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Thread: "Latte Macchiato to go..." with Paris Berelc

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    fanfiction "Latte Macchiato to go..." with Paris Berelc

    Latte Macchiato to go...
    With Paris Berelc
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MFF, public, blowjob, fingering, spit-roasting, double penetration
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purpose only

    Latte macchiato (Italian pronunciation: [ˈlatte makˈkjaːto]) is a coffee beverage; the name means stained or marked milk. Marked as in an espresso stain on the milk used. It is a play on “Espresso macchiato” which is an espresso with a drop or two of milk or cream.

    It was a smoldering hot day in Los Angeles as Mike and I lined up at the local Starbucks store to get our daily dose of caffeine. Truth be told I didn't even notice her until he nudged me in the ribs and I looked over to see the stunning brunette standing in front of us. As it turned out Paris Berelc was apparently some kind of up and coming actress, but seeing her there one could easily mistake her for just another hot Euro-Asian model. Fortunately for us, all it took was for her to make eye contact before we started a conversation and quickly found her to be extremely sweet and friendly. In fact Berelc was so much fun and carefree that we barely knew her when she blurted out that she had left the house without a stitch of underwear on.

    "Jesus, now there's an image." I remarked, which caught her attention.

    "Seriously, who do you have to FUCK to get a drink around here," she whined.

    We spent the better part of a half hour just bitching and moaning about the poor customer service, before we finally reached the counter where she beat me to the punch and paid for our drinks. Naturally I thanked her for her generosity and used this as an excuse to get her number.

    "Sure. I can give it to you, but don't text me after 10pm cos I won't respond."

    "That's fair." I agreed.

    "—but what if its porn?" Mike remarked with his strange sense of humor.

    At first I was concerned that he might have gone overboard and said something that might offend, but true to form Mike knew exactly what he was doing and had sized her up from the moment he met her.

    "Well in those cases sure go ahead." Paris giggled. "If its free porn then send me as much as you got."

    Having made a new friend, we found a place to sit and decided to enjoy our coffees together, however Paris was quickly bombarded with work related calls and messages which made the conversation very one sided and awkward. At one point I was sure that we had blown our chance, but that theory flew right out the window when she finally put away her phone and asked if could give her a ride home. Minutes later and the striking brunette followed us out into the parking lot where she burst out laughing at the sight of my old van, and hesitated.

    "Err, you can't be serious." she sneered. "I'm not getting in that!"

    "What's the matter," Mike quizzed. "You still want that ride don't you?"

    The actress didn't hold back her feelings and claimed that she wouldn't be caught dead in such a vehicle.

    "Well in that case, I think the bus stop is over there." I directed. "Good luck with that."

    "Meh, fine." she said, changing her tune. "It'll be fine, I guess."

    It was only now I realized the dynamic we had, and the role I suddenly found myself playing. While I played the "good" guy, Mike seemed to act aloof and gave off a kind of bad boy vibe, which only made Paris like him more? I found this funny, particularly as Mike didn't waste any time corralling her into the backseat with him. While logic dictated that a girl like her would never willingly climb into the backseat of a van, I was surprised to see her go along and knew right away that if either one of us played our cards right one of us would be getting laid.

    "Ugh. You're such a loser," I heard her tell Mike as I pulled out of the parking lot.

    However to my astonishment, it was only a few miles later that I glanced into the rear-view mirror to see Mike pull her into a kiss. All I could do was stare in disbelief as he seemingly forced himself upon her, and she obliged! As expected the kiss quickly escalated into some all out French-kissing, with him pawing at her body and pulling the front of her top up to reveal her ample breasts. In all my years I couldn't remember seeing such perfect fucking tits - her nipples were thick, dark and perfectly round, and to die for. Her body made my mouth to water.

    I then caught a lump in my throat when Mike reached down and spread her thighs with his hands, then shoved his digits into her cut-offs to finger her. It was one of the slickest moves I'd ever seen, and not wanting to be left out of the action, I decided to make my presence known if only to remind her that I was still around.

    "So what's the verdict bro," I said, interrupting them. "Is she wearing any panties under there or what?"

    Mike responded by spreading her legs even farther apart, making sure to put on a show for me. For her part, all Paris did was sit there with a dumb expression on her face as he had his way with her body and essentially man handled her for his own amusement.

