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Thread: "Skye Fall" with Chloe Bennet

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    fanfiction "Skye Fall" with Chloe Bennet

    Skye Fall
    With Chloe Bennet
    Written by TPG
    CODES: MF, handjob, blowjob, mutual mast, drunk
    DISCLAIMER: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only
    A/N: Written for the babe, and my girl of the month who plays Daisy "Skye" Johnson, on 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D'

    I'd spent most of the day escorting celebrities between their hotel rooms and the main convention center across the street, during the annual San Diego Comic Con Convention. Suffice to say I was looking forward to taking a break, when I heard shouting from one of the guest rooms and inadvertently stumbled across a violent domestic dispute. Inside, Chloe Bennet stood cowering in the corner of the room while her on-again off-again boyfriend screamed and berated her.

    Up until that point my dealings with Logan Paul had been short and pleasant, however behind closed doors it seemed the YouTube star had a drinking problem and liked to spend his spare time slapping his girlfriend around. But what concerned me now was the fact that he appeared to be bleeding profusely from one arm while pointing a sharp object at his girlfriends face with the other.

    Thinking quickly, I rushed across the room to crashed-tackle him to the floor, while Chloe jumped into action and hit him over the head with a vase, rendering him unconscious before back-up could arrive. In the end, local law enforcement was called and Chloe and I were detained and questioned for an entire hour over the incident. Now while common sense dictated that we fully cooperate and tell them the truth, I was surprised when the actress insisted that I keep my mouth shut.

    This of course didn't sit well with the authorities, but before things could spiral out of control, Chloe's management team swooped in to smooth things over, and the entire incident was swept under the carpet. Having done my part, I went back to my duties and spent the rest of the night hold up in a suite right down the hall from Chloe's room, where I was instructed to keep an eye on the guests from any fans or would be photographers. As far as everyone was concerned the top three floors of the hotel that night were strictly off limits, so I was somewhat surprised when I heard a knock at my door and opened it to find Chloe Bennet standing in front of me.

    "Hey," she smiled warmly. "Are you alone? Can I come in for a minute?"

    Once inside, the actress turned on the charm.

    "Just wanted to thank you for keeping your mouth shut earlier. Logan and I are going through a rough patch at the moment and the last thing he needs is bad publicity."

    "Bad publicity?" I repeated.

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing, it was text book stuff. Here she was actually defending him and making excuses for the same guy that had abused her, even as he lay in hospital after threatening to stab her. At first I assumed that Chloe had dropped by to thank me for saving her life, but as it turned out the actress had ulterior motives and now urged me to sign some kind of non-disclosure agreement.

    "Are you kidding me right now?" I laughed.

    Not only had I saved her from getting her face slashed, but now she was asking me to cover it up for her too? I rolled my eyes as she stood there explaining the situation and how she blamed herself for the whole mess. However as the starlet rambled on, I soon found my eyes drifting to Chloe's chest as her nipples appeared to be extremely prominent behind her top, thanks to the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra.

    "Look, I just want this all to go away." she finally said, breaking my trance.

    "Away?" I replied. "You should be pressing charges against him!"

    "Not from where I stand. It's complicated."

    I naturally felt betrayed and refused to sign any documents, which only seemed to frustrate her. In fact we spent the next few minutes just arguing back and forth with her offering me everything from week-long vacations, to cold hard cash. Eventually I invited her to leave as we clearly couldn't agree on anything, before Chloe stopped at the door and seemed to have another idea.

    "You know, you're not a bad looking guy." she complimented. "Are you married?"

    I had to laugh at her determination, as she seemed willing to do and say almost anything to get her way.

    "I only ask cos I could probably set you up with one of my co-stars?" she offered. "Do you have a crush on anyone I know?"

    I paused to consider her offer, but as tempting as it was, I knew there'd be all kinds of drama involved and I didn't want to waste everyone's time.

    "Look, I really don't have time for this." I told her bluntly. "You're very sweet and pretty, and under any other circumstance I'd probably take you up on your offer, but I have to get back to work."

    "Wait, wait! What are you saying, you have a crush on me?" she smiled.

    "I'm just saying hypothetically speaking, that if I was going to take anyone out on a date I'd probably choose you."

    To my amusement Chloe actually blushed and seemed flattered for a change.

