Cuban Holiday Part 2
With Emma Watson
Written by festus91
CODES: MF, fingering, semi-exhib
DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.

You will never convince me that there is anything to compare with waking up and seeing Emma Watson wrapped in your arms, feeling the heat from her naked body, and hearing her deep soft breathing as she sleeps comfortably in your embrace.

Emma and I had connected sort of randomly at a resort in Cuba. I was on my annual pilgrimage, and Em was there to escape some of the recent drama she had been enduring at home. We had started hanging out innocently enough, and then we ended up sleeping together, just like this, to my absolute surprise, when there was a scare with some paparazzi that had found out she was on the resort. She had fled to my room, and graciously accepted my originally platonic but sincere offer to stay the night. Making me easily the luckiest man on the planet.

We both knew that our time on the island was drawing shorter, and we wasted no opportunities to be together. After our first morning exploring each other, there weren't usually many clothes involved. Emma was a very generous, tender, and inquisitive lover. Her experience didn't match her headliner movie star reputation, but that was fine with me. I was happy to let her be herself, experiment, and learn new things as we went. Her easy orgasmic reactions, which she very candidly attributed to her masturbatory practices, were a sweet bonus that I took advantage of as much as I could. Their intensity was always something to behold, and drove more than a few of my own.

I was standing at the sink now, watching as Emma showered after our latest session of incredible sex. As striking as she was whenever she showed up for the photogs, her body was simply incredible in the privacy of my room. Her normally wavy, and sometimes kind of crazy, hair was hanging straight down her back in the rainfall shower after she had worked some suds through and rinsed it clean. Her sleek long neck stretched into strong shoulders and a smooth unblemished back, which stretched and twisted as she washed her body. Emma turned to smile at me, knowing I was watching her intently.
"You know, if I didn't know you like to look at me, I might feel a little creeped out. You should try to blink once in a while" she said with her smile reaching to her eyes and lighting her face.
"Sorry, I will work on that" I smiled back. "I just don't want to miss anything".

Emma worked a cloth around, over, and between her firm round B cup breasts. Her nipples were perpetually at attention, tight little tips begging for a tongue or a wet finger. Her smooth flat stomach flexed as she turned again and bent over to present her amazing ass to me and wash her long dancer's legs. My cock twitched a bit as I flashed back to slapping and massaging those smooth round cheeks that fit so perfectly in my hands.

I got the jumbo towels ready for her as she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to where I was waiting.
"At your service, miss", I said as I wrapped her in the towel and started to massage her skin to dry her off. We were actually headed out to see some sights, so as tempted as I was to take her back to bed and have my way with her, I resisted. Her moans of appreciation, soft passionate kiss, and smoldering look at me as I held her wrapped in the towel didn't make my task any easier.
With a sigh, I let her go so that she could deal with her hair, which was already starting to dry and make its own decisions. I knew she'd be a few minutes with it, so I went back to the bedroom and found some comfortable clothes for exploring the local townsite.

I had spoken with some of my friends on the resort staff, and we had been invited to the government town that served as home to thousands of resort employees. As long as they kept a steady job and stayed out of trouble, they were provided with an apartment. How many people were in each one depended on how many of the family had come with the employee from across the island. There were a few younger singles that had a room to themselves, or maybe had a roommate. And there were older employees that had their whole family staying in the same sized apartment as the singles. It was a really interesting society, and the little townsite with shops and restaurants that built up around it was equally attractive to the gringos that took time to connect with the people like I had tried to do over my many stays on the island. The people didn't generally like tourists flooding through their homes, but a lucky few enjoyed access as friends and trusted visitors.

I wanted to show Emma how the people lived and get her mind off both having to leave soon, and the inevitable publicity drive when she got back to LA. She hadn't really announced her impromptu vacation, and aside from talking to her folks every couple days to assure them she was alive, she'd kept a very low profile with her team at home. At least I knew she would be on the same continent as me when we parted, but the idea didn't excite me any more than if she'd been going back to the UK. She seemed excited to get out and do something, and was only partly successful in hiding her apprehension about paparazzi and reporters. Despite what had happened on the resort, where someone had clearly sold access to the resort for a few pesos, I tried to assure her that Cuba was still isolated enough from the western influences that she'd probably get away with the whole day out with no concerns.

