A Night With Avril Lavigne
by beaverhunter76

Disclaimer: This is an adult story that should not be read by minors under the age of 18. It involves adult over the age of 18 in scenes of bj, pussy eating, m/f, anal play, and anal.

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Just so you know, I don't really know Avril as a person, so I had to guess about her attitude and sex drive, though I did do a bit of research. If Avril Lavigne herself ever happens to read this story, and likes it, she can let me know and I'll send her a copy. Oh, and she can give me some pointers for the next one too. She's so hot!

* * * * *

I didn't really want to go to the club tonight, but I had promised Crystal that I would be there. I was tiered and a bit depressed as my life wasn't going in the direction I wanted it to. Crystal knew this and that was precisely the reason why she wanted me to go out tonight.

So when 10:00 pm hit, I put on my tight jeans and grabbed a shirt from my laundry pile (not a really good one because this club was mostly teenagers, so there wasn't a dress code) and then I got into my rust mobile and drove the few minutes there.

As was normal for this time of the year, there was no line up and no crowds inside. Even though I'm 27, I still get carded at this place, though I've been coming here so much since I quit my job that the bouncers know my face by now. Seeing one of them I knew working the door tonight, I waved high and walked in. I was even able to go past the metal detector. There was never really any danger of knives and guns at this club, but the new owner thought it made the place look more important and impressive.

Paying the entry fee, I went in and right to the bar where I got my drink. I had a bit of time to kill before Crystal arrived, so I just walked around the club, watching the teens group together and talk. This was suppose to be a 19 over club, but since it was so close to a few high schools, a lot of younger teens got in with fake ids, so its not a big shock when I hear these kids talking about their small exams and stupid school rules. That's one of the reasons why I didn't like coming here. I felt so old. Luckily, Crystal was only 2 years younger then me, so when I was her, I never felt to old.

I was on my second bottle when Crystal and her crew finally showed up. She was here with her sister, her sister's boyfriend, and... her own boyfriend. I couldn't believe that she had convinced him to come tonight, as he really hated coming out to this place. He had his hangouts, and she had hers. As close as they are together, they don't often hangout together. As soon as I saw Jim, I knew that I wouldn't get much of her attention tonight. She would be hanging over Jim, trying to keep him happy (and awake).

"Scott!" Crystal shouted when she saw me, and she came over and hugged me. She was looking hot tonight. She had on a pair of tight red leather pants, and a black bra underneath a mesh shirt. Her brown hair was loose tonight, hanging down to just bellow her neck. She stood only about 5'4", but her platforms made her a few inches taller, though still below me. As usual, the site of here made me want to take her in my arms and kiss those lips, and continue down until I reached her pussy, but that would never happen. She was just way to in love with her boyfriend.

I smiled and hugged her back, keeping my hands above her waist this time since Jim was watching. He wasn't the jealous type (which was a good thing because Crystal knew everyone and flirted with them), but there was no reason to tick him off. He's a nice guy after all, just not big on Crystal's friendliness outside of her place.

"Glad you made it," she said when we separated.

"You know I can't say no to you."

Crystal laughed and led me back to her group, where we all went upstairs to the smoking area. I don't smoke, but I hung out with them up there when I wasn't dancing.

"Hey Scott." Amy came over and hugged me as well.

"Hi Amy." Amy was Crystal's younger sister, a cute red head. She was taller than Crystal by a few inches, and was 5 years younger, having just turned 20. Amy was also hot, wearing tight black pants and a loose blue top. I could already see her red thong above her waistband. After a few drinks, Crystal's thong would probably also be showing.

While I never had a chance with Crystal, I may have had one with Amy, but since my eyes went to Crystal first, I didn't do anything about it. By the time I found out Crystal was taken, Amy had already lost interest for me.

"So what have you been up to Scott?" Amy asked as I followed her upstairs.

"Same old, same old. Looking for work and watching the t.v." I hated that question, because I never had anything to really say, so I always sounded negative. This had the usual affect of stopping conversation. Amy gave me that pity look before she went to greet other friends whom she just saw.

Up stairs we all sat down and conversations started as drinks went down. I spent most of the time watching everyone walk by, or watching the dance floor when something Crystal said caught my attention.

"Oh my god, is that whom I think it is?" She leapt from the sofa we were sitting on and ran into the crowd of smokers, her arms open wide for a hug. I couldn't see whom she was talking to, but it looked like another girl, shorter than Crystal, probably only 5'2". Crystal brought her over to introduce us, and that's when I realized who it was.

Of course I was surprised to see a famous musician in this lame club, but I shouldn't have been surprised to see that Crystal knew her. Crystal knew everyone, a fact that I often teased her about.

She introduced her to Jim first, and Amy said hi, apparently having already previously met her, and then to Amy's boyfriend. It flattered me that I was next, though this was probably because I was next in line.

"This is one of my good friends here, Scott. Scott, this is Avril." As in Avril Lavigne - the famous punk rock super star.

"Hey," she said without even looking at me. Her voice was a bit huskier then I would have expected for such a little thing. There was a smile on her face, and her baby blue eyes sparkled behind her long dirty blonde bangs, but she looked like she wasn't having that much fun.

"Hi," I replied back in the same tone. I like her songs, but I'm no groupee of hers. I would listen to her on the radio, and download some of her songs, but I'd never bought a C.D.

Although I was trying to stay cool and uncaring, I couldn't help keeping an eye on Avril. She wasn't dressed up in anything spectacular, like Crystal or Amy. She was just wearing a pair of camouflage pants and a white tank top, but she still looked hot. That was her style after all. Her clothes didn't do much to show off her figure, but those pants couldn't hide the fact that she must have a terrific ass. She didn't need tight pants to give the image of a tight ass. From what I've heard, she worked out often to stay in shape, even going rock climbing and surfing when she could. Her trademark bangs where covering most of her face, but I could still see her kohl lined, blue eyes taking in everything with an unconcerned gaze.