    "Aww that's sweet," she replied. "So if that's the case and you really like me, then why won't you help me out?"

    "Because it's wrong." I answered in no uncertain terms. "You're making a mistake defending that man-child. You deserve better."

    The actress stopped to contemplate something before she spoke again.

    "Tell you what," she turned to face me. "What if I helped you out?"


    "Helped you let off some steam?" she said, choosing her words carefully. "Would that change your mind?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well you won't take my money," she reasoned. "And you're not interested in any of my other ideas, so maybe we can come to some other arrangement, just between you and me?"

    Even though a part of me knew what she was implying (something sexual) I still couldn't piece together exactly what she was saying and waited for her to spell it out.

    "What would you say if I offered to give you a handjob for your cooperation?"

    The look on my face must have been telling, because she giggled at my reaction and almost seemed thrilled with herself as I stood there floored by the comment. At first I thought she was kidding, and simply saying such things to provoke me, but I soon realized it wasn't a joke.

    "You can't be serious."

    "I'm dead serious," she insisted. "However this is a onetime deal, take it or leave it."


    "And for the record I don't normally do this sort of thing, and offer handjobs to everyone. I only suggest it cos you helped me out earlier today, and you're kind of cute so I guess I owe it to you."

    It was probably the longest ten seconds of my life as I considered her proposal, and despite my initial stubbornness, I agreed. That said, Chloe smirked as she placed her phone down on the counter, then tied her hair back and casually sank to her knees in front of me. My heart raced as she reached for my belt and calmly tugged down my pants, and wrapped her hand around my cock. Stunned and nervous, I was still mostly limp as my brain tried to play catch up.

    "You know, I need you to be hard for this to work," she said in sultry tone, while playing with my flaccid cock.

    "Um, maybe you could show me your tits or something?" I blurted out.

    To my surprise the actress rolled her eyes but complied nonetheless, and pulled her top over her head to confirm my earlier suspicions that she in fact was not wearing a bra. Her tits were small and perky but no less spectacular. In fact the sight of those perfect hand-sized breasts was enough to excite me instantaneously, particularly as her nipples were clearly erect which only illustrated just how aroused she was. The asian-american actress winked as she wrapped her hand back around my tool, and used her free hand to massage my balls.

    "Now, let's help you forget all about my idiot boyfriend." she added.

    Her hands felt incredible as she rotated her wrist every so often, adding a twisting motion to the strokes, all the while rubbing and squeezing my nuts. However, despite her efforts I just couldn't make myself relax long enough to really enjoy it, even as she picked up the pace and pointed my cock at her exquisite chest.

    "Think you can cum for me?"

    "Err, I don't think this is going to work." I told her. "Can we do this another time?"

    To her credit Chloe refused to give up, but in the end she ultimately let out a theatrical sigh and stared up at me with contempt in her eyes. Even though she didn't say it, I could tell that she was extremely disappointed and assumed that I didn't find her physically attractive, which couldn't be further from the truth.

    "I'm really sorry about this," I shrugged. "You're really sexy and all, but the pressure to perform right now is fucking with my head. I guess I've got stage fright?"

    Whether or not she believed me I couldn't tell you, but to prove my point I grabbed my junk and jacked myself off in front of her with intentions of blasting my load all over her tits, just to prove to her that I indeed found her attractive, even as she stared up at me with daggers in her eyes.

    "If it's not going to happen, you don't have to force it." she quipped.

    "Don't just sit there, play with your nipples or something." I suggested. "Stick out your tongue for me."

    Chloe seemed annoyed by my demands but still complied and did what I asked, however nothing seemed to excite me enough to make me cum. Amusingly enough she still refused to give up, and now seemed conflicted about something before she finally spoke.

    "Alright, fuck it!" she hissed. "If we're really going to do this, then it's time for Plan B. How about a blowjob."

    I barely had time to respond as she shuffled forward and kissed the head of my cock.

    "Holy shit," I gasped, thanking my lucky stars for the sudden turn of events.

    "Look, I'm happy to give you head but just make sure you warn me before you cum okay?" she insisted.

