively starts sucking the dripping juices off my cock and balls. He lips form perfectly around them as I look down at her. After two massive orgasms, her eyes still look as hungry as when she arrived. I turn and lay back on the bed, letting her up with me, as her he’d bobs up and down, her eyes never breaking with mine.

’Feed me please daddy.’ She begs as she forces herself to gag taking everything in her mouth, working my balls with her hands and tongue. She slides back out to where its more comfortable for her, twisting her hands around the rest of my man. After several minutes I feel a rush as she closes her lips around me, doing her best to swallow every drop. She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue showing me she swallowed all of it.

’Good girl.’ I say, tugging her leash letting her crawl up next to me. ‘Take a break, you’ve earned it.’

==========Mini Episode===========
======Meanwhile In New York========
Selena set her glass on the bar, a bit harder than she meant to. The hall in front of her kept moving side to side, causing her to stumble down the hall. She made her way past the restrooms in the bar and entered and unmarked door. ‘This better fucking be the room Demi told me about.’ She said sitting in the chair in the middle of the small room. She gave her tits a good squeeze through her shirt, before moving her hands down, pulling up her mini skirt and massaging her slit. Soon enough a hand poked through a hole in the wall.

Selena Smiled and pulled one of her tits out of her shirt and put it in the hand. The index finger and thumb pinched and tugged her nipple before a mouth took the hands place and began sucking on her tit. Selena knelt there, rubbing her slit, while the strangers tongue worked her tit over. She pulled her shirt off as the mouth let go and a semi hard dick came through. At least she hoped it wasn’t all the way hard, she hadn’t seen one that small since she left Disney. She leaned in and began sucking on it, racing her tongue around the tip and jerking on it while sucking on his balls and shaft. She took it back in her mouth and made it sound like he was gaging her. A second dick popped through the wall next to her. She reached over and began tugging on that one. She spit on the first dick then the second before rubbing it in on both and bouncing back and forth, sucking and tugging on both dicks. A third, much longer black dick came in through a third hole. She gave it a good spitting before adding it to her sucking and tugging rotation, actually struggling a little bit to take that one fully in her throat. The first man tapped the inside of his hole, signaling to Selena. She turned and let him unload on her tits. She leaned in and sucked him dry, blowing bubbles with his cum down her chin before kissing his tip as he pulled away. The second man didnt even signal to her before blowing his load over her face, and receiving similar thanks.

Her friend, the black cock, pulled out of its hole and was replaced by a mouth with a large tongue hanging out. Selena backed her pussy up to it, letting him eat both her pussy and ass, as more dicks made their way through the walls for her to suck and tug and fuck and suck. Long, short, fat, thin, it didnt matter. One after another, she tended to them, taking more loads on her tits, face, and ass. Nothing was off limits. She even took a few up her ass, letting them put their load deep in her ass. By the time they stopped coming, she had talked atleast 25 loads, she lost count after 10.

Selena found her clothes and put them back on, before making her way to the women’s room. She looked in the mirror and laughed at herself actually going through with this. She snapped a quick selfie and sent it to her stallion, ‘Hope you’re having as much fun with your toy as I am.’ She grabbed a handful of paper towels, but before she could begin cleaning herself up, another woman stepped up next to her.

’oh my god you’re Selena Gomez.’ She said. Selena smiled, not really wanting to deal with fans like this. The other woman smiled. ‘I see you found the secret room. If you dont mind, I’d like to help you clean up. I’ve been a fan of yours for years.’ She said.

Selena paused for a minute then leaned in to the woman, locking her in a tight kiss before she could say another word. The other woman began kissing her way around her chin and neck, sucking off as much cum as she could. Selena pulled her shirt off as her fire slowly rekindled. Slowly the cum was sucked off her tits, and then some as the woman stripped herself, guiding Selena’s hands to her own tits. Selena pulled away and leaned over the counter, sticking her ass out. The other woman dropped to her knees and began sucking cum drops out of Selena’s ass before turning Selena to face her, sitting her on the counter. She dropped to her knees and began working Selena’s pussy over with her tongue and fingers. Selena’s hands raked through her hair, pulling her face deeper and deeper before the woman forced herself away, leaving Selena just short of climax. She pulled Selena to the floor and forced Selena’s face into her own bald pussy. Selena pulled away after several minutes and leaned back rubbing both of their pussies. The woman laced on the floor with Selena, wrapping their legs together, rubbing their pussies and fingers together. Selena was the first to climax, tensing up impossibly hard, spraying her cum on the other woman and the floor, triggering the other woman to fall backwards into a siezing orgasm. After a few recovery minutes the two women left the restroom together, not caring that they were loud enough at their climax, the whole bar knew what they were doing.