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Thread: "Lucky on Christmas Eve" with Hailee Steinfeld

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    fanfiction "Lucky on Christmas Eve" with Hailee Steinfeld

    Lucky on Christmas Eve
    Starring Hailee Steinfeld
    Codes: MF, Oral,
    Written by MiamiLyfe
    Disclaimer: The following is completely fiction and it is nothing but pure fantasy.
    Note: This is a separate Christmas story that is set in the same world as my Luck Bastard series and is starring the same protagonist, Eddie. It’s separate in part because I just did not want to break up the continuity of the ongoing Luck Bastard story.

    We were in my car driving back up north to my house. Hailee sat in the passenger seat scrolling through her phone, looking over some of the photos she had taken and others that had been sent to her by my sister and mother. It was Christmas Eve and we had just spent the last several hours at my parent’s house in La Jolla celebrating with my family. Now, we were driving back to my place for the night, before going to her house tomorrow.

    “Your mom is so nice,” Hailee stated. “Though, I’m not sure how many more questions about me she could have possibly asked.”

    “Well, that’s because she liked you. And also, I think she might have been a little over-excited that I actually brought a girl home with me,” I replied.

    “What does that mean?”

    “Just what I said. I really haven’t ever brought someone home to meet my family before.”

    “What!?!” It wasn’t at that moment that I ever really realized what a big deal what I said

    “I’ve never brought a girl to formally meet my parents. Every other time it’s been accidental or I had run into them somewhere San Diego.”

    “That can’t be. How as that possible?”

    “Well… in high school my Mom caught me having sex...twice.”

    “Oh my god.”

    “In the same week.”

    “Oh my god!”

    “With two different women.”

    “OH MY GOD!” Hailee laughed, “You really are such a man whore.”

    “Whore implies money being exchanged. I think you mean man-slut. If I were a whore, you’d have racked up quite a tab.” Hailee just rolled her eyes at my joke. “Anyways, after that, she sat me down and she gave me this long talk about women and relationships. So after the talk, I made sure not to bring home any flings or hookups just so I wouldn’t have to go through that again. And that went on for a while, and soon it got to the point that if I wasn’t actually serious about someone I didn’t want to bring them home and have to answer a bunch of questions about someone I could break things off with the next week.”

    “Why didn’t you tell me any of this before I met your parents?” At this point, she had put her phone down and was looking right at me.

    “I don’t know. I didn’t really think about it.”

    “So you spent all this time avoiding bringing women back to your parent’s house, and what? Didn’t think twice when it came to inviting me for Christmas?”

    I glanced over at her and with a smirk said, “Pretty much, yeah.” That seemed to have stunned her. I can’t really her ever being speechless before now. All I saw was a big smile come across her face before she turned and looked out her door window.

    When we got back to my place, I turned the lights on the Christmas tree on and started a fire in the chimney while Hailee poured us each a holiday drink. We then settled down on the floor in front of the tree to exchange gifts. We each tore the wrapping paper of our gifts, and generally, both seemed to be happy with what we got each other.

    “Holy shit, you remembered,” I said as I held my last gift in my hand. It was a first edition copy of Orson Scott Card’s ‘Ender’s Game’. It was my favorite book of all-time and I had always planned on buying myself a first edition copy of it after I won the lottery, but for some reason, I had just never gotten around to doing it. And now I would not need to, as the actress who Petra in the movie version, had given me the book I’d always wanted. (Believe it or not, the fact that my favorite book is Ender’s Game and Hailee happened to be in the movie is purely just a weird coincidence)

    “Wow, this is amazing. Thank you.” I gave her a lite kiss on the lips to show my appreciation.

    “I’m so happy you like it.”

    “Umm, wait, I have one more gift I want to give you tonight.”

    “So do I,” she said with a cheeky grin.

    Reaching under the tree I grabbed a small flat square box that was wrapped in red and silver paper. I handed it over to her and sat back and watched her rip open the paper. She then began to open the box. I think she was expecting it to be some kind of necklace or something, so a real perplexed look came across her face when the open box revealed a set of keys connected together by a personalized ‘HAILEE’ key chain.



    “Umm, okay,” She said still confused.

    “They’re for here. I’m giving you a set of keys to my place.” Her eyes lit up when she realized what I was saying.

    “Are you serious?”


    “You know you didn’t need to do this right.”

    “Of course. I wanted to. And you already spend half the nights you’re in town here anyways. It just makes sense. I also moved some stuff around to give you closet space so you can keep some more stuff here.” Hailee looked back down at the keys in her hand and played with them as I spoke. “Or not. I just kind of thought this would make things easier.”

    Hailee looked up, wrapped her hand around the back of my neck and pulled me in for a very passionate kiss. She caught me off guard for a second, but it didn’t take me long before I was kissing her back.