"So what brings you here tonight," someone asked when all the introductions where done.

The punk star just shrugged her shoulders and said, "I was in Toronto today and when I called Crystal, she told me to come here tonight to meet her boyfriend."

Jim, who wasn't too impressed with the fact that his girlfriend was friends with Avril Lavigne, shied in embarrassment at this. He wasn't much for the spotlight, and being the center of attention.

"Having fun so far?" Someone else asked.

"Yeah, I guess. Guys keep grabbing my ass though." As if that was an invitation, some guy palmed her tight cheeks as he walked past her.

"Hey, fuck off jerk!" she shouted to his back. "Fuck do I need a drink."

"Scott, you're running low, why don't you get another drink and one for Avril while you're up."

Was Crystal trying to set me up with Avril Lavigne? Since I was almost out of my vodka drink, and Avril didn't seem to mind me buying her drink, I nodded and got up. "What do you drink?" I asked Avril as I past her.

"What ever the fuck you have is good," she said without even bothering to look at me. "So long as it gets me fucking drunk and fast."

I went to the bar, a bit disappointed that she wasn't following me, and got the two drinks. In less than a minute, I was back with the group and gave Avril her drink. She said nothing as she took the bottle and started drinking. She had drained almost half of it before she finally stopped for air. I stayed around her instead of going back to my seat. Crystal stood on her other side, talking non-stop.

Aside from seeing Avril Lavigne here, this was turning out to be just another regular night. If you couldn't tell, I'm not much of a people person. I'm cool when I have Crystal all to myself, or if someone else starts a conversation with me, but I'm not good at starting something, because I always feel like the person I'm trying to talk to doesn't really want to talk to me.

When Crystal turned some of her charming attention back to her bored boyfriend, Avril turned to me. She was already almost done her drink, so I offered to buy her another. "Thanks," she said, giving me a genuine smile. I gulped the rest of mine down and came back with two more. While I had been gone, she had bummed a smoke from Crystal.

"These are good, and will eventually get me drunk, but I need something stronger," Avril said as I handed her the drink. I couldn't argue. I was on my fourth and only just starting to get hot. When the shooter girl came by, Avril stopped her. "This time it's on me." She purchased four tequila shots and passed two of them over to me. "Ready?" before I could answer, she swallowed hers, and I followed suit. She made a sour face and slammed the glass down. "Yeah, that's good."

Tequila never bothered me, so I was able to keep a straight face. I already had the second glass in hand and she was quick to pick up hers. "So, you're a pro eh?" We clinked and this time swallowed at the same time. Again I was able to keep my face straight, though I did laugh when she again made a sour look.

"I can see that you're going to be a challenge tonight." She was already starting to wobble the slightest bit.

"Wish I could kid, but I still have to drive home after this. And I've probably already had to much."

"Kid?" Her smile was gone and the badass punk star was back. "I'll show you who's a kid, and forget about driving home. You can share my limo. I'll even keep buying."

"Don't argue with her Scott, you'll never win," Crystal said, taking a break from making out with Jim.

Leaving my drink on the table, I accepted her offer. I knew I was in trouble though, because contrary to what I might have just said I'm not a competitive drinker. Luckily, Avril is a small girl, and from what I've heard, she can't really handle her drinks either. Avril ordered another round of shots, even getting one for Crystal (Jim refused) and all three of us went at the same time. This time I did cringe. I couldn't help it, I had to much straight tequila at once. I had to chase it down with my vodka drink.

Both Crystal and Avril burst out laughing at me. I didn't care. I joined them. I was getting pretty drunk now, and it was only a matter of minutes before the tequila really affected me.

"Now whose the kid, lightweight." Avril said to my face. She would have fallen straight down if I hadn't caught her. She blushed in embarrassment and she laughed again.

I laughed at that too and Crystal came over and gave me a hug. "See, I knew you two would be good together."

I didn't know if I heard her right. Maybe it was the drink, but did she just say Avril and myself were good together?

"Oh shit, there's Dave. If he finds me, he's going to pester me with stupid questions." Avril said when she saw one of the radio jockeys who host the parties this time of the week. "Come on Scott, Crystal says you're a good dancer."

I must be pretty drunk for this mouse of a girl to grab my wrist and easily pull me to my feet. She lead me past the groups of people, keeping her head down so people didn't recognize her. Since this was an r&b and house crowd, there wasn't much chance of that happening, but she was still recognizable from her videos and the papers and magazines.

We made it down to the floor without any incident, and without Dave seeing us. Crystal and Amy soon joined us. Amy's boyfriend came along, but Jim stayed upstairs. Crystal lead us to the floor, and Avril pulled me along. She had yet to release my wrist.

On the floor we went to Crystal's usual spot and we started dancing. Amy was moving and shaking her ass, while her boyfriend basically stood in one spot and just smiled at Amy. Crystal wasn't as loose as Amy, but she still had good moves. Avril was a similar dancer. This not being her type of music, she just moved her hips and spun around, laughing and having fun, occasionally moving close to Amy or Crystal, and the girls would dance seductively together. Somewhere in a part of my brain I realized that this was the real Avril Lavigne, the teenage girl that no one ever really saw because of her punk star image.

When the music changed from house to dance I let myself go. This was one of my favorite club songs and I knew how to dance. Crystal knew I had the moves for dance songs, as opposed to the house and r&b that they usually played, so she was encouraging me as I moved over the floor, my legs like jell-o, and my hips shaking. Avril backed a few steps away from me and started cheering.

"Holy shit, he is good. I figured you were just playing him up, but I see now that you didn't do him justice."

Crystal was also cheering me on, and this encouraged me to go harder. Some looser tried to match me, taking a spot beside me and copying my moves, so I switched up and my fancy foot twists and hand flips had him falling on his face.

