The Power of Three
unknown author

'How the hell did you get these anyway?' Matt asked his mate Rob.

'Said we were masseurs.'

'And they believed you? Don't you need ID or something?'

'Why're you so worried anyway? Don't you wanna be here? Cause I can give this to someone else!' Rob replied holding up Matt's backstage pass.

The two were walking around a large filming studio, used as the set for the TV show Charmed.

'I'm sure there are plenty of other guys who'd like to meet those three.' He said referring to the 'Charmed Ones', Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan.

'Yeah, Yeah OK. I'm just nervous, what if we're caught?'

'We won't be.' Rob replied coolly 'I swear.'

The two walked around corridors for a while, until they found the right room. Rob knocked on the door.


'Who's there?' called a sweet voice from inside. He recognised Alyssa's voice.

'Yeah, we're masseurs.' He called back, trying to sound calm.

'Oh, come in.'

The two walked into the room, and nearly fainted. Alyssa Milano was standing in front of them, wearing nothing but a fluffy, white towel around her slender body.

'You two are the masseurs? You seem kinda young. Where are the regular guys?'


'Um, see…'

'They er, they were sick.'

'Right.' Alyssa said. They could tell she was suspicious. 'Oh well. Rose and Holly will be out in a minute. You two wanna drink while you wait?'


'Sure.' They answered, trying desperately to control the excitement in their voices.

She left the room. Rob and Matt watched her slowly walk towards the door, her ass swaying slightly as she walked through the door.

'Dear god!' Matt gasped after she had left 'You are my hero man!'

Rob didn't answer. He was gaping at a door behind where Alyssa had been standing.

'Hey what're…'

'Oh my God!'

Rose McGowan walked into the room, wearing only a small, pink lace thong.

'So. You two are the masseurs huh?' She said, smiling as she watched their eyes follow her breasts around the room as she walked.

'Y-y-yeah.' Rob managed to stammer.

Alyssa came back into the room, carrying two glasses of iced water.

'Rose!' She yelled 'Put a damn top on!'

'Why?' she replied innocently, 'we're gonna be naked when they massage us anyway right?'

'Yeah I guess.' She handed Rob and Matt their glasses. One look at them and she knew they weren't the real guys. Rob was still gaping at Rose's large boobs, and Matt's hands were shaking so much he was in danger of flooding the floor with water. She moved her eyes slowly down their bodies. Rob was more stocky and muscular than Matt who was tall and lanky. Her eyes moved to their crotches, she surveyed the large bulge growing in Rob's pants and the bulge already grown in Matt's.

'Could you wait outside?' she asked Matt.

'Yeah sure.' He managed to squeak. He stood up, banging his knee on the coffee table, and walked to the door and out of the room.

'I think you can massage us.' She said innocently, despite the very naughty plan forming in her mind. 'You can massage us right?'

'Wha-Oh yeah sure.' Rob replied, managing to tear his eyes away from Rose's big titties.

Alyssa took his hand and led him to a massage table. She dropped her towel. Rob dropped his jaw. She gave him a while to examine her body, enjoying watching his eyes wonder from her long tanned legs, to her neatly trimmed bush, to her big round tits, the bulge in his pants still growing.

'OK. I'm all yours.' She said calmly, lying down on her stomach on the table. Stared for a while at her round, tanned ass.

He started to rub her back. She let out a slow moan. Taking this for encouragement, Rob kept rubbing his hands over her back, starting at her shoulders, slowly going further down her back.

'Could you massage my legs?' Alyssa asked.

Rob moved his hands to her ankles. He rubbed slowly up her legs, still disbelieving his luck. He massaged up to her thighs, unsure whether to dare touch that perfect ass.

'Go on.' She said calmly, reading his mind. 'It's OK.'

He moved his shaking hands to her buttocks, he placed one hand on either cheek and started to massage and squeeze them, strategically opening up the crack to get a good view of her pussy.

'Well, well.' Said a voice behind him. He spun around and found himself almost face to face with the final remaining actress, Holly Marie Combs.

'So you decided to start the fun without me huh?' she asked, acting hurt. Then before he had a chance to answer she grabbed his crotch and held it tightly in her hand. 'You won't be needing these she said, undoing his belt. 'Take them off.'

Rob did as he was told and whipped off his pants, as well as his shirt and stood in only his boxers.

Holly smiled at the large bulge that had appeared in his boxers.

She got down on her knees in front of him and yanked down his boxers, allowing his big dick to bounce free.

'My, my, my.' She exclaimed, wrapping one hand around the throbbing nine-inch beast. She licked the head, sending electricity through his whole body. His legs gave out on him and he had to lean on the table for support. She put the head in her mouth and sucked on it for a bit before she swallowed the whole thing in one.