Emma was easily stylish, where I had a hard time matching socks on most days. For today, she had chosen a soft white short sleeved blouse and a pair of khaki shorts that came to mid thigh, leaving her long newly tanned legs visible. A stylish hat and some sunglasses hid her beautiful brown eyes and shielded her cute freckles from the sun, and some strappy sandals wrapped up the ensemble. I am a leg man, so you can guess that I was very happy with the whole outfit, and I made sure she knew it.
"You look beautiful", I said, as she beamed a smile at me that made my morning.
"Thank you, you're so sweet" she said. She held on to my arm as she took a breath and looked intently at me. "Really. Thank you for everything. This trip has turned into something that I never expected, but that I needed very badly. I have you to credit with that" She leaned up and gave me a quick peck on the lips before turning to gather her camera and beach bag and head to the door.

"Wow, so THIS is what the otuside world looks like!! it seems like so long since I've..."
Emma smacked me on the arm, laughing "Don't be crass, you twit. You'd give up the whole idea without even thinking about it if I said I wanted to go back in and fuck".
I chuckled... "Well, speaking of crass, I hope you kiss me with that mouth later, Miss Watson".
She smiled at me and said "if you play your cards right", staring me down over her glasses as she adjusted them and started out ahead of me while I made sure the door was locked behind us. I smiled, thinking that she was more relaxed than I had seen her in the last few days. We had gone from keeping a discreet distance when we actually went out for fear of her being spotted by a photog, to being able to be well within each others' personal space without getting antsy about who might see us.

I was constantly amazed with who Emma was outside the spotlight, her sense of humour and her passion for so many things. Her public advocacy was well known, and we talked about some of those things and how the Cubans were likely to appear way behind the curve where it came to women's rights and the family dynamic. They were firmly stuck in the 50's in some of those aspects, and I could tell that it chafed at Emma when we experienced it up close.

Back to the present, we jumped in the golf cart driven by one of my pals at the resort. In order to get to town, we had to go to the employee transit point, where the govt buses picked up and dropped off the workers for their shifts. It was an efficient transit system, with semi comfortable highway buses for the roughly half hour ride each way.

As we followed one of the utility trails back behind the big beach, I was gazing wistfully out at the waves when Emma lightly bumped my shoulder with her own.
"Hey, I've asked you a question twice now, where are you?"
"Oh, I'm sorry, sweetheart, I was just thinking that we would probably be back too late to take our sunset walk on the beach tonight."
I smiled at her and cocked an eyebrow. Emma's mouth dropped open and she slowly turned bright red. She clamped her mouth shut and squirmed in her seat, reaching over to take my hand.
"Well, maybe we can get the next sunset". She looked up at me, still blushing, and smiled, squeezing my hand. I interlocked our fingers and pulled her over for a kiss on the forehead.

Her reaction was adorable. Yesterday, after yet another good meal, being spoiled by the staff on the resort, we had hustled back to our rooms and put on our swimsuits for a last couple hours on the beach for the day. It was still warm enough before sundown that we were easily comfortable in trunks for me, and her black bikini that she had worn the first day I saw her. We had been wandering the beach, talking about nothing in particular, laughing easily as we finsihed each others' thoughts, stopping to look at shells and crabs and pipe fish in the water. Emma had brough a bun from dinner, and we had quite a following as she broke chunks off and crumbled them into the shallow water as we strolled along.

She was a vision. I couldn't get over how gorgeous this young woman was. Long slim legs striding through the shallow surf, hair tied back to reveal her sun-sharpened freckles, long neck and kissable shoulders. Her body under the fabric of her suit was etched in my mind, and I could see every flex and bend of her muscles as she walked. I still didn't know how it had happened, but there was no place I'd rather have been at that moment as she looked around, and seeing nobody, came in to hug me and kiss me hotly, then rest her head on my chest as we stood there.
"This is perfect" I said softly into the top of her head.