    "Why don't you take these off," he suggested, before peeling her shorts down her legs and leaving her to sit there completely naked from the waist down.

    Even from my vantage point up front I could see she was completely shaved clean, and incredibly wet. In fact I stared at her sex for so long I almost ran us off the road. In the meantime Mike tried to convince her to take off her top but Paris wasn't interested in getting completely nude in the car. I could hear the frustration in his voice before he finally grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down onto his lap, leaving little ambiguity as to what he wanted. However I don't know what shocked me more, his selfish bold actions or the fact that she didn't hesitate and immediately engulfed his sword in one fell swoop, taking him into the back of her throat.

    Suddenly I found myself feeling incredibly jealous as I watched the TV princess bob her head up and down over his rod and proceed to make lewd gagging sounds with her throat. The actress then made herself more comfortable on the floor of the vehicle, where she really went to town and used one hand to fist his rod while the other slipped between her legs to play with her clit. In a strange twist of fate, I just happened to steer the van into her street, according to the address she had given us, and drove straight past her house as her mom and sisters appeared to be out on the driveway unloading groceries from their truck. I found this hysterical as we drove by, while Paris was actively retching on Mike's shlong.

    When we arrived to the top of her street I observed a small park and playground area and pulled into the first available spot where I switched off the engine. At first I assumed that Paris would no doubt grab her gear and make a run for it, but considering how fixated she was with Mike's cock, I suspect she wasn't going anywhere until she made him pop.

    "You like that, huh?" she teased while slapping the head of his prick against her flat tongue.

    In all the commotion I doubt they even realized where we were or that I had parked the vehicle and now sat behind her stroking my cock. It was only due to my position behind her that I could see her using her free hand to masturbate, probing and plunging two fingers into her hot cunt while she blew Mike. Noting this, I finally build up the courage to reach out and caress her body and was rewarded with the most smoldering look yet, her mouth and chin both smeared in saliva.

    "Let me guess, you want to get your dick sucked too."


    "She's good man." Mike chimed in. "Trust me, she's fucking golden. This girl is a natural born cock-sucker."

    Amusingly enough Paris almost seemed proud of this as I ran my hands along her ultra smooth legs and dipped them under her body to caress her sex.

    "You're fucking wet!" I confirmed.

    "And," Berelc shrugged. "What are you gunna do about it?"

    I responded immediately and plunged two fingers into her snatch, and felt her moan and rotate her hips around my digits. The saucy little minx purred like a cat and almost seemed to taunt or encourage me, as she wiggled her booty from side to side.

    "Dude, this girl needs some cock." I maintained. "And I think we should give it to her."

    I barely finished the sentence before Paris turned to face me and now set her sights on me. Without being prompted to, she reached over to grasp at my cock before offering me her mouth. Right away I could see what all the fuss was about and why Mike had been singing her praises. Particularly as she genuinely seemed to get off on performing the act of fellatio and sighed erotically as she took me deeper into her mouth. However that's around the time when the pitch in her tone changed, and I looked back to see Mike was now fucking her from behind.

    "Ugh yes. Fuck." she moaned with a mouthful of cock, as Mike held her by the hips and pummeled her.

    All things considered she really was a pretty girl, I thought. As I grabbed a fistful of her dark hair and listened to her grunt and grovel to my mate fucking her.

    "Holy shit, holy shit—" Mike chanted as he took her doggy-style.

    At first I thought something was wrong, but soon realized he was apparently awestruck by how good she felt on his dick.

    "This might be the best pussy I've ever had," he claimed while giving her thick rump a firm swat.

    Mike then pulled her back up towards him to initiate a kiss over her shoulder, while he continued to rail into her from behind, her back arched sharply and her breasts jutted out. I reached out to fondle and suck each one of those magnificent globes, before Mike twirled her around to face him and pulled her up onto the seat, inviting her to mount him. While this went on, I took off my pants and navigated the small space between the two front seats and joined them in the back, only to hear Paris grunt out loud as he now pounded up into her pussy at a rapid pace.

    "ugh-shit, holy fuck. ohmigod. don't stop." she chanted. "please don't stop, holy fuck-fuck-fuck!"