There are only two ways that I can really bust a move on the floor. When I'm in competition with someone who thinks they can outdo me, and when I'm trying to impress a girl. Now I'll be the first to admit, I'd lost a bit of it as I got older, my body not able to bend as much as it used to, and I didn't have as much energy as when I was in University, but that's what the drinks and my friends where for. Soon enough I had a circle formed around me, and I had them all cheering me. I had to put my drink down when I started using my hands, kicking out the fancy moves. Avril went wild, cheering me on now.

Now I might have been having fun, and making myself look good, but as I watched Avril, I realized that I was missing out on a golden opportunity. This may be a good song for showing off, but it made an even better booty song. So passing the circle over to someone else, I moved over to Avril and slid my hands around her waist.

"Finally drunk?" She teased me.

"Maybe. Or maybe I finally smartened up."

I pressed my crotch into hers and our hips started swiveling together. This still wasn't a slow song, so we kept it fast. Our feet were gliding over the floor and my hands roamed over her body, especially her tight ass, and she sat on my left thigh, her pussy grinding in. When the music changed to salsa, I held her hand and spun her around the floor.

Now I might not be a popular guy here, but I'm pretty well known. This was mostly for being a loner, but only recently for hanging out with Crystal. So when more of the locals saw me having this good of a time with a girl on the floor, they started cheering me on. Even the bouncers where clapping for me.

When the song finished, and I was able to register all this sudden attention, I fell back into old routines. I'm not shy, but I'm the type who gets nervous in crowds and I don't like too much attention. Apparently Avril was feeling the same, so we slipped off the dance floor. Crystal came with us back upstairs and we picked up our drinks that we had forgotten.

"That was great Scott," Avril said. She pushed me down onto the leather couch and fell onto my lap. "You are an incredible dancer. If I had background dancers, I'd get you in my band."

"If you had background dancers, then you would be Britney Spears." I said laughing.

Avril, however, did not find that funny and she socked me in the head. The room spun for a second before I heard her again. She had gotten off my lap to yell at me. "Don't you ever compare me to that bimbo again."

"Okay, okay," I said, trying to get the room to stop moving. "I'm sorry, I was just teasing."

She sat back down on my lap and her smile returned. "Just remember. The next time it won't be your head I hit. At least, not that one."

"Ohhh!" Crystal gasped and laughed.

I almost gagged on my drink as I got what she meant. "I think I need another shot."

"Really? That idea turns you on or something?" Avril said through a laugh.

"Not that kind of shot!" I quickly said and waved for the shooter girl. This time Crystal bought them and we all three drank at once.

"Okay folks, where getting ready for the Wet T-Shirt contest." The music had stopped and Dave, the radio host, announced. "We just need four girls to volunteer."

I looked over at Avril and her frown returned. "Oh no. You're not getting me up there. Those pictures would be on the net before the contest was over." I couldn't help laughing and I gave her ass a good-natured smack. "Besides, I'm to comfortable here." With that she snuggled into me a bit closer and looked me in the eyes.

She could have kissed me then herself, but I could see that she wanted me to make the first move. So I did. I didn't close my eyes until I saw her close, and our faces moved closer until our lips touched. Then she slipped her tongue into my mouth and I did the same to her. We stayed like that for at least a minute, before we broke for air. I used both hands to brush her bangs away from her face so I could see her face. Our eyes locked and I could see more than just lust burning in hers. She licked her lips and that was all I needed to see before I leaned back in and we were kissing again.

Our first kiss was special and would be something to remember forever, but with it out of the way we could be wilder. I moved my hands over her body my left brushing through her hair while my right found her breasts. I could feel the bras she wore underneath her top, and it was designed to not only support, but to crush, making her breasts appear smaller underneath her clothes. I didn't care, I still crushed them under my hands. My left hand left her hair to fondle her ass, and she broke our kiss again to gasp in pleasure. I used that moment to move my lips to her neck.

Crystal had to stop us, as we were again drawing attention to ourselves. "Am I going to have to hose you two down?" she giggled.

"Wow," Avril said, her face alight with wonder as she looked down at me.

"Woe," was the only thing that I could say.

"Like I said, you two are a good match." Crystal once again pulled Avril into a conversation, and the two girls started talking and giggling together. Crystal had moved back to her own chair, but Avril stayed on my lap, though she had turned around so that she talk face to face with Crystal.

This was actually better on my legs, but because of the bonner I was sporting, I had to wiggle around beneath her. She didn't seem to mind, especially when I positioned myself so that my hard cock was poking her in her ass instead of being crushed to the chair. She never turned to acknowledge it, but I could feel her equally squirming to get my cock even closer to her. At this moment I really wished that she were wearing a skirt.

Things kept going like this for the next fifteen minutes when the stage was lit up again. The wet t-shirt contest was starting. We could see everything that was going on from where we sat, so we didn't have to move. There were actually a couple hot girls on stage tonight, and one of them even had a nice rack.

"Oh yeah, she's going to win." Crystal said, pointing to the hot, stacked girl.

"You could have won that if you went up there," Avril said to Crystal.

"That's what everyone keeps telling me," Crystal laughed. "But I wouldn't win again her. Look at her moves, she must be a professional stripper."

As we watched the show, I could feel Avril wiggling her hips again. Feeling even more daring now, I slid my hand over her lap and between her legs. Her pants where loose, but I was able to push past the material to find her wet cunt. Avril looked over her shoulder and smiled at me, before returning to the show. I took that as consent and pushed my hand even deeper. I couldn't get my fingers into her cunt through her pants, but I could use my hand to really work it. She started moaning and she wiggled her hips against my cock again. When the second round came, it was just the two hotties again. Their shirts were so soaked that we could clearly see their tits. The stripper (as we referred to her) was very well stacked and the water must have been cold, because her nipples where quite visible. Tiered of working her pants, I slid my hand underneath her pants and went right to the source. I wasn't really surprised to find that she wasn't wearing any underwear, as it was suppose to be part of her image. This came out during the 2002 Toronto Much Music Video Awards when her pants fell during her performance. Someone had swiped her belt, and the battery pack for her mike was to heavy, and it pulled her pants down so everyone could see the top of her pale ass crack.