And then she pantsed me. Right there on the beach, out in the middle of the sand. My trunks went to my ankles, and Emma shrieked with laughter and took off running. "Seriously?!" I shouted after her as I scrambled to untangle my feet and regain what was left of my dignity before I took off after her. She had a commanding lead, but I wasn't complaining, because as she ran, her amazing little ass was eating that suit like it was starving. I was focused on catching her and by the time I did, it looked like she was wearing a thong, with the fabric in back nearly disappeared between the perfect globes of her ass. We were both laughing and dodging around, her trying to evade my grasp, and me just trying to get my hands on her. I finally managed to scoop her around her waist as she tried to deke past me, and I wasted no time in wrapping her up in my arms and going right for her ribs. I knew from experience that this girl was ticklish, and I knew all the best spots. I tortured her as she squirmed, shrieked and giggled in my arms.
"Jay, stop, stop, you're going to make me pee!"
"Well now, we all have to go sometime, I can't be held responsible..."

As I pulled her in closer, Emma seemed to surrender and finally allowed herself to be wrapped into my arms again. I leaned down to kiss her as her hands dropped to my waist again...
"Oh, no you don't", I said, as I showed her the shoulder strings for her bikini top that I had deftly untied as we were kissing.
"Oh, now THAT was magical" she said "I didn't even feel it! But now that you have them, what are you going to do with them?" She looked up at me with lust in her eyes.
"Well, I should probably keep them with their partners", I said deliberately as I untied the bottom strings and pulled her top free. Emma leaned back to help me pull her top away from her beautiful tits. Her nipples were already hard, and she had a slight sheen of sweat across her chest from our little chase. It was a matter of seconds for the rest of our scant clothing to hit the sand, leaving us exposed to the whole world, leaning on each other to maintain our electric contact.
Emma slid in close and whispered low "Do you want to know something I have never done before?"
I knew I was not going to be disappointed. And I wasn't. We checked off a couple of firsts for her that evening. I had the honour of having sex with Emma outdoors, AND on the beach, for her first time ever. She was beautiful, sitting on my cock, head thrown back with her eyes closed and her mouth open, hair moving with the light breeze. Her arms were flexing as she supported herself on my chest, grasping at me with her hands. Her thighs flexed around me as she held on for dear life while rolling her hips up and back, sliding her amazing pussy up and down the length of my cock. We fit together perfectly, and even our few days together had let us grow accustomed to how well we fit, and what motions would produce what sensations. Her gasps and moans were intoxicating, and I made sure she had cum at least twice, soaking us both, before I finally came inside her as she collapsed onto my chest and laid against me, breathing heavily and cooing softly.

We laid there, with my cock softening inside her until the breeze had cooled us off enough that I could feel the goosebumps on her skin. We kissed tenderly and gathered up our suits, awkwardly hopping about to put them back on for the walk back to our room where we would share each other until we couldn't stay awake any more.

Emma sat quietly beside me on the bus, her head on my shoulder, looking out the window as the Cuban countryside rolled past. Our hands were linked and she stroked my thumb with her own. She was plainly unconcerned with anyone from the resort recognizing her as the movie star and busting her with her new nobody boyfriend.
As we pulled up to the terminal in town, my friend Ricardo and his family were there to greet us. These people are incredible. It had been a year since I had seen most of them, but they welcomed me as if I had just come back from a shift at the resort and was simply home for the night. Emma stood awkwardly watching all the hugs and cheek kissing at first, until my pal's abuela noticed her standing shyly with her cute little smile, and stalked over to her.
"Hola, soy Maria. And then rapid fire Spanish... (Are you the friend of Yason that I have been hearing about?)" Em panicked a little and looked to me for help. I moved next to her and took her hand, smiling down at the woman that had welcomed me into her house so many times before.
In Spanish, I said "Abuelita, this is Emma, my very special girlfriend. She doesn't speak Spanish, but she is honoured and thankful to be invited to visit your family today". Maria beamed at both of us, and grabbed Emma to pull her in for the left/right cheek kiss. I could see Emma relax immediately, but she stayed close to my side for the next little while.

