Scouting The Locations
Featuring Dove Cameron
Written by BigDadyRyno13
Codes: Mast, Oral,
Disclaimer: Sadly this has never nor more than likely will ever happen and has been written for entertainment and pleasure only.

I’ve been a location scout for about 20 years. I’ve worked for Universal, Paramount, Warner Brothers, and was working for 20th Century Fox when Disney bought the studio. My boss called me to his office, waiting to discuss scouting locations for a new film.

I sat across from him as his secretary handed us each a folder. Mine contained a script, a pair of plane tickets and a hotel conformation. We discussed the movie what what locations we were looking for. Shooting was going to be set in France, everywhere from Paris to the vineyards in the country side. Then he brought up who I’d be traveling with.

”Dove Cameron is wanting to direct and co-produce. She’ll be traveling with you for the week.” He said. I’ve heard about her, scouted some locations for stuff she was in, but never met her. “Now behave yourself. There’s a lot of men who would kill to take her to France, alone for a week. She’s young and impressionable.”

”Don’t worry.” I reassured him. “If she’s anything like these high maintainence Hollywood types around here, she probably couldn’t carry a conversation thru dinner, much less be remotely attractive.”

”Good.” He answered. “You’ll meet her at LAX tomorrow. Your flight leaves at 10. Get plenty of sleep, jet lag’s a killer.”

I left the office and returned to my place. After skimming the script, I scrolled thru social media, trying to convince myself the my traveling partner could talk about more than clothes and boys. A trip thru her Instagram did little to sway my opinion. ‘This is gonna be a long ass week.’ I thought turning off my light, trying to get a few hours of sleep.

The next morning I got up early, knowing i’d Need atleast an hour to get to the airport, and atleast two more to get thru security. Hopefully Dove would be atleast this smart.

I arrived at the airport and made my way in to check my suitcase. I got in line and started scrolling thru my playlist making sure I had enough music to make it to Paris when I heard someone arguing with the employee at the counter about not having a ticket but knowing her flight was today at 10. I gave a quick glance and saw long blonde hair and a perky ass in almost see thru yoga pants. I picked up my suitcase and excused myself thru the line.

”I’m sorry sir.” I apologized to the man handing him the pair of tickets. “We got separated and she must have forgotten I had the tickets.” Dove looked up at me and scrunched her face in a pissed off sarcastic smile, as the man printed our luggage tags and took our bags for us.

We made our way thru the airport, mostly silently, she having to stop every now and then to sign and autograph or take a selfie with fans. We arrived at our gate with about a half hour to spare. “You wanna grab a coffee?” I asked.

”Sure.” She answered, finally giving me a genuine smile. We made our way to the Starbucks across from our terminal, where the barista assumed we were newly weds heading on our hunnymoon. We got a good laugh out of that as they called for our boarding to begin.

We made our way to our seats. She made it clear she wasn’t much for in flight conversation. Before I could say anything she put in her ear buds, pulled down her blindfold, slid into a neck pillow, and pulled a blanket up. I put my ear buds in and began flipping thru the script, noting places I’d like to see for each scene.

About two hours into the flight, I needed to releave myself. Before I could put my earbuds back in I heard a noise I normally don’t hear on a flight. I looked around and heard whimpers coming from Dove, who was now completely covered by her blanket, neck pillow and blindfold on her trey, and slight movement coming from under her blanket. I scrolled thru my phone, as her whimpering became more moans and gasps. I tried to keep my eyes down, but noticed, when the blankets shifted, her pants were around her ankles. I closed my eyes trying not to think of what she could be doing. When I opened them, a small hard pink nipple came uncovered, then was covered back up. Just about then I quietly heard a mans voice, talking about cumming so hard for her, as her sounds and breathing momentarily stopped and she kicked the bottom of her seat, before her head came out from under the blanket, trying to catch her breath. I did my best to act like I saw nothing the rest of the flight.

We touched down in Paris, and made our way to luggage claim. My suitcase made it’s way around shortly after we got there. We waited for hers, but it never came around.