Avril gasped in surprise at the sudden intrusion (and from the fact that my hand was freezing cold from my drink), but she only leaned back more into me and pushed her pussy further down onto my fingers. I felt a bit of fuzz covering her cunt, but she kept it neatly trimmed. I could only fit two in her, she was so tight, but I knew how to work it. I knew how to use my thumb to rub her clit, a trick that always drove women wild. Avril was no exception.

As the contest ended, attention was returning to us. And it didn't make things easier when Dave made another announcement, "That was so hot. Remember, we have cheap drinks tonight. And let's give a special greeting to Avril Lavigne. Come on everyone, let's try to get her down here and maybe sing us a song."

"Oh shit!" Avril jumped from my lap, panicking. Luckily I had anticipated this and I had pulled my hand out when the contest finished. "I've got to get out of here."

It was to late for her to make a quiet exit, as everyone finally realized whom she was, and she was being surrounded. I may have been drunk, but I was quick to act. Grabbing her hand, I lead her through the crowd. I had to knock a few heads, but we made it downstairs, and out the door.

"Quick, my limo."

"Is it safe?"

"Yeah, and it's also full of booze."

"Good enough for me."

It wasn't hard finding the car - it was the only limo on the lot. Her driver must have seen us running, because he quickly got out and opened the door, and we both climbed in. "Back to the hotel, quick."

The driver got back in just as a bunch of drunken teens came out of the club. They were all cheering for Avril, but some of the more wild drunks where throwing bottles. The owner and the bouncers ran outside trying to control the crowd, but they were having some trouble.

"Guess that's the last time you'll go there."

"That's the last time I'll talk to that radio station, that's for sure."

"But at least now we have some more privacy."

Avril snuggled closer to me, and I put my hand on her inner thigh. "And the drinks are cheaper too." She leaned forward and opened a mini fridge under the seats. From it, she took out a couple of coolers and passed me one.

"Now, where were we?" she asked as she leaned forward and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

We kissed for a few minutes and then I ran my hands along her body, slipping them down to her waist, where I took hold of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She was grinning from bang to bang now, and when her shirt hit the floor, she reached over and did the same to me, throwing my shirt out the open window. I laughed as she started giggling from her wickedness, and I pulled her over to me so I could reach her bras.

It was an unimpressive black bras - I don't know what it was made of because, well, I'm a guy - but it was hooked, so it was a snap to unlock. Then, just for fun, I let that fly out the same window as my shirt. She gave me a dirty look, and covered her breasts with her arms to punish me. "That was my favorite bra."

"Why, because it was your only one?"

"One of three, yeah. I wore that during my last concert."

"I'll buy you a new one, now come here."

She was insistent on playing angry, but I pulled her onto my lap and gave her ass a playful smack. "Come on, let's see the treasures."

She started laughing. "Treasures, eh? Well okay then." She slowly uncrossed her arms, exposing her breasts to me for the first time. She must have been nervous, because her head drooped, and she couldn't look me in my face. She had nothing to worry about though. I had always suspected that her breasts where fairly large, and I was right. She must wear a really tight bras when she performs, because on stage they don't really show under her tank tops, but when let loose, my god. At least a c-cup, they were nice and round, firm from still being so young, yet still pliant beneath my hands. Her nipples where rock hard and as large as my thumbnail, circled by small red areolas.

"Magnificent," I said as I leaned down and took her right nipple between my teeth.

"Ohhh," she whispered. I used my tongue to trace a path around her breast, and then brought my left hand up to massage her left breast. My right hand found its way to her back, and down to her hips, where it slid underneath her pants. "Oh god, yes. Yes, play with my ass."

My hand slid over the curves of her tight ass cheeks and slid into her crack. She squirmed her way closer to me, now sitting on my hard cock. As my fingers started probing her tight little brown hole, she wrapped her legs around my waist and started grinding her crotch into mine. Since we still had our pants on, my cock was getting bent out of shape, but I didn't mind. I just moved it around so that it stood up erect, and buried a finger into her asshole.

"Oh yes, I love having my ass played with," she purred into my ear. I moved my head up from her breasts, and we started kissing again. "More. I want to feel another of your beautiful fingers inside me."

I managed to squeeze in a second finger, but I knew that if she wanted anymore in there, I'd have to bend her over, because it was just to tight a fit in this current position. "Yes, yes, that's it. Just like that." She moved herself onto one of my legs and started riding my thigh, her pussy rubbing fast and hard against the ruff surface of my pants, and through her own.

She started moving faster and faster, then suddenly stopped and leaned back, her breasts arching hungrily towards my face. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide. I could feel her whole body tighten as her muscles contracted. She her orgasm settled, she looked me in the eyes and smiled. "Wow, that was great." I could feel a damp spot on my pants where she was sitting.

I pulled my fingers out of her ass, and luckily they remained shit-free. She passed me a damp cloth from another hidden drawer to clean them and then kissed me again. "So now you know one of my dirty little secrets. I'm an ass girl."

"That's pretty hot," I replied. "But I think you got your pants wet."

"Did I?" her eyes twinkling, she slid her right hand down her pants. Since we were so close together, I could feel her fingers probing around her pussy. "I think you might be right." When she pulled her hand out, her fingers where glistening with a wet, sticky, clear fluid. She raised those fingers to her mouth and sucked on them, the sticky fluid disappearing onto her tongue. "Yes, you are right." She buried them in her pussy again then brought them back up, put them to my lips, and I took her hand in mine and slid them into my mouth. It was salty, as to be expected, but there was also a spicy taste to it. In my limited experience, I've found that each girl has her own flavor, and this taste usually described what kind of woman she was. In Avril's case, the spicy taste told me that she was a wild child, obeying only her own laws.

"Mmm, spicy," I told her.