Our little convoy of people started back towards Maria's apartment, and we fell into getting updates in mixed languages about what had happened since I'd visited last year, who was there, who was gone, and the basic life update that you get from family when you haven't seen them for a while. My friend had a few sisters that worked at other resorts, and some were Emma's age, so they fell into conversation easily enough. As we walked, it seemed that there was more smiling and giggling and furtive glances back at me as they got to know each other. And then, oh my god, the children... The adults didn't really care what Emma did for a living, they were just curious about the Canadian gringo's squeeze... But the kids, wow. Some of them had obviously seen some of the movies, because they surrounded Emma immediately, everyone talking at once, trying to touch her hand, throwing questions at her. She laughed in delight, and tried her best to answer some of the queries that she could mostly understand. Up until then, I had only seen her work a crowd in entertainment reports. She was a master. Ricky's sisters looked on for a few minutes, but then started shooing the kids away and reclaiming Emma for their own.

We worked our way through a little market area, and I could see Maria was bugging Ricky to pick out some vegetables and bread from a couple of the stalls.
I spoke up and told her "Abuelita, if you would do me the honour of cooking for us, I would like to take care of all the groceries you might need". Emma watched this from her little gaggle with a smile. As for Maria, it was like she'd been kicked. She hit about 5 or 6 different stalls in the next 10 minutes, picking out exactly what she wanted. I knew we were in for a feast as I happily shelled out the few pesos to cover what she collected. I made sure to add a couple extra of everything she picked out, so that she would have a little surplus after she shared her food with us.

Our afternoon and evening flew by. Abuela knew immediately what I had done with the groceries, and gave me a big hug and patted my cheek. We ate as if we had been starved for weeks, and Emma managed to get a laugh and a big hug from Maria when she pushed back from the table, puffed out her cheeks and exhaled noisily, then made a show of popping the button on her shorts. The men in the house loved it, laughing heartily, and then spontaneously imitating Emma, complete with loud puffing of cheeks. They managed to get a blast of Spanish from Maria for making fun, and they should know how lucky they are to have her there to cook for them, they'd all starve otherwise, etc etc.
It was a big laugh for everyone, even Maria, despite her ranting. Ricardo and I made a short tour of some of the neighbours, catching up and seeing if there was anything they needed that I could provide in the few days we had left on the island. We managed to fix a communal hand powered washer that had lost some hardware, and tightened a few drying lines for some of the ladies. I promised to send some other stuff with Ricky for the local school and impromptu clinic. Oddly, womens' hygiene products, deodorant, shampoo, etc are in short supply, along with pencils and notebooks. I made a point of bringing some of each whenever I came back to Cuba.
Meanwhile, Emma was able to talk the girls into breaking in on a game of soccer with some of the kids that had greeted her so warmly. She was laughing and smiling, running and playing with the kids, and as happy as I had seen her.

As the sun started to sink finally, we were sitting around the courtyard of the apartment building, talking about everything and nothing, smiling and laughing, greeting people as they came around. Ricardo had broken out his stash of beer, a big deal, and was sharing them as if he owned the brewery. I'd have to make sure he got a refill of his stock when I got back to the resort. Everyone was relaxed and happy.
Emma was doing fine with the language barrier, as people do, using hand gestures and shared experiences to decipher much of what she was hearing, and in turn pass along what she was trying to say. Once in a while, if she got really stuck, Ricky or I would play translator. I could have sat and watched her all evening like this, seeing how relaxed and happy she was. I'd catch her once in a while looking over at me, and we'd share a smile, or I'd wink at her as I told a non-story in Spanish to get the guys to pretend I had said something sexy and look at her and tease her. I would pay for that little prank later, but it was worth it to see her blush and flip me the bird, then blush even harder when everyone roared.

It was almost time to head back for the bus back to the resort. I helped Maria clean up,for which she chastised all the men again, who complained that I was just sucking up, and so it went... There was a little flurry of activity with the women in the apartment, as they gathered Emma up, shooting me looks over their shoulders, and whisked her off into another room.
I looked at Ricky, and said "what's that about?"
"I have no idea my friend, but knowing my sisters, it can only be trouble". We both laughed and tapped beer bottles, toasting our friendship and camaraderie.