    I stood there waiting my turn but soon realized Mike and Paris were having so much fun that they almost seemed to be lost in their own world, and certainly weren't going to stop for my benefit. So I took the initiative and shuffled forward to tap the head of my cock against her butt and threatened to take her ass. Truth be told I only intended it to be a joke, but Mike seemed adamant about it and spurred me on.

    "Do it bro," he jeered. "She loves it. Just take her fucking ass!"

    I didn't doubt it, and didn't hear any objects from her as I pressed my bell-end against the tiny opening. I took her silence as permission and slowly pushed forward, wriggling the head into her bunghole. Paris groaned initially, as I felt her sphincter close up and constrict, before it finally gaped open.

    "Fark, this little bitch has done anal before." I speculated.

    "Good. Give it to her again," Mike blared from below. "Give her what she craves. She just wants to get fucked!"

    I slowly sank my manhood into her hole, causing a long winded groan to escape her lips. I held this position for a minute before pulling back, then repeated the action until her sphincter relaxed. In fact it didn't take long before I was buried to the hilt, my balls resting comfortably against her ass while she still sat impaled on Mike's cock. He and I then proceeded to saw in and out of her at varying speeds and angles, making sure she was never devoid of cock.

    "ohmigod... shit!" she mewled while squirming between us.

    Strangely enough the more she struggled and perspired the better it felt, as her sweat now blended with her juices - and the entire van now reeked of sex and pussy.

    "Yeah, come all over my cock Paris." Mike urged. "You're so fucking wet for me."

    I grabbed hold of her arms and pinned them behind her as I pounded her backdoor, slamming my cock into her until she cried out loud. A part of me still couldn't believe we had met her in a coffee shop earlier, and had not only spit-roasted her in the van, but were now double teaming her on the backseat. As wild as it was, the entire affair was only made more maddening when Paris seemed to catch her second wind and began to talk dirty to us, asking if we liked fucking her holes while begging us to fuck the shit out of her.

    "C'mon fuck me!" she implored while slamming herself back on me. "Fuck me until I can't walk straight. Give it to me!"

    "Where's my cock right now, Paris?"

    "In my ass." she hissed. "It's in my fucking ass!"

    "You like that huh?" Mike quizzed.

    "uh-huh, I love it! I wish I was air-tight right now!" she cooed. "Call up another friend and make this asian slut air-tight! Please."

    Just hearing this tone from her - combined with her twitching body - caused my cock to flutter, and try as I might I could only manage to pump a few more times before I exploded inside her bowels, and unleashed a torrent of hot spunk. Mike must have felt the tremors from above because he quickly followed suit and erupted deep inside her womb, causing her to howl out loud as he filled her young cunt with semen. When we finally calmed down and caught our breath, we fumbled around for our clothes and laughed as Paris finally recognized her surroundings and the fact that we were parked up at the top of her street.

    "Huh, when did we get home?" she asked while wriggling herself back into her tiny cut-offs (no underwear). "You guys are nuts."

    "Well that's gratitude." Mike said while wiping the sweat from his brow. "We even managed to get you home safe and sound."

    "Thanks, I guess."

    "Can I call you sometime," I proposed. "I mean, it'd be a real shame if this turned out to be a onetime deal don't you think?"

    Paris looked at us both then giggled.

    "Err, I dunno." she shrugged. "I have a boyfriend, and besides I don't think my body could take that kind of punishment again."

    "Well you know what they say, practice makes perfect."

    I could see the look of confusion in her eyes as we both appeared to ignore the fact that she had just announced that she actually had a boyfriend. Truth was we didn't care, and it wouldn't have slowed us down for a minute. In fact knowing she was spoken for only made her all that more attractive in our book.

    "Although I have to admit I did have fun," she added. "I'm in so much pain I don't know if I'll be able to walk home."

    "How about next time you bring a friend," Mike suggested with a grin. "And then we can make it a real party."

    "I'm sure something can be arranged." Paris pondered. "And I think I have the perfect girl."

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    Ok that was all sorts of Amazing. Give that stunt asian a hell of a workout

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    That was amaze balls, Paris getting DPed is just about as hot as it gets.
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