Her eyes opened wide in astonishment, and she started laughing. "Spicy? That's a new one. But let's see." She dipped herself again and brought her fingers back to her lips. "Yeah, I can see where you get that taste. Just don't start calling me a Spice Girl!"

I started laughing at this comparison. "Never that. You're to sexy to be British." With my head tilted back in laughter, I noticed something new about her car. "Hey, what's that bar for? To grab incase the car suddenly stops?" It was over the middle of the passenger area, at least one foot from the seats on either side, so I couldn't really see that as being its main job.

She looked up to what I saw and an evil grin spread across her delicate face. "No, that's just one of the special perks of this car. I first learned about these while touring with Sum 51. Let me show you." She slid her hands around my crotch and undid my belt and button. With the tension finally removed, my cock was able to shoot up out from my boxers. She took hold of my cock with her right hand and gave it a few pumps, her tongue licking her lips as she stared down at it.

"Careful there, its fully loaded with a hair trigger," I cautioned her. As if to give credence to my warning, a bit of pre cum dribbled from the head.

"I'll give it a closer look later, right now I want to feel that hot rod inside me." She pulled down my pants to my ankles, and I did the same to her, pulling her pants down from her ass, my hands slowly tracing her cheeks again, and trailing down her legs until they fell to her ankles. I didn't have a really good view of her pussy, she was keeping it hidden between her thighs, and there wasn't much light in the car, but I could see that she kept it trimmed. Her bush was still there, but it was kept so thin and light that it was almost invisible.

Completely naked now, Avril reached up and took hold of the metal bar. She had to stretch out to reach it, and this tightened her waist and abs, giving her an even slimmer look, as well as lifting her large breasts. When she had a tight hold, she swung her hips around the air in an attempt to align her pussy with my cock.

Understanding what she was doing, I slid forward in the seat a bit and when I had her cunt aligned with my cock, I pushed it in. I had to pull her pants off her feet so I could get between her legs, and when I was, she locked her feet together behind my back.

Her cunt was a lot tighter then I had expected, and I really had to push to get more of it in. I don't have a really fat cock, about average width, but it could get up to 9-10" long. Avril groaned and squirmed as I slid inside her, but she never let go of the bar. With the light right up there, I could see her pale hands where chalk white as she held on with a death grip.

"Ugh, ugh, ohh." Avril moaned, her pussy muscles squeezing tight against my cock. "Oh, yes, yes. Ugh! Harder, harder." Her pussy was so hot and wet inside, it was like a small oven.

I took hold of her hips and pumped harder into her. I had to lean back against the car seat to push my own hips higher up so I could get my cock deeper into her. I was finally able to slide all 10 inches inside Avril Lavigne and she was swinging wildly from the bar. She was getting so wild in fact, that I thought she'd tear herself apart, but she was able to hold on and keep going. She even started to pump her hips back and force, milking my cock. I could feel her pussy contracting as she was experience an orgasm, and I knew that I would also be cumming soon.

"Almost there," I moaned. We were both covered in sweat by now.

"No, not yet. Wait a bit more." Avril moaned. She forced her eyes open and kept them locked on my own. "Almost, almost. Yes, right there. Ohhh! Yes, cum now. Cum with me."

"Inside you?" I was groaning, not quite ready yet.

"Yes, I'm... I'm on the... pill," she panted. "Now cum!" she cried out, and I wasted no more time as I released the tension in my cock. Her pussy went right to work, crushing my cock and squeezing it dry. My body twitched and shook as my own orgasm went through me like electricity. Avril was having the same affect, but neither of us took our eyes off the other.

Avril kept shaking after I had emptied my balls into her, but when she stopped I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her body. Avril was all smiles as she let go of the bar to rest all her weight on me. My cock was still in her cunt, and her legs where still wrapped around me as I pulled her in close and kissed her.

"That was incredible." I said when we parted. My hands slid down from her back to cup her ass.

"Miss Lavigne, we are fast approaching the hotel," the limo driver announced through a speaker.

"Guess we should get dressed," I said.

"I don't know. I've always wanted to run through a hotel butt naked," Avril replied with her wicked smile.

"And dripping cum?" I ran a finger over her pussy, scooping up a drop of cum. I don't know if it came from her or was some of mine, but Avril took my finger in both her hands and licked it clean.

"Sure, why not?"

I started laughing. "This coming from the super star who was afraid of being in a wet t-shirt contest."

She also started laughing as she conceded victory to me. "Spoil sport."

"Hey, don't get me wrong. I would love to watch that lily white ass of yours scamper around the lobby of a major hotel, but just think of the poor cleaning staff."

She laughed again, and kissed me, before we finally separated to get dressed. Since her bras had gone out the window, her large breasts where more noticeable under her shirt, but I wouldn't complain. My own shirt was lost with that bra, so I was the one that had to go through the hotel, topless. Luckily I had a descent build. I was no body builder, but I didn't have a gut either.

We were putting on the last of our clothes when the limo stopped. The driver checked with Avril before opening the door. Not surprisingly the bright lights of many camera flashes going off met us. "Fucking paparazzi," Avril yelled as we got out. "Get the fuck away from here you vultures." She was fuming.

We were quickly greeted by hotel security and rushed inside the building. "I'm sorry about them Miss Lavigne, they had showed up only a few minutes ago and we were unable to turn them away in time." He did a perfect job of ignoring the fact that Avril's shirt was on backwards, and I was missing mine entirely.

"Fuck off." Here was the Avril most people saw. I could tell that the security guard was working hard to keep his anger under control. I wondered how long the hotel must have been dealing with her. Instead of being scared away by her sudden mood change, I found it amusing. I was able to experience all of Avril.

Avril pushed past the security guard, and the nighttime manager who came out from behind her desk. I casually followed behind her, smiling at the two hotel employees as I passed, and keeping my eyes locked onto her shapely ass.

When I got into the elevator with Avril, and the doors closed, I said, "Wow, you hell cat you. You really showed them who the boss is."

