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Thread: Britney, Paris, & Jamie

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    fanfiction Britney, Paris, & Jamie

    This story was written a few years ago by a very good friend of mine, who is sadly not with us anymore. I'm sure she'd be happy I posted it here for you to enjoy.

    It was just a couple of nights after Britney Spears' famous, or should I
    say infamous, pantieless pictures hit the internet. She and Paris Hilton
    were out on the town for another wild night. After a few hours of dancing
    and several bottles of champagne they fought their way through the
    paparazzi, got into Paris' car and sped away.

    "Holy fuck Paris, I am sooooo drunk!" Britney laughed.

    "I guess you are girl, the way you were sucking down the champagne I'm
    surprised you're able to move."

    "MMMMMMMMM it was sooooo good." Britney said as she slid lower in the
    seat letting her short black skirt ride up her legs. "Did you see the way
    Hilary and Haley Duff were dancing with each other? God it was so hot."

    "Yeah I know, they were really turning me on. I can only imagine what
    they are going to do later." Paris said as she looked down at Britney's
    exposed pussy. "I bet that sweet pussy of yours is so wet."

    "Oh yeah, I'm so horny I think I'm gonna explode."

    "Play with it for me." Paris said with a smile. "Slide your finger over
    your clit and think how good it will feel when my tongue does the same."

    Britney slowly ran her finger down her slit, sliding it into her wet
    pussy before circling her engorged clit. "Oh Paris I want your tongue in my
    pussy again. I've never had anyone eat me like you do and there's nobody
    I'd rather eat than you."

    "Oh really, what about Jamie Lynn? You told me last time how you have
    fantasized about eating your little sister's pussy and making her scream
    with pleasure."

    Britney rubbed her clit faster as the image of Jamie lying in front of
    her nude with her legs spread wide danced in her head. "MMMMMMM yeah I'd
    love to make Jamie scream. But tonight I want your sweet pussy." She said
    as she leaned over to kiss Paris.

    Paris gave her a small quick peck on the lips then pulled away and
    said. "I want to see you with Jamie first. She's staying at your place
    tonight isn't she?"

    "You know she is, but how can I get her to? I mean she doesn't know
    about us or that I go both ways."

    "Come on Brit, everybody suspects that we mess around. Besides just
    think about that sweet young pussy and it's your sister's too."

    Britney moaned and rubbed her clit faster thinking about Jamie. Paris
    slipped a finger into her own soaking wet pussy then pulled it out and put
    it up to Britney's mouth. She quickly sucked it in and licked it
    clean. Britney was on the verge of a huge orgasm when Paris smiled and
    said. "Don't cum yet. Save it if you want to feel my tongue."

    "Fuck I'm so close. Please let me cum."

    "NO! Not yet! I want Jamie to see her big sister cum." Paris said with
    an evil grin. She loved be in charge and she knew Britney would do whatever
    she told her to do. "Now reach over here and rub my pussy. Make me cum
    before we get to your house."

    Britney slid her middle finger into Paris' juicy cunt then slipped a
    second and then a third in as well. As the fingers of her right hand slid
    in and out she rubbed Paris' clit with her left. She could feel her own
    clit throbbing and her pussy contracting as she worked to get her friend

    Paris was having a hard time driving and she bit her lower lip as she
    felt her orgasm approaching. "Oh yes Brit, finger my pussy! What would your
    fans think if they could see you with your fingers in my cunt?"

    Paris' hips were jerking as she pulled into Britney's drive. As she
    stopped the car and put it in park her thighs held Britney's hand in place
    while her pussy spasmed and her juices squirted onto the expensive leather
    seats of her car.


    Britney bit her lip to keep from screaming too as a small orgasm swept
    over her. She didn't want to upset Paris but she couldn't help it. She
    always got off when she made Paris cum.

    Jamie Lynn heard the car pull up and she was surprised Britney was home
    so early. It was only a little past midnight and she usually didn't get
    home till 4 or 5AM. She quickly composed herself; she had been looking at
    the pictures of Britney on the net and slowly rubbing her own shaved
    pussy. She wished she was older so she could do some of the stuff Britney
    did and like most teenage girls she secretly lusted after Britney, even
    though she is her sister.

    Fourteen year old Jamie wasn't a virgin; she had had some wild
    encounters with the cast of All That when she was on that show and now that
    she was doing Zoey101 she enjoyed spending time with some of her
    co-stars. Especially Sean Flynn and Erin Sanders, Chase and Quinn on the
    show, they had had several hot times together and separately.

    Britney and Paris staggered through the door, Paris was holding Britney
    up. Jamie saw the shape her sister was in and ran to help. As Britney's arm
    went around Jamie's shoulder her hand brushed against her small
    breast. Jamie shivered when she felt her sister's hand on her boob and her
    nipples immediately became hard little pebbles. Britney felt Jamie's nipple
    stiffen and gave her boob a little squeeze.

