Basic Obsession
(MF, exh, oral, celeb-parody)


Alyssa Milano had been contracted to star in the long awaited sequel to "Basic Instinct." The new film was called, "Basic Obsessions". Of Course Sharon Stone, while still a gorgeous women was considered too old to take the role of the seductress/murderess.

The Director almost hired Michael Douglas again, however. Now that he was approaching 60, this wasn't the audience they were targeting. Besides, the Director thought it would be too creepy; a beautiful woman, in her early 20’s, having sex with a man old enough to be her grandfather.

Hollywood never ignored the latest trends in society. Lesbian themes had been very popular in the movies for a number of years. But audiences needed to be constantly stimulated. Time was, when on screen nudity was enough to cause uproar. Then frontal nudity became the standard. "Basic Obsession” drew a new line.

The Director had brought in Alyssa Milano in to take the Sharon Stone part. An unknown actress would play the Detective trying to prove she was the murderess. This film twisted the old premise. This time the Murderess (Alyssa) was personally involved in a straight relationship. The Detective was trying to prove that Alyssa’s character had murdered her Boyfriend, the character played by Michael Douglas in the first Movie.

The Alyssa Character would seduce the Detective in some very explosive Lesbian scenes. There was even an S/M scene between the two women. The scene that would get the public's attention though, was one of the scenes between The Murderess (Alyssa) and her old boyfriend, at the beginning of the film.

Alyssa was actually going to be filmed, giving the guy a blowjob. No hair covering her face, cheaters BJ. A very long up close shot of her blowing this guy. It would cause uproar. A big name Actress like herself, giving a blowjob on camera. Crowds would stampede to see this film. Of course the Lesbian scenes between the two actresses would be just as steamy.

But the truth is; filming a sex scene is hardly an erotic experience, no matter how hot it looks on the screen.

The Director had decided on a little known African American actress, he had seen on stage in New York, to play the detective. Not only would the film feature some hot Lesbian sex scenes, but they would also be inter-racial. The backers of the film were foaming at the mouth awaiting the expected windfall of money.

But the part of the murdered boyfriend was a special part to cast. For one, the guy was going to be filmed getting a blowjob. He had to be able to perform and have the right equipment. His on screen time was limited to about fifteen minutes. But it was expected to be fifteen minutes, which would make him famous.

Alyssa had refusal rights on the guy, of course. The casting director for the film had narrowed the choice down to about ten guys. Some were recognizable names. Most of them for just looking for that big break. Part of their screen test was to be photographed nude. Of course the main purpose of these pictures was to see if the guys were hung or not.

Alyssa met with the casting director and reviewed the tapes. They settled on an unknown actor named Tim Riley. Tim was a decent actor, a very good height match with Alyssa. And, by all indications. Hung like a porn star.

They had already started filming to set up to the seduction scene, last week. Alyssa and Tim had good on camera chemistry. They actually looked like a couple. Of course at the end of this scene in the movie. Alyssa would kill him.

Alyssa arrived on the set in the morning. As per prior arrangements, it was a very closed set. There were only the bare minimum people present. There was the director, one cameraman, a lighting tech, the two stars and a beautiful 20ish blond woman who Alyssa did not recognize.

"Who's she?" She asked the director.

"She's a Fluffer." He replied.

"A Fluffer?" She asked.

"Her job is to keep the actor's equipment prepared for his scene." He bashfully replied.


He continued. "It's an old porn movie trick. You can't expect a guy to maintain an erection for hours on end. Or even ejaculate on cue. So you bring in a 'fluffer' to keep him erect. "

Alyssa was stunned. She had never heard of such a thing. But it did take some of the pressure off of her.

Tim arrived on set.

"Places please." The Director commanded. Allyssa and Tim took their placed on the set. The scene took place in their apartment. They were standing in the kitchen. They were supposed to start by kissing while they were standing in the kitchen. Things would heat up. He would reach up and fondle her tits. She would then start to rub on his crotch. Then pull down his zipper and pull out his cock. The camera would have a medium wide shot of them kissing and show Alyssa with Tim's dick in her hand. They wanted to establish that this was not a body double.

Then Alyssa would kneel down and blow him. Beyond that the scene was unplanned. Ultimately, The Alyssa character would kill the boyfriend. They hadn't decided on whether or not the two characters would have sex or not, on the kitchen floor. They were just going to see how things developed.

"ACTION!" The director called out. They started kissing. Slowly, then with more intensity. Tim slowly bought his hand up to Alyssa's tits. His hands gently pinching her nipples. Alyssa brought her hand down his back and around to the front of his pants. His hardening cock was ready for action. The camera paned down to her hand. It was obvious she was jerking him off, through his pants. She released the hold on his cock and slowly slid down his body.

Tim grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled up. Her shirt rolled up her body. Slowly snagging on her large tits. Then popping free; then up and off. She did not have on a bra. Again she rose up, as then continued to deeply kiss. Her excited nipples rubbing against his own, shirtless body.

Alyssa's hands found Tim's belt. In a moment his pants lay in a pile at his feet. Tim had on black jockey shorts. Alyssa reached into his shorts and gently held his lengthening cock. Tim slowly massaged her nipples. Alyssa's excited nipples poked against Tim's palms. Alyssa put her other hand on Tim's shorts. And slid them down his legs. He stepped out of his clothes and kicked them off to the side. Alyssa still had on her skirt and panties.