"Shut the fuck up." She had her arms cross across her chest and she was still pissed.

Not taking her seriously, I stood behind her and wrapped my own arms around her. "Hey, relax. Don't worry about this."

She tried to break my hold, but she did so only half-assed, and I didn't budge. I could feel her shake and when I heard her start to sniffle, I turned her around. "What's wrong?"

I could see tears dripping down her cheeks. Here was a part of her I had not expected to experience tonight. "I'm just getting sick and tiered of those stupid reporters. First its Dave with his fucking radios station, and now this. Why can't I just have fun without having to worry about reading about it in the morning paper, or seeing it on the news."

"Just part of being a public figure." I didn't know what else to say without pissing her off.

"What the fuck kind of answer is that?" she practically screamed in my face.

Since I couldn't think of anything to say, I did the first thing that popped into my mind. I tilted her head back and kissed her. She continued shaking for a few more seconds as the last few tears escaped her, and then she fell into me. I picked her up in my arms and when the doors opened, carried her out.

"My room is to the right," she whispered, her head resting on my shoulders. "I'm sorry about breaking down like that. I think I just had to much to drink tonight."

"Or maybe you didn't have enough?"

Her wicked grin returned and she nuzzled my neck. "So you are more than just a cute face and a good lay."

"Only good?"

"Well, it was only in a car. I didn't really have the space to fully enjoy you."

When we got to her door, she pulled her key card from her pocket and unlocked her door. I used my feet to push it open and it closed and locked behind us. "Nice room." That was putting it mildly. Her hotel room was bigger then my apartment. It had one king sized bed, and right beside it was a wooden hot tub, filled to the brim. A bottle of Champaign rested in a bucket of ice next to a 40" plasma t.v. The television set came complete with a vcr and dvd player.

I walked over to the bed and gently laid Avril down onto it, where she leaned on one arm, her head resting on the palm of her hand. "My hero, saving me from all those evil reporters." I climbed on the bed and lay down beside her.

"Should I go open that bottle?" I nodded to the Champaign.

"Maybe later. Right now, pull out that bottle of tequila from the fridge." I leaned over her to the other side of the bed and found the mini fridge. This wasn't to be mistaken with the mini bar. This was a fridge she must have specially ordered. Inside was a selection of alcoholic beverages and snack foods.

I found a half full bottle of tequila and brought it out. The worm was still floating in the bottom.

"You haven't had enough of this yet?"

"Shut up lightweight." She laughed and took the bottle from me, putting it to her lips and taking a swig. "Ho yeah!" she shouted, passing it back to me. I followed suit and forced myself not to start coughing. The shit was strong.

"You know what, I don't think I want to be plastered for this." She corked the bottle and threw it onto the floor. She then leaned towards me, and ran her hands over my chest. "I want to know exactly what I'm doing." She started kissing my chest, her fingers tracing my muscles. I sighed in pleasure and ran my hand through her hair.

"I like that idea," I said, only to cringe when she bit my right nipple. "Oh, you're going to pay for that." I said with a grin.

Avril started to laugh and open-mouthed kissed me again. "Baby."

I returned her laugh and when she raised her arms, I took hold of her top and threw it aside. "You won't need that for the rest of the night."

She kept smiling at me, her face now hidden by her long bangs again, but I could see her sparkling eyes looking up at me. Before I could lay down beside her and kiss those beautiful breasts, Avril rolled off of the bed. "Wait, I've been wanting this since I had you in the car."

Making me sit on the edge of the bed, Avril got onto her knees and unzipped my pants, and rapidly pulled them off, throwing them over her shoulders. My boxer shorts went with them. With my cock once again exposed, Avril took it in her right hand. "Wow, I thought you were big when you shoved that in me, but I can see that my imagination wasn't doing you justice. I don't know if I'm going to be able to take it all down."

I sighed in pleasure as she ran her delicate hand her my cock a bit longer, and moaned when her small tongue licked the tip. "Mmm, still sticky," she said, looking up at me. "Just so you know, I don't do this often."

I raised an eyebrow in doubt, and she slapped my balls. "Don't give me that look. Don't you ever listen to my songs? I haven't had a lot of boy friends, and the guys in my band all have small dicks." I laughed at this relevant news, and she slapped my balls again. "Jerk."

But she was still smiling as she took the head of my cock between her lips. She nuzzled that for a bit, making me pant and breathe faster. Because I was circumcised, the cleft in my cock head was extra sensitive and she drove me wild.

"Well, here goes." She took a deep breath and then her head plunged down. She only got halfway before she started gagging and had to come back up. She was still coughing when she said, "Sorry about that. I told you I'm not the best at these."

"That's okay. You don't have to if you don't want to." I ran my hands through her long hair and this seemed to help her.

"No, I will do this. I love the taste of your cock. And this is more for me then for you." This time she took a few quick breaths of air, and then one large gulp, before once again diving down. I kept my hand in her hair to reassure her, and it seemed to help. She had made it past the halfway point, and I could feel her throat muscles working my cock further down. She had started breathing through her nose, and finally stopped when her lips where kissing my balls. When she even got my balls into her mouth, she lifted her right hand and spread two fingers, making a V for "Victory."

I used my hand to keep her head down there as she started sucking, but I didn't do it for long. It felt great having all of my cock down her throat, but to get a good blowjob, she had to work my cock. So I released the pressure on her head and pulled her hair a bit to get her bobbing. She was now able to move my cock around her throat and her lips ran across the sensitive skin. I could feel her tongue twirling around it.

Since she wasn't deepthroating me anymore she was able to use her right hand to pump my cock, and her left hand went to groping her tits. She opened her eyes and lifted her head enough so that I could look at her. She smiled around my cock and that was all I could take. "Oh yeah!" I groaned. I saw her eyes suddenly go wide, before I was floating. I kept her head down on my cock as I shot my load into her mouth. She involuntarily kept swallowing as I came down her throat.

