Mandy Moore blackmailed!!
unknown author

Lewis had just went with a girl to the Mandy Moore concert. The girl liked
Mandy's music, but Lewis just wanted to see Mandy up close and personal.
Lewis sat through the concert with the girl and watched Mandy dance around
on stage and play the part of the "sweet and innocent girl next door".
After the 90 minute show, Lewis and his girl snuck backstage to meet up
with Mandy. Mandy was very friendly and clicked with Lewis's girl right
away. They talked for about an hour or so until Mandy had to leave.

"Hey Lewis. Do you and your girl want to come to a little get together I
am having?"

"Sure Mandy. We will follow your limo."

So they proceeded to drive for about 20 minutes on the highway and then
into the back roads of a lush and very rich part of Southern California.
They all went into the huge mansion together and Lewis snuck into a back
room alone. He sat on a large bed to take a break after the long concert
and the tiring day in general. He layed back and drifted into a deep sleep
with music and people making noise throughout the house.

Several hours pass and Lewis wakes up to see that the room is now darkened
and the noise is gone. He gets up to explore the house and no one is
there. He searches room after room. He looks at his watch. "Shit! It is 1
o'clock in the morning!" He jogs out to his car and sees his girl
sleeping. "Hey wake up we have to leave!" he says shaking her. She slowly
opens her eyes and mumbles jibberish. Alcohol is all over her breath and
she is drunk. "Hey girl, where is everyone?"

"Umm....they...ewfsd..dse....they all left" she mumbles more, "Mandy is
passed out in the house all alone."

Lewis immediately feels blood rush to his penis. Mandy made him so horny
during the concert, and he always dreamt for hours on end about her. He
gets a grin on his face as his girl nods back off in the car and sleeps.

Lewis grabs his camcorder from the back seat and jogs up to the house and
is now in a hurry to find Miss Moore. He searches every room until he
reaches the end of a long hall way and walks into a very large and
comfortable room. There lies Mandy on the bed. She is wearing a little
fluffy red skirt from her concert and a white tank top with white bra
straps showing. He walks up to her and leans in close to her face and hits
record on the camcorder. "Hey Mandy" he whispers, "wake up!". She slowly
opens her eyes and she too smells of alcohol. "What do you want Lewis? I
am too drunk to talk or move or anything. I just wanna rest."

"Well Mandy, so you have been drinking? is that right?" he asks.

"Yeah I drink all of the time, why?" she says with her eyes still closed.

"Why don't you open your eyes and you will know why..." Lewis says with a
snickering laugh. The camera is focused on Mandy's face as she looks at
the camcorder than opens her eyes VERY big. "Oh my gosh! What are you
doing with that. That tape can get me in alot of shit...I mean crap."

Lewis laughs and teases her a bit, "Oh you mean this video that I am about
to send to MTV??" he then turns and pretends to walk away. Mandy staggers
and hollars "NO! DON'T DO THAT! I'll give you anything. That video could
ruin my career. My life! I'll have to actually WORK for a living! Please!"

Lewis says "I will tell you what. You do as I say and the video is yours."

"Ok ANYTHING! JUST give me the video!" she begs.

Lewis says 'From now until the sun comes up in about 6 hours, you are

Mandy gets a sad yet angry look on her face like the spoiled brat she is.
"Look I have money...I have credit cards..I have...."

Lewis cuts her off "Goodbye Mandy! I'll see you on MTV trying to explain
your underage drinking, partying, etc." Lewis walks away quickly and
reaches for the door knob.

"NO! NO!" Mandy yells rushing over to him, "Okay. I'll do anything you
want to. I am yours for the next 6 hours. Use me." she says with a cute
virginal nervousness.

Lewis smiles and puts down the camcorder, shuts the door and locks it. He
sits on the bed and orders Mandy to come over. He tells her to turn around
and face the wall. SHe is standing with her back to him as he is sitting.
He slowly lifts up her loose skirt and peeks under it. She is wearing
white cotton panties with little flowers. The panties are wedged up her
plump little butt showing parts of both buns. "Tell me Mandy, has another
guy ever seen your panties before?"

"No" she mumbles.

"You mean to tell me that you have never fooled around with a guy." Lewis

"No I have only kissed a couple of guys in videos and some tv shows." she
answers very shyly.