I couldn't catch my breath when Emma came back into the room. The girls all trailed her out and stood looking for my reaction as Em stood there and smiled at me. She was absolutely radiant in an obviously hand crafted floral pattern dress with strapless sleeves, exposing her tanned shoulders and splash of freckles across her chest below her long sleek neck. The dress hugged her curves so perfectly it could have been painted on, moving from her breasts down her flat stomach, clinging to her hips and then flaring out into a skirt that brushed the tops of her knees. The girls had fluffed out her hair, which draped down with its normal waves to her shoulders, and applied just a hint of makeup to accentuate her eyes and lips. I was absolutely smitten.
"They had a surprise for me", she gushed. "What do you think?"
"Emma Watson, right now I can't think at all, you're just..."
Ricardo snickered, and Maria batted him on the head, and then did the same to me, getting a laugh from everyone there. Em covered her mouth and tried not to bust out laughing, only party successfully.
"Tú neanderthal, dile que es hermosa! Ya no la mereces, no seas tonto! (Hey, neanderthal, tell her she's beautiful! You already don't deserve her, don't be an idiot!)" Maria poked at me to get up and go to Emma. As I got closer, she dropped her eyes shyly, and did a twirl in place, letting the skirt spin and her hair fly. I caught her hands and tried to look at her brown eyes. I had to raise her chin with a finger to get her to meet my gaze.
"Em, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen..." She blushed immediately, and I brought her hands to my face and kissed the knuckles on each hand before she fell into my arms for a tight hug. The girls clapped and laughed waving me away when I tried to thank them for being so nice to Emma, and as a result, to me.

It was finally time to go, and we made the return trip to the bus station. Emma held my arm as we went, surrounded by her new friends and my old ones. We had said good night to Maria at the apartment, and she had pulled Emma into a fierce hug, kissing each cheek and then patting them affectionately. Emma managed a simple but heartfelt thank you in Spanish, which just made Abeula smile bigger. She turned to me and made me swear that I would treat this woman like the treasure she clearly was, pinching my cheeks painfully, and not to screw it up or she wouldn't cook for me again... I laughed and pulled her in for a hug, telling her in Spanish that I had every intention of doing my best while Emma looked on with watery eyes, having no idea what I was pledging.

More hugs all around, with cheek kisses and weepy eyes as we finally parted at the bus. Emma grabbed my hand as we sat together in the back of the bus in the dark.
"I have never felt so included with a group of people that I couldn't speak to properly, and had no history with. That was an incredible day. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of it."
I leaned over and kissed her gently in reply, and she took up the same position she had on the way out, head on my shoulder, hand clenched tightly in her own. We went a few miles lost in our own thoughts.

After a while, I couldn't resist.
I asked her "Okay, so either you mailed your measurements ahead, or one of the girls was an amazing psychic... How did they manage to get this beautiful dress so well fitted to you?"
Emma smiled and giggled a bit, remembering.
"It was all kind of a blur, really... They pulled me back into one of the rooms, there was a sewing machine and a dress form, and the dress was there... They weren't shy, one started to undo my blouse, trying to tell me what was happening, but all in Spanish. The other was motioning for me to take off my shorts, and trying to get the dress bunched up enough to put it over my head..."
"It seems like it was a well oiled machine, with you as the mannequin!" I chuckled.
"They certainly had no concept of personal space while they were working, I'll tell you. It's not the first time a woman has undone my bra, but I was kind of expecting it back in college. They got the dress on me, pinned it all up and yanked it off just as fast, so now I'm standing in a room full of women I've just met in just my knickers..."
"Well then, you should have hollered for a rescue!" I suggested, and she bumped my shoulder with her own.
"They were so sweet, you know? Talking away as if I knew what they were saying, running stitches on the machine, then pushing the dress back on me. Took them a couple tries, but they got it perfect, don't you think?"
"They got it absolutely perfect, no argument there".
"One of the girls had a little makeup bag, and I think she didn't have a whole lot left, but she sat me down and started working my eyes and lips as if she'd been doing it for years. Which reminds me, I want to send them some makeup to replace what they used. Do you think I should?" Em looked up at me.
"I think they'd be thrilled, but don't overdo it. They work for everything they have, and it's a point of pride for them. If they shared it, it's because they thought you worthy of it." Emma thought on that, nodding to herself.