    “I love it,” she said as our kiss turned into a second one, and then a third, and then a full-on makeout session. We didn’t stop until my hand slipped up under her shirt and I began pulling at her bra strap.

    “Wait, wait,” she said as she pulled away and I unclipped her bra.

    “What’s wrong.”

    “Nothing. I love my gift, I just have one more gift for you too.”

    “Can’t it wait?” I asked, not wanting to stop what we had been doing. With a naughty grin on her face, Hailee shook her head no.

    “Just, stay down here, and give me like 30 minutes before you come upstairs.” She then gave me another quick kiss on the lips before turning and running upstairs. As I waited, I cleaned up the discarded wrapping paper and then tried to do what I could to waste time. When the 30 minutes were over I tried to act casual as I walked up the stairs up to my bedroom. I took a deep breath before pushing open the door.

    “Merry Christmas,” Hailee said. The room was lit by only some Christmas lights attached along the wall, and several strands wrapped around the headboard. Also going all along the top of the headboard, mistletoe had been hung in a row. On the bed, Hailee was propped up on pillows as she laid back. She was wearing a matching lingerie set, complete with garters. It was red lace with white feather trim. And she also had a Santa hat to top off the look.

    “Wow,” was all I had to say. I’d seen her naked countless times, I’d stopped counting the number of times we’d had sex, and yet still Hailee still had the ability to take my breath away.

    “Well? Are you just going to stand there or are you going to come here and unwrap your present?”

    I slowly stripped as I walked towards the bed. Once I reached the foot of the bed I was down to just my red boxer briefs. I climbed up onto the bed, taking hold of Hailee’s foot, I uncrossed her legs and spread them a bit so I could get up in between them. I then just sat there on my knees and stroked her thighs, while looking down on her.

    “What? Why’d you stop?” Hailee asked, curious to my hesitation.

    “I’m just trying to decide if I should really rip open my gift quickly, or if I should take my time. The wrapping paper is very nice,” I said as I ran my hand from her stockings and up along her garter.

    “You could always start slow, and then speed things up if you like what you see.”

    “You’re just full of great ideas.” Lifting one leg up to the air, I kissed the inside of her leg and slowly worked my way up her leg with a trail of kisses. Hailee let out a soft moan as my lips moved closer and closer to her sex. With my lip puckered kissing her right along the edge of her panties, I used my fingers to trace the outline of her wet lips through her panties. She groaned in disappointment as instead of brushing her underwear to the side, I instead lowered her the leg I was holding up and raised the other and repeated the same process of a trail of kisses down her other leg. As my lips moved further and further down her leg, I continued two fingers to brush along her pussy lips over her underwear. Her wetness began seeping through. This time when my lips reached the feathered edge of her panties, I used the fingers that stroked her pussy to pull her panties to the side. It was obvious that she had freshly shaved that morning, but she still left a nice landing strip just above it, which I loved. I could see and smell just how wet she already was. I breathed in her sent before giving her vulva a kiss and a lick. “Fuck you taste amazing,” I said before truly diving in.

    “Oh my god...keep know exactly how I like it,” Hailee moaned as continued to go down on her. I’d been going down on her for a while. My mouth was covered with her slick juices, her garters had been unclasped, and her panties had been discarded somewhere on the floor. One of her legs had hooked around me and was rubbing against my back while one hand was pressed up against the back of my head. That was how I knew she was close. Hearing her moan as she built to her orgasm and the sounds she made as her pussy gushed when she came was like music to my ears.

    “Yes, yes, ugghhaaahhhh!” she moaned as she arched her back with her eyes closed while her orgasm overtook her. As she worked to regain her composure, I moved up her body, once again leaving a trail of soft kisses as I did so. After kissing her on the chin I pulled back up and looked down at her, looking right into her beautiful brown eyes.

    “God you’re gorgeous,” I said.

    “You’re not so bad yourself,” she said while she wrapped her arms around me, one behind my back and one behind my head. I then lowered back down and kissed her lips. The two of us lay in bed making out until Hailee rolled us over so I was on my back and she was on top of me. Hailee then pulled away from me. “My turn,” she said with a big bright smile. She reached to take off the Santa hat she still had on.

    “No, leave it on. It’s festive,” I told her. Hailee just arched her eyebrow and then smiled.