    I agreed to her one and only stipulation, then moaned when she took me into her mouth. Her lips felt extraordinary, as she dragged her tongue along the underside of my shaft, then pulled back to the very tip to swirl it around my bell-end. I groaned as she slurped loudly with her lips, then proceeded to bob her head up and down over my rod as the room filled with the lewd sound of her sloppy blowjob. I couldn't believe how talented she was at giving head. She was a natural born cocksucker, and in less than a minute my balls tightened as an impending climax approached.

    "Fuck, Chloe—" I squirmed. "Almost there."

    "Mm give me that load." she urged between sucks. "I want you to shoot it all over my tits!"

    However before I could pace myself, I suddenly exploded into the back of her throat, startling her. In fact her eyes grew wide at the sheer viscosity of my load which forced her to gulp down an initial stream of spunk before she quickly pulled back to the head and milked jet after jet of semen into her belly.

    "Holy shit, did you see that! What a huge fucking load!!" she marveled while wiping her chin. "You came like a geyser. I could feel it hitting the back of my throat."

    I felt a strange sense of pride as she went on to brag about how hard she had made me cum, while we gathered up our clothes and briefly discussed her itinerary.

    "So we have a deal right?" she reiterated as I walked her to the door. "All you have to do now is sign that document and we're even."

    Even though I nodded, I had no intentions of signing the non-disclosure form and made an excuse about wanting to take a shower before perusing it again. Fortunately for me Chloe didn't have time to argue the point as she noticed the time and panicked when she realized she was running late for her meet-n-greet downstairs. Funnily enough she left in such a hurry that she actually left her phone behind and called it a minute later to claim that she'd be back to pick it up after her appearance.

    True to her word the "Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D" star knocked on my door two hours later but instead of collecting her phone as intended, she invited herself in. Right away I was taken aback by her appearance as she had changed into a sexy little black number that flaunted her tits and legs.

    "I just slipped away for a few minutes to grab my phone and see if you signed the document," she chirped.

    "Err, nope. Not yet."

    "So what's the hold up?" she asked while closing the gap between us. "Why are you being so difficult."

    I was surprised to see just how playful she seemed, and suspect it had a lot to do with the drinks she had shared with her cast mates downstairs.

    "You know I'm not one of your devoted fan boys who just does what you say." I told her.

    "I know that, don't you think I know that?" she replied. "So what's it going to take for you to sign it?"

    We both knew what I wanted (another blowjob) but I dare not say it and now waited for her to bring it up and offer it to me, but she never did. Instead we just seemed to tiptoe around the topic.

    "I thought we already discussed this," she said, alluding to the blowjob she had given me.

    "I guess, but how about you show me what's under that dress?" I teased.

    "Maybe I would, if you signed the contract." she flirted.

    "Well maybe I'd sign, if you showed me what's under the dress."

    This friendly tit-for-tat continued for several minutes before she surprised me again and turned and wandered down the hall, claiming that she wanted to see the bedroom. It was there that she pushed me onto the bed then slowly peeled the dress down her body to leave her standing there in nothing but her panties.

    "Just for the record, we can't take long. Everyone is waiting for me downstairs."

    "And yet here you are, undressing for me."

    Chloe smiled as she slipped a hand into her underwear to touch herself.

    "Who know, maybe this will change your mind." she added.

    I could barely contain my excitement, and following her lead, I took out my cock and stroked my wood as I watched the gorgeous actress put on a sexy show for me.

    "Mm.. good." she cooed hotly. "You like watching me play with myself?"

    "uh huh."

    Despite her underwear being in the way, I could tell she was now rubbing and probing herself at the same time, while definitely getting off on having an audience.

    "If only your fans downstairs could see you now."

    "Mm.. I'm so fucking wet right now," she whispered before pulling her fingers out to prove her point—her digits gleaming wet.

    "So do I get a taste?" I dared, before she reached over to slip her wet fingers into my mouth.

    The taste of her pussy almost made me lightheaded. I sucked her fingers clean as she pulled them out of my mouth and buried them back into her cunt.

    "How do I taste?"

    "Fucking incredible," I answered.

    "Mm.. good. Now make it hard for me." she purred while watching me stroke my cock.

    The actress then took matters into her own hands and drooled a long line of spit all over my cock, before slurping it all up into her mouth and then sucked my dick. All I could do was groan as Chloe Bennet licked the entire length of my shaft with the flat of her tongue, then took me back into the warm confines of her mouth, while at the same time plunging a hand back into her panties. I suddenly found myself torn between watching her suck dick and watching her play with herself.