'OH GOD!' he cried. She smiled and continued on with the masterful blowjob, licking and sucking his cock like a pro. (And she probably was)

Finally he couldn't stand it any longer, with aloud moan of ecstasy he let loose a flood of cum that threatened to drown her. Large spurts of the sticky white goo flew onto her face and chest, coating her completely, in her hair and in her mouth, which she swallowed greedily.

'Oh Jesus!' he gasped, leaning more heavily on the table than ever. Holly started to lick the cum from her face and boobs.

'Hey!' Alyssa and Rose called in unison. 'Give us a taste.' Holly stood up and walked over to Rose, who started sucking on one of her breasts, licking off all the cum. Alyssa hurried over and started licking all over Holly's face, getting to every small drop she could.

As he stood watching, the reality of what was happening sank in to him, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs, possibly the three hottest women on Earth were desperately licking at his cum, which he had just blown all over one of them. He sat up on the table and watched Alyssa and Rose lick greedily at the cum on Holly, who also was grabbing at bits with her fingers. He watched for a few minutes, his dick getting harder as he watched.

Holly turned to him.

'Enjoying the show huh?' she cooed. She grabbed Alyssa by the hair and kissed her passionately. She walked over to the sofa and lay down on her back, spreading her legs. Instinctively, Alyssa walked over got on her knees and started to eat out her juicy cunt. Rose took off her thong and walked up onto the couch and stood with her pussy over Holly's face, he could see her wetness flowing down her leg. Holly reached up and stuck three fingers in her pussy. She let out a loud moan. Holly sat up, grabbing Rose's ass for support and started to eat out her cunt. So Holly and Rose were being taken care of, but Alyssa wasn't getting any help. Rob walked over, his cock throbbing in his hand. He got on his knees behind Alyssa and slowly led the tip to her hole. He rubbed it at the entrance, letting her know his plan.

'Oh baby go ahead.' She said breathlessly.

He decided to do it quickly. He stuffed his whole dick in her pussy in one go.

'OH YEAH!' She cried 'YEAH FUCK MY PUSSY!' she screamed with lust.

He quickly started to pump his cock in and out of her cunt, marveling at the fact that such a major slut could be so damn tight.

He fucked Alyssa hard and fast for at least ten minutes, watching her eat out Holly's shaved snatch. After a while he saw Holly start to tremble, her moaning, which had before been quite load, turned into screams of pleasure. She shook violently, her ear-piercing screams filling the room. The next moment Rose started to do the same; she grabbed Holly's head and shoved it violently into her pussy, shrieking with lust, Rob had an idea. He started to double his already quick pace till he was in danger of setting fire with the friction he was causing, but he got his wish. Alyssa started to shake just as the other two had, she was going to orgasm as well. As he pumped he saw an amazing chain reaction. Rose suddenly exploded, her juice drenching Holly's face and dripping down her chest. This seemed to set off Holly who grabbed Alyssa by the hair and started to shove her face into her cunt as she started to buck her hips violently. Next moment Alyssa's face was covered in girl cum, and Rob felt her pussy clench around his cock. Her tight cunt got so tight Rob couldn't move around in there, but her orgasm set him off and he let loose a torrent of jizz in her pussy.

The four of them slumped down onto the couch, panting, nearly loosing consciousness from exhaustion.

'Oh fuck.' Was all he could get out.

'Hey!' Rose panted. 'We're just getting started. By the time you leave this room you will have fucked and sucked all three of us. You haven't given me anything yet!'

'Oh for fuck sakes.' He gasped 'Settle down you horny bitch!' But it was in vein, as she had already started crawling towards him. She grabbed his cock, which sprang to attention immediately.

'Not so reluctant now huh?' she taunted. She started to lick and suck on his cock. She masterfully blew him for a few minutes, before he had his third, but by no means smallest, orgasm of the day. She walked over to where his head lay and lay down and spread her legs, inviting him to taste her.

'What the fuck is wrong with you people?' he asked feebly, but all the same he crawled up to her cunt and started to lick the pink, wet slit. If there was anything he prided himself on it was Rob's ability to eat pussy. He sucked and licked and fingered and did everything in his arsenal to that pussy, and was rewarded when she let loose, letting her juices flow over his face, giving him a taste of her heavenly fluids.

Just then he felt another cunt upon him. He looked up and saw Holly lowering herself down on his dick.

'HOLY SHIT!' he thought, 'She's even fucking tighter than Alyssa!' Once she had lowered herself down. On his cock she pushed herself up, then dropped back down, then up, then down. She fucked him faster and faster, seemingly getting tighter and tighter until he could not take it any more (not long considering how sensitive his dick was from his previous three orgasms.) and filled his second pussy with cum.

'You'll probably want this.' He looked up ands saw Alyssa standing over him, a glass of water in her hand. He took it gratefully, and watched her get up. She looked strange in a way, a mixture of a heavenly angel and the dirtiest slut he's ever met, he found it rather nice. He drank his water, as they all took a break.