When I finished, she had a coughing fit and glared at me. "You son of a bitch, did I tell you to cum in my mouth?" She got onto her feet and stared down at me. "I should kick your sorry ass to the curb." It was hard to take her serious when she was dribbling cum from her mouth.

"Relax beautiful." I took hold of her and pulled her onto my lap. "I'm sorry, I thought you'd like it."

She tried to hit my chest, but I held her to close. "Oh yeah, I just love getting a mouthful of your cream. What kind of fucking pervert does that?"

"Let me show you." I flipped around, laying her down on the bed, and then I got onto the floor. Like she did with me, I undid her pants and threw them onto my own. She was still glaring when I spread her legs open. It took her a minute before she realized what I was about to do.

"Oh, hey, wait a minute there." Her anger was replaced with panic, but it was to late. Her tight little pussy exposed to me, I pressed my face into it. "Oh, oh yes. Oh god," she started moaning. "No guy has ever done this to me."

She fell back onto the bed, her legs spreading even more. I slid two fingers into her pussy and used my tongue to lick up the flowing clear liquids. When her clit popped up, I switched my fingers to that, rubbing it slowly at first. My tongue kept licking the inside of her pussy. She started squirming around the bed

"Are you serious?" I had to stop and look up at her when what she said clicked in.

"Don't stop!" she yelled, and I dove back in. "No guy would ever do this, and I was always to embarrassed to ah...ah...ask." She was moaning as her body started to shake. "Oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Hearing (and tasting) this, I moved my tongue to her clit and pushed three fingers into her cunt. With each moan I increased my pace until I had her squirming and rolling around the bed. I had to use my free hand to deflect her legs from kicking me. What she did instead was wrap them around my back, pinning my face to her cunt. "More, yes, oh god yes. Make me cum, oh god, yes."

I stopped fingering her and used both hand to spread open her lips and took her clit in between my teeth."

"YESSSSS!" she screamed, her back arching and her hips rising in the air making her pussy run over my face.

I waited until she settled down (and released me) and then I got back up. My face was glistening with her cum, but I had a smile. Avril, however, topped me with her look of pure ecstasy. "Oh wow. Wow!" she said.

I climbed onto the bed beside her and gave her a kiss. I ignored the fact that she still had some of my cum in her mouth, but she loved the taste of her own cum licked off of mine. "I'm going to have to have that more often. But don't shoot it down my throat next time. I like to watch my man cum on my face. Get me all sticky."

"I'll keep that in mind for next time." My hand returned to her pussy and she started squirming around the bed again.

"That tickles!" she accused me and rolled away, only to climb on top of me. "I'm back in control now." She was sitting just above my crotch, her hands resting against my chest to balance her. I could feel my cock hardening again between her ass cheeks. "You like me being in control?" she teased.

"Well, I like the view from down here." Once again her bangs were covering her face, but I could still see her eyes sparkling beneath the hair. However, a view that was almost as wonderful, where her succulent breasts hovering over me. That was why I always preferred being on the bottom. Being on top is good and all, you got the feeling of control, and your doing the plowing, but when a woman is on her back, her breasts sink into her chest. So when the woman is on top, they stay out in all their glorious roundness. And when said woman is still only 19 years old, her breasts are still young and firm, making it all the better.

"Hey, are you listening to me?" she twisted my right nipple to get my attention.

I yelped and quickly apologized. "What? Sorry, I was staring at your breasts."

She laughed at my obvious attempt at silliness. "You are just to cute. It should be illegal." She wiggled her ass around my cock and then froze, like she just remembered something important.

She got off of me and I watched as she ran across the room to where she kept her luggage. "I almost forgot the music. Can't fuck without music, it gives the rhythm to follow."

When she bent over to dig through a bag, I whistled. "Take your time. I'll just lay here and enjoy the view." I had a perfect shot of her ass and pussy opening up. Not standing up, she looked around her shapely legs and smiled at me before returning to her stuff.

"Ah, here it is. They might be a lousy lay, but they still play good shit." She quickly ran over to her large stereo system and popped in the cd. "Hope you like Sum 51." I didn't particularly listen to them, but I didn't change the station when they came on the radio.

She stood in front of the stereo until the music was playing, and then she started dancing. She closed her eyes and her hips would swivel. She added some arm waving and her legs took her across the room. Head shaking soon followed and when the song was in full blast, she went wild. Her hair flew everywhere, as she became a living whirlwind of body movement. There was no comparison to my type of dancing; for one, we listen to different types of music, but the main reason was she was a goddess. There was no other explanation. Her body was in complete sync with it.

"Beautiful," I said, my eyes never leaving her.

She must have heard me, because she suddenly stopped and her whole body turned red. She shyly looked away, and her right hand went to try and cover her face. Her embarrassment didn't last long as the next song got her moving again. Instead of dancing, however, she jumped back onto the bed and climbed back on top of me. "Now where was I? Oh yeah!"

She squatted over me and as the music played, she slowly lowered herself. For the second time that night, my cock head slowly pressed into her fold. Not as tight as the first time in the car, but she still had a small pussy. Inching her way down, she was able to take my entire length inside. Like the first time, it was fucking hot inside her.

"Oh yessss!" she moaned. She leaned forward and I grabbed her tits. "Yes, play with my tits, squeeze them hard."

She ground herself down onto me, forcing my cock even deeper in, and she wiggled back and force. "Yes, yes, more."

I moved my hands away from her tits and grabbed her ass. Squeezing her cheeks, I spread them wide apart, opening her asshole. "Yes, do it. Play with my ass again." But instead of sticking my fingers in there again, I tightened my grip and bounced her on my lap. "Woe, woe, woe. This... is... incredible." She was having trouble talking but she was in heaven. "Now, I... just need... something up... my ass."

I paused for a second. "Maybe next time."

"Come on... I know... this guy..."

"This is getting weird." I moved my cock around a bit inside her and then pushed my two index fingers into her ass. "Come on baby, back to me."