”what is this shit?” She said being visibly angry.

”I’ll take care of this.” I reassured her. We made our way to lost luggage and filled out a claim. “I’ll buy you something nice for tomorrow.” I said as we made our way to the taxi. This didnt calm her, but it didn’t make her any more angry either. We arrived at the hotel and I gave the employee at the desk our confirmation notes. She began typing on her computer.

”Oh dear.” She said, typing feaverously. “Je suis désolé. We appear to be overbooked. Instead of having two rooms for you, I only have one of our Les amoureux Suites.” I looked over my shoulder at Dove who was distracted taking selfies.

”We’ll take it.” I said taking the keys and grabbing my bag. We made our way to the elevator and made our way to the 24th floor. I led Dove down the hall and opened the door, still not having told her about the room yet. I unlocked the door and she excitedly made her way in.

”Is this my room?” She asked as she plopped on the extra large bed.

”Well, more our room. They were over booked and this was the only room they had left.” I told her as her blue eyes narrowed. “You can have the bed, I’ll take the couch. We’ll make this work Dove.” She looked like she was about to say something, when her stomach grumbled.

“I’m hungry.” She told me moving towards the edge of the bed. I handed her the room service menu, and she pointed out what she wanted. I ordered and we sat and talked, getting to know each other while we waited on the food. Even after the food arrived we kept talking, not about boys or clothes or makeup, but some personal and professional issues. I rolled our emptied cart to the hall and came back as Dove let out a large yawn with a large stretch. “I wanna take a shower and get ready for bed, but I don’t have anything to put on after.” She said. I went over to my suitcase and handed her an old white University of Michigan t-shirt I had brought with me.

While she was in I found an extra pillow and a few extra blankets, putting them on the couch, as ran began patting on our window. She came out without me seeing her, but wrapped her small arms around me from behind.

”You’re so good to me. Most guys would be trying to put moves on me by now.” She said as I turned around. Her nipples poked through the shirt as the faintest shadow of nipples shown thru. All I could do was smile at her and then kissed her on the forehead.

”Well, we should get to bed.” I said, trying my best not to fall for the allure of the blonde hair and blue eyes. She nodded and made her way to the bed. I entered the bathroom and had to splash some cold water on my face to snap me out of the thoughts I was having. I saw her clothes laying on the floor, and took a quick look at her size before calling the concierge, requesting something cute yet trendy for her for the morning. I came out and made my way to the couch by the light of my phone, as thunder and lightning covered the skies outside.

”Ryan?” I heard Dove call about an hour later as the storm entensified. “I’m a little scared, can you come here with me until I fall asleep?” I came in and she patted on the bed behind her. “I don’t normally sleep alone.”

I pulled the blankets up over me as Dove wrapped her legs around mine, and pulled herself close to me, making me aware, she was no longer wearing the shirt I gave her. I closed my eyes as her hand slid its way from my shoulder to the waistband of my shorts. She gently kissed my neck and whispered “I also don’t sleep well unless I get some dick first.” I tried to keep my eyes closed, thinking I was dreaming, as she pulled out my swelling member, massaging and stroking it under the blankets. “I might be in for a treat tonight.” She bit her lip as her manicured fingertips teased the expanding tip of my man.

I ran my fingers through her hair as she make her way on top of me. She slowly kissed her way down my chest, dropping for a second to run my member between her tits before kissing the tip. She swirled her tongue around it one way, then the other, massaging my balls with one hand and stroking my shaft with the other. I took a firm grip of her hair, as she kept playing with his head with her tongue and lips.

”You clearly didn’t learn this at Disney did you?” I said, enjoying the experience.

”How do you think i got the lead in Decendants?” She said, finally taking the head fully in her mouth, using both hands to stroke my dick, slowly going harder and faster. She pooped the tip out and ran her tongue up and down my shaft, stoping for a second to suck on each of my balls. I closed my eyes as she kept licking my shaft before i felt her tongue flick against my ass hole, popping my eyes open. She kept working my dick and balls as her rouge raced harder and faster against my taint and ass hole. She kissed her way back up my dick. “Gag me daddy.”