    "My oh my, my baby sister is really growing up." Britney said smiling at
    Paris. "Paris I think her boobs are as big as yours."

    "MMMMMMM I think you're right." Paris said, slurring her words more than
    necessary so she would appear drunker than she was. Then she reached out
    and squeezed Jamie's left breast feeling the hard nipple against her
    hand. "And they are so nice and firm too."

    Jamie was shocked that Britney and Paris were feeling her boobs but she
    could also feel her pussy contract with excitement. She was even more
    shocked when Britney pulled her arm from Paris' shoulder and lifted her top
    showing Jamie her large sagging breasts and said. "Mine used to be that
    firm. Now after two kids they just lay here."

    Jamie's mouth was dry. Even though Britney's stomach wasn't as flat as
    it once was and her tits did sag she was still sexy as hell. Jamie was
    still standing there staring when Paris shocked her even more by leaning
    over and taking Britney's nipple in her mouth.

    Her mind raced and she asked herself. "What do I do? Here is billionaire
    Paris Hilton sucking on my sister's boob." She was snapped back to reality
    when she felt Britney press her lips to hers and then Britney's tongue
    licking her lips begging to be let inside. Jamie moaned and threw all
    caution to the wind as she opened her mouth to let her sister's tongue
    dance with her own.

    While Britney and Jamie kissed and felt each other's breasts Paris went
    back to her car and got black bag that contained all her "special"
    toys. When she walked back into the living room Britney was lifting Jamie's
    pink top over her head exposing her small teenage breasts. Each one was
    topped with a small pink nipple standing hard and proud. Paris walked up to
    the sisters and said. "Come on girls; let's go to Britney's room. We can
    all be more comfortable there."

    They walked into Britney's lavish bedroom with it's over sized king size
    bed and quickly discarded the rest of their clothes. Jamie moaned as Paris
    and Britney each began sucking one of her sensitive nipples. Her pussy was
    wet and aching and she nearly exploded when she felt Britney's finger slide
    over her slit. Jamie shivered as Britney slid first one then two fingers
    into her little sister.

    Paris moved away from the sisters and sat in a chair her legs spread and
    her hand slowly rubbing her wet pussy. She reached into her bag and pulled
    out a nine inch cock shaped vibrator. Turning it on she rubbed it over her
    clit and slowly slipped it into her billion dollar pussy.

    "That's it Brit, show your little sister how you can make a girl cum."
    Paris moaned sliding the vibrator deeper in her cunt.

    Britney kissed her way down Jamie's smooth stomach, pausing briefly to
    toy with her navel and the small diamond that hung from it. She kissed
    lower enjoying the smoothness of Jamie's freshly shaved pussy. As she moved
    lower her mind was overwhelmed by the sweet fragrance of Jamie's aroused

    "Jamie I love you so much and I've wanted to do this for so long. You're
    so beautiful." Britney moaned then buried her face in Jamie's young pussy.

    Jamie squealed and her legs squeezed Britney's head as her sister's
    talented tongue danced on and in her pussy.

    "Oh yeah Brit eat your little sister's cunt! Make that little bitch cum!"

    Britney's tongue slid deep inside Jamie then up to her clit circling it
    then sucking the little nub into her mouth. While she licked Jamie her hand
    was busy rubbing her own clit. She licked back down her slit but went past
    her tasty honey pot and Jamie's hips jerked when she felt Britney's tongue
    slide over her tiny asshole. She licked all around it then pushed her
    tongue into her tiny pucker.


    Paris watched Britney, the all American pop princess, working her tongue
    deep in her little sister's ass and she knew Jamie would be cumming
    soon. She had felt Britney's tongue up her ass and she knew the pleasure it
    caused. She moved her vibrator faster, wanting to time her orgasm so she
    could cum with Jamie.

    Jamie had her fingers tangled in Britney's hair and was grinding her ass
    into her face. She could feel her stomach tighten and her legs shaking as
    her orgasm rapidly approached. Just when she thought she would explode
    Britney moved her mouth back to her clit and slid a finger up her tight
    ass. That was all Jamie could stand and her whole body convulsed as her
    juices covered Britney's face.


    Paris saw Jamie cumming and shoved the vibrator as deep as she could
    with one hand while she pulled her nipple with the other. Her legs were
    shaking and just a tiny squeak escaped her lips as her pussy contracted and
    her juices covered her hand and the chair.

    Britney licked Jamie till the convulsions stopped. Then she crawled up
    be side her and smiled as she asked. "How was that baby sister? Do you like
    the way I can make you cum?"

    "Hell yes I like it. I just wish we had done it sooner. We've wasted so
    much time with other people when we could have been loving each other."
    Jamie said with a tear running down her cheek as she hugged Britney. "Now
    it's my turn to make you happy. Just lay back and let me lick my big
    sister's sweet pussy."