Lewis smiles with delight continuing to look at her butt. He lets go and
the dress goes back how it was. "Okay Mandy, face me now." he says as she
turns and looks at him. "Now put your arms up above your head." Mandy
doesn't make eye contact and slowly raises her arms. Lewis pulls up
quickly and removes her top, leaving a very thin and silky white bra. She
is very nervous and her little nipples on her tiny breasts are poking
through the material. "Kiss me Mandy." he commands as Mandy slowly leans
forward and gives him a tight lipped kiss awkwardly. "No I'll show you how
to kiss" he says as he grabs hold of her and instructs her. "Open your
mouth a bit, that's it, now rub your tongue on mine when we kiss..." he
proceeds to kiss her warm mouth and she is getting better at it. They kiss
and make out for a few minutes as Lewis sucks her neck and nipples her
ears. She smells so good. He feels all over her body and pulls off her
dress, dropping it to the ground, then strips down to his own underwear.
He grinds his throbbing dick against her warm tight body and squeezes her
ass. She lets out faint moans, part anticipation, part nervousness. He
stands back and looks at her in her bra and panties. "Take off your bra
now" he commands. She is very reluctant. "Or I could just leave now with
that video" he says to speed up her decision. She slowly undoes her bra in
the back and holds it over her breasts. "Now drop it!" he says. The bra
falls to the ground and Lewis is amazed. Two of the cutest little titties
he could have imagined. A small B cup at best, with two tiny pink perky
nipples the size of nickels. They quickly got pointed as the air hit them.
Mandy continued to look at the ground out of embarassment. She never
thought anyone would see her breasts until she got married and had a happy
perfect life. She thought it would always be her way. Well Lewis wanted it
HIS way. He ordered Mandy to walk over to him and sit on his lap. He very
warm theighs and butt sat on his legs as he rubbed her little nipples and
began to suck on one. "Rub my cock!" he said as a very warm and sweaty
hand awkwardly touched his penis and moved around a little. He went back
and forth sucking on her nipples and feeling her breasts, memorizing their
image. He aggressively stood her up, and told her to touch her toes. She
did so and he quickly yanked down her panties, dropping them to her
ankles. He little butt hole and pussy twitched as the air hit them. She
knew there was nothing she could do to stop his. Goosebumps covered her
body as Lewis kissed all over her butt and stuck his tongue in her pussy
and ass hole. She was very tense and moaning at the same time. This was
her first time, and Lewis must have been doing something right. Her pussy
tasted so good and clean. Very fresh and well maintained. She had a thin
film of peach fuzz that was blondish-brown and every thing was very tight.
He had trouble getting his tongue in her butt hole. She smelled so good
and her body was so warm. He told her to get on the bed on her stomach and
face him.

He dropped his underwear and his large cock sprung up like a door stop.
Mandy couldn't help but stare directly at it. She had never seen one
before, not even in a movie. "Mandy you are staring at it..." he said.
Mandy didn't answer. Didn't even look away, just kept staring. "I know it
is impressive" he joked as he walked towards her and touched it to her
lips. She opened her mouth a little, not knowing what to do with his
massive cock. "Just pretend like this is a big lollipop and there is candy
at the center. Just suck away at it." he encouraged her and she awkwardly
opened her mouth very wide to make room for the fat cock. Lewis almost
lost his bearing when her mouth surrounded it. It was so warm and it was
sexy thinking about working with a rookie like Mandy. He grabbed the back
of her head and thrusted in and out down her throat. She gagged, but knew
she had to do it, so she held her breath and continued. Lewis bent her
legs up and sucked and licked the bottom of her feet. Mandy sucked away,
making slurping sounds and dripping saliva all over the place. Lewis
slowly put one finger into her pussy and she moaned loudly. If one finger
was tight, just imagine what his dick would feel like. Lewis spit on his
fingers and dabbled her clit for a few minutes. She moaned with everything
he did and the vibrations went straight to his cock. When her pussy was
nice and wet, he stood her up. She was out of breath and panting, hair all
ruffled up. Lewis sat down on the bed, turned Mandy around and told her to
sit down on his cock. He held his cock with one hand and guided Mandy with
the next. Her legs were shaking and awkward, trying to hold her balance as
she came closer to making contact. Her pussy lips touched the head of his
penis and she stopped. Lewis rubbed the tip up and down her lips, making
it nice and wet. He then pulled Mandy slowly towards him and the head
pushed into her vagina. "Uhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn! she moaned as she stopped
and paused. Lewis pulled her closer. "Ohhhhhhhh!" as another inch went in
then stopped at her virginal seal. "Lewis was so hard right now but only
in her about an inch. He would bust a nut right away if he didn't hurry.
With Mandy shaking, trying to go slow and keep her balance, Lewis took
both hands, put them on her hips and pushed Mandy all the way down on his
huge cock hard and fast. "OOOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" Mandy
whined and moaned as Lewis entered the virgin all the way. "OOOOHHH!
GRRRRRRR! AHHHHH! UHHHHH!" Mandy moaned over and over as Lewis held her
there on his thick cock. Lewis grinded inside of her and she whined and
moaned with every new place that the dick explored. He started to move her
up and down slowly, then faster and faster picking up pace. "Damn girl you
are tight as hell." Not only was she a virgin, but obviously she had never
had anything inside her while she masterbated. Her pussy was so warm and
getting hotter and hotter. Lewis reached around and dabbled her clit and
Mandy was now bouncing up and down on her own. Lewis spanked her butt for
encouragement. Her dancing skills her finally paying off as she wiggled
and bounced on the large penis. He held on to her titties as she started
to sound like she was enjoying herself. He felt the cum building in his
balls and quickly pulled out. He roughly pushed Mandy back on the bed. He
grabbed her ankles and spread them wide with her feet in the air. With one
quick motion, Lewis lined his dick up and plunged deep into Mandy's pussy
once again going deeper than the first time. "OHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYY
GOOOOSSSSSSHHHHH!" she moaned loudly as she bit her lip. Lewis quickly
began to pound away. Hard and hard he was fucking her like a porno star
and she was screaming like she liked it. The sound of sweaty hot flesh
smacking together only made him want to cum more and more.