After a few more miles passed in silence, I leaned over and whispered "Soooo, you're telling me you've only got your panties on under there? Not too breezy, is it?"
Emma rolled her eyes at me and shook her head.
"Men... Can't you wait until we get back at least?" But her smile gave her away too...
"I think I should just dare you to give them to me now, and then I'll know that you're consistent in your use of undergarments..."
She raised an eyebrow at me, but whispered "Are you trying to make me wet right now, because the idea of being nearly naked on a bus full of people is doing it for me".
I smiled at her conspiratorially...
"That's my girl. I think you should take them off and I will hold on to them for you so they don't get lost."
"Ohhh, you're so bad" Emma offered, as she shimmied the hem of the dress up so she could reach underneath. She wasn't lying, her skimpy panties were damp in the crotch as she tried to stuff them into my pocket. Instead, I made a show of holding them out, turning them right side to, and folding them on my lap in plain sight of anyone that happened to look, before putting them away.
I could hear Emma's breath catch beside me as she watched, and I was expecting to hear her complain about my tempting fate. Instead, I felt her hand fall onto my thigh and slowly work up towards my stiffening dick, which was rather cramped. I made an adjustment and got everything straightened out as her hand continued to wander. I let my own left hand gently trace up and down her right leg where it was pressing against mine in the seats. I could feel the goosebumps as she shivered at my touch.
With my right hand I reached across and cupped her cheek, turning her face to mine and kissing her deeply.
She thrust her tongue into my mouth to do battle with mine and I could tell that she was getting more and more excited. Each of us became bolder with our hands, and it wasn't long before she was tracing the girth of my cock through my pants and my fingers were spreading her wetness along her pussy lips and up to her little clit, earning a gasp and a low moan for my efforts.

Emma was having a hard time getting my pants open, but I had something else in mind, so I gently took her hand away from where I was threatening to bust out, and placed it back on her own leg. I shifted in my seat, turning my back to the aisle, and providing a bit of cover for our seats. I put my left arm around her shoulders and brushed my fingers thru her hair as I used my right hand to lift her new dress up. She wriggled around and lifted her butt so that we could get the dress out of the way completely, and I watched as she slowly opened her legs for my access.
Her breathing was getting deeper, and Emma looked at me with a bit of a hesitation.
"What are we doing? We're right out in the open here!" She hissed, looking furtively around us to see if anyone was watching. She gasped as my fingers found her center and stroked up between her pussy lips to gather some of her wetness.
I brought my hand to my lips and licked them clean.
"Well, you did tell me you're a bit turned on, and I have a craving for your taste right now..."
"Oh my god, Jay, you're so bad. What if we get caught?"
"Well, who on this bus has freaked out already because they know who you are? That's right - nobody..."
I pulled my left arm from Emma's shoulders and slowly ran a finger along the neckline of her dress, noticing that her chest was flushed.
Emma's right hand was back on my thigh, gripping tightly, while her left tried to meet up with my own. But she wasn't trying to stop me, that was clear. She rubbed her own chest and ran her hand down her stomach to join mine in her crotch, which was now very wet and easily visible as she squirmed in her seat.

I had helped myself to another couple helpings of Emma's juices by now, and she watched closely as I raised my soaked fingers to my mouth again.
Emma leaned her head over to my shoulder and scooted her butt forward still further on the seat, opening her legs wider in the narrow confines of our seat.
"I don't know how you do it to me like this, but your fingers feel so amazing."
I dipped them into her again and this time brought them to Emma's mouth, spreading her juices over her lips before she reflexively ran her little tongue out to taste what I was doing. She used her hand to hold my own at her mouth as she looked at me and deliberately sucked in each finger, one at a time, moaning quietly around them as she did. I nearly came in my pants right there.
"Holy fuck, Em, you're driving me just as crazy. I wouldn't be able to stand up right now without hurting myself... But you taste incredible, am I right?"
She just smiled at me as she dipped her own fingers into her pussy and collected some of her juice to feed me.