A half smile formed on my face as she took the tip back in her mouth and began taking more of my dick in. Dove opened her mouth as wide as she could, but could only make it about half way. I took two hand fulls of her hair and pulled her as far down as I could. Spit ran from her mouth and her tongue, flicking against the underside of my dick, and slowly covered the rest of my dig and balls in thick globs of spit. She began making a soft a sound as the tip of my dick pulsed against her throat, causing her to gargle on in and eventually a small gag forced her to pull it out and stroke it as she caught her breath.

“Did I say you could take it out?” I said squeezing her cheeks. She slowly shook her head as I took her hair back in my hands and forced her mouth back over my dick, Slowly pulling her further and further onto it. Eventually her tongue was flicking on my sack as tears of throat pleasure ran down her cheeks. I let her up, allowing her to breathe. She slowly massaged my dick and spit on it one more time making sure it was good and wet.

Dove threw the blankets off of us and moved up, putting her knees on both sides of my hips, guiding my hands to her ass. She used one hand to press my dick against the front of her smooth pussy, grinding her hips against me, forcing precut to ooze out of me. Dove took a good fingerful of the unlearn juice and sucked it off her finger. “I think you’re ready daddy.”

She pushed my dick towards her and shifting her hips, slid me into her. “Ohmyholygod.” She gasped as she slowly worked her way onto me. I could feel her tight dripping pussy stretch around me. I helped guide her up and down, slowly putting more and more in her. When she past half of it being in her, she fell foreword, trying to push the rest into her. I planted my heels and help push into her as my mouth and tongue worked over her pale nipples, that were hard enough to cut stone. A screaming moan echoed against the thunder as I slammed the last inch into her, finally sliding her hips up and down on me, as her hips trembled, slowly taking a grinding motion.

Dove took a deep breath before pushing herself back to an upward position, and pushed against me, grinding and riding me, clearly enjoying every second of it. I held her ass even tighter as with one hand she massaged her tits, tugging on her tipples, and the other, massaging her clit. She threw her head back as her screams grew louder and louder before slamming herself down hard on me, scraping her nails down my chest, as pleasure rippled through her body. She fell forward, as I slapped her ass, crawling out from under her.

Dove dropped her head to the pillows as pleasure still caused her to twitch. I lifter her hips and ran my fingers against her soaked pussy, quickly pressing them into it, causing her to jump and gasp. “Does it taste as good as it feels?”

I leaned in and gave her clit a quick tongue flick before eating her pussy deep and hard, like I havnt heaven in months. Dove bit down hard on the pillow, muffling her screams. I continued massaging with my hand as my tongue traced its way to her ass hole. She jumped as my tongue worked it way into her back door. I added a finger while massaging her tight ass. I made my way to my knees and slipped my soaking dick head fully inside her ass, before pulling it out and slamming hard into her pussy. I held her ass cheeks open nice and wide as I slammed into her harder and harder before giving it a series of hard slaps to her ass. Each slap caused her to scream louder and ask for more. Once her ass had a pair of deep red hand prints on them I took a handful of her hair, slamming her body back on my hips.

“Who are you?” I asked using my larger frame to stretch and pound her pussy.

”I’m you’re little cum slut.” She answered trying to force her body not to explode.

”Say it, Say Dove Cameron is my little cum slut.” I said covering her mouth with mine, using he tits to pull her back to me.

”DOVE CAMERON IS YOUR FUCKING CUM SLUT!” She screamed as every muscle in her body seized, cum spraying from her pussy, running down my legs. I couldn’t fight it any more. I let her go, allowing her to drop back to the bed. I made my way to her sweat covered face and forced her to take my dick back into her throat before I exploded, filling her throat and mouth with cum. She closed her mouth, then opened it again showing me she swallowed everything. “Was I a good girl daddy?”

I covered us up and took her small frame in my arms. “Yes Dove, you were very good. Now get some sleep were gonna have a busy day tomorrow.”