'OK I think you've had enough time to rest.' Rose said after five minutes. 'My turn to ride the bronco!'

'You have got to be kidding.' He said. He was grateful for the pleasure, and flattered by her eagerness, but he felt like he was about to die.

'I most certainly am not kidding.' She said, walking over to him. She turned him over and squatted over his crotch. His hesitation shrank as his cock grew at the sight before him. Rose squatting over his dick, smiling that slutty smile, her pussy dripping with anticipation (and cum!)

'OK.' He stated, giving up his fight. He decided that he might as well get it over with fast. He grabbed he by the hips and shoved her down on his now fully hard cock. He thought his dick would explode under the pressure. If Holly was tight, Rose was a vice. She jumped up and down on him, her big tits bouncing all over the place. Finally after only a couple of minutes of his sweet torture he exploded for the fifth time in the space of two hours.

'Now I need a rest.' He exclaimed. 'I can't take this, I need a rest.'

'Fine!' Rose pouted. 'But when you've recovered you've got some more work to do.'

'Oh Christ!' he thought to himself. 'What do I have to do now?'

He rested, went to the bathroom, had a drink and lay down on the couch, still exhausted from his tremendous workout. He rested for about twenty minutes before he heard Rose approaching.

'Here we go.' He thought to himself as she got on her hands and knees in front of him. She waved her ass enticingly in the air. 'I've already done that.' He said totally missing her point.

'You haven't done this yet.' She exclaimed, sucking one of her fingers and sticking it in her asshole, a small gasp escaping her lips. He quickly got on his knees behind her. 'Come on, fuck me in my ass.' She urged. 'Come on baby tear my ass apart with your big cock.'

He needed no further prompting. In one movement he shoved his dick all the way into her ass, causing her to scream in pain, and pleasure. He didn't stop to see if she was OK, he started to fuck her ass hard, feeling pleasure as never before.

'OOOHHHH!' she cried out as he continued to pump her hard. 'OH JESUS THAT FEELS SOOOOOO GOOODDD!'

He stuck one finger in her wet pussy, causing her to moan, if possible, louder. He continued to fuck her ass and finger her cunt until she screamed in pleasure, the muscles on her ass contracting on his dick, causing him to cum up her ass.

They slumped to the floor together, but he was rolled over a couple of minutes later by Holly. 'Now me.' She instructed. She got on her hands and knees, spreading her ass cheeks, letting him see her beautiful asshole. Thinking he would be insane to refuse, he crawled over and put his dick to her asshole. He put his fingers in her pussy and lubed her ass up. Then he slowly pushed his cock in, the head at first, then the long shaft all the way to his balls.

He had been pounding Holly for just a few seconds when he saw Alyssa walk over to him. 'Don't forget me.' She said. She stood over Holly just in front of him, her pussy right at eye level. Without waiting a second, he clamped his lips onto her pussy, sucking her clit while his tongue roamed around inside her.

After a couple of minutes of hot action he came, sending Holly over the edge and causing him to bite down on Alyssa's clit, driving her over the edge. Unfortunately for him, Alyssa was in position in a few seconds.

'Alright, alright.' He sighed, getting on his knees behind her. She had already wet her ass and his cock was still lubed from Holly. He shoved his dick into her anus, causing her to moan in pleasure. He moved quickly in and out of her, as Rose came and lay down underneath Alyssa. Alyssa started eating Rose's pussy , though she was caught in her own waves of lust. Finally she and Rose came simultaneously. The sight of the two stars coming hard all over each other, combined with the pressure in Holly's anus, mad him send jets of cum into her ass.

He lay down, almost unconscious, certainly unable to move on the ground. He had now come eight times in less than three hours. Not only that but he had come all over theree of the hottest young start in Hollywood.

'OK,' Rose said 'Your free to go, but you can't tell anyone about this OK?'

'Sure.' He sighed, standing up. He quickly put on his clothes. He thought he'd take a souvenir of his experience. He searched the room, grabbing Rose and Alyssa's panties.

'Power of Three indeed.' He chuckled to himself as he saw his last picture of them, all masturbating furiously, before stepping out into the hall and closing the door.

'So?' Matt rushed up to him. 'What happened?'

'Um. I just massaged them and then we had a drink and talked.' He lied.

'You must be pretty could, I could hear their moans coming from in there.'

'Oh yeah, I guess.' Rob agreed. 'Oh well, lets go.'

The two set off down the corridor, Matt still begging for details. 'Did you get to see them naked?' 'Were they really hot?' But Rob was ignoring him. As well as the panties in his pocket he felt something else. He reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small card, which read: Call us! And a phone number. He smiled to himself as he pocketed the card, thinking of his next adventures with the Charmed ones.