    "Are you close?" she asked when my groans deepened.

    "uh huh."

    "Don't hold back," she insisted. "I want to watch you cum."

    I teetered on the brink as her lips noisily slurped and sucked around my bell-end, causing my hips to lift off the bed and push my cock deeper into her throat. However something suddenly seemed to come over her, as she now plunged two fingers deep into her pussy and moaned wantonly.

    "ugh—fuck it! I know I'm going to regret this but I don't care."

    Chloe peeled off her panties and got up to straddle me on the bed, reached down to rub me against her sex, before slowly sinking herself down on me. The sensation of her tight, hot pussy was mind blowing and almost made me pop right then and there. She wiggled her hips to accommodate me, before kissing me hard on the lips, causing our tongues to crash and wrestle for the first time while we swapped a mouthful of spit.

    "Oh. Oh. Oh, fuck yes." she huffed as she flicked her hips and rode my cock. "Please don't cum yet. Let me.. ride.. your cock!!"

    "Yeah, you like that?" I growled while reaching up to play with her nipples.

    "I'm gonna.. cum all over.. your cock if you keep that up." she claimed.

    Noting this, I abruptly rolled her onto her side and pummeled her until she cried out loud and ultimately lay on her back, where we screwed in the missionary position for some time, both of us reveling in the extra eye contact it permitted, before I pinned her legs over my shoulders and fucked her within an inch of her life. The 27-year-old actress teetered at the edge of sweet release for what seemed like an eternity, tortured by the orgasmic energy that swelled up inside her, making her feel as if she was going to burst. And burst she did.

    Her screams echoed throughout the room as she came, her fingers curling into claws, one in my hair and another on my shoulder. I winced as her nails dug in, but it barely slowed her darting tongue as her orgasm ripped through her like a freight train. I stopped briefly to catch my breath, before Chloe let out a pain-induced groan as my cock slammed home again. She was still recovering from her first climax when I pushed past her resistance with a growl, pressing my balls firmly against her butt.

    "Fuck, that pussy's tight!" I hissed, as I lay on top of her (literally and figuratively) balls deep.

    "ohmigod." Chloe whimpered, her quivering legs spread as wide as possible on the bed. "You're so fucking deep—"

    She squealed as I pulled back and slammed myself home again, causing my nuts to swing and slap against her butt. I kissed her again before I drove my cock home with jackhammer force, with Chloe laying there with a grimaced face and her mouth open.

    "Fuck-yeah." she hissed. "Give it to me, please."

    "Yeah, you want it?" I growled. "You uptight little cunt!"


    I granted her wish and proceeded to pound her pussy harder and faster which elicited several squeals from her. However it was only when I reached up to place my hand around her throat to obstruct her air way, that I felt her body respond immediately, her legs quivering as another orgasm racked her body. I could tell from the look on her face that no man had ever taken her to such heights, and the shock of being fucked in such an aggressive manner made her lightheaded. I slammed into her again and again at a pace she could barely comprehend.

    "OH! OH! OH! OH! FUCK!" she screamed. "SO! FUCK—ING! GOOD!"

    Every thrust seemed to send the onetime singer-turned-actress to a higher plateau, as she soon tensed up and came yet again. Having never experienced a multiple orgasm before, the world around her faded into a hazy, an unreal blur as she just kept coming, and coming.

    "OH MY FUCKING GODD," Chloe moaned, panting heavily while reaching down to rub at her clit. "Yes. Yes. Right there. Oh god!"

    When she began to alternate between licking her fingers and rubbing her clit, I just about lost my composure and roared as I ejaculated deep inside her cervix and blasted her womb with hot streams of spunk, before pulling out to finish my orgasm all over her belly and tits. Several thick ropes of jizz decorated her flawless body before I collapsed beside her on the bed.

    There was a long moment of silence, as we both lay there panting loudly.

    "Fine. You win." she declared, her face and body covered in a thin sheen of sweat. "You don't have to sign the document if you don't want to. I trust you."

    "Thanks," I grinned before leaning over to kiss her on the lips. "What about your fans?"

    "ugh, fuck that!" she huffed, no longer wanting to get out of bed.

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    Thanks for posting this, TPG.

    Hot little story for an underrated chick.
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    Amazing story TPG. Thanks

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