We were by now only a few minutes from the resort, and I was determined that Emma would cum before we got there. I held her left hand out of the way with my own, and went to work on her center with my right. I slid two fingers into her, rubbing the front wall of her pussy, and used my thumb to circle her little pea sized clit, which I knew would be bright red and throbbing if I could see it.
Emma gasped and tried to open her legs even more, but we'd run out of legroom and she was just banging her knee on the sidewall.
She leaned over and kissed me hard, saying "Don't you dare stop now, Jay. I need this".
Her right hand left my leg and reached up to her chest, where she first rubbed across her nipples through the dress, and then slowly pulled the bodice down to expose her left breast, nipple standing proud. She licked her fingers and tweaked her little nub, making it glisten in the low light.
I continued to stroke Emma's pussy as her belly tensed and relaxed with each movement. Her pussy was grabbing at my fingers now, and Emma's breathing told me she wasn't far from soaking my hand properly. Her legs were starting to shake as I sped up my strokes, and her head fell to my shoulder where I could hear her little gasps. She had the top of her dress down under both breasts now, and was alternating between them to squeeze them and rub across their tips.

I nearly stopped when Emma suddenly groaned out loud, and then slapped her hand to her mouth as both our eyes went saucer shaped... I looked around quickly, and had seen some heads move amongst the other passengers, but nobody seemed to be clued in to what was going on back here.
I chuckled low and leaned into her and whispered "Okay now, you're going to get us busted!"
"I can't , uh, help it" She gasped, "You're making me, uh, oh, I'm going to uhHHH!!"
I pulled her in and kissed her to cut off what was going to be another moan, as her legs started to spasm and clench around my hand, and she grabbed onto my arm with both hands, leaving nail impressions. My hand at her pussy felt like someone had dipped it in a pail of water, and her pussy was gripping my fingers so that I almost couldn't stroke them into her. Emma bit down on my lips, nearly drawing blood, then pulled back except for our foreheads touching as she tried to catch her breath. I held on to her tenderly as she came down and slumped a bit in the seat. I ran my newly liberated hand across her stomach, noting that her core exercises were done for the day. She was tight as a drum, but slowly relaxing as the muscles unclenched. I gently ran a finger over each nipple, making her shiver, and I pulled up the bodice of her dress to cover her once more...

We slowly readjusted in our seats, and Emma snuggled up to my side and we shared several short tender kisses. Em's hair had gotten a bit unruly, and I brushed a few strands back out of her face and said "That one was all about you, Em. You've been so generous and caring with me the last few days, I wanted you to have a cum of your own. That I still got to participate in, of course. Because I'm a selfish bastard."
Emma started to giggle and reached up again to kiss me. "You are going to pay for that one, but yes, it was wonderful. You're spoiling me".

Emma finally had her breathing under control as we pulled into the employee depot at the resort. All the passengers were milling about, collecting their gear and slowly moving to the front of the bus to get out. A couple rows ahead of us on the other side of the aisle, we passed a pair of younger women, 19 or 20 years old, that I recognized from the lobby bar as waitresses. They were head to head giggling as we came alongside them, and the one on the aisle reached out to grab Emma's hand.
"That was a really hot show, it looked like you really enjoyed it"
Emma nearly passed out on the spot as she flashed bright red and turned to face me in shock, eyes popping.
I laughed and said to the girls "We hope you enjoyed it too. Next time you should show us that you're watching!"
Emma's eyes were wide and her mouth hung open as she overheard what I said.
"Jay, are you crazy?! What if they..."
"Easy there, Watson, who are they going to tell? They decided to tell you, so it's clear that you were the star of the show. Maybe you inspired them a bit". I had thought the girls were sisters, but I reassessed that as they got off the bus after us, shared a quick embrace and kiss, and then headed to their stations.

Love is where you find it, is a true statement, no matter where you are.
Emma watched them go on their way and seemed to relax, though her smile got bigger as she said "Do you mean to say that you fingered me on a bus, AND we had an audience, AND they actually told us that they liked it??" I laughed and pulled her to my side, putting my arm around her.
"Looks like it, you wild exhibitionist, you. I think we've created a monster".
Emma smacked me hard and pretended to huff up and walk ahead of me, but the giggling smile was there when she finally turned to wait for me to catch up.
"It was kind of hot, you know."
"Really? I hadn't noticed" as I made a drying motion of my hand on my pant leg. We both busted out laughing and headed along the trail arm in arm to our room to get ready for bed and whatever was waiting for us the next day.