This time, both of them slowly sat down on the kitchen floor. Alyssa still had her hand on Tim's prick. The cameraman made sure it was evident that she had Tim's cock in her hand.

They sat on the floor Kissing. Alyssa stood up and stopped for a moment. This was supposed to be the moment where she considered whether or not to kill him. In reality, she had lost track of the moment and forgotten she was on camera. She looked down. Tim was laying on the floor, at her feet, his very large erection in her hand.

"CUT!!!" The director hollered. "What's the matter Alyssa? He asked. He did not want to rush her start through this very difficult scene. She was actually getting to the main part of the scene. She would actually suck on an erect cock, in front of a camera. Not something he wanted to rush her in to.

"I'll be alright. Just give me a minute. “She replied.

"Take your time. We should reset the lights anyway.'

"FLUFFER!!" The Director called out. The young blond girl stepped forward. She started to talk with Tim for a moment then knelt down and took his softening cock, easily into her mouth. He was back to full erection in a few licks. This went on for a few minutes.

"Ready Alyssa?" The Director asked.

"Yeah, sure."

"Then lets start from where you take off your skirt.... Places everybody... and Action!!" The camera paned up Alyssa body. Stopping at a full figure shot. She reached to her waist and undid the snap that held it on. With a click, the skirt fell to her feet. All she had on now where a pair of light blue panties.

She kneeled down next to Tim, by his hips. With her right hand she held his stiff cock. She studied it for a moment. This had to be the biggest cock she had ever seen. Sure she had seen some pictures of those genetic freaks. With 18" of meat swinging between their legs. But this was the real deal. He had to be at least 10 or 11 inches long. And he wasn't even fully erect yet. A thought flew through her head. I wonder what this monster would feel like fucking away at her tight young pussy. Then she snapped back to reality.

Alyssa slowly lowered her face towards his prick. The camera followed her face. Stopping at a shot of just her face and Tim's hard cock. Alyssa stuck out her tongue and gently licked the shaft and Head. Then she stopped for a moment. Contemplating her next move. This would cement her place in cinematic sexual history.

She steadied his cock with her right hand. Then throwing caution to the wind, she went for it. Her lips clamped around his dick head. Tim reflexively thrust his hips towards her hot lips. By no means was this the best pair of lips he had ever had wrapped around his cock. But the whole reality of the situation hit him. A very famous actress was blowing him, on Camera. And it felt great.

Alyssa, for her part. Had actually not blown that many guys. Of course, none with the equipment Tim was packing. Now she actually had his prick in her mouth. She was starting to relax. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Every once in a while. She would take her mouth off of him and just run her tongue up and down his cock. This was driving him crazy.

Alyssa had one hand on Tim's balls and the other holding onto the base of his cock. His balls were red hot. Then she felt something unexpected. Tim was pulling her panties down and off her legs. She was now naked. Tim was now pulling her body over towards him. Then she rose up a leg and settled down. He had pulled her body into the 69 position. She loved, when I guy did that.

He had a great tongue. Finding all of the magic spots. This guy knew his way around the female anatomy. Once again Alyyssa had lost track of the moment. She had lost track of where the camera was. She looked to her side and didn't see it. The warmth she felt down at her hips. Told the tale.

They were now filming her being eaten out by Tim. Then a truly unexpected pleasure. Tim slid a finger into her very tight anus. She practically bit off his cock, as he did that. She was going to protest. Then she figured. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Tim's finger caressed the inner recesses of her asshole. Alyssa just loved anal sex. She purred into Tim's balls, as she licked them. Then something very unexpected happened. Tim's tongue was dancing around her clit. She felt the beginnings of a very nice orgasm. Now she knew that her orgasm could be very explosive.

Not exactly sure, how she was going to deal with this. The situation solved itself. Her whole body shook in orgasm. The camera was down by her thighs. Not actually filming Tim's caresses on her labia. But the involuntary quaking of her thighs, made a very obvious statement. The women had just had one hell of an orgasm. And the camera recorded it all.

Alyssa was going to repeat the pleasure for Tim. She saw the camera appear by her face. The shot was a full-face shot of her and Tim's saliva covered cock. She redoubled her efforts. Jerking him off while her tongue washed over her dick head. Then she took her hand away. If she was going to be on the big screen sucking a rock hard cock. Then she was going to give it her all.

First she just held the head in her mouth. Then slowly she works more and more of his prodigious prick, into her mouth. She could feel him rub against the back of her mouth. With a gulp, his cock slipped into her throat. She could hear Tim grunting, in pleasure. She pulled back, till just the head was in her mouth. Took a breath, and then sunk his entire rock hard cock into mouth. The hairs surrounding the base of his cock, tickled against her nose. She had him all the way in.

Tim had stopped eating her out. All of his attention was centered on his cock. He could hold back no longer. He grunted out. "I'm going to come..."

The camera was right there, recording every detail. Alyssa renewed her up and down action. Pulling him out, till just the head was between her lips then quickly back in. She could tell, by the hand on his balls. That Tim was hot to pop. She felt his balls rumble. She stopped in mid stroke. With just the head in between her lips. She pulled her head back a little bit. So that the camera could see the money shot. Then it happened.

He arched his back, as his load shot onto her red-hot lips. His load shot right into her mouth. Alyssa gobbled it down.

After a few large spurts, he collapsed in her hands. His withering cock; Slipped from her lips. Alyssa collasped on top of him, exhausted.

She thought to herself. 'I hope we get to do that take over again.'