    Jamie kissed along her jaw to her ear where she gently nibbled the lobe
    then ran her tongue all around it and inside causing Britney to shiver and
    a small moan to escape her lips. Jamie kissed down her neck to her breasts,
    which even though they weren't as firm as they once were they were still
    sexy as hell, and took her large erect nipple in her mouth and sucked like
    a little baby starving for milk. She moved lower kissing Britney's slightly
    flabby belly licking around her sexy navel.

    Paris was digging in her bag as Jamie finally reached Britney's smooth
    pussy. She saw Britney's hips jerking, grinding her pussy against Jamie's
    face. She found what she was looking for and pulled a massive twelve inch
    strapon dildo from her bag, it was Britney's favorite. She also pulled a
    smaller vibrator out as well.

    Jamie had three fingers buried in Britney's wet pussy while her tongue
    circled her clit. She was shocked when Britney grabbed her arm and
    moaned. "More Jamie, more fingers." Jamie did what her sister asked and
    slipped her fourth finger in but Britney was still pulling her arm so she
    held her thumb against her palm and pushed. Suddenly her whole hand was
    inside Britney. She had heard about fisting even seen it on the net but to
    actually be fist fucking her older sister was blowing her mind.


    Paris heard Britney and stared. She couldn't believe it this was better
    than she had hoped for. She stared as Jamie moved her fist in and out of
    Britney. Pussy juice coated her arm almost to her elbow as she fucked
    Britney harder and faster. Jamie felt Britney's pussy contract then a flood
    of hot sticky juices flooded around her arm spraying all over her and the

    "FUUUCK MMMEEEEE!!!!!" Britney screamed just before she collapsed and
    passed out from the extreme pleasure she was feeling and all the alcohol
    she had drank earlier.

    Jamie was worried and she cried as she pulled her hand from her sister's
    well fucked and satisfied cunt. "Britney, are you ok? Please be alright, I
    didn't mean to hurt you."

    Paris saw Jamie was worried and rushed to the bed. She saw Britney was
    breathing steadily and she lifted Jamie's face to hers and said. "She's
    alright baby, she just drank too much tonight. She'll be just fine." As she
    said this she leaned forward pressing her lips to Jamie's then sliding her
    tongue into the younger girl's mouth.

    Jamie broke the kiss and said. "Paris you are so sexy. How long have you
    and my sister been messing around?"

    "Ever since the first night we went clubbing, I've always thought Britney
    was so hot and when I finally got the chance I took it. Now I want you too

    Jamie saw the huge dildo in Paris' hand she swallowed hard and
    asked. "What are you gonna do with that?"

    "Well I was going to have you fuck Britney with it but I guess that can
    wait till later." She laughed as she dropped it on the bed beside
    Britney. "But I do have another toy you might enjoy." She reached in her
    bag and pulled out an eighteen inch double headed dildo. It wasn't as thick
    as the strapon but Jamie's eyes were still wide as she stared at it.

    "You're kidding, right?"

    "No just lie on your back and we can both enjoy it."

    Jamie was nervous but she did as she was told and Paris rubbed one end
    of the dildo with lube then slowly inserted it into Jamie's young
    pussy. She moaned as she felt the head stretch her as it slid easily in,
    she had been fucked by quite a few boys but none of their cocks were as
    thick as this. Paris moved it slowly in and out letting Jamie get used to
    it as she fed more and more into her pussy. Finally she had about half of
    it inside her, Jamie had never felt so full but damn it felt good.

    Paris saw Jamie was relaxing and enjoying the dildo so she coated the
    other head with lube and positioned it at the mouth of her own very excited
    pussy. She put her left leg under Jamie's right and scooted closer sliding
    the dildo into her pussy. She moaned as she slid closer and closer till it

    "Now Jamie rock your pussy back and forth just like you're getting
    fucked." Paris moaned as she started a slow gyration of her hips. She
    alternated gripping and releasing it with her pussy so it was sliding in
    and out of both their pussies. As they each rocked their hips they reached
    down and rubbed their clits.

    They were both moaning loudly which woke Britney. She saw Paris and her
    sister impaled on the dildo and it was such a turn on she grabbed the
    strapon Paris had dropped and shoved it deep into her pussy. "That's it
    Paris fuck my sister. Teach her how to please you."

    Paris and Jamie both looked when they heard Britney. Paris smiled and
    started humping faster while Jamie stared in awe as Britney shoved that
    entire huge dildo up her pussy. The sounds and smells of sex filled the
    room as the three of them fucked themselves to massive orgasms before
    falling asleep. Only to enjoy a wild time the next morning.

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    Awesome!! thanks for the addition cuzinfred. never get sick of reading britney or paris stories.


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