    “I hope this isn’t the start of some fetish,” Hailee joked. Her hand then went down between us and she wrapped her hand around my still covered cock. Hailee mimicked what I had done to her, kissing me as she moved down my body. At one point even giving a playful bit to one of my nipples. All the meanwhile, as she kissed her way down my body her hand stroked my dick. I moved pillows behind me so I could prop up my head and look down at her as she was now between my legs. She looked up at me as she kissed and flicked her tongue against the tip of my dick through my underwear, while still also stroking the shaft with her hand. She toyed with me for several minutes before finally taking the waistband of my boxer briefs and pulled them down. Soon my underwear was just like hers, laying somewhere on the bedroom floor. Hailee took my freed cock into her hands and once again used her soft lips and infamous tongue to toy with the head of my dick. I moaned as she finally wrapped her lips around my dick and began sucking my dick. I was a sucker for her eyes, it amazing I don’t blow my load anytime she looks up at me while her lips are wrapped around me. Wanting to last longer, and so I had something to distract myself I had her rotate herself around and had her pussy plop back down onto my mouth while she continued to suck my dick. We kept at it for a while her sucking me off while I ate her out.

    Eventually, I could not hold back any longer. I was able to pull my mouth free and was barley able to give her a warning before I popped off in her mouth and she swallowed everything. I then continued eating her out. She sat up and began grinding her sex on my face. At some point, while riding my face she had undone her bra and tossed it away. I, however, did not know this until after I had gotten her to cum once again and she had climbed off of me. After she climbed off of me, my cock had grown back to life. While on my back, Hailee leaned her chest over my face and her hand reached back to grab my tool. She stroked my pole until I was once again hard as steel, while I played with her breasts as she kept them over my face.

    When it was time, Hailee rolled over onto her back and I got up onto my knees and moved between Hailee’s legs. I bending down I gave her a kiss before grabbing her by the hips and thrusting up into her. Hailee let out a pleasurable gasp as she felt my full length thrust up into her. She then wrapped her legs tightly around my waist as I pumped my pole in and out of her.

    “Mmmm yes, Eddie, yes,” Hailee moan

    “Fuck Hailee, you feel amazing.”

    “I know, you love how you make me feel,” Hailee said. Taking her hand she once again pulled me down to her and we made out as I continued to drill her onto the mattress. Wrapping my arms around her, I rocked backward, pulling her upward and eventually positioning us into the lotus position. We went from me pumping down into her, to her hips now being on top of mine and her grinding herself in a slightly circular motion on my cock. We continued to make out until I broke it off. I lowered my head and knowing what I was about to do, Hailee arched her back. My lips wrapped around one of her hard nipples and I began kissing and sucking on it before switching on to the other.

    “Oh my god, babe, you do that so well,” Hailee giggled and moaned.

    “What can I say,” I said and then gave her nipple another quick suck, “your nipples are perfect, the practically call to me.” We kept going at it, but as the minutes passed, Hailee started to speed up her movements, and her grinding started to turn into bouncing. As she continued to speed up, she unwrapped her legs from around my back and pushed me onto my back. She then tucked her legs under herself and really started to ride me harder. As she bounced, her lovely perky breasts jiggle, the white pom from her Santa hat swung about, but per usual the two of us were locked in on each other’s eyes as we both neared climax.

    “Fuck, Hailee, I’m gonna cum soon. Can’t hold out much longer.”

    “Almost close...just hold on a little longer, I wanna do it at the same time.” Hailee continued to ride me, but I also took hold of her hips and began thrusting upward, meeting her as she dropped her hips. I gripped the bed as my balls tightened and I tried to hold out until I finally head “Now! Do it now! OH MY GOD, YESSS!” Hearing her say that I let go and came so hard I literally felt light-headed. I deposited everything I had into her velvety pussy. Hailee let out a couple of loud moans as she was in the throws of her own powerful orgasm as well.

    When it was over Hailee climbed off me and the two of us crawled around the bed until we were finally oriented the right way. Our heads on the pillow, her snuggled up close to me, and my arms wrapped around her. We were both still breathing slightly heavily. That didn’t stop me from giving her a quick peck on the lips. She then took off the Santa hat and put it on me before giving me a quick kiss.

    We kept going back and forth with our light teasing kissed, until we found ourselves fully making out. Next thing I knew the Santa hat was back on Hailee as she was on her knees holding onto the headboard, and I was behind her firmly holding onto her hips and slamming my cock into her. I don’t know where we got the sudden burst energy for this latest round, but nevertheless, we were fully committed to what we were doing. And while the last round was much more tender, this was round borderline primal. The headboard shook as Hailee pushed herself back to met my every thrust, and her grunts and moans were noticeably louder than before. After a couple more minutes I moved away and flipped her onto her back. Throwing her amazingly gorgeous legs up onto my shoulders, I thrust back into her. It did not take long before she came again and I was not far behind, my dick erupting deep inside her once again.

    Once again we found ourselves side by side breathing heavily, high on the feeling of our own orgasms. After several minutes, she got up to use the bathroom and I went downstairs to get each of us some water. After we got back into bed, Hailee I cuddled up into each other’s arms. I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead and wished her a merry Christmas, and the two of us closed our eyes and drifted off into a very peaceful and happy sleep.

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    Love a good Hailee story, thanks for posting this.
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