"Oh, oh, oh, yes! I'm cumming." That made her forget her friend. But just to make sure, I waited until her orgasm passed and then pulled out of her. "Hey, what are you doing?"

"You said you wanted something in your ass." The surprised look on her face was priceless.

"Wait a second, oh no, I'm not ready." She tried to push me away but I simply slid my fingers up her ass again and she melted. "Ohhh, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me in my ass baby."

I turned her around, but when she got onto her knees and lifted her ass up to me, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back down. "Not that way babe. I've been wanting to try something ever since I saw it on a porno."


She lay down on my chest and I pushed my cock into her tight ass. She groaned and her body tensed up. She started to sob, and tears fell down her face, but as I got more up there, she started panting and her groans turned into moans. She was still crying a bit, and her nails were drawing blood as she dug them into my thighs. But she didn't stop.

"Next time, we use the Vaseline first," she said through gritted teeth. "And we do it doggy style. My ass just isn't opening enough like this."

"Hang on." I finally got it all in her, and she seemed to relax a bit. "Doing it like this makes it incredibly tight, so we both feel it more, but it also lets me do this." I reached around with my right hand and buried it between her thighs. She was practically howling when I stuffed three of my fingers in her cunt and pumped them. I was pulling her towards me at the same time as pushing against her, and Avril forgot all about how uncomfortable she was.

"Oh my god, this is fucking incredible." Her eyes were almost popping out of her head. "Oh fuck yeah, fuck my ass bitch." She screamed. "Fist my pussy. Yes, yes. Grab my tits."

My left hand was crushing her left tit. I couldn't massage it because the pressure in her ass was getting so high I had to hold on tight just to keep from collapsing. Avril would try to lean forward, but I kept her against my chest with a tight grip, making her squirm around even more.

"I'm going to cum!" I shouted after a couple of minutes. "I'm going to blow my load."

"Not yet," she pleaded. "I want you... to cum in... my pussy. Cum with me again."

Not willing to waste any time, I pulled out of her ass, my dick slowly sliding until there was a loud "pop," and a moan of pleasure from Avril. She seemed to relax a bit more now that all that pressure was out of her. I took notice of how open and wide her asshole was, and knew it would stay that way for a while longer.

Avril had gotten onto her hands and knees again, the fastest position she could take right now, and I kneeled behind her and plunged my dick back inside her warm pussy. My dick had cooled down a bit from the few seconds of nothing, but as soon as I started pumping it inside her again, our organs took over control and she had it back to being rock hard.

"Oh fuck, here it comes."

"Wait," she pleaded. "Oh god, wait."

I leaned down onto her and slid my right hand underneath again to massage her clit.

"That's it!" she cried. "Now baby, now. Cum inside me."

Letting out a loud roar I loosened my cock muscles and let her cunt take control. As she had her orgasm, her pussy pulled on my cock like an expert hand and she drained it of all my cum. I didn't have as much in my balls as earlier, but I was still able to keep up with her.

Avril's body shook so hard that her arms collapsed and she fell down, but she was able to stay on her knees, so her cunt bent at a new angle, sending more thrills through my cock. This made me cum yet again, and I had to fall down on her. We were both too exhausted to even cry out anymore, so we just lay against each other, letting our bodies work through the orgasms until they were done. Avril finished last, but when it was over, her knees finally gave out and she just collapsed. I fell with her, my softening cock still inside.

As we lay there, naked and sweating, I moved up her body and kissed her neck. "Incredible," she whispered to me.

"Beautiful," I said in reply. Still feeling impish, I moved my hand back to her ass and ran a finger around her wide-open asshole. This sent more thrills through her body and she started moaning again. "Oh god," she whimpered. "I... I can't take... any more." She tried to roll away but she was too tiered. "Ohhh! You... bastard." I watched as her pussy leaked out more cum and then stopped.

I was laughing as I lay back against the backboard and Avril joined me, crawling under my arm and pressing herself against me. "You were incredible."

"But you were amazing." We kissed again and then she rested her head against my chest, the thumping of my heart making her sleepy.

We woke up a couple hours later when the sunlight shot through the open window. I first heard Avril groaning in pain as she opened her eyes, so I moved my hand over her body. She closed her eyes again and moaned in pleasure. "Hmm, that feels good. Thanks." She kissed my cheek and got up and walked to the bathroom. My eyes never left her pale ass and I managed a chuckle as I watched her hobble. Her ass must still be out of wack.

When she came back out, she climbed back into bed. "Have I told you how incredible you were?"

"Not recently, no." I wrapped my arm around her, holding her tight.

"I don't want to leave this bed all day."

"Do we have too?"

She avoided the question by kissing me again.

"So were do we go from here?" I asked her.

"Well, I want to see you again. And often too."

"Aren't you going back to L.A. soon to finish your C.D.?"

"Yeah." This seemed to bring her down. "And I won't be back until Christmas time." She suddenly brightened up again as she got an idea. "You can always come with me?"

"Didn't I already do that last night?"

That elicited a laugh from her. "That's not what I meant, silly. I mean you can come back to L.A. with me. I have a huge apartment, and I hate living there alone."

"And be your boy toy? Live off of your success?" I didn't mean for it to sound so harsh, and I regretted it right away when I saw how it crushed her. "Maybe I can come down for a couple weeks on vacation. We can see how it goes from there."

She perked up again. "Yeah, that sounds good. That way if I find an even hotter guy with a bigger cock, I wouldn't have to worry about kicking you out."

"Oh, is that right?" I tickled her and she burst out laughing. The tickling soon led to fingering, and this soon turned to me putting my cock back in her, and within minutes I had Avril Lavigne moaning and screaming again.

"Just you wait until I get you on the beach," she said as I balanced myself over her, our eyes locked together. "You haven't seen anything until you've seen me in my black bikini. Maybe I'll even invite Crystal."

Suddenly, I couldn't wait to go on vacation.