Lewis finally pulled out of her and told her to get on all 4's on her
hands and knees. She awkwardly did so and Lewis pushed her head down
making her nice butt stick up higher. Her toes curled as Lewis licked his
finger and rubbed it on Mandy's butt hole. She had a little peach fuzz
around the hole, which was also sexy. He tried to work her butt hole open,
but it was too tight. He only had half of an inch of his finger in and it
was puckered up almost completely closed up. He saw her purse sitting on
the bed and went through it, grabbing some peach chap stick. He rubbed it
all over her butt hole and lubed up his cock with it. Next best thing to
barely got his finger all the way in. She panted heavily and moaned deeply
as the one finger struggled to open her anus. This was still too damn
tight, but Lewis was bound and determined. He looked down at Mandy's feet
and got an idea. He quickly used Mandy's own clothes and part of the bed's
sheets to tied Mandy up in this same 'doggy style' position. She was stuck
now and couldn't move a bit, still on her knees with her pretty butt up in
the air. He assumed the position again directly behind her. "Hey Mandy are
you ticklish?"

"Yes I am." she reluctantly replied.

"Where at?"

"Everywhere, mostly the bottoms of my feet. Why???" she said in a shy and
nervous tone.

Just then, Lewis went right after her feet. "OHHH! OHHH! NO! NO! PLEASE!
whined and laughed, begging not to be tickled. Lewis looked at her
butthole and it was OPENING and CLOSING was she laughed. "YES!" He said
out loud, continuing to tickle her. He lined up his fat dick with her
teeny tiny puckered butt hole and tickled her again waiting for the right
giggles turned to a long loud moan as Lewis stuck his dick up her butt.
he put it in and left it there. The tickling was over, he wanted to cum in
her brattly little rich asshole. He began to move n and out. SLowly and
AH!" she yelped like a puppy and moaned with every stroke.

Lewis quickly went in and out, increasing speed. This was 5 times tighter
than her pussy.

"PLEASE!" Mandy begged "It's too big. I can't take it. Stop!"

Lewis just kept going as Mandy moaned and whined, all tied up with no
place to go. This was a dream come true for Lewis. Years and years of
seeing Mandy tease the world with her video and her young Lolita virgin
look. This was years of cum he had saved just for Mandy.

Her moans were no yells in between thrusts. "OWWWWW! OHHHHHH! OHHHH!
AHHHHH! UHHHHHNNNNN! UHHHHHN! AHHHHH!" her moans were almost as loud as
Lewis smacking his body into her spread open ass as he drove harder and
harder. Lewis moaned, slammed one last time as hard and as deep into her
butt hole as he could, and unleashed what felt like a gallon of hot cum
right into her. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he and Mandy both yelled as Lewis
was releaved and Mandy had extra lube in her. He stayed in her for a
moment, then pulled out and watched her tight hole go from the size of a
gold ball to it's normal size.

He quickly got dressed and released her from her restraints. "Okay Mandy.
Here is your video tape." Lewis said reaching for the camcorder. It was
gone. He looked up and there was his girlfriend with the camcorder still
recording. "Look I can explain" he said. His girl just smiled and said
"are you kidding, that was HOT!" Mandy reached for the tape and Lewis'
girl said "No bitch! We spent alot of money on your stupid concert and we
are not done yet. Don't you have another show here tomorrow?? I think We
will keep this until then." Mandy was in shock and Lewis smiled. As they
left with the camcorder and tape in hand they turned to Mandy and said "We
will be back tomorrow for some more fun". Mandy got a brat look on her
face and said "Whatever! Just bring some lube okay!?!?!" as Lewis and his
girl left the house laughing.